Shrieks From The Shadows: What Lurks in Ebony Swamp- Chapter 3

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Welcome back, everyone!


First off, sorry for the delay.  At least it was only a day.  I got slightly behind, but, trust me, this chapter is worth it.


Just gonna say it, this chapter is really important.  You may want to pay close attention to all the details in it.


But enough of that!  On to the chapter!


Please enjoy...







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Chapter 3: The Night Hunt


The Night Hunt


     Katie and Gabe’s mom was not thrilled when she was called home early by none other than the police.  The two police officers that were stationed in Ebony were both at her house upon her return and, upon entering, she saw that Katie was an emotional mess.  Katie was not the only one losing it completely.  The mother of the Stover siblings was going through a whirlwind of emotions and feelings.  First she was completely panicked by the situation, especially when she heard that someone had chased Katie all about.  Then Katie had explained that it was a local legend known as the Lurker, which did not help matters in the slightest.  The police, having found no evidence of any chase, decided to believe the almost clean record of the town over the teenager who had moved in two days prior.  Just as Katie’s mom was digesting this, she had realized that Katie had been out in the swamp to the direct contradiction of her wishes, which led to even more problems.  Both of the Stover women were shouting at each other in next to no time.


     Gabe was the only one in the building who seemed calm in the slightest.  He sat in the corner, silently watching the drama unfold and wishing he could be munching on popcorn as he witnessed the spectacular failure.  It was the least he could do to hide the smile that lined his lips.


     When everything came to its dramatic end, no one believed that Katie had seen anything serious, let alone the Lurker.  Katie was the only one who actually knew what was in the swamp.  She was the only one who knew how close it came to the town.  Who was to say that that creature would not return, would not strike again, and would not actually succeed in taking her down.  The only thing Katie knew was that her family would be of no help in this.


     However, there was something that might be of assistance.


     That was why, before her mom or sibling woke up, Katie biked down their dirt road, heading towards the town of Ebony.  More specifically, she was heading back to the country store and she was getting that booklet.  If it was right about that creature existing, maybe it would be right about a few other things.  


     She threw open the doors to the mercantile, her willpower the only thing preventing her from gagging at the foul oder from within, and she strode across the room, her eyes targeting the pocket sized packet of information.  She grabbed the small booklet and held it up, letting the light fall on the creature on the cover.  It was almost exactly the same as what she had seen.  That had to prove that it contained at least some truth.  There was only one way to be sure.  


     Her prize in hand, she turned to the counter and prepared to pay.  As she looked up, she realized that it was not Guntharp on the other side, but the dramatic employee she had talked to the day previous.  He looked up from what he was reading, which appeared to be a very used history textbook, and his eyes went wide.  “You again?  Did you forget something?”


     “Um…  No.  But I decided I did want one of these things.”  Katie gestured to the product and hoped that it would be enough of an explanation.


     To her annoyance, it apparently wasn’t.  “Oh?  What made you change your mind?”


     Katie hesitated a moment, but, in the end, decided to state things how they were and hope that they did not sound too absurd.  “Well, to be completely honest, I thought I actually saw the Lurker last night.”


     The statement knocked the employee back a step, his black hair whipping through the air with the force.  “You what?!” he managed to ask after a moment.  “You’re joking, right?”


     “Unfortunately not.  I had thought my brother wandered off again, but, when I went after him, turns out it was that thing.”  She gestured at the creature on the cover.  “I called the police and everything.”


     The young employee stroked his hairless chin a moment as he thought.  “You’re not pulling my leg?  You’re serious?”  He watched silently as Katie nodded.  “Wow.  Just wow.  Serves me right for not believing her.”


     Katie frowned at the last part, which the employee had muttered in a tone of voice a lot lower than everything else.  “What was that?”


     The employee waved the question aside, barely managing a quiet, hurried response.  “Nothing.  Just that my sister told me the police had responded to a call late last night, but I didn’t believe her because, like, the police never get called.”  He fell silent again as he become ever the more tangled in his thoughts.  At long last he recovered and faced Katie.  “I’m not as familiar with Ebony’s lore as I should be, but I know Guntharp is.  If you give me a minute, I’ll go get him and he can fill you in on everything you need to know.”  


     Before Katie even opened her mouth to respond, the employee was jogging towards the back, stepping through an open doorway.  There came the distinct murmuring of voices, but Katie could not make out what they were saying, and she was trying her best to eavesdrop.  At last there came a grumbling reply and she heard two pairs of footsteps coming her way.  The first person to emerge was Guntharp.  He was grouchily spluttering orders to the employee.  “While I talk to the lassie, go make your’lf useful.  You got all that, Jimmy?”


     “Uh…sure,” the employee hesitantly replied, “But that’s not my name.”


     “Don’t care.  Don’t bother tu learn it.”  Guntharp shooed him away, and the employee was quick to hurry off, getting busy cleaning one of the front windows.  Guntharp limped over towards Katie, scratching his beard while he glared at the girl.  He came to an abrupt stop right on the other side of the counter and stared her down a minute, almost as if he were trying to discern if she was worth his time.  At last he spoke, going right for the obvious question.  “So it be you who wants to learn ‘bout the Lurker?  Why’s that?”


     The cold eyes that had locked with hers made Katie hesitate a moment, but she steadied herself and plowed ahead in answering his question.  “Because I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen the Lurker.  It was in the swamp right back behind my house last night.  That thing literally chased me!”


     “Hmm?” Guntharp hummed, scratching an itch on his back as he digested what she had said.  “Yup.  Sounds like that accursed beastie.”  His eyes suddenly narrowed as he came to a decision.  “Fine.  I’ll ‘ell ya ‘bout the Lurker.”


     Unconsciously, Katie leaned forward, her heart beating faster as she listened.  Guntharp’s eyes suddenly seemed to become more distant as he became entangled in memories.  “I ‘ave had a fair few encounters with that there creeper.  Been in our ‘ere swamp for decades, maybe centuries.”  He pointed at Katie, his eyes coming back into focus for a few seconds.  “If it had gotten ya, ya wouldn’t ‘ave been the first tu vanish.  Many a good person ‘ave gone missin’ in that there swamp.  I a’most ended up bein’ one of ‘em two or three times.”


     He rubbed his mustache as his thoughts ran on.  “Most of ‘em people in town don’t believe in that there Lurker, but they all be fools.  I do my part on keeping straight the history of the Lurker.  Mostly seem to be centered ‘round that Ebony feller.”


     Katie frowned, her mind trying to connect the dots.  “Ebony was a person?”


     “Course he is.  Who’d ya think the town was named aft’r?”  He muttered something else under his breath, but Katie could not catch what it was.  It was probably for the best.  “Tell ya what,” he said loud enough for her to hear. “All my studies on the Lurker be in this handbook.”  He gestured down at the booklet Katie was already planing on buying.  “Since ya believe in the beastie and ya want to know more ‘bout it, that there handbook is on the house.”


     As the words sank in, Katie was quick to say, “No, please.  I have the money to pay.”  It was only twenty-five cents after all.


     “Nah.  I insist.  It’s on me.”  Guntharp waved away her protests, making it quite clear that he wasn’t going to take any other answer.


     Katie, accepting defeat, nodded and gave her thanks.  Just as she did so, the young employee looked up from the window, where he certainly had not been eavesdropping, and faced Guntharp.  “This window is all clean,” the employee muttered hastily, almost as if he was distracted by something else.  “I’ll be in the back organizing stock if you need me.  When I’m done, I’ll clean the other windows.”  With that, he stepped into the back room and was gone.


     “Them kids,” Guntharp mutter to himself, “all be lazy.”


     Picking up the booklet, Katie hurriedly walked towards the exit of the store, throwing a wave over her shoulder.  “Thanks again for all of your help.  I’ll see you soon.”


     “See ya!” Guntharp called after her with a small swoosh of the hand.


     As Katie made her way back towards her bike, she looked down at the booklet in her hands.  If it was really written by Guntharp, then that in and of itself guaranteed an entertaining read.  Her eye scanning the page, Katie did not notice in time the person walking right towards her until it was too late.  With a small thud, Katie was knocked back, nearly toppling over.  When she had regained her composure, she looked up to see Samuel Parmer staggering to regain his balance.  He reclaimed his footing and, looking up, his eyes focused on Katie.  A look much like bewilderment, confusion, and curiosity all crossed his face at once.  “Oh, Katie?  What are you doing here so early in the morning?”


     “Just picking up a bit of local legend,” she halfheartedly laughed, waving the booklet through the air quickly.  She really, really did not want to get stuck in a conversation with Samuel.  He simply was too odd for her liking.


     Samual glanced at what she had in her hand and his eyes seemed to light up as he saw it.  “Secrets of Ebony Swamp.  Now there’s an…interesting read.  Tough to get through the grammar, but it’s totally worth while.”


     “You’ve read it?”  For some reason or another, it caught Katie as odd.  The pocket sized book was definitely no number one seller in any category and, since Samual was a scientist, it was not something she would have associated with him.  


     “Of course.  For my line of work, it is of top priority to be familiar with the mythology of any area I may visit.  Especially the monsters.”  Just as the words left his mouth, his entire expression changed.  It was gone in a blink of an eye, but it was certainly there.  Was it regret?  Katie could not be sure, but she logged it away in the back of her mind.


     “Well, I should get going,” Katie said after an awkward pause.  “Need to get home and take care of a few things.”


     “Alright,” Samual nodded, “I’ll see you around.”  He hurried on his way, not bothering to look back.  Katie watched him step inside the store before she mounted her bike and began the journey home.


* * * * * *


     It was late in the night before Katie finally got the chance to go through the booklet.  She lay across her bed, so engrossed in what she found in the tiny pages that she barely noticed the passage of time.  The crescent moon climbed higher and higher into the night sky as Katie delved ever deeper into the lore.


     Gabe, on the other hand, was happily achieving nothing.  Having discovered that Ebony had surprisingly good internet service, he had been binging rounds of his favorite game; Dark Planet Settlers.  Finally, after being creamed multiple times in a row, Gabe called it quits and got to his feet.  “Darn lag.  Would have succeeded if it wasn’t for that,” he muttered as he made his way out the door and to the stairs.  Now that he was not distracted by his quest for points, he had come to the realization that he was rather hungry.  He stepped into the kitchen and began rummaging through the cabinets and drawers, searching for a snack.  Of course, he wasn’t going to select a healthy snack.


     Soon enough, he was walking back towards the stairs, a small chocolate bar in hand.  Right before he rounded the corner, something caught his eye.  Looking over his shoulder, he paused as he saw something he was not a fan of through the window.  The light for the backyard was still on.  “Waste of energy,” he grumbled as he walked over and hit the switch.  As the light blinked out, plunging the yard into total darkness, Gabe made his way back towards the stairs.  Maybe, now that he had some food, he would be able to finally succeed in his game.


     An hour more passed with barely a sound from the Stover house.  


     Her eyes getting heavy, Katie flipped through the pages of Secrets of Ebony Swamp for the third time.  She had already finished reading it from cover to cover, struggling all the while to decode the jargon that Guntharp had written it in, but she wanted to make sure she had not missed anything.  If what she found was true, then it was of the utmost importance to understand the situation completely.  Rubbing her forehead, she tried to will herself to stay fully awake, forcing herself to focus.  She turned the page, scanning it for any hidden meaning.


     She stopped when an odd noise hit her ear.  It was a creaking sound, like that of a door.  It seemed to silently echo throughout the house, more of a force than an actual noise.  Placing the booklet down on the bed, Katie got to her feet and made her way into the hallway.  At first, she thought it might have been her brother.  However, when she pushed his door open and peeked into his room, she found him fast asleep, his body in an undoubtedly uncomfortable position and his game still pulled up on the computer.


     Again Katie heard the sound and she peered into the darkness before her.  Whatever it was, it was coming from downstairs.  Grabbing the railing to steady herself, she descended the stairs.  The second she turned the corner to the kitchen, she knew there was something wrong.  The back door was wide open.  The summer night air was flowing through it, blowing in sounds of animals and bugs inside the house.  Though the breeze was warm, Katie shivered.  Then she realized something else.  Something worse.  The backyard light was out.


     “No, no, no,” she muttered to herself, running across the room.  She needed the light on.  She needed to make sure that this was nothing more than an accident.  Half way to the door, Katie stepped in a puddle.  She almost fell over as her socks soaked up the water, but she did not have time to clean it up or even slow down.  She was only focused on reaching her goal.  Coming to the doorway, Katie reached over to the wall and flipped a switch, flooding the yard with light and making it possible to see any approaching danger.  There was none.  The entire yard was clear with no sign of any living creature.  Giving a small sigh, Katie shut the door and locked it.  


     The lock slid into place.  She was safe.  They were safe.  Leaving the door, Katie crossed the room, going to grab a towel.  She just needed to clear up that puddle, which was probably a result of Gabe spilling something.  That sounded like him.  She struggled momentarily to find the towels in the dark, but found them after a moment.  Now, to find the spill.  Katie stepped over to the wall and fumbled for the switch.  Finding it, she flicked it on, filling the room with light.


     But light was not the only thing filling the room.  The second the bulbs came on, the entire room was filled with a horrid howl.  Shrieking at the sudden outburst, Katie whipped around, staggering back at what she saw.  There, not more than three feet away, stood the Lurker.  With its left arm it shielded its face while, with its other, it swiped at Katie.  Acting on instinct, Katie hurled the towels at the creature, but it was completely useless.  The Lurker staggered forwards and, reaching upwards, slashed the lightbulb with its claw-like fingers.  The room was plunged back into darkness.  As the Lurker shook off its momentary blindness, Katie took off running.  Her feet thudding against the wooden floor, she turned the sharp corner, aiming for the stairs.  All she knew was that she had to get away from that beast and, whether it would be longterm or not, the rooms upstairs could offer sanctuary.


     Katie was half way up the stairs when something wrapped around her foot and pulled her down.  Throwing her arms out, she was just able to stop herself from slamming her head into the corner of a stair, but it still resulted in a rather long cut.  Katie did not have time to register the injury as the Lurker was pulling her down the stairs.  Yelling furiously and digging her fingernails into whatever she could, Katie clambered to escape, but the Lurker was far too strong.  Looking over her shoulder, Katie saw the Lurker standing at the bottom of the stairs, its entire body wrapped in darkness.  Worse still, Katie saw what was coming off of the creature.  Stretching from its arms were what appeared to be long, thick vines.  That was what was wrapped around her leg.  It was almost as if the Lurker had vine tentacles.


     It dragged her down two more steps and, no matter how much she tried to resist, her attempts to break free were futile.  She was simply not going to escape.


     Looking back up the stairs, her heart leapt when she saw the form standing at the top of the stairs.  It was Gabe!  He had been woken up by all the noise and had come to investigate.  “WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN THERE?!” he shouted down, flipping on the light switch.  As the darkness fled from the room, Gabe saw for the first time the disfigured creature that lived in the swamp behind his house.  He became speechless, his mouth opening and closing rapidly, but no sound coming out.  And then he screamed.


     But he was not the only one.  The Lurker screamed, shielding its eyes from the bright light that had just come on.  In that one moment, the vines around Katie’s legs came undone and she was able to claw her way up the stairs.  The second she reached the top, she grabbed Gabe’s arm and dragged him away from the scene.  “C’MON!”  As she pulled him down the hall, there echoed the sound of shattering glass and the stairway was filled once more with darkness.


     The door to Katie’s room flung open and she threw her brother almost to the opposite wall before slamming and locking the door behind her.  The last thing she saw before the door closed was the slouched form of the Lurker stepping into the hallway.  As Gabe continued to shriek his head off, Katie sprinted from the door to her bed.  There was only one belonging of hers that was a necessity and that was Secrets of Ebony Swamp.  It was the only thing that held any answers on their pursuer.  Katie then ran to the window, their only escape, and started fumbling with the locks.  There were two locks on the window, and Katie started struggled with the left one first.  


     Gabe suddenly fell silent and the room seemed to stand still, everything coming to a stop at the pure power of the quiet.  Backing up towards his sister, Gabe whispered one word that seemed to make the situation worse tenfold.  “Look.”  Katie paused and looked.  The doorknob twisted and the door jiggled.  The Lurker was trying to open the door.  The handle came to an abrupt stop, the lock fulfilling its one purpose.  The door shook two more times, then everything was still.  “Is it gone?” Gabe whined after a moment, just loud enough for his sister to hear.  He did not get a response from her.


     Both the siblings screamed as the door was slammed into, the wood shattering into splinters.  Katie grabbed her brother, forcing him behind her, as the Lurker stepped into the room.  It reached up with ease and smacked the lightbulb.  It shattered with a loud pop, the darkness sweeping into the room like a river.  Screaming louder than they had ever done before, Katie and Gabe could only watch as the Lurker’s vines shot out towards them, wrapping around their limbs.  Before they knew it, they were being pulled across the floor until they were both a foot away from the beast.


     For the first time, Katie got a good look at the Lurker’s face.  It was that of a skull, covered in moss and slime.  A stray spider crawled its way across the Lurker’s forehead and into a crack near where the ear should have been.  The worst part were the eyes.  Hidden behind the dark, deep shadows were shiny yellow eyes, and they were locked onto the Stover siblings.  They were locked onto the Lurker’s prey.


     In that moment, Katie knew that it was all over.


     This was the end.

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Okay, first off...there will be another chapter.  Not gonna say much more on that though.


So, what did you all think of chapter three?  Do you like where I am taking it?  What do you think of the Lurker?  Do you think Katie and Gabe will somehow get out of this?  Any theories on what is going on?


Real quick, gotta give a shout out to Slargvarg.  You predicted the light weakness last week.  Gotta give you full credit for figuring that out.  I applaud you.  *Clapping intensifies*


Well, that's all for now.  Next chapter will, hopefully, be out by the 23rd.  


Until then...

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

*Bows dramatically*  Thank you! Thank you everyone!  XD

I really like how you're writing this one!  I have a feeling that they will make it out of this chapter, maybe their mom comes in with a flashlight?   I'm excited to see what happens next!


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