Some bugs I've noticed in regards to feeding dragons

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I've come across a few different bugs when feeding my dragons.


- I'm having trouble feeding my active dragon in my main stable.(The stable that you start out with when you're a new player, the one that has 2 nests in it and used to have the hatching stand). Sometimes I can click on my active dragon and feed them when I'm in my main stable and sometimes I can't. Sometimes no matter where I click on my dragon the cursor will not change into a hand so I can't click on my dragon to feed them.


- My dragons no longer gain energy when they are fed perch. I decided to see if I was experiencing this when I saw another forum user report this on another thread. It turns out I am. I fed my dragon perch and my dragon's energy did not go up.


- Chicken eggs now give +10 energy instead of +5. I'm not sure if the amount of energy chicken eggs give was purposefully increased or if this is a bug so I'm mentiong it just in case.


- Herring now give +20 energy. I had decided to test whether any other types of fish where bugged besides the perch so I played the first DT training level a few times to lower my titan Woolly Howl's energy. When I stopped playing DT my titan Woolly Howl's energy was at 65/86. Feeding my titan Woolly Howl one herring made his energy jump to 85/86. Even if the SoD team had decided to increase the amount of energy that herring give I have serious doubts that they would've increased it by that much. I'm figuring this one is most definitely a bug.


I'm playing the game on a Windows 8.1 HP laptop and using the version of the game downloaded directly from the SoD website. If anyone else is experiencing the above issues or have encountered other bugs in regards to feeding your dragons(like some other types of fish I haven't mentioned won't increase your dragon's energy or they give more energy than they used to)feel free to leave a comment.


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Whoa, that's a lot of bugs/changes. I need to log on today to see if it's the same for me.


Devs and Admins, if you are here I think the best thing to do is bring back the happiness bar so we could see it the same way as the energy bar, it would save much more time for me to just look at the corner to monitor my dragon's happiness instead of constantly opening my dragon list to see the bar.


I also suggest the infinite chicken egg feeding again, It's annoying when I have to leave some space in my dragon's tummy just to keep them happy with eggs. Any other new ideas for these feeding stuff aren't really necessary. 



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No, no "infinite chicken egg feeding". Some people don't have time for endless fising just to feed their 100+ dragons. Try using Dragon Nip to increase your dragon's happiness. Now it's available as feeding item and it gives happiness points but it doesn't give any energy points. This should help you, along with hunting eels and just spending your time with your dragons (from time to time they get +X points of happiness just because you're using them). Hope this helps!


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Dude, you don't FISH for chicken eggs -_- You farm for eggs just like you farm dragon nip. I already have like 300 eggs so yea. Sure, I think dragon nip is faster and cheaper to farm and all, but I've already spent money and time on my whole stock of eggs so what's the point? Energy still matters anyway so using eggs for both energy and happiness is good. It's just the new energy limit! Ugh!

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I didn't say that. Did you even understand what I said? -_- I meant that they'd have to fish if eggs didn't give energy. Not everyone is able to get 100+ fish to feed their dragons so they farm eggs. If eggs didn't give energy, they wouldn't be able to feed their dragons. Don't look only at your own situation, that's pretty selfish -_- Maybe you have lots of fish so you don't need eggs to give energy, but others don't. Dragon Nip gives happiness, eggs energy and happiness. That's a win-win situation.
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Here's another one to add to the list:

- Salmon now give +20 energy instead of +15. My titan Woolly Howl's energy was at 62/86 and when I fed him a salmon his energy jumped to 82/86.

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Well, this "giving too much energy" thing is pretty useful imo. Devs, if you see this thread, let it be. I love this change XD
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Agh. Well, now that I think of it, it's not that bad! But still, i'm sure the classic chicken egg method is still most liked. I'm too lazy to go on my farm, open the shop, and plant dragon nip just for separate happiness. Oh, whatever..............*sighs*

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Hello, We are actively

We are actively rebalancing the amounts of energy and happiness that edible items give to dragons. Certain fish will give more, others less. Several combinations are being tested to find a good level.


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Thanks for responding! I didn't know that. I thought the new amounts of energy might be a bug because I'm used to the amounts that they've always given. lol. Personally I like the increased amount of energy that chicken eggs, herring, and salmon give.