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I have 3 things im going to cover.


The Dreadfall Zippleback Skin.

it has the paint, but it also has i believe barf and belches skin underneath it. even if its intentional, dont you think having your original dragons color underneath instead of one of the lead dragons would be a bit better?


Typhoomerang Warpaint.

basically the same thing as the dreadfall zippleback skin. this time, its with the warpaint! im honestly not sure if this is intentional because every other warpaint is transparent, and has your dragons color underneath and not one of the main dragons color. but the movie color is under there?? anyway?? like what???


Thunderdrum Warpaint


its perfect! your dragons color underneath and everything, but one problem. it makes the ENTIRE DRAGONS TEXTURE blurry. and no, i know it isnt a glitch because id log in day after day and itd still be blurry. (although i didnt notice it until i realized i had a skin on my thunderdrum, but one day i did wonder why the texture was so... weird.)


thank you for anyone who has read this, im not trying to be aggressive or rude towards the designers and developers of School of Dragons. im very thankful for their dedication and work towards the community and game, thank you guys




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you could say my Signature Guardian is SunWave, my fandragon that is a species i havent named yet.

both drawings made by yours truly!

my SoD name is seercinden, but id appreciate being called blunteif or blunt!

i am 14, and my bday is 03/02/08 ^^


Heres a list of my dragons from the dates i got them!


Crystaliza the Titan Shockjaw

Burpfler the Titan Monstrous Nightmare

Molia the Singetail

Erbastro the Grapple Grounder

Valentine the Titan Grim Gnasher

Glospa the Titan Razorwhip

Swalilee the Singetail

Boatsmasher the Titan Stormcutter

Bigskig the Titan Skrill

PergyJagson the Titan Triple Stryke

SparklyNight the Titan Speed Stinger

Emera the Flame Whipper

Prestor the Titan Deathgripper

Icecutter the Woolly Howl

Ginkgoloba the Titan Thunderdrum

Pump and Crow the Titan Hideous Zippleback

Skulby the Slithersong

Biotrap the Titan Deathsong

Whitenight the Titan Snow Wraith

Posionpasser the Smothering Smokebreath (i dont know why, but i spelt it wrong on purpose when i got him???)

Nethro the Typhoomerang

Sumluit the Titan Timberjack

Lucifer the Silver Phantom

Gabreil the NightTerror (i also spelt this wrong on purpose...)

Firemelter the Titan Woolly Howl

BlackKnight the Titan Deadly Nadder

MacAndCheese the Windwalker

SunRay the Titan Scuttleclaw

Elecally the Titan Dramillion

Snaura the Fireworm Queen

GalaxyHole the Prickleboggle

WaterWave the Titan Scuttleclaw




Kaneda the Titan Gronckle

Jawbreaker the Titan Sand Wraith

Speckle Jr the Eruptodon

Pazuleia the Death Song

Aurora the Flightmare

Cheezit the Whispering Death

Rainbow Fork the Hobgobbler

Vertigo the Armorwing

Birdsquash the Baby Whispering Death

Tinselic the Deathly Galeslash


the last 7 are my most recent, 2022. Kaneda is 2020, but i never aged him up.

i have 19 titans, 15 adults, 5 teens and 1 baby. i might make Rainbow Fork, Cheezit and Aurora titans when i get the money.



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The paints that put the Hero skin on your dragon are intentionally designed that way. There used to be more paints that did that but they changed some of them to where it no longer puts the Hero skin on your dragon but they haven't changed all of them.


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Maya the Sand Wraith, assigned to me as the perfect dragon for me by Wolf and Star, on her "Answer these questions and get a dragon" thread. The amazing art of Maya was done by DyliehIdol1214.


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ah, i understand. thanks for

ah, i understand. thanks for your reply.

i really do hope they change it soon

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You're welcome :)