Small Things to Make This Game More Lively

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I have a small suggestion list of things to make this game better. These are just my opinions, feel free to add some of your own!

  • Make the player characters as tall as the characters we interact with (examples: Hiccup, Astrid, Valka etc.)
  • Have the player characters (and in-game characters) have idle animations (fixing their clothes, looking at the sky, stretching, tapping their foot etc.)
  • More dymanic areas. Add more trees to the Wilderness, Glaciers to Glacier Island, Marshes to Zippleback Island, Cliffs and Trees to Hobblegrunt Island etc. Make them explorable.
  • Small lighting and animation tweaks. Dapple the light as we walk through trees. Make the leaves move in wind.




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Just a Note

Just a note - this isn't too much of a "things I want to see" suggestion post. More of a tiny things that would make this game come alive post. Feasable things.

I would love to see things like character clothes, more saddle designs, more dragon themed hideout stuff etc. but I'd rather keep this simple.

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Out of all of your suggestions, I'd say the idle animation is my favourite. I'm a sucker for tiny details like that, I sure hope they add it. I remember the animation our Vikings had some years ago where they'd look up slightly and put their hands (well, fists, rather) on their hips. Not sure why they took it away, it was a minor detail but it looked so cool. I wish they'd bring it back!


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This is a good idea.  I'd like to add some ideas too, if that's okay.

- Background noises:  Like bird calls, dragon roars, running water, and the like.


-School lore:  This is something minor, but I want more info on the school.  As it is, this feels less like a school, and more as a basecamp, or something of the like.  Perhpas if the "school vibes" were intesified, it would feel more natural.


-Random easter eggs:  HTTYD has a whole lot of lore to it.  That being said, I wish there were more subtle nods to this lore.  You know, Hiccup's stuffed toy in the clubhouse, an apple-boot in the village, maybe Astrid's axe in a tree in the Wilderness.  Just stuff like that.







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Do you have sound effects on? 'Cause we do have running water sounds and bird song. There aren't random dragon calls, but if you're in a main area, you can usually hear some dragons firing at targets, eels, etc.



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  Good point.  I haven't been


Good point.  I haven't been on game in, like, two months, so I kinda forgot about those sounds.  I guess I just want them turned up a notch.  Seagulls by the beach/cliffs, trickles of water vs wateralls, and the such.

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Definitely needed

I love some idle animations and stuff. It isn't much but would bring to game to life abit more. I'd like if they'd put some more ncps in certain areas too such as Auction island or wild dragons on hobblegrunt island. They don't have to do much just walk in a circle and spout a few lines if you talk to them but It would make it feel less empty.


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Ah yes, aesthetic

Can I add on more cute short hair styles for girls




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adding onto that

They should make all hairstyles accessable by both genders. 

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adding onto that

They should make all hairstyles accessable by both genders. 

Edit: accidental repeat and i idk how to delete

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Yes yes yes that's all I want. I'd really like some more, not all of us girls have long hair and it'd be nice for a little more variety. I'm typical so I subconsciously like to make my Viking look somewhat like myself.

Although I'll settle for the spunky because it's so cute. <3

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I have some ideas...

...specifically for idle animations:

Hiccup- pulls out a sketchbook and draws in it...

Astrid- sits down and sharpens her axe...

Fishlegs- sorts through his dragon cards and adds to one...

Snotlout- takes his helmet off and polishes it...

Ruffnut- sneaks into Gobbers forge and drops off an open box of Hobgobbler food...

Tuffnut- picks up Macey and starts talking to "her" (or starts talking to Chicken)...

Gobber- walks over to his anvil and pounds on some random dragon tactics item...

Bucket- sets up an easel and starts painting...

Mulch- casts a fishing rod and starts reeling in a random fish...

Heather- sets up a lab table and performs an experiment...

Dagur- accidentally shoots his crossbow, rewinds/respans it, and reloads it...

Mala- practices her swordsmanship on air...

Dragon Hunters- scratch their heads, bicker, attempt to buy stuff from the shifty shopkeepers...

Warlord Goons- same as the dragon hunters...

Nikora Stormheart- swings her staff, shows off her heirloom...

Harald Forkbeard- pets Leopold...

Griselda the Grievous- sharpens her sword...

Ragnar the Rock- stares into space/zones out...

Chaghatai Khan- bickers with some random warlord goon...

Grimmel the Grisly- adjusts his deathgrippers harnesses...

Player Characters (Vikings)- wave at each other, interact with their dragons...

I'll make a second part for dragons.


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