Shrieks From The Shadows: What Lurks in Ebony Swamp- Chapter 4

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Hello, once more!


Thank you for your patience.  I know I am once again a day late.  Technically, I could have posted late last night (like, really late), but I would have had to rush the editing process.


This should be a fun chapter.  It is definitely going to cover a lot of ground.  I look forward to seeing your thoughts when you have finished it.


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The House in the Swamp


The House in the Swamp


     Her eyes closed tight, Katie tried to pull away as the Lurker leaned down, its thin, jagged head inches away from her and her brother’s faces.  The creature’s hot breath fouled up the air, the  distinct smell of death emanating from it.  Gabe could only watch as the Lurker looked back and forth from one sibling to the other, almost like it was trying to decide where to start.  A low growl came from deep in its throat and the siblings felt the vines tightening around them.


     Then, with a bang, one of the doors downstairs was broken in.


     Katie’s eyes snapped open and she stared past the Lurker and into the hallway, where bright lights, such as those from expensive flashlights, were dancing across the walls.  There came the sound of two pairs of running feet and a voice echoed throughout the house.  “ANYONE HERE?!  WE’RE HERE TO HELP!”  It was Cara Parmer.


     The Lurker, looking over its shoulder, saw the lights growing brighter and brighter.  It faced the two siblings, still wrapped up in its grasp, but something changed in its face.  With an unnatural strength, it threw them aside, slamming them into opposite walls, and dove forwards.  It smashed right out the window, the glass showering into the grass out front, just as Cara and Samuel got to the hallway.  


     The Parmers sprinted into Katie’s room and Cara immediately knelt down to check on Gabe.  Samuel swept the room with his flashlight, which shone like a car’s headlights, making sure they were truly alone.  He then advanced upon the window and scanned the landscape before him.  There was nothing. 


     The Lurker was gone.


     As her head spun from the impact, Katie struggled to sit up, but it proved too much.  She lay sprawled out across the floor, the adrenaline in her blood making it difficult to think straight.  All she could do was lie there and watch as Cara checked on Gabe.  Finally, the woman got up and said, “The boy’s going to be okay.  No serious injury.”


     Turning around, Samuel bit his lip as Cara moved over to Katie.  It was obvious that Samuel was deeply outraged as he examined the room.  Finally he spoke, but it was rushed and upset.  “I’m calling the police.  They can wrap this up quicker than us.”  He ran into the hallway and out of Katie’s sight.  


     Cara barely noticed as she checked Katie for broken bones or injuries from the impact.  As Cara worked, Katie found the strength to ask, “What are you doing here?”


     “Heard the screaming and knew you needed help.”  It was all that Cara responded with, but it was enough.  The next two minutes were disturbed by nothing.  Cara finished her inspection just as Gabe found it in himself to sit up.  Katie stirred some, trying to push herself up, but everything ached.  “Come on,” Cara said sweetly as she took Katie by the hands and helped her to her feet.  She gave them a small wave, directing them to follow her as she exited the room.  Gabe, in his fright, was quick to follow.  Katie was just about to follow when she spotted something on the floor.  It was Secrets of Ebony Swamp, lying right where she had dropped it in the confrontation.  She knelt down and picked it up before following Cara and her brother.


     They descended the steps, the bottom of the stairs not as dark as the siblings were expecting.  Samuel had turned on the few remaining lights, including the small lamp that sat not too far away.  Katie eyed the destruction as she reached the ground level and walked into the kitchen. 


     Samuel did not bother to look back from where he was examining the kitchen door.  “No signs of forced entry,” he said to his wife over his shoulder.  “Judging from the swamp goo on the door handle, I’d say it just opened the door like a civilized person.”


     A frown crossed Katie’s bruised head as she caught what he said.  “You knew about the Lurker?  You knew it was real?”


     Samuel eyed her a moment, something new in the way he was staring at her.  “That’s not important.  What’s important is that the police are on their way here right now and they’ll sort this out.”  Before Katie could reply, Samuel turned his attention to Cara.  “I need to talk to you.”  He led the way and they disappeared into the back room.  Katie gazed after them, but there was nothing she could do.


     Wobbling on unsteady feet, Gabe made his way to his sister’s side.  “What’s going on?!” he demanded, his eyes still wide.  “What was that thing?!  Was that the thing you were babbling on about last night?!  Why’d it attack us?!”


     Her eyes narrowing, Katie whipped around on her brother.  “Yes!  That was the thing I was ‘babbling’ about last night!  Maybe, if you had listened to me, none of this would have happened!”  


     It was obvious immediately that, in his state of fright, Gabe had barely caught half of that.  “What do we do now?  Are we going to have to move?”  His crazed eyes, which had been darting about in terror, fell on the booklet in his sister’s hands and, with a sharp intake of breath, he recognized the creature on the cover.  “Why is it on the front of that thing?!”


     Looking down at her hands, she decided it was best not to lie or hide anything.  “This is a book on the mythology of Ebony Swamp, specifically that of the creature, which goes by the name ‘Lurker’.  I got it this morning and that’s what I’ve been reading all evening.”


     As she placed the hand-sized book on the table, Gabe leaned forward to get a better look at it.  “Does it say how we can get that thing to leave?  Or, better yet, how to k.ill it?”


     She shook her head.  “Unfortunately not.  It does not go much into the Lurker’s origin or abilities.  The best it does is mention its weakness and its possible ties to Ebony.”


     “What’s its weakness?  Can we use it to destroy that thing?” Gabe demanded enthusiastically, the fear evaporating from his demeanor ever so slightly.


     “It hates bright lights, especially the sun.  That’s why it went after the lightbulbs before it went after us.”  She recited, having memorized most of the book.  She paused as a thought hit her.  Was that the reason Samuel had advised her to leave the back light on when she had first arrived?  How much did he actually know about all this?  It was worth investigating, but not now.


     “Good.  Good.  That means we’re safe all day and, as long as we bathe the house in light at night, we should be fine.”  Gabe nodded at his own brilliance.


     “Yeah, totally,” Katie muttered sarcastically.  “Imagine explaining to Mom why the electric bill is so high.”


     “Hey!  You have a better idea?!” Gabe shot back.  Katie, of course, did not, but she preferred to stay silent instead of giving Gabe that joy.  The look on Gabe’s face changed to one of consideration as a thought hit him.  “What was that thing you said about ‘ties to Ebony’?  What does the town have to do with that swamp monster?”


     Hesitation stalled the conversation for a few moments as Katie considered how much to tell Gabe.  Then she realized he deserved as much truth as she did.  “The town was named after a man named Ebony who lived here roughly seventy years ago.  He was a very reclusive person, and many a rumor was spread about him.  Most people believed he practiced some sort of SPAM in his house, but nothing was ever confirmed.  Since his house lies deep in the heart of the swamp, many people believed that the Lurker was somehow created or controlled by Ebony’s dark magic.  Even after Ebony disappeared, many people thought that the Lurker guarded his house.”


     “What do you think?” he asked his sister.


     Katie considered the information she had read earlier that night, weighing how much her rational mind bought in to such things.  Finally she answered.  “I don’t believe in dark magic.  It simply does not exist.  But I do believe that there are secrets about the Lurker at Ebony’s house.  It only makes sense that someone who spent so much time in the depths of the swamp picked up a thing or two about such a creature.”


     “Great!” Gabe shouted a little too loud.  “Then we just go there, dig around a bit, and see if we can’t figure out a way to scare off that beast.”


     “Its not that simple, Gabe,” Katie told her brother.  “Ebony’s house has been lost in the swamp so long that nobody actually thinks it exists.  We can’t just stroll by, buy a ticket, and get a house tour.”


     “Why not?” Gabe grinned mischievously.  “We know the Lurker exists, so Ebony’s house must exist.  All we have to do is sneak out, find the place, and search for clues.  Easy in and out job.”


     “How are we going to do that?” Katie demanded, her temper flaring up at Gabe’s optimism.  “We can’t go out at night for fear of the Lurker, and we can’t go during the day for fear of our Mom.”


     This stumped Gabe, but only for a moment.  “Why don’t we leave now?”


     “What?” Katie demanded.


     “Think about it.  Once Mom comes back, we aren’t gonna have the chance to wander off anytime soon.  That gives the Lurker plenty of time to come back and take us out at its leisure.  But, if we act now, we can spend the remainder of the night searching.”  He gestured over to the kitchen counter.  “Look.  One of the Parmer’s left their flashlight, which could easily deter that beast.”


     “That’s insane!  We aren’t going to do that!” Katie rejected, turning about and marching off a few feet.  


     “C’mon!  What better choice do we have?” Gabe argued as he moved towards the flashlight.  “If we don’t handle this, who will?”  Katie did not bother to look as Gabe picked up the flashlight and made his way to the door.  His hand on the doorknob, he looked over his shoulder and whispered barely loud enough to hear, “I’m doing this.  You with me?”


     Her muscles refused to move as her mind rejected the concept Gabe was suggesting.  But, to Katie’s surprise, there was also something else.  The Lurker would eventually come back for them.  It was only a matter of time.  Who could say that they could actually escape from its clutches again.  The best they could do was move, but that would not do.  No, this was the best option.  They needed to take action and do it quickly.


     Overcoming her doubts and fears, Katie slowly turned about and strode to Gabe’s side, staring him straight in the eyes.  “Fine.  Let’s do this.”  He grinned up at her and began to open the door, but Katie stopped him.  “I’m carrying the flashlight, though,” she added.


     With nothing else holding them back, they ran across the open space behind their house, entering the swamp just as the police car rolled into their driveway.


     The moon rose higher into the sky, coming to its peak as the Stover siblings trekked deeper and deeper into the swamp, heading for the very heart of the vile place.  The mosquitos came out in droves, but Gabe and Katie did their best to wave them away.  Their legs severely soaked from sinking into the knee deep ponds and puddles, their arms scratched up by the twigs and trees, they moved as silently as they could, the flashlight guiding them on their way.  As the stars sparkled into existence high above them, the siblings began to lose track of time.  Had it been a few minutes or a few hours?  The swamp seemed to go on forever and Katie realized, though she did not mention it to Gabe, that they could have been walking in circles the entire time.  The only thing that went their way was that they did not encounter the Lurker, though Gabe flipped out when he thought he saw a gator.  It only encouraged them to move faster.


     “Any idea how much farther?” Gabe gasped, hunched over from exhaustion.


     “Are you asking how much farther we have to go from our current, unknown location to the lost house of a guy who may or may not have ever actually existed?” Katie sassed her brother, also exhausted from walking.


     “Yeah,” Gabe muttered in complete honesty.


     “Oh,” Katie grumbled, “we’re definitely close.”


     “Great.  That’s just what I wanted to hear,” Gabe sleepily murmured before giving a nod.  In his grogginess, he almost walked right into his sister, who had come to a stop.  He leaned over, peeking around her to look ahead.  “What’s the hold up?”


     “I thought I saw something,” Katie whispered back, her eyes scanning up ahead.  There it was again!  But what was it?  As it darted across the trees far up ahead, Katie felt a sneaking suspicion as to what it was.  “Gabe, I need you to trust me.  And, whatever you do, don’t scream,” she instructed him.


     “What?  Why?”  In response, Katie turned off the flashlight, plunging them into complete darkness.  It was only by pure luck that Gabe did not screech into the depths of the swamp.  He only managed not to by wrapping his arms around his sister’s arm, clinging onto it for dear life.  


     The flashlight was only out for a few seconds before Katie hit the switch and their surroundings was illuminated.  “I knew it!” Katie grimly said before charging forwards.


     “What is it?” Gabe asked after her, running to keep up.


     “There was a light.  I saw a light up ahead.”


     “I didn’t see anything,” Gabe told her, but Katie was not listening.  She was too focused on finding the source of the glow.  It definitely did not seem like something that the Lurker would be responsible for.  Coming to a stop, she looked right and left, searching for the source.  She almost immediately spotted it and raced forwards.  Gabe lagged in the back, almost unable to keep up.  “You sure it was a light?” he asked.  “It might be swamp gas.  I hear that stuff can appear supernatural to travelers.”  Katie did not respond.


     They ran on, turning one way and then another, pursuing after the distant light.  They did not know how long they went after it, but it always lingered out of reach, far enough that it could disappear at any time. The water deepened around them, coming up to Gabe’s waist, but they barely noticed.  As they came out of the water, they slipped through some thick mud.


     Then their feet landed on solid ground.


     Gabe looked down at the grass as Katie came to a stop in front of him.  “Where’d it go?” she demanded, spinning all about in search of the light.


     “I think you’re missing the point,” Gabe said as he took in their surroundings.  “Where’d the trees go?”  It was only then that Katie realized that the trees were all gone.  They had entered a large clearing, and, judging from the light put off from their flashlight, the clearing had to be a couple hundred yards across.  Gabe tapped his sister on the shoulder and pointed off to their left.  “Look there.”


     She turned and illuminated the area, taking a sharp intake of breath when she spotted it.  They had found Ebony’s house, and it was no small hut.  It stretched out, more of a small mansion than anything else.  If it was not so run down, it may have looked stunning.  The windows that remained in their frames were all shattered.  The stairs leading up to the door were cracked, and two were missing.  Nothing was visible through the sharp darkness that dwelt inside.


     Suddenly their plan did not seem so great.  “We’re…going inside there?” Gabe stammered, trying to peek inside from where he stood.


     “We don’t have a choice,” Katie replied, saying it for her benefit just as much as for his.  “It’s too late to turn back now anyway.”  She took the first step forward, leading the way.  She hesitated before stepping onto the lowest step, but it held her.  The second creaked ominously, but it did not give.  In such a manner, Katie made her way to the door.  It was cracked open just enough for her to squeeze inside, holding out the flashlight before her to help scan the interior.  As soon as she stepped inside, Gabe slid in behind her, terror gripping his heart.


     The first room was massive, spanning for twenty feet in every direction.  At the far end, directly opposite of Katie and Gabe, were a flight of stairs heading up to the second story of the house.  On each side of the stairs were thresholds leading into other rooms of the house.  Some of the doors remained, but most had fallen off their hinges, their splinters littering the wooden floor.  Directly in the middle of the room, right between Katie and the stairs, was a massive hole in the floor.  


     Katie crept over to of the hole, getting only as close as she felt comfortable, and shined the flashlight down inside.  It appeared to be leading to some sort of cellar.  The lower level was made of stone floors and walls.  There were wooden shelves arranged in unorganized rows, each one containing vials, bottles, jugs, and containers of all shapes and sizes.  Most of the shelves were still standing, but there were three or four which had given way to time.  Plus there were those shelves that had been crushed when the wooden floor of the level above them had collapsed.  There was something else down there too, but Katie had to move over a few steps to be able to release it from its shadowy covering.  The section of the cellar closest to the front door of the house had flooded with water, as if the entire room had been built at a slant.  The water was deep and polluted with algae and other disgusting byproducts of the swamp.  The smell alone was horrendous.


     “Let’s not go down there,” Gabe gulped, taking a step back towards the door.


     Katie gave a short nod before turning about and scanning the room.  “This place is huge.  If we are going to search this house for clues, we need to do it systematically.”  She quickly tried to calculate the quickest way to accomplish their goal, but that sort of thing was not her strong point.  After a few seconds passed, she came to an uncertain decision.  “Let’s start upstairs and work our way down.”


     Gabe considered it, scratching his head as he did so.  In the end, he was forced to agree.  “That does seem logical.  If I remember right, that’s the sort of organized approach I’ve seen in those cop shows.”  


     Katie just rolled her eyes in response, leading the way to the stairs.  The cracking noises that the stairs produced were simply terrifying, but, by no small amount of luck, the Stover siblings reached the top.  Looking first right, then left, they peered into the darkness, trying to figure out where to start.  “Let’s go right to left,” Katie instructed, deciding upon personal preference more than anything else.  


     Gabe did not give any argument as they made their way down the hallway.  They passed one door on their left, which, Gabe noted, was ever so slightly open, and walked up to the second entrance on their left.  Taking a deep, steadying breath, Katie pushed the door open.  The door, swinging on its one remaining hinge, moved aside to reveal what lay within.


     “Wicked!” Gabe muttered as he stepped inside.  It was as if they had hit the jackpot.  The room before them was obviously Ebony’s Study.  Books and papers were strewn across everything.  The desk, which lay at the far end of the room, was a mess of information, and the floor looked as if a truck full of old papers had been dumped out across it.  Even the large wardrobe had books lining the top of it.  If there were any writings on the Lurker, it was probably in here.


     Katie and Gabe advanced deeper into the room, stunned into silence at their discovery.  Kaite picked up one book off the floor and held it up, allowing the light to flow over it and revealing its title.  Rare and Resilient Plants: A Guide To Their Properties and Potentials.  She flicked it open, but could tell immediately that, unless she wanted to learn about almost extinct flowers and mosses, the book would be useless.  


     She was just about to place it back down when she saw that the light of her flashlight had revealed something else.  There, to the left of where they had entered, was a small door.  Even though it was closed, she could accurately guess where it led to.  It was undoubtedly a passage to the room that she and Gabe had passed on their way to the Study.  But that was not the only thing that caught her attention.  There was light coming from the other side of the door, seeping through the cracks and around the edges.  Gabe, standing near the desk, was so completely lost in his obliviousness that he did not notice when Katie silently strode over to the door and placed her ear against it.  Her eyes went wide as she heard voices in the room next door.  Judging by how the sound was growing louder, whoever or whatever was on the other side of the door was getting closer.  


     She staggered back, realizing what was about to happen.  Whomever they were, they were coming to the door.  Acting on instinct, she sprinted over to Gabe, placed the plant book on the desk, grabbed her brother’s arm, and signaled him to remain quiet.  Her eyes darted over the room, desperately searching for some place to hide.  She saw it almost immediately.  Dragging her brother along with her, she slid to the wardrobe, handed the flashlight off to Gabe, and pulled its door open.  There was not much room inside, but there was enough.  She yanked Gabe inside, squeezing in next to him, and pulled the wardrobe’s door shut.


     It was not a moment too soon, as the opposite door was pushed open and something entered.

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Oh, boy!


Things are getting interesting!


What's gonna happen next?  There are so many things going on!  There are so many questions!


This story will come to its conclusion in the fifth and final chapter.  I will do my very best to get it posted by Halloween.  No point posting it in November.


If you have any theories for what is going to happen, feel free to post them.  I always like to hear such things.


Also, if you have noticed any mistakes or mispellings in my chapters, please let me know.  Other wise they might not be fixed.


Well, this upcoming week is going to be a busy one for me, so I'm going to have to dive into it full force.  See you all on the 31st!


-Lack Lunason

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Yay! New chapter!  0.o I wonder who (or what) was behind that door!  I know it's not the Lurker, since you said that there was light coming from through the cracks in the doorway...  I'm excited to see how you wrap up this story!


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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

Hmmmm, who could open the door? For a second I thought it was going to be that store employee lol.

Great job, as always!



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