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Hello all! I was going to post more on the mini game post, but a lot of these ideas didn't quite fit in there- so I'm starting a thread where I can post any and all of my ideas and anyone else who wants to can as well.


Racing Course Islands: Each Race Course is it's own distinct island, but we never actually see it anywhere else. It would be cool if there were actual islands that corresponded with these. (I am aware Poison Valley is the same place or at least similar to Zippleback Island.)


More Class Stables: I've seen this idea before, so I'm going to include it here. We need a Strike, Tracker, and Sharp stable. Strike could match the look of the Strike room in the Thawfest maze, Tracker could rely heavily on Nadder motifs and Fireball Frenzy targets (I think it matches for some reason), Sharp just needs to look... sharp.


Legendary Stables: Bewilderbeast stable was awesome, what about a Green D.eath one? A Luminous Krayfin stable would be epic too... I could totally see it fitting the Impossible Island aesthetic.


Titan Stable: Titan Island inspired stable. A hidden runestone chest would be a nice touch, as well...


Icestorm Farm: An icy farm for no reason other than to have a third farm. Plus it fits with the Icestorm crops.


Class Minigames: Minigames based off different classes. Tracker = Hide and Seek, Tidal = Swimming, Stoker = some sort of obstacle course in a volcano, Mystery = Maze... obviously there are more classes but this is all I got for now.


Dragon Outfits, Flightless Racing, Cooking: Y'all already know what these are, just adding them in here.


These are all my ideas for now, will update!


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As you probably know, my name is Gala Windi (either for short) and I'm very sociable.. most of the time lol. I'm very experienced in all forms of competition in SoD, and most things in general. If an event is going on, I won't be seen often because I'll be doing event stuff. I have workarounds for almost every major glitch, so if you have a problem I may be able to help you. My close friends are those in Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors, and a few others who I'm frequently seen with. I'm working on a huge SoD project, with tons of OC's based off friends and other players, artwork, maps, and stories, and it's constantly being updated. My unrealistic dream is animating it to be a webseries or something. I also play Rise of Berk and Titan Uprising, so my project combines stuff from those games as well.




Fiercefuzz my woolly howl

Seastar my thunderdrum

Treefriend my Zippleback

Sunspark my whispering death

Morningglory my Shockjaw

Swiftswing my speed stinger

Coldcrest my Snow Wraith

Ragestorm my Skrill

Windslinger my stormcutter

Blazefire my Monstrous Nightmare

Sky song my Death Song (it censored the name without a space lol)

Icetwice my Zipplewraith

Poisonpierce my Deathgripper

Loveydove my Triple Stryke

Hunterblur my Silver Phantom

Sharpshot my D.eadly Nadder

Brokensoul my Flightmare




Mordecay my Boneknapper

C.orpsemire my Boneknapper

Axh.acker my Armourwing

Flowerpower my Sliquifier

Trenchfin my Sliquifier

Bellflower my Snaptrapper

B.loodbreath my Snaptrapper

Voiletmaw my Snaptrapper

Gentlehorn my Buffalord

Wildmoon my Woolly Howl

Smallshriek my Screaming D.eath

Sawspike my Whispering D.eath

Dandelion my Whispering D.eath

Crystalcrunch my Snafflefang

Rockfirm my G.oregripper

Luckyfoot my Hushbogle

Fastfright my Dreadstrider

Sillystrike my Galesl.ash

Dart, Pouncer, And Ruffrunner my Night Lights

Bugbrawler my Thunderpede

Antlersmasher my G.oregutter

Thistlespine my D.eadly Nadder

Rollingthunder my Quaken

Freedomwing my Dramillion

Magmamama my Eruptadon

Lavalord my Eruptadon

Bluebl.ood my Fireworm Queen

Brightaura my Flightmare

Greenfire my Flamewhipper

Mudflopper my Grapple Grounder

Darkstorm my Groncicle

Rosethorn my Gronckle

Rockspitter my Gronckle (essentially Burple from Rescue Riders)

Sun and Rise my Hideous Zippleback

Fireball my Monstrous Nightmare

Cagecruncher my Monstrous Nightmare (it's a subspecies on Rise on Berk)

Swamptooth my Mudraker

Chromewing my R.azorw.hip

Fearfang my Rumblehorn

Furyprince my Sand Wraith

Iceclaw my Elder Sentinel

Electricwing my Shockjaw

Heatstroke my Singetail

Dawnchaser my Skrill

Thundercloud my Skrill

Sunspot my Stormcutter

Chonkmaster my Sweet D.eath

Doodlebug my Sweet D.eath

Perfectpoison my Threadtail

Moodmother my Threadtail (it's a Hobblegrunt y'all)

Noriwarrior my Thunderdrum

Wildfire my Typhoomerang

Pyroglider my Typhoomerang

Ghostflight my Typhoomerang

Slobberball my Smitten Hobgobbler

Lemonlime my Raincutter

Cacophony my Screaming D.eath

Fireflight my Bonestormer

Spinechiller my Gravenapper

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I like these ideas, especially the epic stables, it would be cool to see every epic dragon, example: Forewer Wing, Green and Red death and Purple Death 


Hi eveyone :3
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I love the Legendaries, I would also enjoy seeing a Submaripper and Shellfire stable.

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I like these ideas, especially the epic stables, it would be cool to see every epic dragon, example: Forewer Wing, Green and Red death and Purple Death 

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Joined: 07/22/2022

I like these ideas, especially the epic stables, it would be cool to see every epic dragon, example: Forewer Wing, Green and Red death and Purple Death 

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Ideas Pt Two

(Just to clarify I'm not gonna be steaming mad if these aren't added into the game, this is just a fun post so don't take anything too seriously c:)


Dragon Ideas:


Raz.orwh.ip and Skrill hero skins. Also I don't think the Raincutter has one, so let's add it in just in case.

More rare skins for dragons. Rare skins are the best.

Selling eggs/dragons. This one's a bit controversial, since there's guaranteed to be people who would ab.use this feature. But it would be nice, if done properly.

More class paints!!!

A thingy that lets us see what gender our dragon is. I can't remember all of mine, this would be very helpful to me.


Fishing Ideas:


Homemade Lure. The model's in there, and it's cute (you can see it on the wiki if anyone wants to), I'd love it in game.

More fish. I want the cod. Look at that thing. It's a mood, honestly.

More than one spot to fish while flying. And being able to do it on more than one dragon.


That is all for now.

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I have a few ideas as well...


1. Raw Iron

If you did the daily quests during Thawfest, you might remember Tuffnut asking our vikings to dig up raw iron in the wilderness. This idea partially comes from that quest. It also comes from Rise of Berk, where Iron can be used as a building material and a training resource. We could find iron deposits lying around the wilderness and dig those deposits up for our own use. The deposits would take about a minute to "regenerate" after being dug up. As for the iron itself, our vikings could use the iron as a building material for use in houses and longships. They could also use it to make improved versions of weapons and armor found in Dragon Tactics, and improve weapons and armor that they already have in their backpacks, possibly with a greater chance of improving the weapon  than they have with scraps alone. A third possible usage for iron could be to make or improve dragon armor, which to my knowledge has yet to show up in SoD in any form.


2. Uses for Wood

Our vikings have been able to gather wood for years, and all of that wood has sat in our vikings inventories collecting dust for years, so why not find some uses for it? One idea would be to add some new farm quests that require some amount of wood as one of the items needed by the quest giver. This type of quest would likely involve the construction and repair of various structures around berk, not to mention longships and siege engines. Another idea for the useage of wood could be to build our own barns, fences, and animal pens, either using templates (similar to the use of blueprints in Dragon Tactics) or designing our own custom farm decorations (within acceptable limits... nothing obscene for example.) A third idea for wood could be to let our vikings use it to expand our hideouts and build furniture and hideout decorations with it (again, within reasonable limits.)


3. Selling items back to the store

This idea would allow our vikings to get rid of extra objects and unwanted dragon eggs without the problems associated with an interviking trade system/marketplace. The store could have a "Sell Items" tab, with our viking having the ability to select what they want to sell back to the store. This would again have some reasonable limits, such as being unable to sell back memberships, being unable to sell back items given by quests, and being unable to sell Currency. Our vikings can choose to sell produce, extra farm decorations, extra hideout decorations, extra dragon skins, extra saddles, and unwanted/extra dragon eggs back to the store. Dragon eggs could be sold back to the store at half of the stores price (example: A Humbanger egg costs 800 gems. A player could sell an extra Humbanger egg back to the store for 400 gems.) Small items, such as a single Chicken Egg could instead go for their full asking price, especially if said items can be sold for only 1 gem, or even for coins. Additionally, the store could have a popup asking if the viking really wants to sell a given item in case the player accidentally tries to sell a dragon egg that they want to keep, or an object that they want to instead exchange for event currency.


4. A few new types of Dragon Skin

A few years ago, someone suggested adding dragon skins that place scars on our dragons. I'd like to expand on that idea as a suggestion. In addition to scars, the "Dragon Skins" setcion of the store could also sell skins that change our dragons patterns and markings to one of a few non-standard variants. These variants could mimic the appearances of various exclusive, unique, and premium dragons in Rise of Berk, and those of various dragons in Titans Uprising. Another idea for a new type of dragon skin could turn the dragons into "Zombie Dragons/Dracholichs", as a form of cheaper, more widely abailable, non-skeletal/non skeleton inspired Dreadfall Skin. Another person (Chamieshilda?) also suggested a gag Dragon Skin that's actually a poorly made viking costume with a "Not-X" mask hanging off the snout of the dragon. Running with that general idea, another type of Gag Dragon Skin could poke fun at the "Mechanical Flightsuit-Costumes" that our vikings wear...



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