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Hey, I was wondering, how do you get silver stars, and whats the best star you can get?


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Get your UDT points up and you get stars






(Full Platinum)


The best method for obtaining UDT points is farming



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ok, thx , im horrible at

ok, thx , im horrible at farming though. What part of farming gives the best points?

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Tons of sheep and chickens. Certain crops like cabbages and pumpkins give a lot too. Its trial and error, just play around with everything until you find what works for you.


Like Yaks. They give 15 per harvest, but it takes 12 hours to finish.


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Fast farming

This video will show how to gain lots of farming really fast




BarkingGhost wrote:

UDP Points Stars Level 150 2 1174 half bronze 2 1500 Full bronze 7 22500 1 silver 20 30000 1.5 silver 21


2 silver 22 52100 2.5 Silver


64500 3 Silver 24





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UDT Stars

Basiculy, you might be on your bronze stars (like most players), and I am to. Though, I have a full set of them, and soon I might get to silver stars. It really depends on how much UDT you have. If there is a new top for UDT, then your set will go down by half a star, but you will still have the same amount of UDT. Plus the sets are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.



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Hello amberleaf7, Mople had

Hello amberleaf7, Mople had it right on the money. Raise your UDT points and the best star you can get is platinum.