Something I noticed re-watching Race to the Edge

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Hi! I doubt if anyone remembers me, I haven't been on since like July or August, just got busy with life and stuff, but with Httyd 3 coming out soon (at least in my country) I thought I would log back on with something that I noticed after re-watching Race to the Edge in prep for the third movie. Maybe someones already pointed it out, idk, but if someone has, then just ignore this. 


Okay, so one quick connection I thought was interesting was how they were going to brand Hiccup (Season 3 episode 1 of Race to the Edge) with the dragon hunters (Drago's) brand instead of the red/blood fist thing. Like how Eret said, "last time I came back empty handed, Drago gave me this" (or something along those lines) and showed the same brand, although much bigger. Interesting connection. 

But the main thing I noticed is the night fury projection that the dragon eye makes when viggo unlocks it with the flightmare mist. I was really suprised this wasn't brought up later on in the show, and granted how the dragon eye says nothing about night furies, which felt super off, but if it connects with the third movie it would make sense.

(This is the projection-- or at least part of it)

Image result for dragon eye night fury race to the edge

Image result for the hidden world

The colors, which never again appear in such a wide variety (at least in my recollection) ever again in the series, match a lot of those found in the hidden world. I haven't seen the movie (please, no spoilers!) but i'm pretty sure that the light fury comes from the hidden world, which could make sense as to why she/other light/night furies appear in this projection. Just an idea to try to answer that question which has been bothering me for a while, but it could show a cool connection between the show and the third movie that we haven't seen before


On a side note, did anything super interesting happen in game while I was gone? Thanks! :) Also, if I haven't replied to a message or RP that was sent at all between now and july-ish, I am so sorry!!


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