So..About Naming Your Viking :/

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Anybody have any tips on giving your viking a name?


I was thinking of all kinds of names, uncommon names, names from other languages, everything, but Every. Single. One. Is taken. And this is further made frustrating by the inability to use at least numbers. I can understand no symbols, but no numbers? I dont want to name my viking something thats not really a name like Sunshine Magic or Steakhouse Fries or something ridiculous cause i cant choose a real name.


Is there any tips of getting an actual name through? I tried using Xs like "xAmyx" or "XxAmyxX" but it considers it to be symbols. I made a test viking and named it "Rosalia" with like 6 As at the end which looks stupid. I really, really want to have a real name. I've never had this issue on other mmos before.  :/

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I made up all my viking names

I made up all my viking names from scratch by sticking together syllables. In one case, I smashed pre-existing words together -- "Pangora" was an amalgamation of "Pandora" and "Angora". 


I'd highly recommend perusing the space bar in choosing a viking name. Maybe have the character have a unique last name -- instead of "John", for example, try "John Smith", or something obscure, even, like "John Chariot". 

Another pretty common thing is to label the character's name in a similar way that they do in the franchise: Stoick the Vast, Bork the Bold, etc. Maybe have "John the Gentle". Obviously I'm just using everything as an example and they're just a couple of ideas, but .... :u


Good luck ! I know it's a long, frustrating process, but hopefully you can come up with something. 


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I managed to name mine

I managed to name mine Valgerðr (a legitimate Viking name).  I wasn't able to copy and paste the ð, though, I had to type it in using the alt-code.  That might help, although I made mine a while ago and I don't know if they've changed things since then.


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► lmao steakhouse fries

I've also seen multiple people use their name with a feature of themselves as a title. Some examples could be: 

"Jon the Loyal"

"Robb the Brave"

"Aemon the Wise"

"Robert the Usurper"

(holla to anyone who knows the reference)


Similarily, you could also use your name and a feature of yourself without the 'the'.

"Freya Fairhead"

"Sven Boldbeard"


As for mine: my name, Aika, was already taken. I changed the 'i' to an 'e' to make it look a little more viking or Norse. given it might be far from it

I also tend to be a big fan of using 'ae' in names.



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Mʏ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ʜᴀs ᴛᴜʀɴᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴘᴏʀᴄᴇʟᴀɪɴ, 

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Those references. =‿=





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Skrills are awesome!!!!!!!

What I did is I took a normal name and then made a made-up name and then put them together. Examples: Sarah Agroz or Emily Korhonen.


Another thing you can do is after a name you can have a title that describes the character. Examples: Rachel the Brave or Mia the Creative



You can use any of or part of the names I suggested :D



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“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

I used my cats name for my vicking. If it is odd enough (and you have a pet) you could use your pets name.


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You can actually look up

You can actually look up authentic Viking names here;


Some of them might be written strange because of the language, but there are plenty to go around! I recomend Google if you want the correct pronounciation! 




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Well, I searched for baby girl names and I found Joandra :D


• A B O U T •

Hi, I am Joundra,

also known as


• F R I E N D C O D E •


• S O C I A L •

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Meow. 'Asvald' be a Viking name?! 




MEOW. I got the names 'meen' from 'mean' cos I guess I was feeling a bit mean that day. XD I was being a bit mean t my kitty. So I was feeling mean, I put that in then I decided it didn't look/sound nice so I changed the a to e! Feelings help sometimes >.< But I really have  a Viking named 'Meann'! Hey, I have 'meen', 'Meann', 'Mint Tea', and 'Mint Tea Leaves'! Try for 'Tea Leaf!'


GROWL GOOD LUCK! *eats an ice cream and gives a salmon to Spined*


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Oh thats the reason, I always thought it was becouse it ment Moon in scottish or think in dutch O.O.

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Uh... I don't know what

Uh... I don't know what Scottish people you've been talking to, but I've never heard anyone refer to the moon as the meen.



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I always give my Viking a

I always give my Viking a surname. That helps with the orignality


After that I base my characters of my RP ones on my HTTYDRP forum


ALSO remember what hiccup says! "A hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls" :P You can have fun with that!


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Just a possibly late idea,

I usually name things by either smashing together names, or copying viable Captcha words.


For instance, the first one could be, Anneke + Elin = Ennekin


The second one, though could be something like Evidoca (A marapet named after a captcha.) or Torsunk.


Last names could be mashups of two words, like Strongsword or Dragonheart. Or two captchas like Evidosunk.



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if they allowed numbers, then

if they allowed numbers, then everyone would name their viking hiccup124523 or t00thl3ss


what do you get when a dragon sneezes?

...out of the way.


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Why would I need a subject?

Once, in class we watched a documentary about Amelia Earhart, and later one about Nefertiti and Tutankhamen, narrated by Joann Fletcher. I came up with Amelia Fletcher. I also have one with my stupid nickname (I have no idea what my sister was thinking when she called me Fuffy) and stuck on notfluffy because in Minecraft people called me fluffy. 


This account is ded

I'm not acitve here any more, but you can find me on dA (nochtliproductions) and Discord (tomaytotomahto#8945). If you see me online it's a fluke.

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Last names

Last names help. The uncommon and obscure route also works.


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I have the same problem! I've

I have the same problem! I've tried everything! Making random names, adding titles like the brave amd the seventh... NOTHING WORKS!!!

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Really cool name idea I wish

Really cool name idea I wish I took: food names. Naming your viking Cheeseburger the Seventh, or Mac the Big might work.


I'm not the most creative with ideas. Sorry D:


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You just kind of have to mess

You just kind of have to mess around and try different things. In naming my vikings, for example, I had wanted Valka for my first viking, and I hadn't even been aware that HTTYD2 was a thing yet, so I changed Valka to Vinka, which is the name of an amazing horse I own on a SIM game, but that was taken too, so then I tried Venka, and no dice, but then I added an e on the end, and as you can see, the game had no objections to that. Although sometimes I do.


I don't know what happened with Jaquetta because I was absolutely not expecting it to be available. According to behindthename I misspelled it, so that might be why.


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