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For science, I'm going to try something by open the request during the spam. This is a little different from my usual request since this time I'm going to do viking as well!

The pictures will be something like this:



-No spots but I can close the request any moment notice, possibly when I go to bed or when the spam is over or when I am overwhelmed by the request. Only the form that are finished before I close will be accept so you can just save spot for later edit. 

-One request per person, one dragon and one viking per request only.

-The dragons can be hybrid and fandragons as well, but please note that I might made some minor changes to fit my style better unless they're my fandragons already. The canon dragons will also be in the style of my choosing as well, especially those with lot of contracdition in designs like ROB/SOD dragons. You cannot choose the style yourself, sorry. 

-If the apearence comes in description please accept my possibly inaccurate interpetation.

-Night fury are allowed as long as their design aren't too out there. I'll except scars and extra spikes/nub but unique markings and coloration might have to be look over first.

-It will take a long time to finish one request, I done goof and post this during my busiest weeks, idk

-I've mentioned before that those who have requested from me before will not be able to request on the next one, but this is the different type of request so...don't worry you can request this one

-No "Look at the picture in my sig" please, I will deemed that form unfinished.

-No replying to the DNR post I wil not do your request if that happened.

-Please be nice



Viking name:

Viking appearence:

Dragon name:

Dragon species:

Dragon appearence

Additional information(either their personalities, backstories or their relationships , anything that will make me know what pose or expression should I draw them in since you can't request the pose yourself):


Do not reply until I said otherwise



I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! My Viking's name is 'Tahno'. I'm in Zesty's Humbanger Studio clan now. Come say Hi! Friend Request is A okay but need to notify me outside of game first otherwise I will ignore.

(Both Renders in this signature are done by LPS100! Thank you!)


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Do not reply directly to this

Do not reply directly to this post

This post is saved for listing those that put the form up in time as well as posting the gallery.

Status: Closed

1.Wutend Bonfire


3. Varku

4. Neverendingsilverstorm

5. Vanilia Viking

6. Alicornbrodi,e

7. Maro maro

8. Victoriae350

9. Wolf and Star

10. MidnightSXN

11. Sunset Night Fury

12. Redwind123

Also important Typo in the rule section. This is the corrected one: "No spots but I can close the request any moment notice, possibly when I go to bed or when the spam is over or when I am overwhelmed by the request. Only the form that are finished before I close will be accept so you can't just save spot for later edit" 

all the additional rules I can think of later might be post on this post too.

- About the night fury, I will make another exception for color paints(War/Racing etc.). You can have those instead of the unique colorful markings :)

You can reply now after this post

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hmhmhmh hello   Viking name:

hmhmhmh hello


Viking name: Ebony Ghoulfal

Viking appearence: I tried drawing some stuff but it didnt turn out well, so have fun interpreting from this:


Main changes I'd like is making the mask like this:

https://i.imgur.com/1sFYUmi.pngTo replace the Nadder helm, and for the green on the scarf to be white

Things that might be hard to see is that her hair is dark brown, and eyes are yellow

Dragon name: Flies With Storms (Storms for short)

Dragon species: Timberjack

Dragon appearence: Dark, faded blue with pale wingtips, and a lavender purple belly. Her horns are black, and her wings have dark and light mottled patches

Additional information: Ebony is really dramatic, petty, and will not hesitate to take creative revenge (like stealing the roof of a house). Storms is more calmer, patient, and puts up with a lot from Ebony- like random bouts of song and/or dance, rants, and random and concerning ideas.


Migrated to new account: ZestyDragonWing

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Viking name: StormcutterStar

Viking appearance:

Dragon name: Skydancer

Dragon species: Stormcutter (Titan)

Dragon appearance:

(light gray main color, turquoise wings etc., dark blue details)

Additional information (either their personalities, backstories or their relationships , anything that will make me know what pose or expression should I draw them in since you can't request the pose yourself):

The bond StormcutterStar and Skydancer share is very similar to the one between Hiccup and Toothless. Skydancer is usually a playful and very curious Titan dragon. However, he can be very fierce and protective of everyone/everything he cares about (especially his trainer) if he perceives something/someone as a threat. StormcutterStar is quite shy: she often prefers the company of dragons to that of humans and might appear cold to the people who don't know her, but she's always ready to help those in need. She knows a lot about dragons and loves exploring. Her shyness disappears when she's alone with her Stormcutter.


StormcutterStar's Signature


- - • - -



This viking enrolled at the School of Dragons on the 28th of October 2015.

The first dragon she trained was Zaphiro the Deadly Nadder.




The Dragon Racers



  • Adalinda (Female, Devilish Dervish)
  • Alastor (Male, Silver Phantom)
  • Ance, Ence, Tice, and Tude (Male, Snaptrapper)
  • Apollo (Male, Death Song)
  • Cloudclaw (Male, Windwalker)
  • Criomen (Male, Woolly Howl)
  • Dart (Female, Night Light)
  • Dorcha (Male, Deathgripper)
  • Etherea (Female, Dreadstrider)
  • Evergrand (Male, Timberjack)
  • Fluvial (Male, Sand Wraith)
  • Glorian (Female, Flame Whipper)
  • Hailstones (Male, Groncicle)
  • Lafolgore (Female, Skrill)
  • Lucky (Male, Raincutter)
  • Magnus (Male, Gronckle)
  • Melterror (Female, Changewing)
  • Nimbreeze (Female, Deathly Galeslash)
  • Pebble (Male, Hobgobbler)
  • Pouncer (Male, Night Light)
  • Pumpkin (Female, Hobblegrunt)
  • Razorwing (Male, Timberjack)
  • Ruffrunner (Male, Night Light)
  • Sage and Thyme (Female, Ghastly Zapplejack)
  • Sear and Singe (Male, Hideous Zippleback)
  • Serpent (Male, Whispering Death)
  • Shard (Male, Armorwing)
  • Skydancer (Male, Stormcutter)
  • Snowflake (Male, Shivertooth)
  • Solare (Female, Fireworm Queen)
  • Sparkoda (Male, Singetail)
  • Sungleam (Male, Razorwhip)
  • Tambu (Male, Thunderdrum)
  • Tempest (Female, Raincutter)
  • Tiamat (Female, Scauldron)
  • Trucy (Female, Slithersong)
  • Vigilance (Female, Sentinel)
  • Vitorm (Male, Screaming Death)
  • Zaphiro (Male, Deadly Nadder)
  • Zodiac (Male, Triple Stryke)
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dsfsdfsd!! aaaa I love your art ;_; I'd love to see my characters in your style!


Viking name: Varku

Viking appearance:

It's a shoddy WIP, hope that's ok!


Dragon name: Beasty Boy

Dragon species: Woolly Howl

Dragon appearence:



Additional information: They're both pretty chill and somewhat aloof at times.They both like taking naps. Beasty doesn't really get ridden as a mount despite him being big enough for it. Beasty's fur is technically all-white, but has received multiple shoddy dye jobs over time :þ 

Varku likes to collect non-artifact oddities that only have aesthetic value and giving terrible advice to the kids at the school.


I know that Beasty looks different from normal woollies. You could draw him as a regular one if you prefer!



★·.·´¯`·.·★ arт ιѕ нard ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Neo // Engineer, cabbage slapper, crappy artist exteme

Extra links:


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Souran is being grumpy again -_-


Viking name: Bell Hyde

Viking appearance:

Dragon name: Souran

Dragon species: Monstrous Nightmare

Dragon appearance:

Additional information: They are warriors through and through. If there is a battle, you'll most probably find them in the front fighting with all their might. Loyal and unshakable are the only two words they can be really described.


Main Dragon:

Clover-Prickleboggle (female)

Racing Dragons:

Luna-Flightmare (female)

Solaris-Titan Flightmare (male)

Sirius-Sand Wraith (male)

Dusk-Scuttleclaw (female)

Berry-Sand Wraith (male)

Dawnlight-Sand Wraith (female)

Other Dragons:

BlueJay-Titan Deadly Nadder (female)

Freyja-Deadly Nadder (female)

Gaia-Whispering Death (female)

Ember-Monstrous Nightmare (female)

Souran-Monstrous Nightmare (male)

Iris-Titan Stormcutter (female)

Lily-Scauldron (female)

Vulture-Scauldron (male)

Flare-Skrill (male)

Heilagr-Titan Skrill (female)

Nightingale-Night Terror (female)

Breeze and Burst-Titan Hideous Zippleback (female)

Dayspring-Tide Glider (female)

Phantom-Titan Boneknapper (male)

Felix-Titan Sand Wraith (male)

Theo-Sand Wraith (male)

Blackheart-Snow Wraith (male)

Cyclone-Thunderdrum (male)

Nevermore-Smothering Smokebreath (male)

Cosmos-Titan Gronckle (male)

Stormbane-Woolly Howl (male)

Thunder-Titan Woolly Howl (female)

Selene-Speed Stinger (female)

Snowdrop-Groncicle (female)

Ziggy-Flame Whipper (female)

Icarus-Silver Phantom (male)

Fang-Screaming Death (male)

Forest-Changewing (male)

Totem-Triple Stryke (female)

Asger-Triple Stryke (male)

Sly-Shivertooth (male)

Ake-Timberjack (male)

Puddle-Raincutter (male)

Mercury-Fireworm Queen (female)

Bastion-Sentinel (male)


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Vanilia Viking
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Even though I'm not a fan of Steven Universe, I gotta say those crossovers are awesome. *o* (and your style is amazing :D)



Viking name: Rhaeyne

Viking appearence:

https://i.imgur.com/jt19OP9.jpg ((by Fireflash))

Dragon name: Nightsky

Dragon species: Sand Wraith

Dragon appearence

https://i.imgur.com/w57YqWO.png ((by ScarfyWings))

Additional information(either their personalities, backstories or their relationships , anything that will make me know what pose or expression should I draw them in since you can't request the pose yourself): Rhaeyne is a silent observer, while Nigthsky is a little more social. However, neither of them likes too much attention. Rhaeyne can go crazy from time to time, but her dragon will stay calm in almost any situation.

((I posted links instead of pictures, casue they (probably) messed up threads before. I hope it's okay. They all should open up in new windows.))

Thank you in advance! :)


Welcome to my short siggy. :D

Rhaeyne and Nightsky drawn by chameishida. :)


My main dragon, Nightsky (M, Sand Wraith) drawn by ScarfyWings. :3


Story time: Rhaeyne's Courage by IrishMexicanViking. ^^


Profile picture was drawn by Fireflash. :3

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I'm.. gonna assume that requests are still open... right? It says there's no spots in the rules and the spots section says open? If I'm wrong, I don't mind if my request is denied. ^^ Your art, your rules.


Viking name: Aunrey

Viking appearence:


                                                   ^By FireFlash^


Dragon name: Flier

Dragon species: Monstrous Nightmare

Dragon appearence:


Additional information:


It's a bit hard to see, but she has the double-claw scar across her right eye, and as shown in thy first picture, she wears the ornate war bracers(I T H I N K??) Her hair is not tied back often, but it is sometimes..

She started out shy and timid, but she's slowly getting used to the other riders around.


Flier is bold, and very protective. His Orange and yellow markings gleam in the sunlight, and it does look like he glows because of that. He is a slight bit smaller than your average monstrous nightmare, 19 in dragon years.


Drawn by Chameishida



Brodie|18|Any Pronouns | Might Be A Cat







YouTube (Coming soon... [Sent 21 years ago])








Me and the boi omw to walmart for some cheese

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maro maro
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I love it !

Hello <3  i love your art sooo much and  i want to request one 


Viking name: KaedeNeko

Viking appearence: [IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/adcnz5.jpg[/IMG]

Dragon name: Tsubaki

Dragon species: Triple stryke

Dragon appearence:[IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/2ijhoj5.jpg[/IMG] 

Additional information :  Tsubaki is Loyal, overprotective, caring, sometimes proud and stubborn.

oh and  my character have long straight hair




                   Viking Name: AlphaWinterNightFury                                       

                    Dragon Name:Senri                                                                 

                    Dragon Species: Light Fury                                                                                         

                    Uhhh... Goodbye!! ^ - ^     





        Credits to amazing The BlobfishQueen for drawing Senri !



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Viking name: Loudmouth (Victoria Trainer)
Viking appearence
Dragon name: Emerald
Dragon species: Sand Wraith
Dragon appearence
Additional information
Loudmouth is a loud viking. You can hear her twenty miles away. She isn't responsible. Loudmouth has very low self esteem, and low confidence. However, she leads an active lifestyle and isn't a klutz or lazy. She just sucks at accountability.
Loudmouth doesn't have a complicated backstory. She grew up on Berk. Her parents sell fruits and vegetables at the market (and she helps). Loudmouth is an only child (she asked for a sibling ONCE), and has a aunt on Berk who works with her family at the stall. She didn't lose anyone of significance to the dragon raids. Loudmouth's childhood home is still the home she and her family lives in. Because money is tight, her aunt lives with them.
Her dragon, on the other hand, is obsessed with being the centre of everyone's attention. She's vain, and cocky. Protection is priority number 2. Emerald has a soft growl, and is often overlooked. When this happens, Emerald goes above and beyond to get everyone's attentino.
Edit: Just wanted to update Loudmouth's personality description.


Do you want art like this of your viking?




Or maybe dragons like these?

You can throw a request my way on my request thread!



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Wolf and Star
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A wild post appeared!!!

This will be edited! 

I love your art! Your threads always dill before I can find them. Its tragic.



Viking name: Lyra

Viking appearence: 

Dragon name: Hela

Dragon species: Flightmare

Dragon appearence:

I don't have any pictures... Is a description good enough?

Black body, red eyes, inside mouth is red, belly is red, spikes and horns are red, only the inside of wings is red, then outside is black. 


Additional information:

Lyra is very sheltered and shy. She supressed her emotion and looks down on those who do are emotional. Lyra can be rudely scarcastic at times, and accidentally offend someone. Don't expect a public display of remorse. This does not mean she is feelingless though, she feels emotion, but, she is just very insecure about it. She does not like showing weakness or personal attachment, more insecurity and less sociopathy. Though in fights, she doesn't appear to have a sense of honor and isn't afraid to fight dirty. Lyra is willing to do anything to ensure her well being, and the well being of her mother or dragon. Which could be a weakness. She values her self preservation. She usually has her hood masking her pale delicate face, which sunburns easily and long hair



Profile photo by Aukane Min


Friend code: Not accepting

Clan: The Phantom Lords

Trophy Count (about): 8,500

by Tosi

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*sneaks in*

HI. If it isn't too late, I would like to request. If it is, let me know and ignore this. 


Viking name: Audra Pegasus

Viking appearance: 

Dragon name: Shiny (she hardly gets any recognition by me so I'll use her this time :D)

Dragon species: night fury

Dragon appearance:

Additional information: Shiny was a friend of Toothless's before he was shot down. When he was grounded and at the care of a human (which she did not approve of whatsoever), she and her younger night fury companions took refuge in the caves the Outcasts placed the whispering (and screaming) death eggs in (in RoB or DoB). Somehow, a girl managed to track down Shiny to the cave, ending up where the three night furies had to save her life. Those caves flood during high tide (my little spinoff) and a scauldron usually lurks there. Shiny refused to carry the girl, fearing that she would alert her viking comrades and they would kill the dragons. After a few weeks, the girl frequently visited, bringing fish (which Shiny did not eat) and eventually brought a saddle. Shiny admired her, and finally, let her ride her. It didn't last long though because then Shiny was captured by an unknown group and tortured. The pink lines are the scars she received and the metal collar cannot be taken off. Shiny barely managed to get away, and never saw Berk again until years later. When she did come back home, Toothless didn't recognize her, the girl was missing, probably dead, and her two younger night fury friends had flown off to look for her, never to be seen again.

(Her backstory)

Personality: serious, curious, skittish, doesn't trust easily, definitely NOT pliant, leader, stubborn, ambitious, cautious, emotionally unstable




Welcome to my signature!



Shiny the Night Fury and my viking, Audra. Thank you so much, chameisida!!!


Drawn by the wondefully talented, XxSilver.NightxX, this is my main viking, Lightning Storm my skrill, and Einar my triple stryke. I am eternally grateful!


Drawn by the amazing Alicornbrodie. Thank you so very much!


Midnight Sun the Sinistrous Woodreaper by the talented chameishida! Thank you so much!



The Ravers roleplay cast by S-Ham. That was so thoughtful of you!


Shiny again, by the awesome nightfuryatom! Thank you!


Emerald, drawn by the super talented DyliehIdol1214!


Darkmoon, also drawn by DyliehIdol1214!



Viking Name: MysticLunarPegasus

Friend Code: N/A






Hiccup= me and Toothless= HTTYD 3


Related image


Just a lil bit about me: I'm a Christian, a college student, a writer, and a Star Wars nerd.


Still Under Construction. Please Hold At The Moment. :)



Sunset Night Fury
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Hey, if the spots aren't all taken, here's my form. It's my first request on this forum, too! Thanks in advance!


Viking name: Daisy Everflame


Viking appearence: 


Dragon name: Ines


Dragon species: Night Fury


Dragon appearence:


(the rdit above is made by me)


Additional information: Both Daisy and Ines are loyal and compassionate, who are extremely close to each other, just like the rest of the riders and their dragons. They are sort of like Meatlug and Fishlegs, extremely loving, they're best friends, after all. (The rest is WIP)


Thank you SO much for reading, and I really hope this got through. Your art is AMAZING! Thanks again! <3



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Red Wind123
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le bloop

Viking name: RedWind

Viking appearence:

Dragon name: Natasha

Dragon species:


Dragon appearence:

(Tiny hat and all)

Additional information(either their personalities, backstories or their relationships , anything that will make me know what pose or expression should I draw them in since you can't request the pose yourself):

These two tough cookies go hand in hand with each other, from fighting to their studies to just in general being really quiet. That isn't to say they have the normal bond most riders do with their dragons though, no. Natasha and RedWind hate each other. Natasha was RedWind's mother of sorts, but continuously tried to get rid of her during her early years, but she felt enough pity for the scrap to keep her around. They are the toxicologists of Berk, specialzing in extracting poision from plants, and other chemicals, to venom from snakes and scorpions and experiments them on daggers and weapons to antivenoms and poisons. The two are often seen sniffing plants or riding out together to find new venomus species. Or working out. 

These two are fitness beasts. They'll often be lifing heavy items to doing a rigourus flight exercise when they aren't extracting poison or venom. But, like I stated, they don't get along. Nat will try to fling RedWind off her back from time to time as a practical joke, and won't go down to save her until the last minute if she can see that Red isn't going to come out of this. 


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Gtg to bed, so the request will be close now!

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was there supposed to be a subject?

Viking name: Gianntgg

Viking appearence: Average height, bright green eyes, slight sprinkle of light freckles on her nose, scar across the bridge of her nose, two swords, link (dont pay attention to the eyes on the third picture)

Dragon name: Saphirra

Dragon species: Titan Razorwhip

Dragon appearence: Main black, belly red, details green, a lot like the colors on Violetta Rosemary's razorwhip if you get what i mean

Additional information(either their personalities, backstories or their relationships , anything that will make me know what pose or expression should I draw them in since you can't request the pose yourself): Grumpy, dark, scary backstory, keeps to herself, quiet but if she has an opinion will express it 






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oops ignore that  if you

oops ignore that  if you want, did not notice the closed thing at first

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Tracking in case it opens again!

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   Welcome to my signture! ^ ^


( Haruya and  Fiery gifs by Rae Didgeridoo and TosiLohi )

( Fiery headshot by GreenAsSin )

IMy DragonsIDeivantartI



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Tracking! :3

I gotta be quicker next time. Tracking hoping you'll open it up again.




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Tracking in hopes that you'll open it again and accept my form...



This be my siggy :)

(Screenshot of me and Ultraviolet)


Current Art Request Thread: 


PM me for art trades and requests :)


In-Game Name:










(I enjoy roleplaying so, as long as there's no magic, demons, or Pokemons, feel free to invite me to join your roleplays :)


My OCs



My Dragons

Aesir by the amazing XxSilver.NightxX




My own Fan-made dragon (not sure what to call it yet, though :))


By The Blobfish Queen

Thank you :)


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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?


Okay. I'm done.

My phone was dead because I fell asleep before I could plug it in XD Darn slumber party;)

Anyhow, I just adore how your draw Deadly Nadders. I will track in hopes that you will open again;) Keep up the good work!


I'm Avalon Azouf, but please call me Ava! My dragon, Sam, and I are just your everyday troublemakers who managed to get themselves kicked out of the School of Dragons for reasons darker then I'd prefer to say here. 

No biggie, right...? 
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Important: FlyingFury’s cousin here! The owner of this account is currently unable to log in on her own time, so I will be checking in periodically to make sure that this account does not get deactivated. 


'Ello, it's FlyingFury here! My dragons and I hope you'll enjoy your stay in our humble Signature. 



About Me:


I am a girl

I am a Libra

I am sleepy

My favorite color is blue

My favorite animals are dragons (big surprise)

I enjoy singing, listening to music, writing, drawing, and reading

I listen to classical/soundtrack music, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Disney, and much more

I like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, the Avengers, Star Wars, Transformers, Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more

I love flying, going fast, and rollercoasters

My Current (but often changing) Obsession Is: Skyrim! ;)

I have a wonderful mutt named Bailey, and I love her to death :3

I play(ed) other games as well, such as Skyrim, Drakan, and a couple of Wii games. Feel free to hit me up in my message box if you play any of these games, I'd love to talk about them! :D



About My Viking:


My Viking's Name is Chaoze.

Chaoze has mid-back length obnoxious brown hair usually in some sort of braid, dark brown eyes, and typically wears white war paint on her face. She can and will fight with anything she can get her hands on (mostly because she isn't good at fighting in the first place), but prefers to use swords above anything else.

My main dragon is my white and blue Sand Wraith named Opal.

[Character Backstories Currently Under Work]

I have many other dragons that I'm too lazy to list. :P

I am a member of Dark Fury Night Racers.

I currently have 2 Platinum Stars.



Some Art And Stuff:


^Opal, drawn by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you!^


“A rustle of trees

A flock of birds rising

The beat of large wings

A dragon is flying

On her back is a rider

Brown hair streaming out behind her

Golden light seeps through the trees

The sky in the west is burning

The strength of the day is wavering

Taking to the sky

Upwards they fly

They burst through the clouds

Gone are all sounds

Their speed slowing

The feel of floating

Amber light on silver-blue wings

Here gliding, the heart seems to sing

The fiery sky pulses it's last light

The sky now a blanket of stillness




A swirl of shining beads scattered in the sky

Dragon and rider to home now fly

Depending from the starry night

Upon a towns’ sleepy blinking light

Dragon and rider now asleep in their beds

And so it seems our story ends

But this is wrong

For their hearts for adventure still long

For dragon and rider adventure has only begun

Dragon and rider together

As one”

^A lovely poem by my mysterious 2018 Secret Santa. You know who you are - thank you!^

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A wild post appeared!!!


Did you discontinue this request thread?

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Not sure what do you mean by

Not sure what do you mean by discontinue

This thread is a one time thingie, it won't be reopen again everytime the spam happened. It just open that one time last week, then close at 12 spot and  those spots will be the only request I'm doing for this request thread.

However, those 12 spot people got, I will draw them. I definitely didn't abandorn this. I already started with 2 actually but as I mentioned in the rules, it will take very very long with all the work I currently got and with how this is the more serious style that take long time to finish in constrast of my usual doodl-y one, It will  probably take more or less a mouth. 


P.S. also forgot, I should mention to all of you that I won't be doing them in order, I keep jumping around between the 2 I've started depend on mood already XD

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A wild post appeared!!!

Oh, I know that it won't reopen. I saw your other art thread. In that one you mentioned something that made me believe you shut this one down. So, I decided to ask you instead of jumping to conclusions, and I was right to do so.

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Eh that was actually me

Eh that was actually me trying to classifying that I am not abandoning this thread. ya know? having this thread with unfinished requests and then go ahead and create another one? So what I was trying to say in that thread's something a long a line of 'hey this is the different type of request that have nothing to do with THIS viking+dragons thread. It is something I will be doing to ki,ll times during class where I can't access computer to do these 12 requests anyway even if i wanted to. so It's not like I abandorn that 12 requests I haven't finish' or something like that. Guess I'm just bad at explaining stuff, english man.

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Take as long as you need Cham. Totally pumped to see everything!

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A wild post appeared!!!

Haha, very true. 

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Varku's and Wolf's are done! :) I ended up drawing Beasty in my own style, Sorry!


The next update might have to wait another weeks from now.

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A wild post appeared!!!

Oh my goodness! That is beautiful! :0 Thank you!

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Those look absolutely brilliant!

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Aaa sorry I didn't seem to

Aaa sorry I didn't seem to have gotten a notification, thanks forums.


and ummmmmm what the heckie friend that's so good i'm YELLING

I absolutely love it, thanks so much!!!

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Stormcutterstar's done and up

Stormcutterstar's done and up in the gallery :)

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*Too much awesomeness*


Thank you very much, Chameishida!

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Viking Name: Ben Viking

Viking Name: Ben

Viking Appearance:


Dragon Name: Zipple And Wipple

Dragon Species: Titan Zipple Back

Dragon Appearance: 


Additional information: Zipple Wipple and Ben are very kind and daring. Most of the things they do are dangerous or wreaklass. And also sometimes Fast And Uncontrollable. FreeFalling, Dangling from edges of cliffs volcanos, some times even hand to claw combat. Zipple and wipple are very kind and know how to take charge but can be bossy sometimes. They also will do any dare that there partner tells them to do. Ben is daring and never gives up, kind, brave, but sometimes is fast and uncontrollable. And doesn't like to show his face to any one but his siblings.


                                                     My siggy is a work in progress, so when you venture watch out for gas and spark


                       Hi I'm mcrour call me MC game 


Name Benjamin The Dragon


Rider. Enjoy the siggy




                                                                                 Made by AngNadder


                                              Warning I have and will use my death song if I catch you 

                               Stealing and if my protectors find you first your lucky





                                      Proud Leader Of

                       Dragon Tamers Of The Sky And Clouds

                                                                 Photo will be added soon                                                           

                                       (Btw alpha means leader of my dragons)



                                                                            Zipple and Wipple.                                

                                                                     Level (30).                                                               Widow

                                                                      Form (Alpha,Titan).                                               Little but tuff

                                                                   Species  (zipple back).                                      Species. Ferocity 

                                                               Personality (Loyal,playful,loving).                       Gender. Female            

                                                                    Gender  (Male).                                          Drawn by. Datonetrumpet

                                                  Hatched   (08/22/2015)

                                                               My thoughts    (Zipple and Wipple are my best friends what I would do if

                                                                                      They weren't with me is like asking what would I do with no    

                                                                                       Head I wanted a nightmare but from distance I stared at the

                                                                                       Zippleback egg it froze me I had to choose between 500 lbs

                                                                                       Of muscle and fire or my two headed friend,I knew I made

                                                                                        The right choice when I picked up that egg)  


                                                                              Made by the amazing, Neverendingsilverstorm.


                                                                        Level (30)

                                                                          Form (none)

                                                                      Species (Whispering death)

                                                                Personality  (aggressive,protective)

                                                                      Gender  (Male)

                                                                     Hatched  (09/02/2015

                                                                   My thoughts (Spooker my most protective dragon, he turned out to be a

                                                                                        Survivalist since he was a hatchling. Being hatched in the

                                                                                         Middle of the ocean really convinced him to protect every

                                                                                          Thing he had even his egg shell which he floated in. One

                                                                                           Day hiccup sent me on a patrol how boring it was because

                                                                                           Zipple and wipple were banned from flight after setting

                                                                                           The great hall on fire oops,spookers was going to be ran 

                                                                                            Over by are ship but I saw him and took care of him and

                                                                                              Gained trust,but now he thinks he needs to protect me

                                                                                              With his life)


                                                                           Level (19)

                                                                             Form (none)

                                                                        Species   (Whispering death)

                                                                    Personality  (playful)

                                                                           Gender (male)

                                                                       Hatched    (09/04/2015)

                                                                     My thoughts (ready for play time well spooks the dragon for the job and 

                                                                                          Never stops doing it spooks my most playful dragon ever

                                                                                           He's ready for non stop fun he is the exact opposite of his

                                                                                            Brother spooker.spooker keeps trying to teach spooks but

                                                                                             It's no use censored,is spooks no one can change that)

       I have way more dragons just waiting to have the time to list them

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Bonfire's done :) Ebony is a

Bonfire's done :) Ebony is a little small you'll need to save the picture and zoom in to see her in all her glory. Hope I done the timberjack right I really worried about that.

Wutend Bonfire
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it is perfection

it is perfection

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Midnight's done as well! If

Midnight's done as well! If all work out, I might be able to squeeze out two more today ish.

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Victoria's Done!

Victoria's Done!

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Thanks man!! It's really nice :3 You made my day!!

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Andddd Vanilia's up. I don't

Andddd Vanilia's up. I don't know what to do with boots so hope that's alright.

there will be a gape between this and the next update, because not only do I need a break for this but the reason I got these recent update out so quick's because I'm a multi task drawer and I start out 3-4 pics at the exact same time and only go on individually on the final touch. But now that those are all out the remaining ones aren't something I've started yet. So sorry but there will be a bit of wait for the next one, I will get to them eventually!!

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Wow o-o

It's looks amazing!! Thank you so much!! :)

(What boots? They look perfectly fine to me. :D)

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"We like out-of-print games, retro skates, got a Pac-man tattoo"

Tracking, might request if it opens up again

just got to say, I love all of these so far :O



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Dustnipper stole my subject

Tracking incase it opens


Art by Cloudsoup


Leader of the Racers of Tomorrow


Level 49

Two Gold Star

18 Dragons and counting


Main Dragons

RoseThorn | Female | D. Nadder | 35

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ThunderCall | Male | Thunderdrum | 25

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Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

I... dude the thread has been dead for two years.

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Stormy RoseDragon
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Dustnipper stole my subject

Yep, I know

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Please don't necropost. Nobody likes spam.

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This is Moonshine, guardian of my siggy! Feed her fish before you enter!

Thank you Sohki!


Enchanted Valley, Edited by me. Credit to the original artist RaidesArt.

Evangeline with.. a light trident. OK. More credit to Raide.

Cute furies, by me :)

Super cool dragon banners made by Dragonriders Fury! TYSM!

Help us fix School of Dragons! Go to Petition to Fix School of Dragons to sign the pettion!


Wings of Fire Stuff! 

My Seawing-Leafwing hybrid that I don't have a name for yet!

(If you can think of a name, maybe PM me? That would be great!)


More WoF stuff to follow XD


This is my dragon, Eclipse, beautifully drawn by the wonderfull LucinaOfTwilight! Thank you so much!



My Diving Nimbscale, Rainbow, made by the amazing Angel Nerd!




Made by Tigerli1y! TYSM, so cute!


Eclipse Edit made by the amazing WoollyHowlEra! TYSM!

Purple Seashocker edit, made by me!

Ikran-Fury hybrids made by toothless0603!

Little tiny pixel dragons made by chameishida, for her thread Random Dragon Pixels Raffle (Come get yours!)

Thanks for letting me use them!



Wow, If you have made it all the way down here to the end of my siggy, congrats! See you around!

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oookay.... ME TOO, your work is insane! lol this thread is so old though, she'll prob just make another if it ever "reopens".



credit to EmeraldHuntress65, TYSM my siggy is not as dull anymore thanks to you!


Hiya, yes my name is Candleshade. But please, I got soo used to it in game so call me Candle! Or Shade- lol

My Razorwhip Shadow is watching you.. so don't you dare invade!

(one of the most beautiful color edits by WoollyHowlEra!)

*Siggy is constantly under construction*4/24/21

by StormySavage

gif by ShimmerStrike

wonderful banner by AMAZIEing

banner-gif from EmeraldHuntress65 and StormySavage

Forum rank titles

Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explorer, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master, Chief, Berk's Power Player, Supreme Viking Champion (I FINALLY MADE IT!)


Just Some in-game Info about me..

Name: Candleshade(often called Candle)

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 17, age 16

Clan: Z War Clan, original founder of Candlight Warriors


Trophies: 1500 and counting!

Main Dragon: Nightwatch (Sand Wraith)


My Dragons:

1. Nightwatch (female Sand Wraith) Titan!

2. Grapevine (female Deadly Nadder)

3. Nev and Eah (female Hideous Zippleback)

4. Hailstorm (male Groncicle)

5. Ironheart (male Gronckle)

6. Defender (female Scuttleclaw)

7. Midknight (male Armorwing)

8. Stormfang (male Monstrous Nightmare)

9. Zecora (female Monstrous Nightmare)

10. Vespera (Female Monstrous Nightmare)

11. Fangstorm (male Monstrous Nightmare)

12. Lavaeater (male Eruptodon)

13. Starwave (male Thunderdrum)

14. Shadowglider/Shadow (female Razorwhip)

15. Galesplitter (male Whispering Death)

16. Skyla (female Triple Stryke)

17. Darius (male Elder Sentinel)

18. Dominus (male Singetail)

19. Agrippa (female Deathgripper)

20. Stalkar (male Hobgobbler)

21. Squibb (female Flame Whipper)

22. Syrah (female Death Song)

23. Skulmud (male Mudraker)

24. Daryn (male Eruptodon)

25. Neisti (female Skrill)

26. Myrkur (female Stormcutter) Titan! 

27. Dart (Night Light)

28. Toothless (Night Fury) 

29. Light Fury (Light Fury) 

30. Byrjun (male Snow Wraith)

31. Ligrera Jr. (female Woolly Howl) Titan! Stage reached on the first day of Snoggletog!

32. Kynsumar (male Typhoomerang)

33. Cahaya (female Flightmare) Titan! Born on the first Day of Dreadfall!

34. Tilviljun (male Boneknapper) Titan! 


Sure, some out of game info..

Gender: Still female.


Hogwarts house: Slytherin!! (though I think I can fit in any house..)

What about Ilvermorny?: Thunderbird

Greek godly parent: You'll probably find me in Cabin Three, the cabin of Poseidon :D

Favorite colors: So simple, yet so hard to answer. I like all colors, though I would say blue, purple, green, black, and white.. oh TEAL! (and it goes on.. -_-)

AND I AM ACE! maybe a soft spot for my gender?



Razorwhip Banner

Razorwhips Rule! By Dragonriders Fury :D

Little Flyhopper, Joyful Hackatoo, Playful Raincutter, Beautiful Slitherwing, 

Mighty Ridgesnipper, Ruby Crystal Sand Wraith, Derpy Abomibumble, Cute Thunderdrum, Interesting Windwalker, Unique Chillblaster, Titan Thunderbottom, and a Mysterious Dragon that looks like a Windstriker..

Credits to the epic Chameishida for making all these dragon pixels! TYSM!

Art by DyliehIdol :D

Proud Elder of Z War Clan (thanks again, StormySavage)


These adorable drawings of Nightwatch were made by the epic WoollyHowlEra! tysm, these are going to remain special :)

First color edit of Ligrera Jr. in armor by Frost Shards :)) Happy Early Snoggletog, I guess? EEEEEEE

adopted and currently unnamed NF- Triple Stryke by the amazing artist Chameishida

mmm... Looks like there's a very minty Triple Stryke ready for the holidays! Thanks Slargvarg!(not sure if Mintstinger is edible, but I'd go with no anyway.)

Scuttleclaw from the MBTI personality thread by AMAZIEing! Thanks Maz! *runs back to training*

Here's Aster, my Rare Red Owl baby that belongs in the Harry Potter fandom! Again, thanks Maz :)

These three edits of Nightwatch are also made by Frost Shards! :O

Here's Oceania, a Diving Nimblescale by Angel Nerd. Again, TYSMMM

Adopted at lightning speed- Ikran adoptable made by toothless0603!

Flighmare adoptable also by Toothless0603!

Still want more? Here ya go!

https://paste.pics/5969bb6d02519971e82d4c0e32e4cc29 Me & Nightwatch from Dreadfall

https://paste.pics/19948b24bb957177ed688b0bd7b7c072 Recent pic: Clanmate Dartly (left) and me (right), Ligera Jr broadwing Woolly in background

https://paste.pics/a269f282a2f83487f1786f334576afda Ligrera in hatchery

https://paste.pics/e8fc87d131790424ab90cefc191d9a93 older pic: our clan in the clubhouse! #thawfest2020

https://paste.pics/a4f64a5bd487010525763cb2f2dfcdf4 My stuffie! Is that an owl? Not sure, probably. Turn her into a dragon hehe!

https://paste.pics/3c2f1cde15a0f7e6a0f17748e86f687d the start.... taming Nightwatch...

https://paste.pics/63059cedc44862388e588783298e67ca NIGHWATCH YOU CUTIEPIE- sorry lol

https://paste.pics/c48b94dc6e3874e8230db39ccc6112b3 Nightwatch skydiving without her warpaint

https://paste.pics/524237612ee93eafaebbd0c8d95b3203 Boop. Ligera's already a Titan... XD



(Now you've reached the end of my siggy. If ya wanna stay, Toothless is here to entertain you. Bye!)