SoD Racing Gear~ Experiment #1-720

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I was somehow motivated to do an experiment. While waiting for my pack of foxes to regrow their fur, I got curious if the Racing Gear still works since the stats don't show up anymore. In the process, I also wondered if Flight Suits affected the stats at all.


So to clear my curiosity, I chose to take the time to run on a single player race using each of the following items:


Racing Gear
—The armor with the best racing stats (That I picked out before they were gone)


Racing Gear w/ Flight Suit
—With only Night Fury shoulders and Stormcutter mask visible


Normal (No Gear)
—My normal look including battle gear and black Death Song pants and mask.


Along with nothing but the starter clothes. I don't have a picture of that one.

Okay, the rules are for each race: Dive only lightly, clear every checkpoint, fly through every hoop, no sheep catching, definitely no speed boosts, and follow the exact same path. Pick only one dragon with full happiness. Mild to moderate lag is allowed, but any excess lag or freezing acquires a restart. (because that affects the timer)



Dragon: Hurricane —Lvl 50 Titan Skrill w/Masters Saddle
Track: Woolly Canyon

Flight Suit w/Gear: 01:19:08
Observation: Normal, but experienced slight lag at the first lap.


No Flight Suit w/Gear: 01:14:83
Observation: Normal --moved to top speed at a shorter time. Had to tap shift each time while entering the first and last turns.


No Flight Suit; No Gear: 01:18:72
Attempt #1: Had to be run again because of the temporary freeze effect my PC gets, affecting the time.
Attempt #2: Had to start again because I pressed “Exit” too quickly at the end of the race.
Attempt #3: Third time’s the charm! Race ran smoothly without interruption. A little slower, but able to make sharper turns than with the gear.


Flight Suit; No Gear: 01:19:20
Observation: Normal. Race ran with little to moderate lag. Finger twitched during the first lap causing less than perfect performance.


Nothing but Starter Clothes: 01:19:02

Observation: Normal –raced with a fair performance with little lag and no mini muscle spasms.




The average time for a Skrill to finish Woolly Canyon with a Master's Saddle is roughly 1 min & 19 sec, if going through all the hoops accordingly.

The least/earliest amount of time dealt was 01:14:83: With the Racing Gear and no Flight Suit.

The most/latest amount of time dealt was 01:19:20: With the Flight Suit and Normal Gear underneath.


Final result, the Racing Gear still works well. Able to speed up my Skrill about 5 seconds sooner than average. Although the Skrill may not be the best bet upon using this gear on this track and maneuverability is a nightmare.

The Flight Suit actually hinders your dragon's speed and maneuverability. If anything, it's worse than starter clothes. (Or I may be overzealous. My finger twitched, and that may have costed a few milliseconds)


The Starter Clothes Race worked surprisingly well: able to beat the flight suit with Night Fury pads and Stormcutter mask. Performance levels were good in that race vs the first so I'd say it's a draw.


~Extra Experiment~

Sometime after the experiment, I wondered if it does matter if your dragon is a Titan, and how it affects the race. Let's see...

Dragon: Levi –Lvl 29 Adult Skrill w/Masters Saddle

Track: Woolly Canyon

Starter Clothes/w Levi: 01:18:80
Observation: Normal –Didn’t dive at the beginning but acceleration was slightly quicker.



Nope! Doesn't matter if your dragon is Titanwing or not, it doesn't speed it up nor slow it down.


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