The Spirit Wolf and the Spirit Fox

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This is my first time ever creating a story on here relating to my favorite type of spirit animals: The Spirit Wolf. I'll try and keep up with this the best i can, posting new chapters of the story every week or a little earlier if i come up with it quicker. I hope this is enjoyed by all and i will take constructive criticism for making stories in the future. The first part with of course be the prolouge and then afterwards chapters. 


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The tale begins: Prologue

The Spirit Wolf and the Spirit Fox


Nara the Spirit Wolf Alpha

Nara shook her head, this war wasnt planned in the least bit. The alpha of the Spirit Foxes had staged this attack. Her laurel crown that signified her as the alpha flashed a multitude of colors, blue, green and then a deep purple until it returned to its normal golden glow. "Florana, i beg you to stop this attack!" Nara yelled to the alpha of the Spirit Foxes. Florana's snout twisted into a grin. "I dont think so. It's time for the Spirit Foxes to rule the Realm! Your pack will be the first to fall to us as we begin to reunite the Realms the Celestial Heavens had intended!" Florana snarled. Nara leaped at her. "As alpha, i have no choice but to fight you then!" Nara howled. Her loyal commander, Fang, was battling Florana's commander, Firestorm. They were both hissing as their spirit stripes flashed violent red: a sign that they were angry. "Hopefully the Celestial Heavens will end this fight." Nara thought. The Celestial Heavens was were fallen Spirit animals went to rest for eternity.  Nara leaped out at Florana. "Take a good look at your pack, Nara. Soon they'll be all gone and nothing but a memory in the Celestial Heavens." Florana hissed. "I'll be long d.ead before i do so, Florana." Nara called upon her special power as the alpha and all the wolves that were still at camp suddenly came roaring in. "You'll never win against my pack, Florana. Submit now and you will be shown mercy." Nara hissed. Florana shrank back. "NEVER." She suddenly lunged at Nara and bit down censored her neck. Nara yelped and felt her life blood coming out. Florana roared, a sound for a retreat as swarming darkness filled Nara's head. But the Celestial Heavens showed her something as she d.ied. A wolf making friends with a fox who would later become alpha and lead both packs to peace.

A savior.

Nara smiled at that thought as she took her final breath and joined the Celestial Heavens forever. The pack still had hope.

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Surprise, i also gotta introduce you to the packs!

The Packs 

Spirit Wolves

Leader: Nara, currently k.illed in battle with Florana

Commander of army: Fang. 

Royalty in pack: Nara's daughter, Arura

Warriors: Knight, Claw, Midnight, Striker, Arurm, Argenti, Windstreak, Tiger, Starla, Bluepaw, Falcon, Hawk, and Phoenix

Training warriors: Nora, Azure, Felix, and Karla 


Spirit Foxes

Leader: Florana

Commander of army: Firestorm

Royalty in pack: Shadow, son of Florana

Warriors: Celer, Umbra, Ventus, Eagle, Featherseeker, Crow, and Album

Training warriors: Parvus, Crystal, Poppy, Shade, and Luna



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CHAPTER 1 (sorry it took so long)

Chapter 1


the leader of the pack was d.ead and the wolves were mourning the loss of a brave warrior. Karla and her sister, Arurm (literally gold in Latin) were with the other warriors and trainees. Karla took note of all the trainees around. There was vain Felix and his trainer, Midnight, kind Nora and her trainer, Tiger, fierce Azure with her trainer, Windstreak and then herself and her trainer, Phoenix. Arura, Alpha Nara's daughter stood up to speak. "Mom was a brave warrior and an incredible alpha, giving up her own life to defend our pack. So, before her body I pledge that the Spirit Foxes will pay for k.illing such a wonderful leader. Florana doesn't know what she has just done. I ask the Celestial Heavens to approve me as Alpha so I may lead this pack to victory." Arura bowed before Fang and the eldest warrior, Knight. "As commander of the pack army, I pledge loyalty to you and you alone." Fang said. "As the eldest warrior, I present you with the Alpha's laurel, once your mother's, found next to her body. Accepting it will make you the leader, but with the burden of leading this pack and taking courage against all enemies. Do you accept the role as Leader of the Pack?" Knight said. "I do." Arura responded. "Then as eldest warrior, I ask the Celestial Heavens to approve this choice." Knight said, looking at the sky. A star flew above. "The Heavens approves, Arura, you are now Alpha Arura, use your power wisely." Knight put the laurel on Arura and she nodded. The rest of the pack howled in recognition as Karla watched the Alpha step down, the laurel turning gold