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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for this, but I'll give it a try...


So, I've noticed that I can't find the SoD Game Cards in my local Wal-Mart or Target. I have also looked online (trying several different zip-codes, even in different states) to try and see if they are even listed online, but I haven't seen them anywhere.

My question is this: will these cards be continuing for a while? Say, long enough to reach in-the-sticks places, like where I live? I'm not sure if my local WM will get any in, but perhaps the second nearest WM will.

Does anyone else have trouble finding the SoD Game Cards?

I even checked Amazon, hoping they would have them, but nothing. :<

This makes me quite bummed D:



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Same here. I have been

Same here. I have been looking in every WM and Target within a 50 mile radius of my house, and all over the web but u cant find it anywhere! Any one know where it is??




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I'm not a German, I had to

I'm not a German, I had to Move to germany for my Dads job. Before we left these cards came out and were supposed to be at walmart, Right? So I go there and look at the Gift card areas, I haved lived there for a while so i know were everything is, Nothing, so I go to the Walmart near My cousin's house. I looked and looked. Nothing!

I check the only Target In the Area. NOPE! I checked everywhere online but NUZING!  DX






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I did

   I can only find them in my local Target, but its kind of exepensive. :/





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   And also i think you can buy them right on the SOD website.

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I don't think you can get

I don't think you can get them on the website... can you? Cause, I've checked and I've tried, but I haven't exactly seen anywhere to buy them here on the website. It just says where they should be located in the stores.

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  oh, well nevermind then i just thought from the look of it.