Some things I want to say for all the new forum vikings

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I've been noticing a lot of these happening recently, and I just had to say something:


1) Please, please pleaaaase post your thread in the right sub-forum/ forum topic

I've seen you all posting in the "Announcements: General Announcement" threads that aren't related to... Well, announcements.

Before you post, below the "Subject" input box, there's another box called "Forum:". Click on the drop-down arrow, then select the appropriate subforum.

Forum drop down box > Select which sub-forum your thread should go to > Type away what you wanted to say

As an ex-forum moderator, my job used to be moving wrongly placed player-created forum threads into the appropriate sub-forums.

I'm having a stroke here.



2) Think before you type

Unless you said some really nasty stuff (which will prompt an admin to remove it), you can't delete threads. Not even your own responses. Imagine the forums as a public space full of strangers (which it is).


  • Will I be offending someone when I say this
  • Will I be hurting myself (This includes putting in personal information. DO NOT give out personal information, not even specific birth dates)
  • Did I do research on what I'm about to say
  • Am I telling the truth, or did I just hear this from a non-reputable source
  • Should I even reply at all ("If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all")

Pretty much every thread or post you make will leave a lasting impression to others about you, so be careful what you say.



3)" CAPTCHA - This question is to prevent automated spam submissions". The irony.

It happened to everyone before. You put the check on the "I'm not a robot" box. An error happens, then you do it again 7 times because it keeps displaying error. You come back to the post you're replying to and oop... Congratulations, you got septuplet replies.

Now you go back to editing each and every reply with "Oops, septuplet post"

Captcha's kinda weird, but you just need to check and submit ONCE. Disregard the red-text error message.



4) Don't increase your paragraph's text size

Leave it as is. It comes out to people as you screaming, which is considered rude to most people. Idk if to all. Plus it's actually harder to read (I have to run a short distance away from my screen just to read it). We can read your message in this size just fine. The only people who may type with big font like this are those with vision impairments, or if you're putting a title section on your post.



5) Avoid making multiple threads of the same issue/topic

If you can, just bump up your old thread (if your topic's related to it). Or if someone posted already about it, just put your two cents into their thread. It minimizes the clutter of the forums, and we could enjoy seeing more forum threads in the "new forum topics" window.

Though you can still go and post stuff like "A new dragon/ feature came out!" The news posted by the admins themselves tend to be late. (And maybe the admin's thread would be more free from the angry posts, ahaha.)



6) Let long threads stay

If the last reply from the thread's about more than 2 months old, you probably shouldn't reply to it anymore. Unless you're attempting to leave a positive note (perhaps the original poster needed some cheering up). The moment's already gone. Sometimes, the original poster had changed their opinions already on said topic. Or they could've left the forums altogether, so what's the point in getting huffy over a horse?


"How do I know how old the reply was?"
Look in the title bar above the profile image > Upper left corner, maroon-colored with white text



Mon, 09/09/2020 - 19:22

Day of the week, Day/ Month/ Year - Time



Welp, that's all I gotta say. I don't mean to intimidate the new forum users here, and I can't really stop you from doing the no-no's, but it's for everyone's sake, including those who this thread was meant for.


         For the love of Odin, read the server rules thoroughly I'm begging you                    Or Ruffy will rough you up



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I do not like CAPTCHA

Great stuff! I think all of them are great, except that I actually don't have any problem with font size, though that could only be my opinion. (I have bad eyesight...)You did AMAZING with the Captcha, and the 'think before you type'. So overall, pretty good!

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Yesss all of these are good!


God I wish people would just stick to ONE thread per issue and not make a new thread for every single thing they want to report. (or worse: make a 'general bug report thread') It's so spammy. An admin should merge threads like that. It would really clean this forum up.


The admins should just lock the complete set of announcement subforums. There's literally no reason why normal users should be able to post there and it's messy as heck. General Announcements is on the top of the page so I think the people who post there are either not very literate or just too lazy to scroll down a bit.


I love how some people blame 'glitches' when they double-post because it really is a matter of 'only click once'. It kind of makes sense when you think about it. If you submit a thing, it'll be submitted again if you click an additional time.



Many people on this forum don't know their netiquette and it shows :þ


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Weeeeeeeeeell, to be fair, this is probably 'baby's first forum' for a lot of people. Lack of netiquette feels kind of expected.


Still. Yes to all the points raised on this thread. While I'm used to how this site works by now, I'm sure it's a nightmare to navigate for newcomers. ...Heck it's still tough to navigate for me if I'm trying to find a specific topic (which I'm not often trying to do so... I guess I just don't encounter the forum-topic lawlessness very often.)


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-Odin roared after him-

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Ha! Got ya >:D

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Most 'offenders' aren't new. My comment was generally aimed at non-newbies.

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Thank you!  Now, if only this thread would be made sticky in a conspicuous subforum so everyone would read it.  I completely agree!


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Death Star blew up my subject

Great idea!But you kinda forgot another one.Avoid pushing the send button multiple times or youll have multiple posts.Just wait till its finished loading.


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As a definitely-new person here, very helpful, thank you. B)


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well im new and i may have

well im new and i may have accidentaly done something im sorry im new to the fourm but have played the game for years so the fourm is kind of a new world to me

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Bumping for renewed relevance.

The announcement subforums have again become a complete cesspool.

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Yes, yes indeed. 

Yes, yes indeed. 



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Welp, since there's a few new peeps...

*Does a high-jump kick and bumps this thread up*

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*no no, a dynamic punch :3 *

*no no, a dynamic punch :3 *