someone call pest control(server maintenance)

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these terrible terrors oh my Odin i am Crying /nsrs

more server maintenance, more suffering :")

(at least we might get apology gems again, ig that's something to look forward to *shrug*)


hey hey hey, welcome to my siggy! my name's Dee, you can call me by my Viking's name Rivvix as well!

i've been playing SoD for around 7 years now, but i hadn't been active on forums until earlier this year. 

i'm 18 years old, American, disabled, and nonbinary plus aroace! i go by they/them :)

update as of 5/16/22: I GRADUATED!!! sayonara, high school! you will not be missed lol

update again: I'M OFFICIALLY A COLLEGE KID! i'm majoring in entomology!






Shadow: Titan Monstrous Nightmare

Vintage: Adult Typhoomerang



Glacier: Titan Snow Wraith

Indigo: Adult Grapple Grounder

Wasp: Adult Sweet Death

Booger: Adult Gronckle



Chupacabra: Adult Whispering Death

Vulcan: Adult Prickleboggle

DrillTooth: Adult Whispering Death

Citrus: Adult Fireworm Queen



Europa: Adult Shivertooth

Crow: Titan Screaming Death

Amethyst: Titan Skrill

Aqua: Titan Shockjaw



Iceberg: Adult Groncicle

Granite: Adult Hotburple

Boombox: Adult Thunderdrum

Dash: Adult Speed Stinger



Dreamchaser: Adult Flightmare

Jasper: Adult Razorwhip

Saphira: Adult Singetail

Obsidian: Adult Eruptodon



Biohazard: Adult Snaptrapper

Quartzbreaker: Adult Whispering Death

Io: Titan Death Song

Rusty: Titan Crimson Goregutter



Omen: Adult Silver Phantom

Diva: Titan Deathgripper

Cobalt: Adult Armorwing

Penny: Titan Razorwhip

Yoshi: Adult Flame Whipper



Grape: Adult Gronckle

Rock n Roll: Titan Hideous Zippleback

Velvet: Adult Deadly Nadder

Rubie: Adult Deadly Nadder

Kintsugi: Adult Eruptodon



Carmine: Teen Dramillion

Rosie: Titan Deadly Nadder

Bolt: Adult Speed Stinger

Tapeworm: Adult Whispering Death

Cottonball: Adult Gronckle



Skipper: Titan Scauldron

Mocha and Latte: Adult Hideous Zippleback

Terracotta: Adult Mudraker

Cardinal: Adult Monstrous Nightmare



Jekyll and Hyde: Adult Hideous Zippleback

Subwoofer: Adult Thunderdrum

Rhythm and Blues: Titan Hideous Zippleback

Deuce: Adult Gronckle



Echo: Adult Thunderdrum

Mac n Cheese: Adult Hideous Zippleback

Snowflake: Adult Monstrous Nightmare

Icicle: Adult Groncicle



Peaches: Adult Singetail

Chairo: Adult Deadly Nadder

Sage and Seance: Adult Hideous Zippleback

Candelia: Adult Monstrous Nightmare



Strix: Titan Stormcutter

Koji: Adult Moldruffle

Tiki: Titan Scuttleclaw

Junebug: Adult Rumblehorn



Vena and Cava: Adult Hideous Zippleback

Kudzu: Adult Slitherwing

Lullaby: Titan Death Song

Honeydew: Adult Smitten Hobgobbler



Abaddon: Adult Devilish Dervish

Lockheed: Adult Triple Stryke

Sunshower: Adult Raincutter

Cynder: Adult Grim Gnasher



Tourmaline: Adult Shovelhelm

Cloak: Adult Typhoomerang

Dar: Adult Deadly Nadder

Bee: Adult Hotburple



Peachy: Adult Thunderdrum

Beedle: Adult Monstrous Nightmare

Passion: Adult Whispering Death

River: Adult Scauldron



Indica: Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Ember: Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Kilowatt: Adult Skrill

Gravedigger: Titan Boneknapper



Phantom: Adult Slithersong

Dory: Adult Sliquifier

Steelheart: Adult Rumblehorn

Twizzler: Adult Snaptrapper



Rigel: Adult Fire Terror

Jupiter: Adult Chimeragon

Phobos and Deimos: Titan Zipplewraith

Ganymede: Adult Snafflefang



Flotsam and Jetsam: Adult Seastormer

Slugger: Teen Humbanger

Tyto: Teen Stormcutter

Lichengard: Adult Sentinel



Van Gogh: Adult Hobblegrunt

Lollipop: Adult Sweet Death

Indiana: Adult Catastrophic Quaken

Grubsniffer: Adult Thunderpede



Oort: Adult Night Terror

Vesta: Adult Silver Phantom

Gilda: Adult Golden Dragon

Thunderhead: Adult Skrill



Louie: Adult Deadly Nadder

Tymothy: Adult Thunderdrum

Mahogany: Adult Timberjack

Lola: Teen Terrible Terror



Iago: Adult Scuttleclaw

Argo: Adult Sliquifier

Derecho: Adult Deathly Galeslash

Sprint: Adult Speed Stinger



Nougat: Adult Snafflefang
Chroma: Adult Changewing
Woodwick: Adult Smothering Smokebreath
Nuke: Adult Deathgripper
Pouncer: Adult Night Light
Ultraviolet: Teen Deathgripper
Apollo: Adult Dramillion
Caesar: Adult Gruesome Goregripper
Fathom: Adult Windwalker
Tsunami: Adult Sliquifier
Sunny: Adult Sand Wraith
Fjord: Adult Woolly Howl

Pearl: Teen Scauldron

Coral: Teen Tide Glider

Froot Loop: Adult Grapple Grounder

Stonehenge: Adult Elder Sentinel



Future Dragon Names?

Fuji and Gala- Zapplejack

Gumball- Hobgobbler

Fulgur- Skrillknapper

Fracture- Bonestormer

Septic- Cavern Crasher

Hawthorn- Prickleboggle

Rumble- Buffalord

Whisperfang- Hushboggle

Sans- Graveknapper(i am not sorry)




Dragon Name Trivia(WIP)


Shadow: named after my first OC

Vintage: originally named Monochrome, changed name because I hated it lol


Glacier: thematic name

Indigo: thematic name

Wasp: he has wasp stripes

Booger: he looks like a booger


Chupacabra: named after a cryptid

Vulcan: named after the Roman god of blacksmithing

DrillTooth: thematic name

Citrus: named for her colors


Europa: named after an icy moon

Crow: named for black scales

Amethyst: named for purple scales

Aqua: thematic name


Iceberg: thematic name

Granite: thematic name

Boombox: i mean he's loud

Dash: thematic name


Dreamchaser: original name

Jasper: named for orange scales

Saphira: named after Saphira from Inheritance

Obsidian: thematic name


Biohazard: named for radioactive-green scales

Quartzbreaker: thematic name

Io: named after a moth

Rusty: named for reddish scales


Omen: thematically named after species and moon-like color

Diva: named after my sister lol

Cobalt: named for blue scales

Penny: named for copper color

Yoshi: named after the Nintendo character


Grape: she looks like a grape

Rock n Roll: fun duo name

Velvet: she's a pretty red color

Rubie: named after an African grey parrot on YouTube

Kintsugi: named after the Japanese method of repairing ceramics


Carmine: named for her color

Rosie: named after my sweet old dog

Bolt: synonym for run. very creative 

Tapeworm: that's what he looks like

Cottonball: that's what she looks like


Skipper: i had this name in mind for ages

Mocha and Latte: fun duo name

Terracotta: made sense with his color

Cardinal: another color name


Jekyll and Hyde: another duo name

Subwoofer: he's loud 

Rhythm and Blues: more duo names

Deuce: synonym for uh. number 2. which he looks like


Echo: thematic name

Mac n Cheese: another duo name

Snowflake: irony

Icicle: couldn't come up with anything creative


Peaches: Adult Singetail

Chairo: named after an OC

Sage and Seance: duo name

Candelia: random name


Strix: named after a genus of owls

Koji: named after a kind of mold

Tiki: named after Tiki the quaker parrot(look up flockparty on insta)

Junebug: named after a beetle


Vena and Cava: named after a vein

Kudzu: named after a vine

Lullaby: thematic name

Honeydew: named after a similarly rotund fruit


Abaddon: named after the demon of abyss

Lockheed: named after a fighter jet

Sunshower: named after a weather phenomenon

Cynder: named after the Spyro character


Tourmaline: named after a mineral

Cloak: named after the clothing brand and for her black scales

Dar: named after a friend's OC

Bee: named after a friend


Peachy: named after a friend

Beedle: named after a friend

Passion: named after a friend

River: named after a friend


Indica: named after a certan funky plant

Ember: thematic name

Kilowatt: thematic name

Gravedigger: thematic name and one of my favorite names so far


Phantom: named after the Phantom of the Opera

Dory: named after Dory

Steelheart: i thought it sounded cool

Twizzler: named after the candy


Rigel: named after a star

Jupiter: named after a planet

Phobos and Deimos: named after Mars' moons

Ganymede: named after a rocky moon


Flotsam and Jetsam: named after the eels from The Little Mermaid

Slugger: baseball term? he looks like he could hit a home run with that tail

Tyto: also named after a genus of owls

Lichengard: thought it sounded cool


Van Gogh: he looks like Starry Night

Lollipop: sounded cute

Indiana: named after that boulder scene in Indiana Jones lol 

Grubsniffer: sounds like a name a Viking would come up with


Oort: named after the Oort cloud

Vesta: named after the goddess of hearth

Gilda: named after an OC and also a pun on "gilded"

Thunderhead: thematic name


Louie: named after an OC

Tymothy: named after a friend's OC

Mahogany: named after a tree and also kind of an OC

Lola: named after an OC


Iago: named after the parrot from Aladdin

Argo: named after an OC

Derecho: thematic name

Sprint: synonym for run


Nougat: it just fit her

Chroma: means "color"

Woodwick: named after a candle lol

Nuke: he's green?


Pouncer: he already had that name

Ultraviolet: i was running out of ideas

Apollo: named after another African grey parrot on YouTube

Caesar: named after an OC


Fathom: named after a Wings of Fire character

Tsunami: named after a WoF character

Sunny: named after a WoF character

Fjord: named after a WoF character


Pearl: thematic name 

Coral: thematic name 

Froot Loop: named bc of lööps 

Stonehenge: thematic name


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Gems? I sure hope so!

I also hope this brings less 'Server call timed out' or your viking going idle and it taking you straight back to login!


Doubt it though


Siggy in progress!


Welcome to my siggy!


Viking name: CoolCarameIl

Dragons: There are alot, coming soon 


I mostly do art requests so here are all the requests I have done: Coming soon