so many account glitches please help

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Joined: 11/11/2019

i dont know where to begin  i love this game but the glitches can be infuriating    im going to do point form 

 i never get my daily quest cookiee jars  the entire event

i never got the "hats here please" cookie jar except for once    after it never worked again?

during the battle ship event it barely gives me the reward  just freezes or doesnt show up at all

its rare i get the daily log in prize even though i log on everyday 


is my account just messed up or is anyone else having this problem?


i know this was awhile ago but i didnt have the time or energy  to wright it, but during the dreadfall candy event the exact same things happened plus when i decided to buy the candies using gems through chicken candy harvesting so i can get the dreadstrider (one candy at a time)(very time consuming but i wanted the dragon)  i was almost there and used over 5000 gems and the game crashed  i reloaded only to find that it took my gems but didnt give me the candies  so i gave up the game for awhile       i also didnt think theyd help in this case


im hoping theyll fix my account or maybe reinburse my gems because that was extremly dissapointing and rage inducing    i saved up for so long for that many gems only to have them cheated from me  


i think as well you guys should make getting the special dragons or gear through these holiday events a little easier so theyre not so stressful  maybe have the items in store for gems or coins so more people have the oppotunity to collect and have fun      soryy for the long paragraph  im just tired of being cheated