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Hullo all!

I've seen many people across the forums reporting bugs in regards to the newest Snoggletog update. Seeing as most of us have the same issues, why not compile them in a Thread? 


Hopefully this is also a more organized way for the Admins to keep track of the bugs in-game!




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I bought the ten dollar gem

I bought the ten dollar gem pack. I was charged ten dollars. I ONLY GOT HALF OF THE GEMS I PAID FOR. 


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The maze and the race (and

The maze and the race (and probably more) snoggletog games have been causing my game to crash

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And another thing: I can't

And another thing: I can't drag an egg into the slot to hatch it.

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Night Light Bundle Glitch

I bought the Night Light Bundle (practically with IRL money since I bought the 2000 gems to pay for the bundle). And it took my gems but didn't give me the NLs. Several others fell for this too, I bet. I already sent a support ticket, but should I try to pm an admin and/or email the support? I want to do everything I can to get a refund or get what I paid for.

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I'm not a robot

Well I can race now without lag, so I'm happy about that.







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Aloha Lola

I've seen others comment on it, but I have had multiple Server Time Outs, especially during Battle Events.

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         Hi, i know that this is not to right thread, but its my first time posting on the forum, and i would like to know how to make a new forum thread.





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i get daily pink blobs in some maps,  also daily my dragons dissapear, (did i spell it right?) and you can't mount them,  also once when i was doing a quest to age up my teen Whispering Death, Sparksaw, i had her mounted and my finger pressed the "show avatar" button, but my viking didn't dissapear, my dragon did!  then i was sitting on nothing and i spun and couldn't control it!  the joystick wasn't working, so i had to reload the game, but when i got back the quest restarted.


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

You go to the main forum page, click on one of the sub-forums, and on the top of the screen there should be the option 'create new thread'.


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Saving people hunting things family business

I'm taking the bugs I have to the devs. They have received multiple emails of all the bugs from other Vikings as well and they are looking into it when I got a reply. Glad they are aware and I hope they read these other bugs that they may have missed!
Snoggletog is starting to act like Dreadfall from last year lol I can barley get in the game and I'm on mobile! XD



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Blitzkrieg, Don't Shock My Subject

Still not able to get on my main viking because of the new dragon. Can't get on it on either mobile and on pc on both platforms of SoD.


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Bah! Humbug!

The Snoggletog Well was supposed to be 3000 gold coins-- just like LAST YEAR, but instead they jacked the price to 350 gems, and having a bunch of those wells to exchange IS NOT EVEN A HACK!

Also, the developers owe me 500 cookies from the two story missions that basically begin this grinding event.

One more thing, during the daily quest (I can't remember the name of the quest) where you try to lead Pouncer away from the death song babies; apparently when you click on him he just goes to a front viewpoint and all you hear is some growling from him while he grabs his tail instead of having him follow you.



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Dragon Tactics, the Night Light that "wandered onto the battlefield" is invisible and the Skrill's attacks are invisible too.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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Snotlout's quest when u go to zippleback Island and collect the last turkey the game just freezes on loading and it forces you to restart the game which makes the quest reset as well

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Another bug

Alright so this one isn't just about snoggletog, it's also happened


with dreadfall, thawfest ect


The event board (the one where you get your daily missions) won't


open when I tap on it, I've tried with computer too same results 

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Yelp, this problem started for me just this morning . . .

Yelp, this problem started for me just this morning . . . . It's been working great until today.

I've done multiple uninstalls and reinstalls, but no luck so far. I go up to the Snoggletog Dailies Quest Board, click on board, my screen blinks, but nothing comes up. . . No List, and not even a message to say there is a problem. Just Nothing/No Response. I have submitted a ticket for all info. I use Desktop PC with Google Chrome, and a lot of event problems have been related to PC Standalone devices.

If anything changes, I'll update this message. Thanks


Here's an update:  I saw another forum thread on this problem, "correct me if I'm wrong, but every 6th day, the board will not offer any quests. So if you've been doing the quests for the past  5 days, this is normal" 


Thanks for posting, Varku. Yes, you are so right. I forgot all about the sixth day giving no Quests. And, I was on my sixt day of the Snoggletog event.


Looks like my ticket is incorrect and needs cancelling. Message sent.


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censored thats ugly

i just wanna say that the second picture is very ugly


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I've been logged off a number of times, including

I've been logged off a number of times, including up to three times in the same day. 


Are others experiencing this problem? Is there anything I can do from my end? I expect I should just create a ticket, but I can't see how it relates to other game problems. It seems some setting are just timing out; that could relate to how many players are online? Comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks,



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The "Wrangler!" Quest

The "Wrangler!" quest is somewhat broken. All is well until you collect Terry the turkey, at which point the game freezes into an endless loading loop. Unfortunately, restarting the game just restarts the quest, and due to the fact that I still have the quest but cannot complete it, I also cannot access the daily board.


This is a problem both on mobile and PC, I've tested (and I've made sure with MMO off and on as well) so it desperately needs addressing.


(And yes, I'm aware on the sixth day it does not give you quests: however it hasn't worked whatsoever, even past day six, and I believe it may be tied to the fact it considers me to still be doing a daily quest, even if it is bugged out.)


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Daily quests NEED FIXING

Daily quests are one of the best ways to get cookies now that you have to pay gems for wells (bad move)

and the wrangler quest is uncompletable and on top of that I haven't been able to acesss daily quests for 3 days now. I've already paid for cookies but I'll never get the chimeragon without daily quests. 


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Daily quests NEED FIXING

Daily quests are one of the best ways to get cookies now that you have to pay gems for wells (bad move)

and the wrangler quest is uncompletable and on top of that I haven't been able to acesss daily quests for 3 days now. I've already paid for cookies but I'll never get the chimeragon without daily quests.