Sleepy Hollow, a Dreadfall Tale

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of a Sinistrous Woodreaper








Dragon Created by Chameishida


Written by Lissa




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Hey guys! 


T'is that time of year again! As we wait with anticipation for dreadfall, I've made it a tradition to repost this story I did for Chameishida's Fan Dragon species, the Sinistrous Woodreaper. I hope you enjoy!


Thanks to Chameishida for creating this spooky dragon, and for the wonderful illustrations to go with it!





Author's Note:

This story takes place some fifteen years or so before httyd

To learn more about The Sinistrous Woodreaper, check out Chame's 

Fan Dragon Thread HERE!

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Sleepy Hollow



Sleepy Hollow





These lands were strange to him. He knew not the weather or the waters, by night or by day. He knew not the things that dwelled on and in the islands, or the creatures in the depths below. He knew not the cold and hardened people, of which to call friend and which to call foe.

Last and most frightening of all, he knew not the dragons.


Ghillie Dhu was very familiar with the great reptiles of his own turf. The Mimikoo and its uncanny call. the clever Kyte, ever besting the Mimikoo. And the dreaded Piranharrow.

Here in the Barbaric Archipelago things were different. Already he’d come across a monster whose body was the twice the size of his fishing boat with a neck that was even longer. If it had not already been feasting on a misfortunate whale who’s to say what would have happened.

Ghillie turned at the sound of a mighty roar. A wyvern with four horns, a long skinny neck and tail was silhouetted against the setting sun.

He blinked. Was it his imagination or was the dragon on fire? Ghill shook his head. If he was seeing dragons now then what would it be like once the sun was down? It was time to find a harbor.

Earlier in the day he’d spotted land due north. Now as he drew near signs of human activity showed. There were boats, a dock, and even a small village. Torches were being lit as shadows of dusk fell.

To find this shelter from the open sea was a blessing, but civilization didn’t come to Ghillie as a relief. If he’d learned anything on his voyage it was that people are just as dangerous as dragons.

Beaching his little boat to avoid confrontation with the natives, Ghillie tethered it down and stowed away his valuables in the hatch, all the while studying the men loafing on the dock nearby. They were a surly lot, long thick beards covered most of their faces as they spoke to each other in hushed tones.

He strapped a sword to his side, and counting eight arrows slung his bow and quiver over his shoulders.


Every man in the village was surly. There were no women or children. Ghill got to feeling very small milling about in this savage north world, like the dwarves in the folklore of his own land. It would have been okay except that every person he passed seemed to be sizing him and his weapons up, debating whether or not to jump him and take whatever he had.

Four or five men in armor watched him closely. I should just go back, he thought. I should just go back to the boat and fend off anyone who comes my way.

Nothing gets between a man and reason like a growling stomach. A barrelhouse brightly lit for the evening customers smelled richly of venison. For someone living off a strict diet of salted fish, red meat was irresistible.


“What’ll it be, stranger?” The tavern keeper asked. Or at least Ghill thought he was asking it was hard to tell between the man’s missing teeth and throaty growl.

“Whatever’s cooking.”

 He threw his head back and laughed. “You’ve got some guts for a lout. Why don’t you stick to what your purse can afford?”

Vikings sitting around jeered.

“I have money,” Ghill pulled out a small, carefully guarded sack. “Good coin. From Alba.”

“Scoti, eh? No matter. What you’re smellin’s not fer sellin’. Not for the likes of you.”

“Why not?” Ghillie returned, a little heated.

The tavern keeper cracked his shoulders. “There’s a peckin’ order here, and so far my dog has a higher place’n you do.”

“Shall I wrestle your dog, then?” Ghill shot back.

“Nah,” the cruel man sneered. “Nah I’ve a better idea. Sverre, want to put our guest in his place?”

The biggest, baldest, ugliest, smelliest man rose from his seat like a bear disturbed at his k.ill. He dabbed the meat off his beard with a rag.

“Bear,” The tavern keeper elbowed Ghillie, “We call him Bear around here- Bear you haven’t cleaned up from your last fight. Where did you dump those two lowlifes, anyway?”

“Same place I’m gonna leave this guy,” Sverre threw the rag aside and came at Ghill, arms outstretched to take him by the throat.

Ghill stood and braced, ready to pull out his sword.

“Let him be, Magnus. Are we all children here? I don’t mind sharing my stag.”

The sea of angry men parted. Sverre, or Bear as he was called turned red in the face and backed off.

In the doorway on the other side of the tavern stood a man. Small. Wiry. He could not have been any taller than Ghillie.


The crowd hovering over Ghillie melted away.

“Thank you, sir,” he said as his new friend sat down at his table. “I do think I owe you my life,”

“Not at all,” The small man held out a hand and a napkin was placed in it. He tied it around his neck. “You could’ve taken him. I know it. Alba, you said? Scoti?”

Ghill nodded. “You?”

“From these parts. Originally. But I’ve spent a lot of time abroad. Rome, the Germanic territories, Svalbard. Alba is a lush and beautiful place in the summer.”

“Winters are bitter.”

“Aye. That’s a rain to catch your death in. It’s almost better to have snow.”

The tavern keeper set the venison at the table.

“Excellent work, Magnus. I can always count on you to for the right do on my game.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.” Magnus bowed and was off in a hurry.

The meat melted in Ghill’s mouth. It seemed better than a highland steak... maybe a little too good. In all his experience Ghillie new one thing for sure. Just as it was for the fish he caught, there was no such thing as a free lunch. Glancing around the barrelhouse he became aware that everyone else kept their distance from his new ‘friend’.

“So,” said the small man between bites. “What brings you to these Barbaric waters, Mr…?”

“Ghillie,” He extended a hand, absent-mindedly. “Ghillie Dhu.”

“…Mr. Ghillie Dhu? Trade? Fishing? The urge to see the world?”

“I uh… I am a fisher, by trade. But the Piranharrow came through and wiped out everything in our bay, what few fish remain will have to be left for years to repopulate. I was forced to try new seas.”

“Did you leave a family behind?”

“A wife and two daughters. She’s… she’s about due for another one. Any day now.”

“A boy no doubt. What joy shall await your return.”

“I can only hope. My wife she is strong but I worry for her.”

“She will be fine I’m sure. And the little one, too.” The small man thought for a moment and leaned forward. “Tell me Ghillie, how do you feel about dragons?”

He shrugged, a little surprised at the change of subject. “If they leave me alone I leave them alone. I have to fend the young ones off a catch, but they learn quickly. Only one ever refused to back down.”

“You k.illed it?”

“It was after me, not the fish. I did what I had to do.”

“See you’re just the sort of person I’ve been looking for,” The small man leaned closer and spoke in a hushed voice. “These big buffoons are cowards. The whole lot of them. Not too helpful when brawn is their only strong suite. You and I on the other hand have had to stand up against unbeatable odds our whole lives. You and I, have had to use the muscle in our heads instead of the ones in our arms. How would you feel about a trip into the woods tonight?”

“…what?” Ghillie leaned back a little, every red flag in his brain waving wildly.

The small man rolled his eyes. “Look, Ghillie. I happen to know, that a very, very special breed of dragon is in that wood right now, along with her hatchling. Now in a few moments here it will be dark enough for her to start hunting. She will leave that little hatchling alone for hours. That’s our chance. If we find that little dragon, it will change both of our lives forever.”

“How? Rare or not a dragon is still a dragon. What would you do with it?”

“I know someone who will pay good money for this particular kind of dragon. Very good money. A treasure trove of it, and more. Money that could support you and your growing family until the fish return to your bays.”


Small man leaned back. “That’s for me to know. It’s not wise to be handing out names to possible competitors, you know.”

“This all sounds very far-fetched. Do you have any idea what monsters will be out there tonight?”

The small man grinned. “Most certainly. And I know how to avoid them and best them. Do you? It could get very unpleasant out where you grounded your vessel tonight. Sandwraiths, Sandbusters, Scauldrons, and Gronckles to name just a few visitors... to say nothing of the townsmen. Oh and a Tideglider is in the bay right now. Are you prepared for that?”

“I’ll have to be.”

“Or… you could just come with me. Dragons don’t hunt in the woods, they fish in the sea. How are they supposed to spot and attack prey through the trees? Honestly, it’s the safest place to be. Aside from the village. Come now, think about the money. In one night you will have everything you need and in the morning you can set sail for home, shaking the dust of this miserable place off your feet.”

Once more Ghillie looked around the room.

“… why won’t any of these go with you for such a prize?”

Small man shrugged. “I didn’t offer the job to them. None of them have brains and even fewer listen. This job doesn’t need brawn anyway. This job, is all about what’s up here.” He pointed to his head.

“You help me catch this tiny little dragon and I’ll split the profit evenly with you, that’s my deal. Take it or leave it, Ghillie Dhu.”

The offer was tempting. Too tempting to a sojourner who wanted nothing more than to return to home. One night in a strange wilderness seemed better than a month of them.

Ghillie extended his hand once more. “You have a deal, Mr…?”

The small man shook hands with him, grinning ear to ear. “Alvin. Just Alvin.”


It was a sizable island born of an ancient and now dormant volcano, covered in lush forest. As soon as they reached the edge of the village they were faced with thick undergrowth and vines. Alvin stopped at his place to pick up some nets and spears… and a friend. Ichabod, he called him. A silent man, only speaking when spoken to. He was also old. Alvin claimed that no one knew these woods like he did.

The cold dark nights Ghillie had spent in his boat didn’t come close to the eerie black of the forest. Alvin refused to light a torch, fearing that it would be a warning beacon to the mother dragon.

“Watch yourself,” Alvin warned as they cut through the undergrowth. “Dragon Vine is no trifling weed.”

Ghillie stepped over what vines he could see. “So what is so special about this dragon, anyway?”

“It’s rare. Smart. Powerful. This fellow I know has it in his head if he can get his hands on a hatchling he can train it to do his bidding.”


“With a dragon like that a slave to his command, he would become the most powerful man in the archipelago. Just think of having the keenest, most vicious twenty-six-foot tall dog in Alba obeying your every command and then give it wings.”

“I’d be worried about him getting a mind of his own.”

Alvin snickered. “That’s why I don’t want it for myself.”

“What about the mother? If we do find this thing, and they are so very clever how are we going to escape from her?”

“We’ll do what we have to do.”

There was a glint in Alvin’s eye that Ghillie didn’t like, but it was too late to turn back now.


Things rustled in the understory, first from one direction then another. Alvin checked traps that he had placed previously and made more.

As they neared a bog the Celt caught his breath.

“Did you see that?”


“There, right there a light.”

Alvin studied the spot. He laughed. “It’s a wisp it is!”

The ghostly green light faded away.

“It’s no laughing matter,” Ghillie scowled. “A wisp is an omen, of sometimes good but often evil.”

“Sounds like life in general. You Gaels and your superstitions. This bog lights up day and night like that because of the gases inside of it. No magic involved. But you don’t want to stick around, it’s toxens will make you drowsy and put you to sleep forever. Ah see? There it goes again.”

Another green glow could be seen across the scum.

Giving the toxic bog a wide berth the three men continued their search.

“If I recall you Scoti’s have some pretty wild tales of strange and bizarre creatures. The Wulver, the Bauchan, Glaistig and Kelpie to name a few. I have to wonder who came up with all those?”

“Some things are not thought up,” Ghillie returned. “They may be exaggerated, but there’s some truth in every-“

Alvin put a hand up and stood dead still, listening. Ghill followed his lead.

Wings. They beat with powerful and purposeful strokes above them. The Celt looked up through the branches of the trees. The stars disappeared as a shadow passed between them.

“That was her!” Alvin hissed delightedly. He looked around for a place to set his gear down so he could open his satchel.

“That was too close!”

“We are getting close. The hatchling is north, within a quarter mile. She’s gone out to fish again so we have about an hour. Let’s split up. Ichabod, you circle right, Ghillie you circle around left and I’ll trek right through the middle. If no one finds anything we’ll meet back here, I’ll leave one net on this old stump here so we know where to go. Now take these.”

Alvin pulled two horns out of his satchel and handed one each to Ghillie and Ichabod. “It’s a stag-whistle. If you see the mother returning blow on this and we’ll know to hide.”

Out of the corner of his eye Ghillie saw Alvin wink and Ichabod grin wickedly. He looked at Alvin suspiciously. “And if I find the hatchling?”

“Do not blow on it. Really. This dragon has excellent hearing and she’ll return if she thinks anything is getting to close to her baby, even something as harmless as a stag. Just stand by and we’ll find you.”


The three men went their separate ways.


Alone in the eerie wood Ghill had some time to think things over. Stand by. Yeah wally. Stand by for what? The mother to return and tear me to pieces? So my dying cries will point you to the hatchling, and you won’t have to split the rewards threeways? Is that the plan, Mr. Alvin?

He looked at the horn given to him, wondering what would happen if he blew on it.  

This had been a mistake. Why oh why did he let greed get the better of good judgement? If he knew the way through this creepy jungle he would march right out of it. There were only two things he knew for certain, he wished he had taken his chances on his own little boat and he didn’t trust Alvin as far as he could throw.

Stop being so synical, he tried to convince himself otherwise, like it or not this is the mess you got yourself into, Ghillie. Who am I to judge a man so harshly? At least give him the benefit of the doubt.

Something slithered across the forest floor ahead. Ghill pulled out his bow and reached back to his quiver, feeling for each arrow.

It seemed like forever and yet only seconds before he reached the smelly bog again. Heaving a sigh of relief, he returned the bow to its place, sat down next to the log with the net over it and waited.

The stars crept along in the navy night sky but still no sign of Alvin or Ichabod. Were they still searching? In trouble? Or had they found what they were looking for and left him to fend for himself?

The stars.

Why hadn’t he thought of that sooner? He knew that he ran his boat ashore the southern beach of the isle, so why not follow the stars south?

Feeling like a fool Ghillie stood abruptly. He’d had enough. It was time to head back.

Something inches away from the back of his neck snarled and retreated into the undergrowth.

Ghillie jumped. The creature didn’t go far. It slinked through the grasses and behind rocks, settling under the branches of some bush further into the swamp

It was small. Dark in color with no obvious markings. Long tail and wings. Little spikes for horns protruded from the top of its head; the muzzle was fine and elongated. He could see little else more, except the hollow, glowing eyes that had no pupils.

Was this the hatchling Alvin searched for?

Swallowing his superstitions and pushing away all the terrible stories bouncing around in his head, Ghill took the net on the stump and followed it.

The little creature arched it’s back and took him deeper and deeper into the marsh. So intent was Ghillie on following he didn’t even notice the swamp lights anymore, or the weight of his eyelids.

Finally the little dragon came to the hollow of an ancient cedar and made no further attempt to retreat.

“That’s it then,” Ghillie cooed, edging closer with the net. “Easy now.”

The creature stared with those glowing empty eyes. “Easy, now.”

Ghillie stopped. “Did- did you just talk?”

“Easy now. Easy now.” The little animal repeated. “That’s it then did you just talk? Easy now.”

“Hugh,” The Gael put his hands on his knees. “You sound like a mimikoo.”

You sound like a Mimikoo,” The dragon repeated once more. This time it sounded exactly like Ghillie, but in a more accusatory tone.

“I wonder…”

“I wonder?” It echoed.

“Are you smart?” He tapped his head.

“Are you smart.” The dragon tapped its head. “Are you smart smart.”

“Yes,” Ghillie nodded, then wagged his head. “Or no.”

“Yes. Are you smart smart yes.” It snorted, head held high.

Ghillie’s jaw dropped. Either his imagination was going wild, or the dragon was communicating.

“Are you smart smart?” the dragon crawled out of the hollow and up a branch to be at eye level.

“Ugh, yes,”

“Smart smart no,” It hissed and pointed its’ nose to the net. “No smart.”

Ghillie looked down at the net he still held in his hands. He dropped it.

The dragon trilled, a smile curling up its lips. “Smart.”

“Ugh, do you… want to come with me?” He put an arm out and patted.

“Come with me?”

“Yes, come. And go. Go with me, away?”

“Away are?”

“To see my friends.”

The dragon cocked its head. “Away. Me?”

“You,” he pointed to the dragon, “Come with me,” he pointed to himself. “Away.” He pointed towards the place Alvin said to meet up. “To see other me’s.” He pointed to himself again.

“You come with me away go see other me’s yes.” The dragon flew to his outstretched arm, cackling. It dug talons deep into his skin but he refrained from voicing his pain. “Yes, me. Yes yes.”



Ghill thought between yawns as he traipsed through the mire. Highly intelligent, nocturnal, and certainly rare to him, Ghillie could see the little dragon perched on his arm growing up to be a powerful beast someday. Nothing could come closer to the description Alvin had given him.

A shadowy figure waited at the appointed spot. “Alvin,” he whispered, “Alvin I’ve found it,”

Alvin didn’t hear him, he seemed to be listening for something else. Ghillie was about to call out when a sudden pang of guilt gripped him. He looked down at the funny creature.

All the storms he had faced on the open seas, the people he had warded off, the beasts that he had narrowly escaped, did he not do it all, just to come home to his family?

Yet here he stood, ready to offer this little dragon up to a man he wouldn’t trust his own life to, ripping a clearly intelligent creature away from his family so he could return sooner to his. It just didn’t seem right.

The good Celt shook his head and turned away.

Glowing eyes judged his change of heart.

“ALVIN,” The dragon on his arm yelled. “Alvin I’ve found it!”

The small man jumped two feet in the air “You found it??” he landed and turned in surprise. “Where?”

Really?” Ghill growled under his breath at the dragon that he was trying to set free. “Oh, eh… in the bog. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not the right one, I’ll just let it go...” He whispered.

“Bring him over. Let me see.”

The tone in Alvin’s voice made Ghillie think if he turned the creature loose now he’d get a spear in the back.

He walked toward Alvin.

“…What are those glowing things?” The small man hissed as he neared.

“His eyes.”

Through the dark Ghil knew that the color had drained from Alvin’s face by the tremble in his voice.

“That’s no dragon. That’s a devil! What have you done?!? You’ll be the death of us all!” The man choked out a terrified whisper.

“What do you mean?”

“Of all the terrible beasts you Scotis believe in are you to tell me you don’t know a Woodreaper when you see it? We’ve got to get out of this forest.”

“What about Ichabod? We should warn him,”

Without a second thought, Ghillie pulled out the horn Alvin had given him and blew it.

The sound that came out was nothing like a stag’s whistle. It was long, reverberating, and melodious. Alvin ripped the horn out of his mouth and listened.

Far off in the distance something roared.

“You really are trying to kill me, aren’t you?” He hissed between grit teeth. The glint in his eye was murderous. “Take the dragon back to the swamp. Get rid of it now!”

Quietly as he could Ghillie ran through the marsh, a thick layer of fog swirling around his legs. He set the dragon down as close as he dared to its den.

“Other me’s,” The dragon looked up at him inquisitively.

“Other me’s don’t like you. We’re better off going our separate ways.”

He turned to leave, but the sight that met his eyes rooted his feet to the ground.

Moonlight streamed through the moss on snags, shedding light upon a stag standing near a dead tree. His rack was enormous, snout long and pointed. he swung to and fro, dragging his hind legs on the ground. There was a ring of thick, black liquid around its neck and its eyes glowed.

They glowed, hollow and empty, without pupils. Exactly like…

Ghillie’s heart stopped. He looked at the little dragon and back to the horrific deer.

The beast snapped its jaw. A sickening crunch of breaking bones resulted, and the carcass of the headless doe fell beneath the fog.

The head, not belonging to the deer but rather the hideous dragon that had been her demise snaked forward, bringing into the light wings filled with holes and tears.

Ghillie bolted. He ran into Alvin, still not joined by Ichabod. “Run!” He gasped, not bothering to stop. “RUN!!”

The two took off in different directions.


Someone let out a blood curling scream.


Through brush and breyer, stumbling over every root and rock Ghillie charged through the wood. He broke every twig in his path and rustled every leaf. The dragon vine cut deeply into his calves and stung, making every step searing pain.

He paused to catch his breath and listen.


Ghillie peered into the forest that surrounded him

“Ghillie is that you?” Ichabod’s voice whispered somewhere between the trees.

“Yes it’s me, Ichabod. Where are you?”

“Oh thank Thor what’s going on out there?”

“I made a mistake,” The celt wiped the sweat off his forehead. “I roused a devil of a dragon.”


“That monster,” He gasped for air again, walking towards the voice. “That monster you call the Woodreaper, I took a hatchling from it.”

“You’re not making sense… Ghillie, what’s you’re full name?”

Ghillie stopped just shy of an old cedar. “What? Why are you asking me that? Where are you?”

Ichabod began to weep, but Ghillie still couldn’t figure out where he was.

“You’re not Ghillie.” He sniffled.

“What are you talking about?” The man from Alba was totally confused. “Ichabod are you hurt?”

“If anyone ever hears this, and lives, tell Gothi of Berk that I have always loved her.”

Ghillie took a step back as the cedar opened one glowing eye and then another. The bark spread to reveal the mother Woodreaper’s wings. She stalked towards him, opening her mouth. It glowed even brighter than her eyes and silhouetted her six-inch teeth. Snorting, she sent a foul stench wafting Ghillie’s way.



He cried out in horror, stumbling on his own feet as he fled the gruesome thing. It didn’t lash out. It didn’t even run after him it just watched and followed as he tripped stumble through the forest like it knew something that he didn’t.

His heart pounded in his chest. His neck was covered in cold sweat, but somehow in the height of terror Ghill found himself growing drowsy. The bog! I must be near the bog and the toxins are getting to me! Oh I’ve got to stay awake!

The Woodreaper followed, enjoying every weary fall poor Ghillie made.


Alas in a tiny clearing he fell again, this time prey to a torn tendon in his ankle. He blacked out for a second.

Starting, he came-to again. He shook his head hoping to shake some of the grogginess off. It was to no avail. The toxin had saturated his lungs and it was only a matter of time before he succumbed.

Ghillie was a Scoti though, and a Scoti fights to the end. Reaching for the rock he fell next to, he was startled by what he saw when he looked up.

Two beautiful wide green eyes stared at him, only inches from his face. The thing was small, maybe two or three feet long. It was hard to tell because the rest of the creature was hidden from view beneath the dug-out stone, but the eyes shown bright and reflected the stars above.

It cooed gently and put out a scaly little black paw.

A shadow crossed above them in the sky.

Trees and undergrowth parted as the mother Woodreaper entered the clearing.

The little thing turned its kind gaze from Ghillie to the monster that had emerged from the wood. It trilled.

If he was to die, perhaps he would not have to hidein vain.

“Hide!” he urged Green Eyes. “And perhaps she won’t see you!”

Ghillie turned onto his back and pulled an arrow from his quiver, placing himself between the beast and the little creature under the rock.

“Stay back,” He shook his head and steadied his bow.

The Woodreaper stopped; eyeing him suspiciously.

Unconcious of the fact he was loosing his grip, Ghillie sent an arrow sailing- about a dozen yards off the target.

The sinistrous beast chortled and continued her forward march.

Ghillie shot another, and another and another. His weakening showed in the shortened distance of each arrow.

He pulled the last one out and strung it, barely able to keep his eyes open.

A large talon came down on it, bending the wood of the bow until it snapped in half. Another fell upon him, one of the claws slowly putting pressure on and puncturing his neck. He put his hands out to stop it.

It was a good struggle Ghillie put up. His mind was almost gone from the toxin, his body exhausted from running. Near the end, tears welled in his eyes as he thought of his family. Of his wife waiting for him. Of what they would have to do without his providing.

Consciousness slipping away, at last he lay still.

As his arms gave the Woodreaper threw back her head and howled victory, intending it to be the last sound to reach Ghillie’s ears before making the final blow.

But it wasn’t.

No the last sound to reach Ghillie’s ears was the high-pitched roar of a broken sound barrier, followed by a blue blast of light, powerful as lightning.





































Birds sang. Silky clouds streamed the sky, moving on a soft breeze.


Ghillie Dhu sat up to find himself in the middle of a lovely woodland clearing with a splitting headache.

He ran his fingers through his hair and down his neck. Dried blood covered a wound only millimeters from being fatal. He looked down at his legs. Battered and bruised, full of gaping cuts. His ankle was swollen, too.


His bow lay splintered in half at his side. His sword was gone. He didn’t even know what happened to that.

Signs of a fantastic struggle marked the edges of the clearing. Giant burn marks, felled trees. Ghillie rubbed his cheek. A nasty, sticky, smelly film stuck to his arm and he looked over his shirt. He was covered in paw prints.

Ghillie turned and looked behind him at the rock were the small thing had been hiding. Little pawprints were everywhere, and they were joined by big pawprints. The tracks hopped all around the clearing and then disappeared into thin air.

The Celt sighed a heave of relief. Green eyes got away. And thanks to Green eyes mom, so did he.




“Would you look what come crawlin’ out o’ the woods,” Magnus stood in front of his tavern, gaping.

Ghillie hobbled along through the villiage, a large branch under his arm like a crutch for support.

Men swarmed him, asking dozens of questions. Ghillie answered to none of them.

“Did Alvin come back?” He demanded.

“Of course. You might have guts but Alvin knows his way around.”

“Get him.” Ghillie growled.

The order was unnecessary. Alvin had heard the commotion and come to see for himself.

“Out of the way, you scurvy lot!” The small man snarled. “Ichabod! Ichabod is that you?”

He came to the foreground and was visually disappointed. “Ghillie. Ghillie did you see Ichabod?”

“No.” Ghillie snapped. “But I heard from a very reliable source that he wished for someone to tell Gothi of Berk that he loved her and he always did.”

“No,” Alvin said to himself. “No. It can’t be.”

“Don’t believe me? Ask that devil of a dragon yourself. Good day to you, Mr. Alvin.”

“Wait,” He stopped Ghillie, eyeing him suspiciously. “No one gets away from that beast. How did you do it?”

“I guess my guardian angel didn’t think the time was right.” He retorted.

“…what do you mean by ‘angel’?” The shrewd fellow pried.

“Just as I thought. You’re more concerned about your hunt for fortune than you are that a man died last night trying to help you get it!”

That devilish look came back to Alvin’s eye. He wasn’t fond of being called out. “Answer the question, Ghillie Dhu.”

“I don’t know. I fell in a clearing and the beast got the best of me. Next thing I knew it was morning.”

Alvin pondered his story. “You’re sure you didn’t meet any other dragons?”

Ghillie looked him in the eye. “If I did, I owe them my life.”

“As you do me.”

“You can consider my debt to you closed. I believe I’ve more than paid that in one night.”

Ghillie walked away.

“I’m still going after that wretched hatchling. Again, tonight. So help me I’ll get it if I have to go head to head with it’s mother!”

“Then I’m not concerned.” Ghillie shrugged. He’d kept walking all this time and was nearing the end of the village. The little fishing boat stood where he had moored it the night before. What sight for sore eyes.

“How’s that?” Alvin tried him.

“You’re a coward. You’ll never meet your opponent face to face because like a small dog you go around and bit their heels.” Ghillie sneered. “So no, I don’t worry for her in a fair fight. Good day to you, Mr. Alvin. Thank you for your hospitality.”



Untethering the ropes and pulling out the stake, Ghillie shoved his Dinghy out to sea. He set the sails and checked his compass. The winds were favorable as he headed due south.

An explorer’s life was not for him. It was time to return home, swallow his pride and learn a new trade until the fish returned.

Wind across the water brushed his face and red hair with salt, the boat bobbed up and down between waves. He tried not to think of how he was weaponless. He tried not to think of the sea dragon he had run into on the way up to this island. He looked down at the only thing that did survive the Woodreapers’ attack; the horn that Alvin gave him. Maybe no deer whistle but some kind of dragon bugle that lured dragons to you. He would keep the horn to remind himself of what had happened that dreadfall night, but the island couldn’t disappear behind him fast enough.


A monster lurked on that island. A ruthless, cruel, savage monster.


And it answered to the name Alvin.

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  This was fun to read. I was hooked on every word and couldn't stop myself from reading. I think I need some pointers from you, Lissa. xD 



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Thanks Lady! And I'm happy to give you pointers if you'd like them ^^

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Hello there


I love this tradition!  I remember finding this story two years ago, and I was really into it.  Great idea to repost it each year, as new forum users really should read this at least once.  Also, always love how you tie creepy to the HTTYD lore. 


Once more, great job.







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Hi Lack, thanks! Yeah that's the hope; for me it helps set the mood for dreadfall ^^
Thanks for stopping in!

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Oh hey I knew I've seen that

Oh hey I knew I've seen that name and the style of titling before XD


Still my all time fav, this is absolutely the best thing that could happenning to me who make a dragon and see the creative vision others take this far! <3


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Yep! Tradition!


Aww, thank you! I'm honored ^^

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