Snoggletog be on the way, time for some fun questions

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So yea my last dreadfall questions seemed to go good so here's some fun ones for snoggletog:
☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Is it ready?
☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using?
☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog?
☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? What is it?
☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back?
☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog?
☆Are you ready to have a great time?
☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire?

That's about it, have fun


Hello there!


Name: JadeeBug13 (yes its the same on the game, deal with it), but i prefer to be called Jadee.

Rank: 2 Platnium stars (On my way to 2.5 stars!)

Clan: Elder of The Nightlight Racers. Placing: Temporarily unavaliable due to broken board

Closest Friend: Rosemeralda  Norbutt Norston SageSalin Dragonbornofshadows and StarfireDragonStorm

Friend Code: PM me and I'll think about it.

I've been in the forum for a year now, and about 2 years in SOD!

Favorite Dragon: Pouncer the Night Light and Ruffrunner the Night Light (currently have both in adult form)

Dragon Count: I've got 53 dragons currently.

Trophie Count: 4177 (and still going up thanks to racing)

Favorite Event: Snoggletog!!!!


All my Sod Dragons


My Top Dragons:

D.T.: Stormfly Jr. the Titan Deadly Nadder, Pouncer the Night Light and Kalahara the Hobblegrunt

Racing: Pouncer the Night Light

Fireball Frenzy: Strike the Titan Deathgripper and Poison the Dreadstrider

Battle Events: Pickle the Pricklebogger


Levels in SOD:

Adventuring Level: 50 (been that way for 'bout a year now)

Farming Level: 30 (thank you chickens)

Fishing Level: 17 (need i explain why???) 

Most dragons range adult to lvl 50 ATM, except for Swordspine and Volcano (please see list if you need explanation)



Fanfic: The Four Tribes of Magic.

Chapter 1: A Secret in a Book   Chapter 2: A Secret Rune  Chapter 3: A New World

Chapter 4: A Familiar Face   Chapter 5: An Answer to a Question




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What I'm doing in the arts community:



♦Doing Edits on other things as well

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Warrior Cat Character Creations

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My brand-new Signiture Protector, Salamandar the Slobber Smelter!  Art credit goes to chameishida

Salamandar may be small, but he is mighty, so dont get on his bad side!

Funny gif I made from a The Owl House scene





Amazing art of my Warrior Cat characters, Eclipse and Ash  Tigerlily  Fallenstar and Apollo and Artemis!! Credit goes to Tigerli1y!

Warrior Cat characters I've made, Gif by me!

Adopted Nightlight, SnowBlaze        Credit goes to DyliehIdol1214


My adopted SpaceWing, CometCredit goes to Eclipse Wraith

My adopted Light Fury, Moondrop  Credit goes to Kailuadragons



                                                                                    Banner for my Racing buddy, Pouncer

                                                                                      Credit goes to Toraphire


           Banner by Shadowtigerkat                                                                    

Adopted Golden Night Fury Skin that i named GoldenEclipse    Credit goes to Chameishida

Night Fury Family pixels      Credit goes to Chameishida

A Fury Hybrid I took a liking to from Chameishida's Book of Fan Hybrids and Varients called the Whitesand





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A welcome break from the other game, lol!

1: I do have a Snoggletog outfit! The Snow Wraith outfit is my go to. And yes, I have it on :)

2: I’ll probably be using my Snow Wraith Jack Frost

3: My favorite part of Snoggletog is the snow!

4: Arctic Fox!

5: I’ve only been playing since last year... so I haven’t really seen any skins

6: THE SNOW WRAITH FLIGHT SUIT. I know it exists!! I want them to bring it back! As a reward or to buy

7: Yes!!

8: Duh. Absolutely not. It’s officially Christmas season, which means Snoggletog season. IT IS TIME!!


Hi! Name's Ayra ;) I don’t suffer from shyness, I’m just holding back my awesomeness so I don’t intimidate you :)

Joss whedon GIF - Find on GIFER

A little about me:

Leader of The Paris Musketeer

My in-game username is AyraNorston, and I'm usually on the Training Grounds, Impossible Island, Berk, Dragon's Edge, and Auction Island. (So basically anywhere haha) I’m also a Christian! :) (And totally obsessed with Sight and Sound theatres! (“NEVER BACK!”)

Httyd Toothless GIF - Httyd Toothless Hiccup - Discover & Share GIFs

Favorite SoD dragon of mine you ask? My Flamewhipper Whippersnapper, my Dramillion d’Artagnan, Dart, and my Speed Stinger Meteorette! 

Pin on Httyd

Any readers here?? My favorite books are: Story Thieves, The Ascendance Series, What Once Was Mine, So This is Love, Long May She Reign, The Hunger Games trilogy, The Glass Spare, The Hero's Guide Trilogy, and The Hobbit. (currently reading Dune)

Pin on How to Train Your Dragon

Favorite movies: How to Train Your Dragon (OBviously), Tangled, Indiana Jones (HUGE Indy fan here!! Where do you think Norbutt Norston gets it from??), Rise of the Guardians, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Lord of the Rings, Aladdin 2019, Monsters Inc, Abominable, Toy Story, and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Yes Indiana Jones GIF - Yes IndianaJones HarrisonFord GIFs | Indiana jones,  Indiana, Harrison ford

Favorite TV shows are: Dragons: Race to the Edge, Manifest, The Musketeers, Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Once Upon a Time, and Castle 

Fictional-at-heart — Some more TJ/Tolive/Garrett and Luna appreciation....

Favorite characters: HICCUP HADDOCK MY MAIN MAN!!! Astrid, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Rapunzel, Eugene, TJ Morrison (Above gif), d’Artagnan, Indiana Jones, Owen Conners, Kiel Gnomenfoot, David Nolan (Prince Charming), Ben Stone, Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Kate Beckett


I also LOVE to draw! Especially dragons! I also like to write. I write fanfictions and am currently trying to write (and illustrate) my own book!

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Favorite song artists: Jason Gray and Imagine Dragons

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Favorite dragon character is of COURSE Toothless!

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My favorite seasons are fall and winter!

multifandom. - ( gif series ) - Jack Frost - [ Rise of fhe guardians ] -  Wattpad

Favorite animals are cats, orcas, and horses - Tumbex

Favorite food is PIZZA

oh what a circus — Mena Massoud as Prince Ali in Aladdin (2019)

My favorite SoD event you ask? DREADFALL and SNOGGLETOG

Dragon Theories: Flightmare by WhispertheWolfie on DeviantArt

And now, for my finale, a few gifs of a few of my favorite things ;)

More Power GIFs | Tenor

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Checkmate — let's explain the httyd fandom using only httyd...

Movies harrison ford indiana jones GIF on GIFER - by Tojarisar

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The Musketeers Only

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☆Do you have a snoggletog

☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Is it ready?

I usually wear what the prizes give me. But I can wear previous prizes in the mean time, i like that snowman NF/LF head
☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using?

If going with what i did in Dreadfalls, I'd use the dragon I'm currently leveling up atm which is Screaming Death(Currently 46) and Golden Dragon (Currently 40)
☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog?

The anticipation for ultimate prizes and the snow
☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? What is it?

I don't have one


☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back?

All the snow skins are cool, I which I can win some more, Eruptodon, Abombibumble, Fireworm queen and Goregutter's are cool. I heard a lot of people want snow gronckle back do I wish for them too. I think a snow sand wraith or snow sweet death would look cool, any dragon that normally burrow in sand turn into burrowing in snow
☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog?

I particulary want more non hybrids (spin-off dragons) or non-traditional hybrids (like Chimeragon or seastormer)
☆Are you ready to have a great time?

☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire?

Nah, they let Mariah Carey out of the pandora box already, might as well


!!Look at my daugther now!!!


+++++ Dragons and Hybrids enthusiastic, TNR RR enjoyer, RP addict, Fan dragon artist +++++

 I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! My Viking's name is 'Tahno'. I'm in Zesty's Humbanger Studio clan now. Come say Hi! Friend Request is A okay but need to notify me outside of game first otherwise I will ignore. 

(Both Renders in this signature are done by LPS100! Thank you!)

 Chameishida's Book of Fan Dragons  l Chamemeishida's Book of Fan Hybrids and Varients l Chameishida's Book of Spin-off Dragons


Fan dragons Customizables


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Come get your random Dragon Pixels!



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Modern SOD Info Thread l Rescue Riders Tierlist l Dragon Fusion Generator


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Answers to your questions :⁠-⁠)

☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Is it ready?

i have a Snoggletog outfit and plan to use the 2020 one 

☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using?

My youngest Deathsong is looking forward to Snoggletog, so probably that one 

☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog?


☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? What is it?

I can't say for sure... But probably foxes and sheep 

☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back?

Well, it would probably be the freshly taken Deathgripper skin 

☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog?

Hybrid dragon... Maybe Snow Wraith and Deathsong or Wholey Howl and Snow Wraith. A Flight suit, but a Chimeragon flight suit would be interesting 

☆Are you ready to have a great time? 

Sure! I look forward to every event 

☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire? 

I don't think so... It will be the end of November and December is considered Christmas month, so no it's not soon. 

  Welcome to my signature  

Deathsong X Slitherwing Author: Just_Visiting

Youtube - Dračí Pomeranč -


Instagram - Marryboron_Garf_CZ

 I am a Czech player, I love the School of Dragons. I'm against hacked in the game, please call me Marryboron :)
I have a Platinum star - 400 000 UTD
I have a 13.000 trophies, but I'm still racing, so theirs the number is constantly changing
Closest friends - Adventuregrumpyasterix, meryllie.
The leader of my dragon pack is Garf - Deathsong
I am the leader of the Czech Riders CZ clan     
  Czech Riders CZ clan Flight suit 
My clan has 71 members and we have 14.000 points 
Dragons who have level 50 : Lovesong, Garf, Light fury, Toothless, Dart, Pouncer, Ruffrunner, Loki, Mischief, Melodia, Lailfaly, Mihrimah, Elsker, Jewelina, Viggo, Atalay, Fanktus, Viserion, Sprite 
05/28/2020 I became a Dragon Rider 
 My past is unknown, but I strive for myself find out information.
My favorite quote : "Every Dragon rider goes through a fight with Dragon hunters, and every fight may not turn out well! But if your friends or dragons remember you, you may not have died at all, and maybe it's not the end!"
Attention !!!!! Viggo is hungry 
                                           My Dragons:
Titan Sand wraith - Lovesong
Adult Deadly Nadder - Deathlovesong
Titan Deadly Nadder - Sabika
Adult Deathsong  - Garf
Adult Armorwing - Palmicka
Adult Slithersong  - Jewelina
Adult Razorwhip - Vetrostiska
Adult Groncicle - Blue
Titan Whispering Death - Simir
Adult Smitten Hobbobbler - Khan
Adult Alpha Light fury  - Altaria
Adult Alpha Night Fury - Toothless
Adult Skrill - Viggo
Adult Eruptodon - Miak
Adult Eruptodon - Velká Ochrankine
Adult Singetail - Mala
Adult Elder Sentinel – Guardian
Titan Dramilion - Alfa
Adult Nightlights  - Dart
Adult NightLight - Pouncer
Adult Typhoomerang - Fearless
Adult Dreadstrider - Loki 
Titan Flightmare - Mischief
Titan Death Song - Melodia
Titan Skrill - Lailfaly
Titan Stormcutter - Toruk Makto
Adult Chimeragon - Shira
Titan Hideous Zippleback - Fanktus
Teen Nightlights - Ruffrunner
Teen Nightlights - Pouncer
Teen Nightlights - Dart
Adult Deathsong  - Mihrimah
Titan Deathgripper - Eimi
Adult Thunderdrum - Kowil
Adult Flame Whiper  - Grimborn
Adult Delivish Dervish - Shadou
Adult Bonestormer - Patch
Titan Woolly Howl - Sisu
Adult Slitherwing - Layllah
Titan Slitherwing - Atalay
Adult NightLight - Ruffrunner
Adult Wholly Howl - Pengu
Titan Terrible Terror- Leaf
Titan Schockjaw - Ammba
Adult Seastormer - Elsker
Titan Razorwhip - Razuler
Titan Triple Styke - Rhapsody
Titan Speed ​​Stinger - Liry
Adult Night Terror - Smidwarg
Adult Skrillknapper - Sayha
Titan Silver Phantom - Nala 
Titan Screaming Death - Freeya
Titan Timberjack - Sylvie
Adult Gronckle - Smok
Adult Fireworm Queen - Arriva
Adult Hobblegrunt - Melory 
Adult Moldruffle - Falem 
Adult Snow Wraith - Borron 
Adult CavernCrasher - Griselda
Titan Humbanger - Viserion
Adult Grapple Grouder - Rhaegala
Adult Grim Gnasher - Drogon
Adult Prickleboggle - Tempest
Adult Quaken - Selenna
Adult Thunderpede - Amiamoon
Adult Snaptrapper - Danearys
Adult Rumblehorn - Nikora
Titan Scuttleclaw - Sayfie
Adult Sliquifier - Root
Adult Deathly Galeslash - Arnie
Adult Golden dragon - Nalany
Adult Mudraker - Samaritan
Adult Changewing - Hildr
Adult Boneknapper - Jafar
Adult Shivertooth - Ataly 
Adult Snafflefang - Sammantha
Adult Raincutter - Harolld
Adult Shovelhelm - Petal
Adult Ridgesnipper - Supreme
Adult Hotburple - Machine
Adult Smothering Smokebreath - Anubis 
Adult Sweet Death - Tymeson
Adult Crimson Goregutter - Swapshira 
Titan Scauldron - Nefertity 
Adult Tide Glider - Anonymous
Adult Abomibumble - Velkhana
Adult Windwalker - Dracarys
Adult Buffalord - Taurus
Adult Fire Terror  - Darkwarg
Adult Ghastly Zapplejack - Yahweh
Titan Hobgobbler - Chaghatai
Titan Hushboggle - Aiwayaha
Adult Flightmare - Shen
Titan Sentinel - Lullaby
Adult Zipplewraith - Sprite
Adult Sand wraith - Rayna  ( Dragon of my 2nd anniversary in SoD ) 
Titan Deathsong - Haseki 
Adult Speed Stinger - Nerve
Titan Chimeragon - Khalifa 
Adult Gruesome Goregripper - Sarkath 
Adult Silver Phantom - Rhaenyra 
Titan Buffalord - Kosem 
Adult Hideous Zippleback - Khalissi
Titan Gronckle - Hatice
Adult Dramilion - Anchesenamon
Adult Slithersong - Hurrem
Adult Skrill - Meryem 
Titan Silver Phantom - Caraxes 
Adult Stormcutter - Newfie
Titan Grim Gnasher - Syrax
Adult Graveknapper - Balerion
Adult Wholy Howl - Vhagar 
Adult Sand wraith - Sandstoper 
Update the list of dragons : 11/06/2022
Viking Warrior
Joined: 06/10/2022
oh I love this questions

1. Yep I do have a snoggletog outfit, its a bit difficult to describe, but I already showed it to you and I think you liked it:), though rn I am with my racing gear, I will wear my snoggletog outfit during the festivities


2. Yeah I think it will be my Chimeragon, I am currently leveling him thats why, or maybe my Golden Dragon. 

3. Oh I love everything about it, the maze, hanging out with friends, dragon tactics, the new race tracks, farming, but if I have to choose I will go with spending time with you guys:)

4. I just love my 4 elks, they are amazing.)

5. I liked the gronckle snoggletog skin, I would really much want for it to come back this year.

6. I know it isn't related much, but I would want to see the Shockjaw flightsuit, I think you can gues why... oh and also about the hybrids I would want to see a hybrid between a snow wraith and a shockjaw jaja, how would that look? jajaja

7.I am definitely ready to have a great time, I just can't wait for it!!!!

8. It is never early for a snoggletog questionnaire, good job my friend for that!:)


Hello vikings, my name is Sagesalin and I am the leader of Berkian Dragon Protectors, my main goal is to spread Thor’s message of justice and peace to everyone and to show the unbreakable bond between a dragon and a human as Hiccup did with Toothless.

I am loyal to King Hiccup as Thor’s Holy Book refers to him: “And he shall be raised above the nations to rule with peace, love, and kindness to every living creature and bring balance to men´s evilness through his holy justice.”


Hiccup and Toothless | How to train your dragon, How train your dragon, How  to train dragon


Age: 18

Nationality in Earth: Peruvian

Trophies: 9,228

My clan: Berkian Dragon Protectors which has 97 members and 35,818 points located in position 92

Locations where you can find me: Mainly Vanaheim and Training Grounds, sometimes at my

hideout too :)

Friend Code: EUX3JG

Closest friends: Norbutt Norston, Ayra Norston, Jadebug, Fearlessshylittlesley, Avyca :)

My  59 Dragons:

  • Tricspeed (Titan Shockjaw) – Leader of my dragon pack
  • Tricksie (Adult Shockjaw)
  • Speedy (Titan Deadly Nadder)
  • MuscleCrusher (Titan Whispering Death)
  • Kimshi (Adult Groncicle)
  • Erupt and Boom (Titan Zippleback)
  • Tuff and Ruff (Adult Zippleback)
  • Bouldy (Titan Gronckle)
  • Beverly (Adult Gronckle)
  • Tridink (Titan Scuttleclaw)
  • Firemaster (Titan Monstrous Nightmare)
  • Fireflash (Titan Sand Wraith)
  • Metalmaster (Adult Armorwing)
  • Sami (Adult Flightmare)
  • Stormspines (Adult Razorwhip)
  • Khiara (Adult Razorwhip)
  • Melodyflash (Adult Deathsong)
  • Digger (Adult Grapple Grounder)
  • Tailflash (Adult Singetail)
  • Lavaeater (Adult Eruptodon)
  • Lavahope (Adult Eruptodon)
  • Icyflash (Adult Wolly Howl)
  • Firelash (Adult Flame Whipper)
  • Venomous Speed (Adult Speed Stinger)
  • Fireworm (Adult Fireworm Queen)
  • Scorpionflash (Adult Triple Stryke)
  • WiseWarrior (Adult Elder Sentinel)
  • Defender (Adult Chimeragon)
  • Storm (Adult Thunderdrum)
  • Venomous (Adult Death Gripper)
  • Saibh and Jenna (Adult Seastormer)
  • Ruffrunner (Adult Night Light)
  • Smitty (Adult Hobgobbler)
  • Dready (Adult Humbanger)
  • Cutey (Adult Sweet Death)
  • Bolt (Adult Skrill)
  • Skyjumper (Adult Stormcutter)
  • Sunny (Adult Golden Dragon)
  • Cliffjumper (Adult Hobblegrunt)
  • Whirlwind (Adult Typhoomerang)
  • Sherlock (Adult Rumblehorn)
  • Sharpclaw (Adult Boneknapper)
  • Boneshock (Adult Skrillknapper)
  • Fili and Kili (Adult Ghastly Zapplejack)
  • Snow and Icicle (Adult Zipplewraith)
  • Bubbles (Adult Sliquifier)
  • Ghostfreeze (Adult Dreadstrider)
  • Femurbolt (Adult Bonestromer)
  • Blazy (Adult Dramillion)
  • Roghy (Adult Crimson Goregutter)
  • Winterfury (Adult Snow Wraith)
  • Valkyrie ( Adult Gruesome Goregripper)
  • Spearwing (Adult Timberjack)
  • Fountain (Adult Scauldron)
  • Spiky (Adult Screaming Death)
  • Orion (Adult Moldruffle)
  • Princess (Adult Slithersong)
  • Chamaleon (Adult Changewing)
  • Skelly (Adult Graveknapper)





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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject


☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Depends on the viking. Just...anything silly really. Is it ready? Yes. And it may get sillyer depending on what the event arms me with.
☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using? I have too many vikings and dragons to say just one. But 
☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog? Ice themed skins and very silly items that are silly for the sake of sillyness. Though last year's quest story was pretty good. I know the gold dragon wasn't super popular but that doesn't mean there was anything wrong with the story they were part of. 
☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? Eh, not really. 
☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back? Yes. I wanna see...THIS one. 

I like the ice nadder too but snow gronkle is hysterical and shouldn't be forgotten. I have it on several of my vikings and I want it on one more. It showed up with the nightlights, and hasn't showed up since. Just keep it a snoggletog item and that's pleanty exlusive to me. More people should have it. MORE! Snow gronkle army! Muahahahaha!
☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog? Eh. Nah. But I'll probubly try and get what comes out.
☆Are you ready to have a great time? Yus.
☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire? A little. But that's ok.




Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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Hello my Friend!



☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Is it ready?

Not really, but I'll put on whatever Snoggletog clothing I have in my closet! XD


☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using?

Not sure yet... Probably Ruffy and Firesong, my Deathsong.

☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog?


☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? What is it?
Can't remember if they have owls for Snoggletog, but if they do, I want that!


☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back?

Snowy dragon skins!

And all the Snoggletog skins for the Night Lights!

☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog?

Maybe a Bewilderbeast flight suit! Or Golden Dragon flight suit! 

☆Are you ready to have a great time?

Yup! I can't wait to see what the newest dragon is, along with the flight suit and prizes!!!

☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire?

Nope! If it was October 13th at 7:00 P.M. PST maybe, but it's November 27th as I type, so definitely time to start getting hyped up for Snoggletog!!!




(Words of wisdom by Trainsanddragons!)



Hello. I'm Rosemeralda!



Starlight and Esmé, my Signature Guardians!

They may not be dragons, but you don't want to mess with them! 

Both designed by me!



In game:

My name is Rosemeralda.

My bestie is Jadeebug13!

I have probably seventy-ish dragons, including all three Night Lights.

Dart is my favorite Night Light.

I love all of the dragons, but my top favorites are: Sand Wraiths (My first dragon, named BlackBird), Stormcutters (Looks like my cat), Night Fury, Light Fury, Night Lights, Triple Stykes, Deathsongs, Flightmares, and Skrills.

Proud leader of the clan Copycat Hiccup! 
(Clan is closed off from requests, sorry.)

I mostly am seen with either a Night Light adult, purple Fireworm Queen (named Purple Magic), Deathsong, Hambanger, Triple Stryke, Stormcutter or Stormcutter Titan.

I ride whichever dragon I want to be on, at the moment.



Proud Leader of Copycat Hiccup!



I am fully against cyber bullying!

No one should be treated bad, no matter who they are! 
I am a victim of multiple cyber bullying.

Know that I am here for you, if you are a victim of cyberbullying, and you are strong!



More about me: I love cars! They are my most favorite thing on the planet! Especially the E36 318i!
I own a 318i with a manual transmission! (#savethemanuals)
My favorite car company would be MINI, and BMW second. Though I love E36s more than anything!


Probably out cleaning a car when you are reading this. 

I prefer car cleaning over almost everything.



Model car collector!

I have pretty much every car scale model scale, from smaller than Hot Wheels, to 1/18 scale!

I have at least over 200 model cars and counting!




Breyer horse collector!


I have a mix of vintage and newer models.

Favorite of my models would be my Old Timer!



My hand painted Tennessee Walking horse, named Eclipse!




Music lover!


Favorite bands:






Steely Dan 


Imagine Dragons


Led Zeppelin 





Three best friends! 






Here's some of my art!



~Steampunk Esmè with a cyborg rim~


~Steampunk Renzo~

~Steampunk Wu cyborg~


~Steampunk Wally~

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I have no ideas

☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Is it ready?

Since my new main wasn't around for any previous Snoggletogs, nope, but I'm considering wearing my Dusk Fury set. We'll see once it starts though :) 

☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using?

Not necessarily, the usuals here lol
☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog?

Me being me I've got to love that first moment when Snoggletog begins and you've saved lots of gems and get to open a bunch of them chests. I also love the sNoW xD
☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? What is it?

I do love Arctic Foxes but otherwise nope lol
☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back?

Er.. All of them? xD It's not likely but both the snow gronckle and Ice Nadder are a big yes.
☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog?

Just... Not RR or TNR? xD I mean, all things considered, if they can make a dragon from either look good (like the golden dragon) in Httyd then I wouldn't particularly mind, but I'd prefer another Hybrid or even better a new dragon as a whole. 
☆Are you ready to have a great time?

☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire?

mAyBe... but hey, the snow started in SoD and by the time I'm replying it's December, so maybe not! xD


Wishing you all good luck and a good time in Snoggletog!



currently being worked on!



Welcome to the Signature of..



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My Siggy guardians! In order of left to right (horizontal): Tundra, Glacier, Heatstroke, Crown, Logo and Motion. All drawn by myself!


About me!


Age: Old enough. 


Name: Somewhere between 2 and 500 Letters of the Alphabet put together! 

Gender: Female 


Pronouns: She/They/Roaring Tree


Orientation: Prefer food to Humans.


Anything else with no logic: Chimitato Lover.


Nationality: Pure Brit.


Hobbies: Art, Climbing, Ariel Fitness, Swimming, Reading. On forums I'm often found roleplaying! I'd be happy to do art for people but I don't plan on making any/many art request threads just because of time and motivation. 


What gender are the Nightlights?!: Ruffrunner is a Cinnamon Roll, Dart is an Attack Helicopter, Pouncer is a White Speck, The Light Fury is Mint Toothpaste and Toothless is a Giga Chad. 


Fun fact: Toothless is ACTUALLY called Toothless because Mint Toothpaste uses him and

he doesn't use Mint Toothpaste.



About me in-game!


Main account(s..):


Usually I'm mostly found on the account Auoreal nowadays. My old main account goes by my forums name, olXFuryXlo, but she got deleted about a year ago.


How long have I been around?

Well, I made my forums account over a year and a few months ago, but in reality I have only been active nearly 4 months. I first downloaded SoD about 6 years ago… and never finished the tutorial due to Kindle Lag and catching fish. But eventually 3 years later I hopped back on and to played for 2 years with a great account.. Until THAT got deleted too. So basically, I’ve been playing 3 years in total but my account is only a year old and was inactive for three quarters of that year.


I am a loyal Elder of...



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(by myself! Ownership of Mashy the clan mascot belongs to



(Clan banner by SkyliaFrost! Fear the Potato God!)


My OC(s..)


I have too many OCs. Quite literally. Most of you know that by now, heh.. but I may as well explain my main Viking’s backstory in a crossover with multiple of my other oc’s backstories. Fury's backstory is still a WIP, even though I've had it for nearly 3 years.. XD. I guess that's because I've developed the other characters in this more. For any ideas about my OC/other OCs mentioned in this (like your oc being somebodies sibling, a dragon they’ve met or even them living in any of the places mentioned in this as most aren’t from the original HTTYD, etc), you can be sure to PM me :) also the same goes if you want to note any information about my OC that may have been missed or could be fixed in this chapter of me explaining Fury to y’all, lol. Anyways, here goes…


Fury’s mother led a village (I won’t explain this since it ties into a story I'm working on a little too much XD) and her village had been at war with a Nation (Specifically the Lycan Nation. Which ties in just a lil bit [a lot] more to that story again, so I’m not explaining!) but her mother of course was having her, so the Nation took mercy and waited for the day of Fury’s birth.


And so it only makes sense that the day she was born.. EvErYtHiNg ChAnGeD wHeN tHe LyCaN nAtIoN aTtAcKeD. (it was too perfect for me to not do this, okay?!)  There was a giant explosion inside her mother’s house, and somehow, Fury (who had been hidden from the conflict in the house) survived the explosion because of its blast, which knocked her away from the village as the fighting begun. Who knows what happened in the war, but Fury was never found by her parents, nor the Lycan Nation. Instead, she was found by a Flightmare! The Flightmare, Glacier, was currently Mates with a Wooly Howl named Tundra, and they were deciding whether to have eggs. However, Glacier decided to bring Fury back to her and Tundra’s igloo. Together, the 2 decided that they would raise Fury instead of having eggs, and so they did.

Well, one of them did.


Let’s switch POV characters; meet Logo! Logo is pure blooded Nightfury. :>


Logo was the adopted son of Halfmoon (a dark grey and yellow Whispering Death with green eyes and green Alpha stripes), who was the leader of a small tribe who lived on a beach of ash, corrupted by constant Volcanic eruptions. Halfmoon had been left by his father Fallenstar (a silver screaming death with soft, pastel-blue eyes) to rule his tribe, since as soon as Fallenstar granted him his Alpha powers the elderly ex-alpha had gone in search of The Hidden World. Halfmoon was left with one thing; a shimmering, Jet-black egg that had been found by his father (at the will of a prophecy from his soothsayer, Drago) and left to be raised by Halfmoon. With Logo being the only memory of his father, Halfmoon took out all his anger on the hatchling. During the constant abuse, hidden scratches in places nobody noticed, he trained him to be a murderer.


And so when Logo was only 7, Halfmoon sent Logo to assassinate Tundra’s brother, Stray. Stray had been causing chaos around the place and had even been claimed to be the assassin to kill Fallenstar, after the Screaming Death’s body was found by the Hidden World and the tribe living in the Volcano had nearly been tracked, so Halfmoon, being the leader of said tribe, wanted him dead. Logo went after him at his last known location, Glacier Island. Which is where he saw Tundra. The 2 are nearly identical, except Stray is larger, has a few scars and purple eyes, whereas Tundra’s are green and he has only 1 scar. The easiest way to recognise Stray is the 3 claw mark scars across his tail. Logo took Tundra under cover of night (exactly one night after they adopted Fury, by some circumstance) and was about to kill him when he was reminded of all his years of abuse. While he was hesitating, Logo learnt that Tundra was, in fact, Tundra. Logo, done with this mission as it had failed so bad already, told Tundra not to tell anyone about this and to stay away from civilisation until Halfmoon was dead. He did this not knowing nobody knew who Halfmoon was, as the reason the dragons of his tribe lived in the volcano was because Fallenstar had caused too much chaos after an assassin from the Hidden World had killed his grandfather's own father, who was the Alpha at that time. Eventually the whole dragon world turned against them and they fled off the map, and by then Halfmoon hadn’t been born. So Tundra agreed despite not knowing who Halfmoon was, and Logo left him be, claiming to Halfmoon that he had killed the Wooly howl.


Glacier found out Tundra was ‘dead’, or at least he’d never came back and was in a state. She was depressed for a long while, then eventually a strange Sand Wraith named Heatstroke agreed to help raise Fury with her. Heatstroke was claimed to be the assassin of Fallenstar’s father and banished from the Hidden World, years before. From there he joined a protest against Ray, led by Stray himself. And then he learnt that Stray was the real assassin and he had also been treated horribly by the Wooly Howl. So he found out more information and figured out Stray had been banished from Glacier Island. So he decided to go and live there, safe from Hidden World dragons and the nasty Wooly Howl. Glacier decided to go with it, and so for the next 8 years they would raise Fury in peace, teaching her the Dragon language… I mean did you see the LF and Toothless communicating? There's definitely a dragon language lol. I call it 'Dragontounge' in the Viking language, but in the dragon language it is called ‘Dovahzul’. If you want the real language search up ‘Dragon Dictionary’ (it is from another fandom but, dOn'T cArE. :D

8 Years Later.

So this is where again things get spicy :) Hunters had started to create civilisation on Glacier Island, eventually capturing Glacier herself. The Flightmare called for Heatstroke’s help, but only Fury saw the signal.. and ended up only getting captured as well. R.I.P. 

The hunters didn’t entrap her, though. They decided to use her, and turn her into one of them. Eventually they captured Heatstroke too. Slowly, Fury learnt the language of the ‘humans’, and also learnt to hate them. She was forced to work for the hunters for 2 more years, under the bargain of Glacier’s life…

2 years later.

Logo had finally escaped his father’s clutches within the past 10 years. He had been only 7 when he made the ‘assassination’ of Tundra, so is now nearing adulthood. He now has a mate of his own, Motion (I’m working on these two’s story, trust me it’s wholesome as anything) and now that he’s finally free and Halfmoon is dead, he remembers Tundra. Wondering if he is still alive, and realising now Tundra wouldn’t know who Halfmoon is and is still possibly hiding for his life, he searches the islands for the Wooly Howl. Eventually he finds him, in the company of a group of dragons. At first the dragons throw threats at him, but he explains himself. By this point, he has been over Glacier Island and seen Glacier and Fury. When Tundra asks where they are, he tells them exactly where they are; in the hunter camp. Tundra, Logo and the mysterious group named the DHR (Dragon Happiness Rights. They’re kind of a protest—) launch an attack on the hunters and manage to free all the dragons, and of course Fury, my main oc.


The Art Gallery!


Time for a whole load of credited artwork. Every time I send in another art request I will likely update this, so be on the lookout! ^^


Kite, my adorable adopted Night Fury with a Songwing skin! All art credit goes

to chameishida :D Adopt your own here!


Borealis, my IceWing/RainWing adopted from Eclipse Wraith! Adopt your own here.

My Night Fury adopted from Kailuadragons! Adopt your own (or just browse all the character details we’ve come up with, including mine) here.

A Seashocker/Flightmare hybrid requested from 'a FrIeNd Of JadeeBug13'... xD. Request your own (or view all the others that have been requested) here!

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Joined: 10/10/2022

☆Do you have a snoggletog outfit? Is it ready?

  • Yes! I was planning on using my groncicle armor, it's the first time i've seen snow (ingame), and it seems perfect for the chilly days ahead.

☆Do you have a specific dragon you'll be using?

  • Not, really, but i was hoping to level up some of my older dragons.

☆What's your favorite part of Snoggletog?

  • This'll be my first one, so i don't know much. For now, the snow really gets you prepared for it though!

☆Do you have a favorite farm animal? What is it?

  • Yes! I just love the way the spiders look, im happy i managed to censored a couple before dreadfall ended, i was really having to pass up money from the quest board.

☆Is there a skin you would want to see come back?

  • The snow gronckle looks like it would be a nice addition to my skins collection, im excited to see if they'll bring it back!

☆Any special Hybrids you want to see or flight suits for snoggletog?

  • A groncicle - w d.eath hybrid would be absolutely perfect for snoggletog! the end result might not be as groncicle-like, but i'd be happy if the dev team gave it some thought.

☆Are you ready to have a great time?

  • *nods so sunglasses fall in place* Always

☆And finally, is it too early for a snoggletog questionnaire?

  • Nope! It's already december, so it's officially snoggletog time!


Hi! As the name says, i'm Rune, I use she/they pronouns and I'll probably spend more time trying to level up than talking on here, heh.


(the rest of my siggy will probably be under construction for a while lol)




(wonderful art done by chameishida!)