SoD Hack Watch (if you see hacking, report it here!)

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Two Hackers

Viking name: ServinaSnape

Dragon used: Toothless

Type of hack used: Color Hacking (white Toothless)

Screenshot or video proof of hacking: (unavailable)

Location seen: The School

Details of encounter: It was basically a normal day, I was doing my quests, and I just saw a white Night Fury and thought, 'HACKER!'


Viking name: BrEaKcAt

Dragons used: Toothless and several others

Type of hack used: Color changing (white or really light gold Toothless) and several glowing dragons that shouldn't be able to glow in game

Screenshot or video proof of hacking: (unavailable)

Location seen: Icestrom Island, I think

Details of encounter: Once again, minding my own business, doing quests, and I see a girl on an uncorrectly colored Toothless.  I check her profile and find that she has not only a wrongly colored Toothless, but several glowing dragons as well, or, at least they looked like they were glowing



Work In Progress

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I have been hacked

I have a actually been a victim to hacking. Some guy named "The Killer Wolfy" hacked me today. He made my skrill impossibly fast so whenever I would race, I would always get last Bc I could not turn. One other thing he did was make it so I could not speak in a chat after I talked to him. He actually said in a chat that he loved hacking people also. 




First off, my drawings! 

I love to draw and do it for fun most of the time.   

If u want any more info on my artwork, you can send a message or I’ll occasionally post a art thread. Yes, I use references for poses, hair, etc. 

A art thread of mine is called Viking Art (3 spots) if u want to see how I do humans

Examples of dragons: 




-Member of The Dragon Racers-


Here's some info on my OC 

*art coming soon*

 Name: Francine


Apperence: long red hair with bright green eyes. She wear loose, winter clothing with a large, light blue hood. Her boots are covered in snow (since that was where She grew up) and have no memory of her family. 

Weapon: Two twin swords


Titan gronckle: Nightel

Titan screaming death: Entity

Titan razor whip: Rainstorm

Titan deathsong: whiplash

Adult Groncicle: illuminum

Adult Singetail: Windsnap

Adult Eruptodon: Smoke Rock

Adult Amorwing: Amber Gravity

Titan Skrill: Bristle tail

Titan Stormcutter: Mystery 

Titan Typhoomerang: Winter 

 Titan Hobblegrunt: River Song

Titan Wooly Howl: Pilot

Adult Changewing: Ghost

Adult Flame Whipper: RoseHeart

Titan Monsterous Nightmare: Cinderblaze 

Adult Deathgripper: Enmity 


Age: 17

Distinctive features: small Scar over mouth

Personality: Loyal, Brave, wary 

Weaknesses: Family and her Dragons

pm me if u wanna RP!



Anyways, so wanna get to know me? Here's some fun facts! 


1. I'm a girl (obviously)

2. My favorite hobbies are listening to music and reading books

3. My birthday is June 1st

4. I have a 40 gallon salt water fish tank

5. I'm a Christian

6. My favorite band is Set It Off

7. Favorite movies are HTTYD, HTTYD 2, and if the hunger games, Supernatural, Merlin and many others

8. I love Cats!

9. I'm a rower (like in the summer olympics) 

10. I like food :3

And finally, 11. Nope, I don't support LGBTQ, but I don't hate the person, I hate the thing that they're doing 


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Hackers spotted

I have spotted two hackers from yesterday and today. One was named "The Killer Wolfy". He said that he loved hacking people and I was one of them. He made my skrill go impossibly fast so whenever I would turn, I would always crash into people. The other hacker was named "Astero Sempai" he had a night fury named "Douchland" (Ikr, wierd name. XD) so I just decided to report them and to see if the admins will do anything about it. Hopefully they will :)


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Boneknapper hack?

Can Someone Please tell me what the Boneknapper hack is?




  One Person Many Fandoms

A List Of Things I Enjoy:

Telltale's The Walking Dead (and the show)


Super Smash Bros

Game Of Thrones



Attack On Titan


Yuri on Ice!!!

Death Note


And Many More.

Enjoy The Random Gifs and Pictures


"For the Glory of Humanity"



~My Main 5 Dragons~



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This hack is like the

This hack is like the timberjack hack,

but it does not matter now, since it is already released.

and PLEASE don't bring up dead topics.



Call me Screech,


short for Western Screech Owl,


one of by favourite birds


YAY! I am promoted to elder! Thanks so much, Alpha!



Starlight, my Messenger OC

She is a kind natured and forgiving Cyber Warrior. Helping people who are in need. But when it comes to hackers, her sword will always be ready


by the talented Megaboltphoenix!



beware, long signature:


Hurricane the Nightfury

by me!

She doesn't believe you can get through my Siggy.



Welcome to Slytherin!




We are not evil,


we just want to excel.



Now, there are a few things you should know about Slytherin – and a few you should forget. Firstly, let’s dispel a few myths. You might have heard rumours about Slytherin house – that we’re all into the Dark Arts, and will only talk to you if your great-grandfather was a famous wizard, and rubbish like that. Well, you don’t want to believe everything you hear from competing houses. I’m not denying that we’ve produced our share of Dark wizards, but so have the other three houses – they just don’t like admitting it. And yes, we have traditionally tended to take students who come from long lines of witches and wizards, but nowadays you’ll find plenty of people in Slytherin house who have at least one Muggle parent.

Here’s a little-known fact that the other three houses don’t bring up much: Merlin was a Slytherin. Yes, Merlin himself, the most famous wizard in history! He learned all he knew in this very house! Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Merlin? Or would you rather sit at the old desk of that illustrious ex-Hufflepuff, Eglantine Puffett, inventor of the Self-Soaping Dishcloth?
I didn’t think so.

But that’s enough about what we’re not. Let’s talk about what we are, which is the coolest and edgiest house in this school. We play to win, because we care about the honour and traditions of Slytherin.

We also get respect from our fellow students. Yes, some of that respect might be tinged with fear, because of our Dark reputation, but you know what? It can be fun, having a reputation for walking on the wild side. Chuck out a few hints that you’ve got access to a whole library of curses, and see whether anyone feels like nicking your pencil case.

But we’re not bad people. We’re like our emblem, the snake: sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood.

For instance, we Slytherins look after our own – which is more than you can say for Ravenclaw. Apart from being the biggest bunch of swots you ever met, Ravenclaws are famous for clambering over each other to get good marks, whereas we Slytherins are brothers. The corridors of Hogwarts can throw up surprises for the unwary, and you’ll be glad you’ve got the Serpents on your side as you move around the school. As far as we’re concerned, once you’ve become a snake, you’re one of ours – one of the elite.

Because you know what Salazar Slytherin looked for in his chosen students? The seeds of greatness.You’ve been chosen by this house because you’ve got the potential to be great, in the true sense of the word. All right, you might see a couple of people hanging around the common room whom you might not think are destined for anything special. Well, keep that to yourself. If the Sorting Hat put them in here, there’s something great about them, and don’t you forget it.

And talking of people who aren’t destined for greatness, I haven’t mentioned the Gryffindors. Now, a lot of people say that Slytherins and Gryffindors represent two sides of the same coin. Personally, I think Gryffindors are nothing more than wannabe Slytherins. Mind you, some people say that Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor prized the same kinds of students, so perhaps we are more similar than we like to think. But that doesn’t mean that we cosy up with Gryffindors. They like beating us only slightly less than we like beating them.

A few more things you might need to know: our house ghost is the Bloody Baron. If you get on the right side of him he’ll sometimes agree to frighten people for you. Just don’t ask him how he got bloodstained; he doesn’t like it.

The password to the common room changes every fortnight. Keep an eye on the noticeboard. Never bring anyone from another house into our common room or tell them our password. No outsider has entered it for more than seven centuries.

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’m sure you’ll like our dormitories. We sleep in ancient four-posters with green silk hangings, and bedspreads embroidered with silver thread. Medieval tapestries depicting the adventures of famous Slytherins cover the walls, and silver lanterns hang from the ceilings. You’ll sleep well; it’s very soothing, listening to the lake water lapping against the windows at night.

By J.K. Rowling

See? Slytherin has always been the elite


To Gryffindors:

Your time is coming to an end, Slytherin will trump you! Get your wands ready, because we are coming!


God will be back, that is when we will be judged by the Lord. Be ready, for there will not be any forgiveness this time. The pure and just will be given eternal life, and those who sin will suffer from eternal punishment.

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Sorry im half asleep and didnt read the date.

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Hacker report

I saw a hacker a few days ago:


Viking name: XxStormCatsxX

Dragon: White nightfury (non-Toothless)

Type of hack/hacks used: She had a white nightfury named "White Fang". She had too many dragons for a "three-silver-stars", too.

Screenshot or video proof: I have a few of them, but I don't know, how to upload them here.

Location seen: The Training Grounds

Details of encounter: I was waiting for battle, when I saw her, she was riding her non-toothless nightfury.


Signature under construction!

If I ever find time, I will do more with it xD



My viking ID by me :D








The adorable Chibi-version of Maja by the crazy talented Vanilia Viking - TYSM!!! :D



My main viking EvelynFreya by me



My Razor Whip Laura by the talented FloofQueen :D




EvelynFreya by talented Zit - thank you! xD



The adorable Blezziebreezie Mareille adopted from the awesome Zit :D

...and here is an amazing headshot of my Woolly Howl by Georginia47 xD





Art by me did for others:





Drawing for Lovlytigerss :D



Drawing for Vanilia Viking xD





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Found hacker!

ok, they had a deadly nadder, and about 100 darts, all at lv 1. There name was...


they were at level 7, and had the final platinum star.

your welcome!


Hi This is a work in progress, Sorry.


If anyone could tell me how to add a picture, that would be great!

Age (in SoD) :1 (I have been playing for a year)




Fav: Turkey (Smitten Hobgobbler)

First Dragon: Garf (lv. 50 Titan Sand Wraith)

Second Dragon: Stormrun (lv. 50 Titan Deadly Nadder)

Third Dragon: Frightful (lv. 50 Titan Flightmare)

All of the rest:

Army Jacky (Armorwing)


Bone Fire (Bonestormer)


Big Buffalo (Buffalord)


Bushy (Changewing)


Landar of Frost (Chimeragon)


Little Foot (Titan Crimson Goregutter)


Deadly Nadders:


Glytch the Fearless

Silver Wing




Stormrun (Titan level 50)


Big Big Bubbles (Deathgripper)


Amberlla (Titan Deathsong)



Double Fire

MultiBlaster (Titan)




Lava Munchy

Rocky Big Tail


Forest Fire (Fire Terror)


Fireworm Queens:

Farmer LEGS

The Hive Protector


Drooly is Cooly (Flame Whipper)


Frightful (Titan level 50 Flightmare)



Frozen Grouches

Happy Grouches




Fishmeat the Great


Another Dragon - This is the real name =)



Hidious Zipplebacks:

Bread n Butter

Echo n Glory

Frosty n Snowball

Just n Cool

Lava n Rockster

Macoroni n Cheese (I purposely spelled it wrong)

Not n Another

ThingOne n ThingTwo

ThingThree n ThingFour



Pork Chop (Titan)

Turkey (Smitten)


Frosty (Hobblegrunt)


Moonlight (Light Fury)


Winter Girl (Moldruffle)


Monstrous Nightmares:

Happy Scorchian



And more to come!


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Found hacker!

ok, they had a deadly nadder, and about 100 darts, all at lv 1. There name was...


they were at level 7, and had the final platinum star.

your welcome!