Snoggletog Quest not working

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On my other account the Wrangler, snoggletog quest isnt working for me, i can only do half the quest till the zippleback island part then my game crashes and resets my progress, this keeps happening, does anyone know how to solve this


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Mine is glitched too. Mine starts infini-loading when I click the last turkey and I have to close the game.

I now avoid that quest on other vikings and do other quests on the affected one. I don't have an answer to fix but am adding more details to how one version of the glitch works.

I can say I'm not too mad about it because I'm glad that at least only one quest seems glitched as last event several were.

I'd still like it fixed but at least it doesn't stop me earning my cookies.



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I had that problem to, but I somehow fixed it. I think that when it went infi-loading, I got on my dragon and fly toward the ocean. That showed the map, I clicked on New Berk, then the rest of the quest showed up. I hope this helped!

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I tried that I am not able to

I tried that I am not able to move or click anything at all when the loading gear pops up but thank-you for the advice