Snoggletog Farm! +Other Screenshots and lil opinions

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When I started playing the game near the end of March, everything was snowey, but no decorations around, so it was kinda more dull, and I couldn't wait for it all to update. However, since Dreadfall passed, I was excited to spend my first Snoggletog. Ever since I was crazy about the first movie and I heard about the Gift of the NightFury, got it, and watched it, playing a game to celebrate that holody from the cute lil short film feels great. I hope this Snoggletog goes great, for everyone.

Now, just like when Dreadfall arrived, I just decided to go ahead and save up gems to spend for making a Snoggletog Farm whenever it showed up, and today was the day, and I luckily had enough saved up gems from battles, daily login and stable quests to spend so much on a new farm. Enjoy!



*~Happy Snoggletog!~*


And as a lil bonus, here's some festive photos I took with my viking and dragons c:


Full view of my Viking in her Festive outfit with lil Egil in the back.


Festive Altea 


Festive Harlow


Festive Fiera


Festive Maroon and Emerald


Festive Anti


Festive Ahio


(Onto some of the gang's dragons, excluding Toothless because he was away on a quest)

Festive Stormfly


Festive Meatlug


Festive Barf and Belch


Festive Hookfang


Festive Thornado


Snoggletog with Moondust ~*


I love this update so far, and only complaint I got right now is that there's still a bit too dark for my liking filter on your dragon and viking around the School and Berk

And a bit bummed the School feels much less decorated compared to Berk and when it was Dreadall. Although I do supposed there's less to work with because Snoggletog shouldn't have webs with giant spiders and pumpkins all around lol.


The maze does say Loki's Maze of Cheer, and you still are able to use the glitch that myself and others used before in Dreadfall's maze before it was updated to Fright of Passage, however when you enter, it's still the Fright of Passage maze, so it is unclear whether they will bring the old maze back, or have a new one such as FoP in Dreadfall. Which actually brings me to my next hope, I hope maybe the prize can be something good like either Flightmare Mask or Flightmare Glow, either works for me. I do hope maybe they'll actuall release Snoggletog themed paints like the Dreadfall? Too much to ask for? lol, or at least, hopefully release the Ice Eruptodon Skin again, and hopefully fix it as well from what I remember last seeing it, it was way more white than it should be lol.


Anyway, that's all I have to say for now tbh, and again, Happy Snoggletog vikings!



"Legend says that when the ground quakes, or lava spews from the earth, it's the Dragons letting us know they're still here. Waiting for us to figure out how to get along."

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Also a lil tip if you want to look at the pics better, just go ahead and right click and open image in new tab, or hold your finger down on the image to do it works too I believe on mobile. 
I know it's not news to everyone, but I'm just saying it in case people don't know, and I just would like people looking at my images in the best quality tbh c':