So... Hi Everyone. :P

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Just joined the game today, and thought of finishing it off with a forums account.. :P AND since I don't like typing,

maybe I could throw a few facts at all of you guys so I don't have to work my fingers. Wait... I have to type the facts, DARN IT! >:O


Fact Number 1.) I am a 28 year old, and loves cartoons.


Fact Number 2.) I love to draw, write Fan-Fictions, and Role-Play.


Fact Number 3.) I am vegan, I don't like any kinds of meats nor dairy products.

Fact Number 4.) I am sometimes random.. POH TAY TOE! XD

Fact Number 5.) I love to learn about animals, dinosaurs, and mythical creatures.


Fact Number 6.) I'm a nerd, geek, any of thoses.. (I like Marvel, games, and lots of other cool stuff! :3)


And Fact Number 7.) I love HTTYD, Duhhh.. Who doesn't?!


(If you don't, I will kill you in your sleep.. >:)-)


Well, my hand is bleeding because of typing this freaking pile of crap.. XD

Hope you injoy those weird facts! :D



                                                           Drawn by DuskDaybreak! :) Thanks!

All pictures above is Hulk my main dragon..

If you have not be credited above, PM me; I will change that!

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Hey there

Nice to meet you, I'm DuskDaybreak, but you can call me Dusk. I also love drawing, it's my favourite thing to do. I'm a huge How To Train Your Dragon fan, you should see my collection:P I'm also a Marvel fan, I loved Avengers Age of Ultron, but I also like DC. I love animals to, my favourites would have to be birds and woodland animals, mythical creatures are also really cool, especially dragons!












All above art by me :)

Lovely drawing by ScarfyWings! Thank you!


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Dragons ate my subject.. POH TAY TOE!

You do really good in drawing! :D You do really GREAT (excuse me).. Me, well;

I can only draw on paper, and not on computer.. So I might just stick with the paper though, since I suck at technology drawing. XD And

well, it's nice to meet you! :)


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Greetings I'm Pedz, co-leader


I'm Pedz, co-leader of the clan Dragon Training Academy Student. 

On behalf of the Academy I would like to Welcome you to SOD!

If you have any questions regarding SOD feel free to send me a PM <3






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Dragons ate my subject.. POH TAY TOE!

Nice to meet you, and I will have that in mind! :)


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Epic Cookie Stealer! Hide your Cookies!

I'm also an old player, ive been playing SOD for over a year now.

I'm known well on the forums and also in-game. Its great to see new faces! 


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Omgad! I love you already!

Omgad! I love you already! You had me at potaytoe! And then I went back and reread your age and was 'my people have come!' lol sorry but I've been feeling super old because I'm 28 (29 in october) and everyone else is younger than me. I love everyone to death and their all so awesome that it makes me feel ubber old. And maybe a touch immature because I'm 28 and playing a dragon game... 


Haha sorry I forgot to introduce myself. 


I'm kira (my alias is Keiran Dragonheart). 

28 years young. 

Obsessed with dragons and adopting dragons (I even started my own adoption thread recently even though I suck at art) 

I live and love to write and am badly overdue to post the next chapter of my fan fiction about my soulmate Dragon Leirazva the Skrill. 

Everyone love teh POTATOE! 

I love anime and am a former world of war craft player. 

I have quite a few dragons in game and love farming. As stated somewhere back in - zomg she talks too much land- up above I adore the Skrill. I originally picked it because it looked otherworldly and I wanted to bring my dragon  Leirazva into game. (Leir was previously a dream/concept of what form my soul would take if it could. In my head he is sort of a ghostly translucent white Chinese dragon with feathery wings and piercing color shifting eyes.) not really sure how I thought skrill looked right for his httyd form but yeah, it happened and we're happy. 

Oh another thing, all my dragons have personalities and opinions. They are real in my head, because I never can turn my imagination off. (Leir- Seriously right now she's picturing both versions of me and wondering if she could get someone to try tackling the original mental image in her head... And yep she's gone down the rabbit hole into her thoughts again.... KIRA! Come back!) oops... Yeah... Hehe... I guess you gotta be half crazy to play games. But seriously who wants to be completely sane? I hear it's boring! 


Anyways welcome and sorry for rattling. I can't sleep... Hehe oh and if you need any help just send me a pm or holler. 


(Leir- she just remembered the 'my people have come comment' and started giggling all over again... You srsly shouldn't giggle. It's scary and a touch evil..?) 


Hello my name is Keiran Dragonheart, this is Leirazva my Skrill soulmateand you have entered the domain of my Motley Dragon Clutch.  We have grown in numbers this past year but our mission is the same.  Rescue, heal and protect dragons from harm. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to visit our growing family in the picture below. 
I'm pretty tired this week so I'm taking a day or two to rest.  I'll work on Beauties in a few days. Life is pretty chaotic right now.  One of our dogs is still sick and we're not sure what will happen with him. I'm pushing myself hard to help out and it's tiring. Sleep is as I can get it. Hopefully I'll get a good night's rest soon and get some of my oomph back. Thoughts and prayers are welcome.  Thank you. 
Venus lovetide created by Nightmare Rebuff.
This message was approved by Venus Lovetide the Chibi Nightfury in charge of important message.
She also passes on love and hugs to everyone! 
We now return you to your regularly programmed Signature! 
~ Dragon Cave! ~
Please click us and help us to hatch! Thank you!  
-none atm-
Leirazva: The Skrill who Defied Dragonkind (in progress. Half the next chapter written) 
Screenshots stories
One shot Dragon Stories (their POV) 
New batch of Spacial Beauties
Previous Projects:
Toothy, Emeralde, and Happy blinkies by Toothless!
Want to get one of your own? Go here
Naked Chibi Oceanus:
 Glowing Chibi Oceanus:
My Frilled AcidSpitter pack adopted from Spy 
Above: Mei Shilin (魅石林 : Demon Stone Forest)  by Nightmare Rebuff
Swiftwing and Arabella by Spy. 
In support of my brother and all who do not fit the mold of society. Drawn by Dragondrawer
Kai and Duskheart bouncies made by DuskDayBreak
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Dragons ate my subject.. POH TAY TOE!

My signature was just taken down by evil POH TAY TOES.. XD Nice to meet other viking my age! :P  (Even though I am turning 29 next month on the twelfth) Anyways it is 5:00 AM here, I've been up all night playing ArcheAge, School of Dragons, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.. NOT AT THE SAME TIME THOUGH! XD (I like to rattle alot to.. You're not alone.) Well.. Nice to meet other who likes to talk.. Hehe >:3 Evil POH TAY TOES!

(Randomness.. My favorite word..)


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Lol 3 am for me. And oh no!

Lol 3 am for me. And oh no! The evil POTATOES! We mustn't them convert the good potatoes or we are doomed! I was playing da inquisition until it got scratched when someone knocked over the playstattion (may have been me... I didn't break it though just the game). I haven't gotten it replaced unfortunately so it's been in limbo for me for awhile. I need to replace it. I Don't game on console much because I have arthritis in my right shoulder and repeative emotions hurt (I play sod on my tablet mostly).... BTW my autocorrect is evil and randomly changes words or refuses to stop ending my sentences early. Makes fan fictions fun when writing if it's acting up a lot, but I push on through. 


Do you have a French fries cutter? It makes a good weapon against evil potatoes! And a yummy treat! Vanquish and eat your spudsy foes! 


Lol OK I'm sneaking off for some sleep. You take care! 

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Dragons ate my subject.. POH TAY TOE!

I might use a French Fry cutter, I'm coming for you evil potatoes.. Hehe.. >:3 Anyways, if you turn a console sideways; it could put a ring around your disk, and that would be bad because they would not work after that.. AND dropping a console is bad to. X3 I might as well hit the hay to, my eyes are burning from this darn screen right infront of my face. Well, goodnight!



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Hello there! Welcome to the

Hello there! Welcome to the forums! I also have an interest in Mythological creatures :D (their appearances and various powers/magics make them a fun to learn subject!) I LOVE httyd! ;) Hope you enjoy your stay on the forums ~

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R Tolkien
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Dragons ate my subject.. POH TAY TOE!

Nice to meet you! :3

Evil potatoes.. >:(


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( ')> Penguins! <(' )

Welcome to SoD :D I hope you enjoy the game and the forums.

I'm Blackpanther. I'm 19, and I also love cartoons :)  I love animals and mythical creatures, and I like to draw but I am not good at it :P Same goes for fan-fictions. And of course, I love httyd :) Anyway, nice to meet you!



Mirage gif by Nessie.  Panther and Sparky sprites by Blackwolfen.

Forum sig last updated:  24th October, 2020

First SoD dragon adopted: 14th December, 2014


Hi! I'm Panther. Mirage, Sparky and I have been away a while. Life happens, after all. I may still pop in from time to time, but I'm not as active here as I used to be. If you do see me in-game though, feel free to stop and say "hi". My viking name has been changed to PantheraNova.

Also, please welcome my baby brother, likecheese, to SoD!

Above banner by Silence


                                 Mirage & Sparky by me                                                    Panther by MistyNight




Want to take a look at my in-game dragons and OCs?

Click  >here<

(Note: I haven't updated this list for ages. Not all of my in-game dragons are on it)


Want to see all the dragons I've adopted?

Click  >here<




Lord Voldemort on a Screaming Death, by the talented Varku.               Mirage, by the lovely Kimbenoso.

   Peace out    

((Sisterhood of Clams badge by Sky and Ocean!))                                                    ((Sparky gif by NarixuZen!!))

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Hi! :D I´m Stella. Welcome to

Hi! :D I´m Stella. Welcome to the forums!


1) I´m 17 years old.

2) I love to write fanfiction and drawing, too! :D (That´s why I´m currently inactive on the forums... I´m diving so deeply into Marvel, but I just can´t hold back! Yesterday, somebody told me there actually IS a Mavel film I haven´t seen yet: Daredevil. Guess what last night was all about. ;) I read somewhere that there is a series or something like that, and now I have no idea how to keep my good grades... :D Oh! And I´m just writing my first Avengers fanfiction. :D Here is the cover:

Nice, eh? Yeah, one could say I´m deeply in love with Robert, but sadly, I´m still together with Sherlock (in my dreams) ! :D)

3) I eat meat. A lot. And also eggs and milk. But I must, because I´m allergic to most fruits and vegetables.

4) Me too. ;) But only when I´m with my friends. I´m calmer when I´m alone, and I like the silence. My parents say that´s asocial, but I think I´m just very introverted.

5) I spent my childhood playing with dinosaur video games, cement bones, ... EVERYTHING! We had those trump cards about dinosaurs. I knew all of them by heart! :D

6) One could call me a geek maybe. I too love marvel, and video games (but no brutal ones). Oh, and Sherlock AND of course! HTTYD.

7) Oh yeah. Me too.


Nice to meet you, my friend! Don´t hesitate to ask if there are any issues! ;)


Welcome to my signature!

I am Sera, an artist and dragon enthusiast.

I love to draw Night Furys and to do Art Trades - so give me a chance to do both at the same time!

Please keep in mind I usually don't do requests - I have a day job and don't have much time anymore.

This is Mondnacht, my Night Fury:


I have 59 dragons and counting! These are my main ones:

Majesty, Stormcutter (now has a Cloudjumper skin)



Ocean, Stormcutter



Chess, Nadder (best bud for doing Quests)



Ghost, Stormcutter



Ninja, Sand Wraith (best racer)


Leviatha, Hideous Zippleback

Thor, Thunderdrum

Doux, Thunderdrum

Sparktail, Thunderdrum

Chimaera, Thunderdrum

Stormdancer, Skrill

Bolt, Skrill

Galaxy, Skrill

Maximus, Monstrous Nightmare

Icarus, Monstrous Nightmare

Herkules, Monstrous Nightmare

Lotus, Monstrous Nightmare

Damian, Monstrous Nightmare

Ladon, Flightmare

Azazel, Flightmare

Titan, Typhoomerang

Echo, Whispering Death

Ignis, Whispering Death

Terror Noctis, Whispering Death

Amnesia, Whispering Death

Amber, Gronckle

Blue, Gronckle

Charcoal, Gronckle

Amethyst, Gronckle

Ascarthia, Scauldron

Raindrop, Scauldron

Cascade, Scauldron

Pandora, Scauldron

Ace, Deadly Nadder

Buttercup, Deadly Nadder

Vine, Deadly Nadder

Cataclysm, Deadly Nadder

Caelia, Deadly Nadder

Silvermoon, Deadly Nadder

Stardust, Smothering Smokebreath

Volcan, Smothering Smokebreath

Angel, Smothering Smokebreath

Cinder, Boneknapper

Mike, Boneknapper

Nessie, Raincutter

Leonce, Raincutter

Phantom, Changewing

Escarbot, Rumblehorn

Nickle, Rumblehorn

Princess, Fireworm Queen

Snow, Screaming Death

Nemesis, Tide Glider

Bubble, Hotburple

Samantha, Scuttleclaw

Skydancer, Sand Wraith

Direwolf, Woolly Howl

Arctic Storm, Woolly Howl

Ariane, Hobblegrunt

Dorie, Hobblegrunt

Lucia, Speed Stinger

Crystalline, Groncicle

Thanos, Devilish Dervish

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Hello! I'm Lonko! ^O^ 1- I'm

Hello! I'm Lonko! ^O^

1- I'm thirteen. And I'm a boy. And I'm childlish :D And it's awesome to hear from an adult who likes cartoons! ^.^

2- Drawing is ok, but I'm terrible at it ._. also I have some sotries in my head, but too lazy to write them down :/

3- A vegan? You are confirmed awesome.

4- Random is my middle name! Or was it potahtoe? I don't know >:D

5- Me too. I can never cope with the fact that dragons will never exist :/

6- Being called a nerd is my Achile's heel. That's the result of being mocked for years. Geek? Maybe :D

7- Obsessed with HTTYD. I want a Toothless plushie (I said I was childlish) :D

Nice to meet you!

Also, I just LOVE Hulk the gronckle in your signature! XD He looks amazing, and what a cool name that is.




The artwork above made by me!

INCREDIBLE artwork by Pixel! You can check out her art thread, and request right HERE! :D thanks, Pixel! ^^

Awesome festive artwork above made by secret santa MoonWatcherNight! Thank you so much! :D


I quit the game for an unknown period of time so I'm not joining any clan.


                                                                 My dragons! :D                                      




I mean, I have more dragons but I'm just way too lazy to make new banners as dragons come out, y'know?



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Hey! I type the same font as you! Welcome to the club!


I may have done some things I regret here on this forum.

Only using this account for the release of Timberjacks.