Snoggletog Maze: Helpful Hint

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to post this as a little *Helpful* Hint. I bet some of you players have sort of GIVEN UP the maze. I know what you mean. So I have a fun tip, or way to get through the maze faster. 


Once you start the maze, go through the ice/groncicle room. (I get through this by heading for the giant cogs on the left side) 


After that, you should end up in the room where snowballs hurl past you in a circle. Get to the one that you originaly would have left that part of the maze, and go left. There are little door ways on the sides, so go into those when you have the chance. After about 3 or 4 of those doors you will see a purple portal. Go into that. 


After you go into that portal, you will be on top of the groncicle statue in the moving cog, wall climding room. Jump down onto a little platform and past the spinning cog with spaces between. Then you are at the cogs next to the nightlight road. Jump onto the second cog and onto the black rock on the wall. It should allow you to just hang there. Jump up and up, untill you are at the road. Make sure that the Nightlights aren't about to hurl at you, then jump onto the road and run untill the end. When you are at the end, you will see signs that say "KEEP OUT". Ignore them. You should see another purple portal. Go into that. You should be next to the nightlights. Head forward. 


You should now see dragon statues. In ones mouth, you should see a blue portal. Go into that. You are now at the finish!! Please comment, and tell me how it worked. 



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That's basicly what I do, although you only get the blue portal in the groncicles mouth after you finish all of Tuffnuts quests. It does work pretty well though. :)


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Oh yeah, that one's a good portal. It was already found in a video, but I appreciate you telling us in case other people haven't seen it. I shared another one that is NOT IN THE COG LEVEL PEEPS, but the climbing maze thing!! for some reason it was recently updated and instead of taking me to the end of that part it placed me in the middle of the freakin maze, making me lost XD



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Please Whisperer... Just stand still!

Ok. Glad you think this could be helpful for others!

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This is really helpful. Before, I used the purple portal in the climbing section but it took a while to get there. Using the Night Light's road cuts off a lot of time!





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Great! Glad its helpful!!