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Hey, everybody!  It is your favorite viking; Lack Lunason.


Since 2018, I have been gifting this forum with spooky themed literature.  Every October, from the 1st to the 31st, I have posted chapters to my creepy series, lovingly titled "Shireks from the Shadows".  The past four years have been absolutly insane, and has seen my growth as an author.  And, for those who have faithfully read my series, you have seen a long adventure unfold.  An adventure full of ghouls and monsters, and heroic teenagers who dare to look d.eath in the face and laugh. is that time of year again, and I have returned with another tale to terrify.  Now, before we begin, there is a few things I wanna say right here and now.  First off, this is BOOK FIVE of a series.  While this is an anthology series, there is still some...crossover, shall we say (faithful readers know EXACTLY what I mean by that).  So, while this story can technically be read by itself, I would recommend going back and reading my four other books first (links in my Signature).


Secondly, AND OF IMPORTANCE, this series is going to be getting darker and grimmer from now on.  I am not going to try and make it too horrible, per say, but personal judgement is ADVICED.  Again, not gonna make this a slasher series, but I am going to definitely take a step farther into the creature feature.


(AND ADMINS, knowing full well that this series has absolutely nothing to do with HTTYD, if you ever want me to edit a chapter to make it more chill, please let me know.  [I still want to share my series, as it has been going so long, so that's why I ask to edit it instead of just deleting it].  My goal is to make it scary, but not nightmare inducing or traumatizing.)


Thirdly, my schedule of posting is going to be wild.  I'm not even going to post a story postinng schedule, or even say this will get done by Halloween.  It gets done when it gets done.  Enjoy the ride.


Lastly, in previous years, I have gone through heavier editing processes before posting.  However, this year I will just throw that out of the window.  You will get my "casual edit" and, if I remember, I'll come back and do better edits sometime in November/December.


OKAY!  With that all being said, enjoy the wild ride that is...














Under the Surface



Important announcement!







(I figure you've probably already figured that out, but I thought I'd play it safe.)


    Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


      Here are just a few more things about me:

  1. I am a procrastinator.
  2. I'm pretty nice (mostly).
  3. I am most definitely kind (don't listen to those that say otherwise).
  4. Adventurous.
  5. Lazy.
  6. A dreamer.
  7. And I'm slightly crazy.

     I've been around SoD for a long time. I think I was one of the first thousand to leave Berk and sail to the school. I'm happily part of the bold clan known as POTATO BROTHERS. I have over four-thousand trouphies, although, I don't like racing much. On the other hand, I'm a Master Farmer.  (Don't you dare ask me how fishing is going!  We don't speak of that!)


      On the ranking on the forum, I've completed/on the following: Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explore, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master, Chief, Berk's Power Player, and......



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Chapter One: Down the River



Down the River


     The ballistic ring of a school bell split the air, heralding an end to yet another school day.  Within moments, teenagers of all shapes and sizes poured out of classrooms, hurrying to gather up the essentials so that they could depart for the weekend.  The sound of cheerful chattering soon filled the air—a welcomed noise to many—and there were merry farewells as friends bid each other goodbye until the following Monday.


     Amongst the crowd walked a young girl of darker complexion, her bright green plaid shirt distinctly separating her from her peers.  Her name was Keisha, and she weaved her way through the throngs of students, checking the time on her watch as she purposefully strode for the exit.  Even though she was among the minority who did not mind school, she was eager to be on her way.  Turning a corner, she spotted the doors just down the hallway, and her pace quickened.  She was almost to them when a figure separated from the crowd and, walking up next to her, said, “Thought you could slip out before saying goodbye?”


     Though she smiled at the sound of her friend’s voice, Keisha did not bother looking up as she replied, “Sorry about that, Aubrey.  I just didn’t want to be late.”


     “No big,” the boy said with a shrug, flashing his charming smile.  “I know you’ve got a lot on your plate.”  The boy walking beside Keisha was a tall, popular, and rather handsome fellow, who also just so happened to be Keisha’s oldest and closest friend.  His name was Aubrey Young, and his niceness was only matched by his chill attitude towards life.


    Pushing the front doors open, Keisha and and Aubrey stepped out into the afternoon sunshine, walked around a clump of talkative students as they descended the stairs, and continued on toward the school’s parking lot.  “Out of curiosity, what are you doing later?” Keisha asked, adjusting her backpack’s strap as she walked.  “If you’re free, I might be able to swing by your place after I get off of work.”


     Aubrey shook his head, his hazel brown hair getting slight mussed.  “Unfortunately, I’m going to be busy.  My dad and I are going to take the boat out on the river later today.”  Aubrey looked down at Keisha, and, when he spotted the small frown on her face, his heart dropped.  He quickly tried to search for a positive.  “Hey.  I have no plans for tomorrow, so, if you wanna try hanging out then, I’m totally down for that.”


    “We’ll have to see how things go, and how busy I will be, but that sounds like fun,” Keisha told him, knowing full well that she would have the entirety of the next day off.


    “Great,” Aubrey said happily.  “In that case, I hope to see you then.”


     Kisha stopped beside a small, red car, her hand resting on one of the door handles.  Looking up and staring into Aubrey’s brown eyes, Keisha said, “I would love to stay and chat, but I have to go.  I’ll see you soon.”  With that, she opened the car door, sat down in the seat, and placed the key in the ignition.  Aubrey took a few steps back as the car pulled out of the parking spot, and Keisha began to drive off.  Before she had driven too far, Keisha took one quick glance in the mirror.  Behind her, still standing in the middle of the parking lot, was Aubrey, his eyes locked on the car, and a wide and rather silly grin spread on his face.


     Keisha could not help but smile.


     A moment later, the car pulled out of the school’s parking lot, and Keisha turned onto the main road.  The sunshine, hindered only by the trees that lined the street, shone down brightly, glinting off the hood of the vehicle.  Keisha rolled down the window, placing her arm in the windowsill, and allowing the nice breeze to blow through her long, dark braids.


     The road slowly curved and suddenly began running parallel with a river on its left, though Keisha barely took any notice of it.  She had lived in the area for thirteen of her seventeen years, and had grown quite accustomed to the lay of the land.  The sizable river, which wound its way through three different states, no longer interested her, save as just a landmark of the communities who used the river, and its associated resources, as a means to thrive.


     Well, used to thrive.  Keisha looked out the window and up at the opposite bank.  There was a steep, wooded hill on the other side, and, at the very top, was an old, abandoned building.  It used to be a fish hatchery, which had provided jobs and opportunities decades ago, but now it sat empty and abandoned.  Keisha frowned at the thought before turning her attention back to the road.


     A minute later, the road curved again, and the car rolled across a long, metal bridge over the river.  It was not anything too impressive, being about twenty feet above the river, and running roughly forty feet long, but it severed its purpose well, and Keisha soon found herself on the other side.


     The tree branches danced overhead, and Keisha took a second to turn on the radio and set it to play some music.  Houses began to appear in the distance.  It was slow at first, with one or two scattered about, but their numbers soon grew, and they started to sprout in clumps.  Keisha glanced out her passenger window to look at one house in particular.  It was a small, two storied building, with blue paint, which sat just a few yards back from the river’s shore.  It also just so happened to be her family’s house.


    Built right next to it on the right sat another house.  This one, which was about the same size and shape, though painted a dark tan color, was Aubrey’s family’s house.  There was a car sitting in the driveway, and, out back, sat their small family boat.  However, before Keisha could pick out any more details, the house disappeared from view as the car continued down the road. 


     Keisha continued on her way for roughly another ten minutes before anything else of interest appeared.  The wind slowly brought a new smell in through the window; the smell of salt.  Keisha knew that that meant that she was almost at her destination.  The river which she had been following eventually ended by pouring out into the sea, and the coastline had become rather popular for its nice beaches.  This, in turn, had made the nearby establishments turn their interest on claiming some tourist money.


     One such establishment was Keisha’s destination, and, as she turned her car away from the river and down towards the beach, she could just spot it in the distance.  She traveled down the long, straight strip of road, rapidly approaching the building.  After another full minute, she put on her blinker and pulled into the parking lot of the small shop.


     Compared to the other nearby vendors, Wild Waves was nothing too fancy.  It was a medium sized, two storied building, painted pure white, with the bottom floor serving as a surf shop.  It sold basically every type of beach essential, along with a plethora of generic knickknacks as souvenirs.  The upper story of the building was actually the owner’s house, which Keisha assumed made getting ready for work a breeze.


     Pulling into an open parking spot, Keisha opened up her car’s glove compartment and quickly retrieved her badge, pinning it onto her shirt.  She quickly gave herself a look over, making sure she appeared professional for work, before stepping out of her car and hurrying across the parking lot.  The second the front door was open, she loudly greeted her boss.  “Good afternoon, Mr. Prine.”


     “Same to you, Miss Keisha,” came the cheerful reply.  Standing behind the counter on the left side of the room was the owner of the establishment, Cooper Prine.  He was an older fellow, well into his late sixties or seventies, with long, gray hair, and a very prominent unibrow.  However, his eyes were still bright and sharp.


     As Keisha began getting ready to jump into her duties, Cooper returned to his phone call with a customer.  “Yes, yes,” he was saying, shaking his head.  “I assure you, it will be in stock.  Come by and pick it up whenever.”  He nodded once as the person on the other end responded, before quickly checking a nearby calendar.  “Yeah, that date will do nicely.  Have a good day.”   With that, he hung up the phone.  However, before he got back to his business, he muttered one more thing to himself.  “Kids these days.  They have no inclination on how business works.”


     Returning to the present, Cooper looked across the store to where Keisha was working.  “All going well for you?” he asked.  “Anything interesting happen in class?”


     “Nothing really,” Keisha reported.  “Just the same old, same old.  The sports teams took themselves way too seriously, the gossips gossiped, and only about ten percent of the kids payed attention to the lessons.”


     “And what of that test you were studying for?  Did that go well?”


     “Well enough, I guess,” Keisha said with a shrug.  “It actually wasn’t as hard or in-depth as I was expecting, but I’m still a tad bit concerned about it.”


    “Bah!” Cooper grumbled, waving his arm through the air.  “Don’t worry ‘bout it.  School is a waste of time anyhow.  Doesn’t really prepare you for the real world, now does it?  Life is more about the connections you have than the knowledge in your noggin.  In my lifetime, I’ve known a few dense fellows who got far in life because they had an aunt or uncle in a position of power.”  Cooper paused to think on his words.  “You know, back in my youth, that’s actually how I came into my profession.  Met an oddball egghead, and, next thing I know, a decade of my life is gone.”  The second that sentence left his mouth, he fell silent again.  He stayed that way for long enough that Keisha thought the conversation was over, but then he added one last thing.  “Course, that might not be the best example, but you get my point.”


     Just then, both Cooper and Keisha heard the sound of a car, and, looking out into the parking lot, they saw a vehicle pull in.  “Ah, there he is!” Cooper happily said.


     “Oh, boy,” Keisha sighed.


     The passenger door of the car opened, and a short boy with wild, bright red hair began hurrying toward the door of the shop.  As he half sprinted, half stumbled towards the entrance, he hastily pinned his name tag on his oversized shirt.  When he arrived, he gave a short greeting, his voice slightly nasally.  “Good morning, Mr. Prine.”


     “Good afternoon, Hudson,” Cooper cheerfully replied, smiling at the young boy.  “How are you today?”


     “Doing great, Sir.  And yourself?”


     “I only have a minor headache, and I haven’t had to slip into the back to take a shot of tequila,  so we’re doing pretty good.”


     “That’s always nice to hear,” Hudson smiled up.  He then looked about the store, his hair falling into his freckled face.  “So, where would you like me to begin?”


     Cooper thought for a second before replying.  “Well, I think Keisha could use a hand with putting up stock.”


    To this, Keisha looked up, her heart falling.  It was not that she did not like Hudson, it was just that she found him rather annoying.  He was a fifteen year old boy whose parents sheltered him like crazy.  He did not have many friends, he was not up to date on any popular movies or tv shows, and his favorite pastimes were either reading old books or watching videos online.  Keisha could not even relate to him with school, as he was homeschooled.  Simply put, if Keisha did not know him through work, she would not bother to befriend him, or even interact with him.


     The second that Hudson arrived at her side, he was chattering away.  “So, how was your school day?  Was there any interesting drama?  Oh, didn’t you have a test today?  How’d that go?  And how’s that dude you like doing?  Audrey was his name, right?”


     Keisha could not help but sigh as she set up some merchandise on a shelf.  “It was fine, I guess.  No, there wasn’t.  Yes I did, and it went okay, I guess.  And his name is Aubrey, and we’re just friends.”


     “Cool, cool,” Hudson said, nodding slightly as he assisted in straightening some items on a shelf.  “Well, since Mr. Prine canceled work for the next few days, do you have any fun plans for the weekend?”


     “No,” Keisha quickly said, not even considering the question.  Though, even if she did have some big plans, she would not really bother to tell Hudson.


     “Me neither,” Hudson shrugged.  “I’m just going to stay home and hang around with my family.  Hopefully my Dad will be free, though we aren’t sure yet.  Who knows with him.”


     Her eyes wide with annoyance, Keisha struggled to bite her tongue as Hudson began to ramble on and on.  He would just not shut up!  The second that they were done with their task, Keisha made an excuse to work on the direct opposite end of the store from Hudson, and she did her best to stay that way as the hours ticked by.  For the most part, it was Cooper who interacted with the customers, though Keisha did on occasion, if it were necessary.  Hudson, on the other hand, did not really have the courage to approach and converse with customers yet.


    At long last, the closing hour arrived, and Keisha and Hudson began moving toward the door.  “Have a good night!” Cooper called after them.  “And remember, we’re not working this weekend, so I’ll see you two on Monday.”


     “Thanks for the reminder,” Keisha smiled back.  “We’ll catch you then.”


     “Bye, Mr. Prine!” Hudson said with a wave, stepping through the doorway of the shop.  The two teenagers moved out into the nearly empty parking lot.  As Hudson approached his mom’s car, he looked up at his co-worker and sincerely said, “Bye, Keisha!  I hope you have a great weekend.”


     “Same to you,” Keisha replied with just a fraction of the cheerful tone.  She opened her car door and slipped inside, unpinning her name tag as she sat down.  She leaned her head back on the head rest and
took a precious moment to relax and shift her thoughts from that of work to her heading home for the evening.  After a moment of peace and silence, she started the car, and began to pull out of Wild Wave’s parking lot.


     The drive was just long enough to decompress from the day, without being too long as to be boring.  Before long, she met back up with the river, and followed the road along its winding course, heading back toward the comfort of the houses that she had grown accustomed to.  As she went, she began to plan out the rest of her evening.  She’d probably hop online and check to see if she had missed anything important.  Then maybe she would read a little, though she was not sure what she would be interested in reading.  Perhaps playing a game online would be better, but she did not fancy the idea too much.  On the flip side, there was a high chance that she would settle down and watch some show later in the evening.


     Her mind was busy running along these lines as she put on her blinker and pulled into her family’s driveway.   At long last, she was home.  Gathering her stuff, Keisha hurried out of the car and began walking toward the front door of the house, her keys in hand.  She was halfway there when she threw a casual glance at Aubrey’s house.

     She stopped dead in her tracks.


     Just thirty yards away, the house sat silently, with no sign of movement from within, but that was not what caught her attention.  Out back, running from the shore, was the family’s dock, and, at the end, was their boat.  To Keisha’s shock, it was wrecked.  No.  That was not the right word.  It was destroyed, totaled, decimated, and completely shattered.  It sat there, still tied up securely, but now leaning heavily to the side, its railing dangerously close to the water’s surface.


     In an instant, Keisha had forgotten everything else, and was sprinting across the open ground and toward her friend’s house.  The moment she reached the front door, she began knocking on it, desperately hoping that her friend would answer.


     There came no reply.


     Keisha moved to a nearby window and peered inside, but the lights were all off, and there was no movement.  Her mind filled with worry, Keisha turned toward the driveway, realizing that they might have gone off somewhere to get help for their boat, or maybe even go off to the hospital if someone was hurt.  However, both cars sat in the driveway.  So that meant that Aubrey and his dad must still be around.


     That just left one last place to check: the boat itself.  Keisha ran around the house, the backyard a blur as she approached the dock.  Her feet thudded against the planks as she left the grass behind and came to the boat.  


     It was worse than she had first believed.  The entire back of the boat was torn to shreds, with the railing on that side almost completely gone.  The motor itself was nowhere in sight, and the glass on the windshield was shattered, as if it had been hit with a blunt object.  The side of the small ship was covered in gashes, most of which were just above the waterline.  


     None of that, however, could compare to the worst part.  The worst part was all of the red.  Bright, crimson, dripping, red.  It coated the deck, painting the white fiberglass with its horrifying hue.


    Tears flooded Keisha’s eyes as she took in the sight, and she grabbed her sides as she threw up into the river.  Her legs wobbled before giving way, no longer strong enough to support her.  She sat there, her eyes locked on the brutal scene, unable to look away.  


     It all felt too unreal, too impossible to be true, but the evidence was right before her.  Aubrey was gone.


     Keisha would never see him again.


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End of Chapter 1


Hey, everyone!  Thanks for reading!


First things first, that ending.  I think you can now see why I said this story will be darker and more brutal than the others.  The rest of this story will be crazy too.

Now, I gotta ask, what did you think?  Did you enjoy the read?  I admit, this chapter gave me a little trouble to write.  I dunno why though.  


Also, this chapter contains at least three firsts for the series, if not four.  I won't say what they are, but feel free to guess.


Another fun fact is this:  You lot are the first to lay eyes on this story.  Neither my family, nor my friends even know what the title of this book is.  I have kept it hush-hush, so I hope you enjoyed it.


Just an FYI, Chapter 2 is alrady written, and to a satisfying point editing wise.  I'll probably post it somtime next week.  Not sure though.  We'll see.


Okay, that is all for now.  Have a great first week of October, and enjoy the haunting atmosphere.  Goodbye for now!


-Lack Lunason

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I read the last four books last year but I'm definitely going to reread them now. Can't wait for chapter 2!
I don't really comment much on stories cuz I’m awkward with words but I have to say it's looking really good so far


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Hey!  It is great to hear from you.  I'm glad that you enjoyed this chapter, and that you are looking forward to the next chapter.  I'm eager to share the secrets and unravel the mystery surrounding the tradegy.


Alos, it is great to hear that you enjoyed my other stories.  I wasn't actually sure if anyone had read all four all the way through, so it is nice to hear that you did, and I am honored that you took the time to do so.  


I also want to thank you for something else really fast.  I have been meaning to update my first three stories with Edited/Expanded versions, but I had completely forgotten to actually go through with that.  However, when you mentioned them, that reminded me of that, and I think I'll get a jump on that here soon.


Thank you again for reading and posting.  I hope you have a great rest of your week!


P.S. I love your profile picture.


-Lack Lunason

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Oooh that's fun! Let me know when you've expanded them, I'm looking forward to reading!

re P.S. Oh yay! Thanks. Yours is nice too.

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  Hey!  I went back


Hey!  I went back and expanded the first one.  I still need to do Books 2 and 3, but that might be a little bit (as life is getting busy.)


Thank you.

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Salutations, my dear readers!


Sorry for the delay on chapter 2.  It has been written, but I still want to read over it one more time and make any last minute edits.  Also, chapter three is almost done being written, but it gave me some problems (just the pacing and flow of the story was not coming out how I was hoping).


Anyway, I hope to get chapter 2 out in the next few days.  I do ask for your continued patience though, as I have become really, really busy, and will remain so until the start of November.


I love you all.  Stay safe, and stay spooky!