Snoggletog themed Fireball Frenzy?

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Hello all Vikings and Dragons alike!

I have a suggestion to make on the various holidays that come around New Berk.

If you are going to make us play Fireball Frenzy, a game which to my understanding is less than used unless for a quest,

why not theme it for the holidays? Spice it up a little :D


I made a edit to emphasize the idea. Wouldn't it be a little more fun? I think the Dreadfall version would be a

blast! (no pun intended :P)




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really great idea, though we'll be lucky to witness any change anytime soon. the least they could do is add snow to all the islands during wintertime. it adds a realistic touch to the game. unfortunately, we are stuck for now with only a couple islands showing any signs of seasonal change at all. before they take care of that issue, i doubt anything is going to change for fireball frenzy. it has stayed pretty much the same as long as i can remember. not much of an issue to be honest, but i'm sure adding festive elements would really put our hardworking dragons in the snoggletog spirit!