Some info about the disappearing dragons :)

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I don't want this to turn into a complaint post, but I know there have been a lot of you with "disappearing dragons" problems and thought I'd post what I've observed with my recently hatched Smothering Smokebreath, in the hopes it may help you or the admins to sort out what's behind the problems people have been having :)


For most part, I play SoD downloaded on the PC (Windows 10).  I hatched my Smokebreath here, and named him, and immediately changed my active dragon so I could send the baby out on some stable quests to level up.  Straight away, I noticed that while he appeared in my list of dragons, he had no image.  But I was still able to successfully send him on stable quests throughout the day, even after a few game restarts.  By the time I went to bed, he was Level 4, and I switch to the mobile app before I go to bed to send my dragons on one last quest overnight.  So that's when I noticed for the first time my dragon wasn't appearing in my dragon's list in the mobile app, and I couldn't select him to send him on a quest.  Hoping the problem would be rectified in the morning I went to sleep.  When I woke up and reopened the app, I realised he had actually been selected as my active dragon, but of course he still wasn't appearing in the dragon list, and disappeared when I switched dragons.


So I got up and reloaded the pc game.  Uh oh.  He still wasn't there, which was a first for the pc version.  But before I ran panicking off to the forums, I thought I'd check to see if he was in his stables, and low and behold, there he is, and what's more, his image is now appearing alongside him.  So I visit his stable, and yep, he's definitely there, but still not in the list.  I make him active, and that's fine.  I walked from his stable back to the first main dragon stable, and the game asks me to rename him, but not recolour him.  And since then, he appears in the list.  Even after I switch dragons.  Even when loading the mobile app.


So there it is.  Just some info about my experience, hopefully it may help some of you :)


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