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Hello everyone!  I have finally returned.


Sorry about the mad delay between this chapter and the last one, and the fact that it is already Novemeber and we have a LONG way to go in this story still.  This year has been a tricky one.  I finished up my October job, and it went well overall.  The last two nights kind of wore me out, so it was prospamly for the best that it ended where it did.  And then, if that were not enough, I caught some bug, and that took me down for the first week of Novemeber.  Like, it was not one of those fun sicknesses where you are bad enough not to work, but good enough to bindge a show.  No, this was one of those sicknesses where you lose track of your days because you are so busy sleeping and coughing your lungs out.


I'm all good now though, and I finally have time to work on this story.  I still do not have chapter four written, but thought it best to go ahead and release chapter three.  This is going to be a fun one, and really amp things up.  I hope you enjoy it.


Anyway, I hope you all had a good Halloween, and that my story can keep the creepy vibe going until this Christmas season.  Without anything else to say, please enjoy...


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Chapter 3: Surface Tension



Surface Tension


     The sun glittered off the rolling waves, the sea breeze blew gently, and a few seabirds graced the cloudless sky.  By all accounts, it looked like another lovely day.  However, the air seemed to chill as a small red car pulled in front of Wild Waves, and the young girl inside threw it into park.  As the sunlight gleamed off the windshield, Keisha took a minute to collect herself.


     Resting her head on the steering wheel, she questioned if she really wanted to go inside and get back to her job.  The weekend had been the worst days of her life, with every other bad experience paling in comparison.  She hadn’t eaten anything since she had discovered the boat, and she had barely slept.  The little sleep she had managed to get came in short spirts, and offered no dreams to escape into.  


     Looking up at the small, white building, her stomach seemed to twist inside of her.  She had already skipped school, as there was no possible way she could deal with all that nonsense.  Still, there was a part of her that really wanted to get back to her work.  It was not because she particularly enjoyed it, as there was nothing in the world that could brighten her mood, but it was the thin shred of hope that, just for a few hours, she might be able to pretend that everything was normal, and that the rest of her life was nothing but a distant memory.


     Making up her mind, she reached down into her glove compartment and withdrew her name tag, pinning it onto her dark blue shirt.  Before she left, there was still one more thing to do.  Looking in her car’s mirror, she checked her face.  Sure enough, her face was still slightly red and puffy around her eyes, evidence of all the tears she had shed over the past seventy-two hours.  There was no way to hide it, and, even if there was, she did not have the energy to bother.


     Doing her best to compose herself, Keisha climbed out of her car and began slowly walking toward Wild Waves.  Her legs still felt weak, but she forced herself onwards, and soon found herself at the door.  She hesitated, realizing that now was her last chance to turn back and go home.  But what would she do?  Just sit in her room, surrounded by her rapidly fracturing life?  No.  She needed to do this.


     Grabbing the handle, Keisha opened the door and stepped inside.


     The first thing she noticed was how empty it was.  There was not a single customer in sight.  On top of that, she could not spot Cooper or Hudson.  Stepping further inside, Keisha began looking around, trying to spot any sign of life.  Finally, it came, as Hudson stepped out from the farthest aisle, a heavy looking box held in his hand.


     The second he spotted the girl standing before him, he dropped the box, the contents making a concerning cracking sound as they hit the ground.  His eyes wide, Hudson was only able to stammer out, “Keisha?”  And then he did the most unexpected thing.


     Hudson ran over and wrapped Keisha in a hug.


     It was the first time he had ever done so, and Keisha was rather taken aback by the action.  Weirder still, it seemed to ease her troubled mind, though just by a fraction.  After a minute, Hudson stepped back, a mixture of sadness and concern on his face.  “I’m so, so sorry for what happened.  I can’t imagine what you’re going through.  If you need to talk, please just let me know.”


     Keisha nodded, touched by the sincere offer.  “Thanks, but I’m just going to need some time.”


     Hudson nodded, understanding.  Then his expression changed as something dawned on him.  “What are you doing back so soon?  I thought you wouldn’t be returning to work for a while now.”  His eyes widened, and he was quick to add, “Not that we aren’t happy that you’re back.  This place isn’t the same without you, but-”


     Holding up her hand, Keisha cut him off.  “I know what you mean,” she reassured him.  “I’m back because…well…I can’t stay in my house any longer.”  Eager to change the subject, and hopefully get her mind on something happier, Keisha looked at the box lying on the floor and quickly asked, “Do you want any help with that?”


     Hudson glanced back over his shoulder to where Keisha was pointing, and, upon realizing what she was talking about, nodded and said, “Sure.  I’d love a hand.”


     The two began to work together, emptying the box of its contents and restocking the shelves.  As Keisha had suspected, some of the items had been cracked when dropped, but she decided not to say anything.  Instead, the duo finished emptying the box before grabbed some cleaning supplies and heading towards the front-most aisle.


     As they began to whip things down, Keisha looked up, a frown on her face, and asked, “Hey, where is Cooper?  I haven’t seen a sign of him so far.”


     “Oh, that,” Hudson said, looking up from the cleaning cloth in his hands.  “Funny thing happened right before you arrived.  This customer came in and wanted to talk to Mr. Prine.  They exchanged words, though I didn’t catch what they were talking about, and then Mr. Prine took them into the back.  They’re still in there.”


     “Wait, what?” Keisha asked, turning to face Hudson, a look of pure confusion on her face.  “Cooper took the customer into the back?  I thought no one was allowed back there.”


     “Dunno,” Hudson shrugged.  “I guess you can ask him when they are done.”


     Keisha looked up at the door leading into the back, eyeing it suspiciously.  In all the time that she had worked at Wild Waves, she had never heard of anyone other than Cooper going into the back, so what made this one customer so special?  Perhaps they were a trusted customer, with a lot of history with Cooper?  Or perhaps the purpose of their discussion was worth the privacy?  Whatever the case, it did not make sense in her mind.


     She did not have to wait long, however, as the door to the back suddenly swung open, and a figure swooped out of it, striding with purpose through the store.  Keisha realized immediately that this was the customer in question, but she was surprised by what she saw.  It was a young man, just barely college age, if she had to guess.  His wild, dark hair was jostled about as he walked, and the unzipped jet black jacket that he wore swooshed out behind him like a cape or cloak, giving him a dramatic air.


     He took no notice of Keisha or Hudson, too busy muttering to himself, clearly in a bad mood.  The front door burst open with dangerous force, and the young man stormed outside, hurrying out of view.


     Keisha and Hudson stood in silence for a moment, both too stunned to speak.  Ever so slowly, they glanced at each other, their faces showing the same curiosity and unease.


     Cooper finally stepped out of the back, brushing his long hair out of his face, and rubbing his temples.  When he spotted his two employees, he did his best to smile, but it looked weak.  Keisha, not wanting to waste a moment, walked on over to her boss and asked, “What was that all about?”


     Shaking his head, Cooper merely muttered, “Some people can’t accept inconveniences.”


     Keisha frowned, not understanding.  “What do you mean by that?” she pressed.  “I’ve seen grumpy customers before, but never have I seen someone in such a temper.”


     “Long story short,” Cooper explained, “he had been in contact with me, wanting a rarer item.  However, due to recent events, things got delayed.  Not much I can do about it.”  His expression changed to one of concern as a new thought crossed his mind.  “That reminds me, how are you doing?  After what happened to your friend, I was not expecting to see you for a while yet.”


      “It’s…rough,” Keisha admitted.  “I’m taking it one day at a time.”  She looked away, trying to hold back the emotions that were wanting to flood her mind.  “I just hope…  I just hope that they find out what did this.”


     Hudson, who had been listening in on the conversation, slowly walked over, and asked, “Did you guys hear what happened yesterday?”


     “No,” Keisha said quickly, her interest rising instantly, right as Cooper nodded and said, “Yes.”


     “What happened?  Did they find something?” Keisha questioned her peers, eager for any morsel of information.


     Cooper looked down at the girl before him, unsure if he should tell her.  However, he realized, she deserved to know, and she would find out soon enough.  “Early yesterday morning, sometime before the sun came up, there was another incident on the river.  Whatever happened, it claimed two officers.”


     The look of horror from Keisha was unparalleled.  She looked appalled by the news, the color seemed to drain from her face, and it was clear her mind was running wild with horrible scenarios.  “Does anyone know what happened?!”


     The event’s of the previous night vivd in his mind, Hudson opened his mouth, about to tell the others what his Dad had said.  But, to his surprise, the words seemed to get stuck in his throat.  Perhaps it would not be wise to tell them that the surviving officer reported that there was some sort of creature in the river.  After all, that news had not been released to the public yet, and it would probably sound rather absurd.  So, instead of sharing that tidbit, Hudson instead told them, “I overheard my Dad talking last night, and he said that the Mayor wants to shut down all activity on the river.  Something about keeping the public safe until they can solve the problem.”


     “But do they know what’s causing this?” Keisha pushed.  “Do they actually have a strategy?”


     To this, Hudson just shrugged.


      Another thought hit Keisha, and she spun about to face her boss again.  “What about the beach?  I know that this has only been a problem on the river, but…do you think they will close the beach?”


     “Not likely,” Cooper said with a chuckle.  “With Spring Break right around the corner, these political chuckleheads won’t do a thing unless they have to.”


     “Just like in Jaws,” Hudson muttered.


      “Those movies, while over the top, knew what they were talking about,” Cooper told him, waving a finger meaningfully through the air.


     “You don’t have to tell me twice,” Hudson informed him.  “I don’t have plans to go anywhere near the water for quite some time.”


     Cooper opened his mouth, but, before he could say anything, the front door opened and a customer walked in.  “Ah,” Cooper quickly said in his friendliest voice.  “Welcome to Wild Waves!  How can we be of service?”


     As the customer and Cooper began to talk, Keisha and Hudson returned to their duties, busying themselves with whatever they could find.  They hardly spoke with each other for the next hour, both distracted with other things.  Even though it was the beginning of the work week, there was a lot to get done, and both teens wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible.  Time went by, people came in and out, and finally they began to approach the closing hour.  


     Hudson was behind the counter, organizing some paperwork, when he received a text.  Being the diligent worker that he was, he waited to check his phone until after he had finished the immediate job.  Once the paper was sorted and put away, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and checked the text.  His heart dropped when he read what it said.


     The text was from his mom, and it was informing him that there had been a complication.  His dad would be working slightly later than usual, and his mom had only found out after she had gone off to the store on the opposite side of town.  So there would be no one to pick him up from work at his usual time.  The only options would be to either wait the better part of an hour to be picked up, or he could have a trusted individual drive him home.


     Worriedly adjusting his glasses, Hudson tried to figure out what to do.  It would not be too bad to wait for one of his parents to come pick him up, but he would not want to put Mr. Prine out by sticking around for so long.  On the other hand, he did not know anyone who would be readily available to drive him, and he would not want to inconvenience anyone.


     He began to sweat, overthinking the problem, and imagining a multitude of situations greatly exaggerated from the one he currently found himself.  Then he spotted Keisha across the room, and an idea sprung into his mind.  Keisha lived up the river, and his house was in that general direction.  Perhaps she could give him a ride, as it should not be more than a ten minute detour for her.


     His mind filled with worry, and Hudson ran the conversation over through his mind three or four times before finally summoning enough courage to go over to Keisha and ask.  “Hey, I’ve got a question for you,” he started, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.  “Actually, it is more of a preposition really.  And it is totally cool if you say no, but I still gotta ask.  And-”


     “What is it?” Keisha asked directly, raising an eyebrow at the freckled boy.


     “Well, my parents won’t be able to pick me up at our normal time, so I was curious if you could give me a ride?  It should not be much of an inconvenience for you, at least when it comes to travel time.”


     Keisha considered the request.  She was not apposed to giving Hudson a lift, but she would have preferred not to.  She found the thought of being stuck in a car with him for an extended period of time to be unpleasant, and the thought of navigating unfamiliar roads was not preferred.  There was also the chance that this would then be asked of her again in the future, and Keisha was not fond of that either.


     There was one last thing to consider, and this was the thing to settle the issue.  If she were to drive Hudson home, she would be away from her house longer, and she liked the idea of that.  She would take any opportunity she could to delay her return.


     Nodding, she told him, “Sure.  You’ll just need to direct me.”


     “Thanks,” Hudson beamed up at her.  “I really appreciate it.”


     “Don’t mention it,” Keisha told him as he hurried off to continue his work.


     The next half an hour passed with no incidents, and only two or three customers.  It finally came time to close up shop for the evening, and the trio finished preparing what they could for the following day.  With nothing more to do, Keisha and Hudson began moving toward the door.  “Goodnight!” Cooper called after the teenagers.  “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


     “Bye!” Keisha called over her shoulder, as Hudson waved and said, “Goodnight, Mr. Prine.”


      As Cooper locked the door behind them, the duo made their way over to Keisha’s car.  She unlocked the doors and sat down, starting the car almost immediately.  Hudson sat down next to her, looking around at the interior.  “Wow.  It’s so clean in here.”


     “Thanks,” Keisha said with a nod, buckling her seatbelt.  “Don’t forget, I’m going to need you to direct me to your house.”


     “Easy enough,” Hudson told her, adjusting his seat to a more comfortable position.  “Just head up the river, and I’ll let you know when our turnoff arrives.”


     With those vague directions, Keisha backed out of her parking spot, turned onto the main road, and began heading down the long, straight street back toward the river.  The buildings were bathed in the light of the setting sun, and the shadows were stretched long across the ground.  There was silence in the car, with neither Hudson or Keisha making a sound.  Hudson peered out the window, watching as the civilians walked on the sidewalk or exited stores.


     They eventually came to the river, and Keisha took the turn to follow it, the sunlight being obscured by the tree branches overhead.  Playing it safe, Keisha turned on her headlights, illuminating the abandoned road.


      Hudson drummed his fingers on his knees, lost in thought.  He had talked to Keisha countless times, but never outside of a work environment, and he found it extremely awkward to be sitting right next to her.  Perhaps he should break the silence, he thought, as things felt like they were growing uncomfortable.  But perhaps Keisha did not mind?  After all, she was probably just focused on driving him back home, and was not very interested in small talk.  Then again, she was giving him a ride, so the least he could do would be to engage her in conversation, right?


     As the car entered a less wooded section of the road, Hudson finally made up his mind to say something.  But what?  What would be a good topic for such a situation as this?  He decided that it could not be anything too deep, as he was going to be arriving at home in less than ten minutes.  But, then again, he did not want to have a shallow and meaningless talk, as that would not feel genuine.


     “So…” Hudson began, trying to think of a good topic on the fly.  Finding nothing, he blurted out the first thing that entered his noggin.  “…How’s life?”


     The second the words left his mouth, he knew he had gone and messed up.  What sort of horrible question was that?!  Keisha’s life was falling apart at the seams, and he had chosen that of all topics to talk about!  What was wrong with him?!


     Turning to Keisha, he opened his mouth, about to apologize, when he realized a surprising truth.  Keisha had not even been paying attention.  Hudson let out a long breath, happy that his inappropriate question had been missed.  However, that did raise the question of what had Keisha’s attention.


     The car began to slow, and Keisha rolled down her window, trying to get a better look at something.  They had entered a less wooded section of the road, and it made seeing the river very easy.  And there, not more than twenty feet away, was a strange object in the river.  What it was, Keisha had no idea, but her headlights had glinted off of it with a metallic sheen.  


      Turning on her hazards, Keisha brought her vehicle to a full stop in the middle of the road, trying to get a better view at whatever it was that was protruding from the water.  Adjusting his glasses, Hudson sat forward and looked out at the object too.  “What is that?” he asked, squinting his eyes.


     The realization hit Keisha like a train, and it took her breath away.  “It’s…a car.”  


     And so it was.  It was a light blue car, but only its rear half stuck out from the river’s surface.  The car was also really badly damaged, with long cuts along its side, and the left taillight shattered.


      “I don’t like this,” Hudson practically whined.  “Let’s go.  We can tell my dad when we get to my house.”


     “But what if there’s someone still inside?” Keisha asked.  “I don’t want to be anywhere near that river either, but shouldn’t we at least check?”


     “Fine,” Hudson grumbled, knowing that she was right.  “But we need to make this fast.”


     Keisha took a moment to collect her courage before reaching down to put the car into park.  Her hand never made it, however, as there suddenly came a deafening booming noise, and water from the river was sent flying through the air like a tidal wave.  Keisha and Hudson screamed at the surprise action, and, as the water rained down on the windshield, Keisha slammed her foot on the gas peddle.  


     The car began to speed off, and Keisha struggled to regain control of the careening vehicle.  From behind them, there came repeated banging, like that of galloping horse.  Panicked, Hudson threw a glance over his should, but all he could see in the failing light was a dark mass behind them.


     Keisha swerved around a bend in the road, the car’s tires sliding across the pavement, and the trees thickened around them, looming above them ominously.   In their fright and terror, it took the two a moment to realize that the dark mass had stopped its pursuit of them.  Keisha, however, did not slow down, traveling down the thin road well above the speed limit.


     His heart thundering in his chest, Hudson’s breathing came in quick rasps.  He finally blurted out the only question that seemed important.  “What was that?”


     “That’s…that’s the thing we’re dealing with?!” Keisha shouted in shock, her mind racing with the new information.  “That thing was huge!”  She rubbed her forehead, trying to process the last minute of her life, and wrap her mind around the implications of what she had seen.  “How’d it get in our river?!  Why is it attacking people of all things?”


     “Keisha,” Hudson suddenly jumped in, “can we slow down some, please.”  Hudson began to grab his seatbelt and cling to it for dear life, the car rushing down the road faster and faster.  “Keisha!”


      “Oh, yeah,” Keisha said, shaking her head and returning to the present.  She lifted her foot from the gas peddle, and the car, which had been traveling at nearly eighty miles per hour, began to slow.  “Where’s your turn?”


     “Right around this bend,” Hudson told her, not loosening his hold from the seatbelt.  “We have to tell my dad about what we just saw.  He needs to know what he’s dealing with.”  


     Keisha slowed down even more so that she could turn down a narrow road.  “How much farther to your house now?”


     Hudson, however, did not hear her.  He was too focused on what he had just said.  His dad was up against that giant monstrosity!  Even if the full force of the law came out, would they even stand a chance?  Heck, would the military be a worthy opponent?!  As far as Hudson was aware, that thing had now taken down two boats and a car!


     It took nearly passing his house for Hudson to snap back to reality.  “There’s my house!”


     Turning the wheel sharply, Keisha pulled into the driveway and parked her car off to the side, allowing for easy entry for any other vehicles.  Another car already sat in the driveway, and Hudson knew that that meant that his mom had just gotten home.  


     Hudson sprang from the car and began running for the front door, leaving Keisha in the car as he made a mad dash for the safety of his house.  He threw open the door and ran straight to his mom, his eyes wide behind the thick lenses of his glasses.  “W-we saw it!” he sputtered out, barely managing to form words.  “We saw the creature in the river!”


     “You did?” his mom gasped, wrapping him in a hug.  “What happened?”  She listened intently as Hudson dove into a retelling of the journey from Wild Waves, spending much of the time graying the lines between reality and wild exaggeration.  All the while he talked, neither he nor his mom stopped to think about the girl outside.


     Keisha still sat in the driver’s seat of her car, not even bothering to open the door.  With the danger now behind her, she needed to slow down a bit and let her thoughts catch up.  In the mad dash to escape, she had not gotten a very good look at the creature, but she did know well enough that it was unlike anything that she had ever heard of before.  It was a behemoth, large and powerful, and it seemed to be able to traverse both land and water with ease.  But there was more than that, Keisha realized, as that elusive beast was the reason things had gotten so dangerous as of late.  As far as she was aware, it had claimed the lives of a half dozen people in four days.  


     More than that, it was because of that creature that she had lost Aubrey!


     Her blood began to boil with rage, and her hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly that the knuckles began to turn pale.  In that moment of pure and unhindered animosity, Keisha made a vow to herself.  One way or another, she was going to make that beast pay for what it had done, and what it had taken.


      Just then, the glare of a bright light reflected off of her mirror and right into her eyes.  Turning quickly, she spotted the source, and realized it was the headlights of a car.  A moment later, a police car pulled up next to her, and out stepped Hudson’s dad, still dressed in full uniform, and looking rather somber.


     “Dad!  Dad!” Hudson yelled, bursting out the front door and running to the driveway, his mom close behind.  “We saw it!  Keisha and I saw the thing in the river!”


     “You what?!” his dad asked, clearly shocked.


     “Yeah, yeah!  Keisha drove me home, and, on the way, we saw a car that had crashed in the river.  We slowed down to investigate, when the thing lunged out of the water at us and chased us!  It was huge, but we were able to get away!”


     Keisha emerged from her car right as Hudson wrapped up the recap, and she could see the concern on his dad’s face.  He ran a hand through his hair, trying not to think about the fact he had nearly lost his son.  When he finally spoke, there was a dark undertone to his voice.


     “Genesis County is no longer safe.  I spent half the day a few miles up river helping with investigating another incident involving a riverside house, and now we have a car taken down.  Whatever this thing is, it has to be stopped, and the officials of the community agree.”


     Hudson let out a long breath at the good news, relived to hear that this matter was being taken seriously.  That faded immediate however when he heard what his dad said next.


     “That is why the full force of the law has committed to a thorough sweep of the river tomorrow, from the beach all the way up as far as we can.  We’re going to have cars driving up and down the river, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, and we’ll have numerous boats working in tandem to investigate every nook and cranny until we find this thing and stop it, though whether that be with some form of trap or tranquilizers, or something more permanent, has yet to be decided.”


     Keisha nodded approvingly, a smile touching the edge of her lips at the thought of Aubrey being avenged.  A few feet away from Keisha, Hudson’s mom also seemed relieved.


     Hudson, however, was far from it.  His heart thundered in his chest, and his mind filled with vivid and terrible images.  As much as he wanted this tragedy to come to an end, it was his own dad who had to put his life on the line to do it.


     And, after seeing the pure size and power of the creature, that thought horrified him.


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  Alas, we have come to


Alas, we have come to the end of another chapter, but now things are getting more serious.  The creature has emerged, and the threat is real.  What will happen next?  What will Keisha and Hudson do?  What is this strange beast that threatens the community?  Find out more in Chapter Four.


Also, I want to build some more hype for the next chapter.  Chapter Four has a scene in it that I am so excited to write.  Like, when it came into my head, I just knew that it was going to be the highlight of the book.  This scene, if it comes out right, will help define this book.  Sadly though...I still have to write it, but I'm looking forward to it.


I hope you all are doing well, and that you stay safe until the next chapter comes out.  It should not be as long of a wait as last time.  I do want to finish this book in the near future.


Love you all!



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Great news, my friends!  Chapter four has been written!


Now, I do need to edit the cahpter, but that should not take too long (three days, tops [unless there are unforseen issues]).  Chapter four will be wild though, and, while some parts I sturggled with, this chapter will be a highlight in this story.  


I can't say much more without giving spoilers, so I just ask for a little more patince, and then the fun will begin.


Until then...