Snoggletog revert update

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Greetings Vikings!

As Snoggletog comes to an end, we hope everyone had made a lot of great friends during the festivities! Below are a few updates that the SoD team has worked on as we prepare for the month of February.

World Event:

·         Fixed a sound bug where the battle music does not unmute itself once the event concludes.

Heather’s Lab:

·         It seems that Pouncer has taken a liking to participate in science experiments, check out the lab to have this adorable Night Light assist you in your science-based activities.


·         Adjusted the swimming mechanic to make swimming in SoD look and feel more realistic.

·         Fixed targeting with practice buoys throughout campus, having your Dragons’ fireballs aim at the target’s bullseye rather than the base of the buoy.

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All of this sounds well and good, if it wasn't for my dragons completely wiping their stables as if they were on strike. Good to hear that at least the sound bug has been dealt with. Which brings me to wonder what else SoD is preparing for (other than events, of course).


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Lets Wing It!

Neat! Can't wait whats in store for February! Pardon for the small response, kind of in a rush. 


by the way sincerely THANK YOU for fixing Mobile Bugs. Especially the one where someone leaves the tab open then rejoins, it used to completely break my accounts but now the game just refreshes me into a new server. 

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Updates! :D

Thanks for the update, Team, and the announcement, Bryn!  I had a very good Snoggletog, and I believe the event was smoother in terms of communication/connectivity bugs than any other event to date!  There were a few issues here and there, of course, but I can't complain too much.  I hope you all had a good Snoggletog season!

Now, addressing this mini changelog: I can't honestly say I notice any difference in the swimming mechanic, at all, but I'll take your word for it, I guess.
The targeting fixes are a long overdue change; glad the Team got that done!  Although I have to ask, do those practice bouys serve any real purpose?  I've been quite unable to find one in the 3 1/2-ish years I've been on campus.  Just wondering. :)
I hadn't noticed that sound bug, but I'm glad the Team fixed it.  Less bugs is always better. :) (I just hope, knowing the way programming goes, that you guys didn't create more bugs in the process...)
The Lab update sounds adorable!   ...If only I could actually see it.  Has any consideration been given to my suggestion concerning the Lab at all?  Sorry about the self-plug, but it seems pretty relevant to the topic at hand.

Hm, "as we prepare for the month of February"?  That suggests something important is about to happen, more so than the usual "Friendship Festival"...  Anything you, Malkath, or GooneyBard care to share with us? ;D  Or are we just going to all be left hanging in anticipating suspense?

Anyway, thanks again!


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I think the practice bouys are there so you can see how much damage(regular and critcal)that your dragon does.


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Yes... and no...

I mean, that's so... but since Battle Events are the only place that that is even relevant (barring a couple expansion quests, maybe), why not just find out how much damage your dragon does in one of those?  I still see no real, practical purpose in the buoys. *Shrugs*

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I know some people want to test out their dragons' damage to decide whether they want to use them in battle but yeah, other than that there's no purpose to the buoys. lol.

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We are very likely getting a bigger Friendship Festival. It even teases that we are getting a huge event by February on SoD's App Release. 

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Thanks for letting us know what's been fixed and thanks to the SoD team for working on fixing things. :) While we're on the subject of bug fixes is there any chance we could get an idea on when the clan trophies/points issue will be fixed? Clans are not gaining trophies/points even though clan members are earning trophies. This issue is affecting most, if not all, clans and has been happening since before the Snoggletog event. I know a lot of players, including me, would love for this to be fixed.(Just a note, yes I have sent a ticket about this and I know that others have as well)

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Never got Snoggletog dragons

I know this probably isn't the place for this but I never got the golden dragon or chimera dragon from the Snoggletog event despite being 200+ cookies over the required amount. I sent a ticket over a week ago but still haven't got a response. I was wondering if anyone else didn't get their dragons and is waiting.


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Since you've waited for over a week for a response I suggest bumping up your ticket. You should've gotten an automatic response email and in that email it says if you have additional comments then reply to that email. I suggest replying to that email and ask if they've had a chance to look at your ticket. I've had to do that before and I usually get a response after I do that.

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Alright I'll go do that, thanks for the tip

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You're welcome. :)

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Ty for keeping us informed

Ty for keeping us informed and getting rid of those nasty bugs!! I'm also very happy to see slight improvements, while they may be little, are always welcomed!! Thank you for your and the teams work!

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Deathsong is my favorite dragon

Thank you, even such improvements will please :-) It's a pity that not enough for everyone. Otherwise Somehow I didn't recognize the difference in swimming, because I fly more than I swim (could someone tell me what's new)

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Heres the Update

The only new update I realized is if you fly over the water you see water particles over your wings and tail, kind of like splashing water while flying above it. swimming itself didn't seem to change however this is all I have seen that has been added for swimming or well water in general.

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*Scratches head*

I... Guess my viking does swim faster in water now? And has slower movement when swimming backwards? I can pretty much outswim my dragon. Nothing different when swimming while riding your dragon though.


I wish the lab was accessible even if you don't have a quest that requires using it. I would've loved to see this new update of Pouncer helping out in the lab :(

My inner child just wanting to throw random items in the dish, mash it all with a pestle, throw some water in and make a chemical soup which wouldprobablyblowupthelab...



It's nice to see you guys posting updates and fixes here though!


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This is great. I gotta say, Pouncer is perfect for the lab. Really great choice as his expressions are priceless. I would like to mention, I used a new Viking and when I first went into the lab- Heather mentions Toothless will be happy to help me out but Pouncer is there instead. Lol Thought I should let y'all know and show appreciation for Pouncer being in the lab to help conduct experiments.



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