'The spacebar' Glitch

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Every time I jump with my Speed Stinger. I press the spacebar again but it won't jump. Reply if this has happened to you and what you think the cause might be........


      *SIG UNDER CONSTRUCTION*            

My name is Danielg156 (In game name is Danielgodridge)

Friend Code: CU76NQ

Discord Name: DanGamer156



The Titanic Titans!       


Are you looking for the right clan to join??? Well here it is! The Titanic Titans!

We do all sorts of awesome things!

Racing together, flying and even showing each other what we've learn't!

Join us TODAY on School of Dragons and help us to be in the top 500!

BEWARE! You can only join if you have over 25 trophies!!!!!

If you get us into the top 100 clans (not 500), the prize will be riding alongside me and my Triple Stryke!

A Titan Thunderdrum or Titan Razorwhip if you've got a Triple Stryke already!

Our description is, "Get trophies daily to stay in"

My clan is in 835th Place




My newest dragons!


Striker - Male - Triple Stryke

I first found the egg that held Striker in when the queen of stormheart gave it over as a gift

The orange triple stryke let me keep it, it hached instantly,

as i pleaded all my gleaming gems toward the podium.

Striker was rather unusual, with a green body and blue middle tail, horns, claws and stripes.

He even had an ability where his blue stripes would glow in the dark caves of the Lookout.

I trained him up by roasting eels, playing boring alchemy adventures, and also a little

feeding while playing flight club when he became a short-wing dragon.

But before long, he became a magnificent Triple Stryke, and will now remain one of my best dragons!

He even gave birth to a triple stryke of his own! (Duplicate egg glitch LOL)

He is also very loyal and absoloutely ADORES training.

Deeval - Male - Triple Stryke

Deeval is the son of Striker, born from the egg that Striker created when he became an adult.

He is orange, yellow, red and black, and he's extremely mischevious.

If you're not careful, he may sting you with his tails and then blame it on Striker.

He is still young, and i haven't had time to help him train into a stronger dragon,

but im sure in the future he WILL be one!!!



My Night Furys




Bluesky was found at the Isle of Night. I found him injured being bullied by other Night Furies.

I named him Bluesky and tamed him.

Since then he has been a good father to the family I have brought up.





Bertha was found being bullied with Bluesky and I brang him home.

She is the wife of Bluesky and had 2 kids,

Flamewing and Namsted.

Flamewing the stuntman wanting to be a daredevil

and Namsted a writer, always being creative and following after his acendents.






Flamewing is the betraying son of Bluesky and Bertha.

He is also the brother of Namsted.

He is bad-tempered as his name suggests.



Battle Event

Rewards as of 09/09/2017:

Teen Triple Stryke (Level up)

25 Gems

Whispering Death Warpaint

400 Gold

25 Gems


Aiming for: 1000 Coins and 1000 Gems!!!!

Last Battle 08:00



Titans I'm Hoping for....


Scauldron, Mine has been waiting 2 years (around about) now for titan update,

he's been LVL27 for over 2 weeks.


Groncicle, To make them look nicer.

(I actually now like the Gronkle because it's titan looks SOOO cool.)


Triple Stryke, you all know why...






My adoptables


Whitewinger my Snow Wraith


Singert my Deathsong


Runtle my Rumblefire


Smith my Seasong


Girtinui my Changewing


Sharquin my 2nd Deathsong




My adopted dragons


Rrttir my Deadly Nadder (Name made from writing)



Rygan my Lead Spikeroller

Credit to blackpanther0211.







My skill ranks

Adventurer Level: 35 (Top)

Fishing Level: 30 (Top)

Farming Level: 23 (Arctic Fox capable)

Dragon Training Level: 1-29  (Bottom-Almost Top)

Main Dragon: Scauldron (Scauldin)

Worst Dragon: Grapple Grounder

Best Dragon: Triple Stryke

Best Titan: Thunderdrum

Worst Titan: -


My Brother: WilfredGodridge

His clan: The Titanic Titans (Sometimes)

The Sharp Tribe (Sometimes)

His level: 35 (Top)

Main dragon: Sand Wraith/Wooly Howl

Worst Dragon: Sliquifier

His adoptables:

Martin the Firesong



My name: Danielgodridge

My level: 35 (Top)

Read all my messages at: School of Dragons Forum!

Join my team: The Anti-HACKERS!!!!!!

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So Yeah ;D

Yes this sometime happen to mi when I play long. Just relogin and it will be ok. (if not working I dont know)