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Hi everyone,


i love the new update it’s awesome, but i have some questions.


1. How can i change the color of my shield? I can’t find that option anywhere.


2. Why is the DT Master pack, which includes a Stormcutter egg the same price as a single Stormcutter egg?


By the way the update is so cool i really love it :D


Sorry for bad English :P


Sorry for bad English :P

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Hi, so I don't know where you


so I don't know where you can change your shield colour sorrry :(


But for the DT master pack you get more than just a stormcutter egg you get a skrill egg, a couple of weapons, a titan age up ticket and a satchel ( I have no idea what it's for so if you know please tell me ) and I'm guessing the price is the cost of an average egg to encourage more people to buy it 


Hope this helps a litle



PS: Your english is really good :)

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The satchel is plus space for your battle backpack.


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Cool thank you very much 

Cool thank you very much 

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Thanks for the replies :)

Thanks for the replies :)