Shrieks from the Shadows: The Terrifier- Chapter 5 (Final)

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Hello everyone.


I apologize so much for missing the Halloween deadline.  I really wanted to post it, but things came up.  Then my weekend was really busy (and awesome), which brings us to now.


I'm happy to say that the Final Chapter is ready for reading.  This has been fun to write and it was good practice for me.  Alas, all must come to an end.  I hope it is a satisfying ending for you all.


Before we begin, I would like to thank a few people.  First off, my editor.  Thank you for catching my 100+ mistakes.  I deeply apriciate it.  Secondly, I want to thank my readers, especially for those who had to put up with my random posting schedules.  And last, but certainly not least, God, for He let me get through this.


Now, onto the chapter.  Please enjoy.







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This is it


Born of Darkness


     A scream burst forth from me as I realized what was about to happen.  I had trusted Ven, stood up for Ven, and now he was going to attack me with a knife.  Ryan, my best friend in the world, had tried to warn me of this, and I had shut him out of my life, just as I had shut him out of my house.  Nobody could help me now.  It was just me and the knife wielding wooden doll.


     To say I was afraid of Ven was an understatement.  I was horrified.  Terrified.


      Ven closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  Then he sighed.  “With this last bit of your fear, I am finally powerful enough to end your idiocy.”  His eyes snapped open and his painted on smile seemed to widen into a grotesque snarl.  He raised the knife above his head and advanced towards me.


     I clambered backwards and found myself rolling off the edge of the couch.  With a loud thud, I hit the floor, but I didn’t let that hinder me in my retreat.  Screaming like a madman, I took off running, arms flailing through the air.  Bursting into the kitchen, I went straight for the back door, planning on escaping into the cold night.  I slammed into the backdoor at top speed and tried to pull it open, but the door would not budge an inch.  He had me trapped inside just like in my room when Ven first made his presence known!


     My mind, working faster then it had ever before, immediately devised a new plan.  I dove behind the kitchen table and tried to minimize myself as much as I could, hoping to stay clear of Ven’s gaze.  Pulling my phone from my pocket, I started to dial the police.  Maybe, just maybe, I could keep Ven at bay until the police showed up and figured out how to rescue me.  I pressed the ‘call’ button and my phone started to connect.  And then the screen went dark.  I let out a pathetic little squeak as I realized that my secondary plan just got destroyed.


     Ven’s laugh echoed through the kitchen.  “You fool.  I am far more powerful then you could imagine.  I am in control of everything.”  My heart started pounding even faster at that.  Peeking out from behind the table, I saw Ven standing in the kitchen doorframe.  He raised his free hand up into the air and, to my absolute horror, the kitchen lights flickered out, plunging the entire room into darkness.


      I started crawling across the floor as quietly as I could, heading towards the hallway.  As I went, I listened for the distinct clanking of Ven’s feet, but there was nothing.  I finally arrived at the doorway leading into the hallway.  Looking up, I came face to face with Ven.  He let off the most evil laugh I’d ever heard in my life and readied the knife, ready to slash at me.  I opened my mouth and screamed what I believed to be my very last scream.


     But my scream was cut short as the back door burst open, breaking the lock completely, and a bright light blinded both me and Ven.  Ven dropped the knife and staggered back, trying to shield his wooden eyes from the light.  Something was coming towards the both of us.  As I blocked out the light with my hand, I saw what, or rather who, it was.  There, dashing across the kitchen, were Jeremy and Ryan, both wearing all black and wielding flashlights.  Jeremy grabbed Ven and threw him into a small, wooden suitcase that Ryan held open.  Ryan slammed the lid shut and locked it, preventing Ven from escaping.  Jeremy took off his belt and wrapped it around the box, just as an added measure.


     “Quick!  Bring the case outside!” Jeremy ordered as he started towards the front door.  


     Ryan obeyed and started heaving the suitcase towards the door.  It didn’t look light at all.  I hurried over, grabbed a handle, and said, “Let me help with that.”  Ryan, with a small smile, gave an appreciative nod.  As I helped carry the suitcase towards the front door, I realized what I must do.  I must apologize.  “Look, Ryan, I’m sorry for everything.”


     “Don’t worry.  We’re cool.” He cut me off, but not harshly at all.


     “Wait, seriously?”


     “Yeah, totally.  I’m not going to hold this against you.  Just help us get rid of Ven once and for all.”


     A smile spread across my face as I realized that he was being sincere.  “Sounds like a plan to me.”  We reached the front door, but it still stood closed with me, Ryan, and Jeremy before it.  I suddenly realized the flaw in the plan.  “Oh yeah, Ven has powers and can somehow hold door shut with his mind.” 


     “I’ll deal with it.” Jeremy muttered as he pulled out pliers and started removing the hinges.  He got the first and second hinge off with no problem, but the third one stuck for a moment.  Finally, the door was free and Jeremy pulled it down.


     It was at this moment that Ryan decided to say, “Why didn’t we just carry Ven out the backdoor and bring him to the front?”  Jeremy glared back at Ryan, but decided it was not worth commenting on.  The three of us continued out the front door and into the yard.


     “So,” I started, “how did you guys know I was in danger?”


     Ryan gave a mischievous smile.  “We’ve been spying on your house all afternoon.  Ever since we had our talk at the front door.  We knew it was only a matter of time before something happened.”


     “Yeah,” Jeremy chuckled, “We jumped into action when we started hearing your pathetic little screams.  They sound so funny.”


     I was not amused.


     “Set the box down here.” Jeremy instructed and Ryan and I did as he asked.  Now that I had a second to take a breath and think, I realized that Ven was yelling at us from within the box.  He was hurling insults and threats left and right.  It was funny for the first few seconds, but then it actually got kind of annoying.


     “So what are we going to do with him?” I asked, gesturing to the suitcase.


      “Jeremy has some ideas.” Ryan replied, crossing his arms.  I looked over at Jeremy and saw him retrieving something from behind my neighbor’s bushes.  He was digging into a decently sized black bag, obviously searching for something.


     “Is he looking for some elixir to remove the magic from Ven?  Or is he going to banish Ven to another dimension?” I asked excitedly, more than ready to see what would happen next to Ven.


     “Yeah…something like that.” Ryan replied with a small shrug.  


     My grin suddenly fell to a look of confusion as Jeremy advanced towards the suit case, a sizable chainsaw in his hands.  “It’s slicing and dicing time!”  He pulled the cord and the chainsaw roared to life.  With a look of satisfaction, Jeremy lowered the blade towards the small box containing the dummy.


     Then the chainsaw went silent and the blade stopped.  “What just happened?” I asked franticly.


     “Not sure?” Jeremy replied as he lifted it back up to examine the saw more closely.


     As if in reply, Ven’s voice howled out of the suitcase.  “You fools!  I have powers far beyond human comprehension.  You think a chainsaw is a hindrance to me?!”


      “And yet a wooden box is.” Ryan muttered under his breath, giving a considerable eye roll.


     Jeremy bit his lip for a moment as he considered the toy’s words.  Then he nodded.  “Fair enough, but I think I can one up you.”  He lugged the chainsaw back to the bushes and began rooting through his bag again.  He withdrew his hand and I saw something small in his grasp.  Before I could discern what it was, Jeremy came dashing over and, with somewhat of an evil laugh, started dumping liquid all over the box.  At first, I was hopeful that it was an elixir, but then I caught the distinct smell of lighter fluid.  


     Pulling a box of matches out of his pocket, Jeremy took a step back and struck one, the flame bursting into life.  Jeremy extended his hand out over the suitcase, the yells of Ven coming from within, but Jeremy paid little mind.  “Kaboom.” He said and dropped the match.  The second the match touched the box, the entire thing was engulfed in fire.


     Jeremy, Ryan, and I took a step back, our eyes fixed on the suitcase.  The high pitched screams of Ven echoed from within, but we could barely hear them over the crackle of the flames.  As Ryan watched, he slowly dusted off his hands and a smile formed across his face.  “That should handle the abomination.”


     Ryan, Jeremy, and I all had a good laugh at that as we realized our problems (mainly my problem) had just been handled.  Our laughter was cut short as the suit case began to rumble and shake.  To our horror, the box rocked back and forth, being jostled around from within as Ven tried to escape.  In a spray of splinters, Ven’s fist burst through the top of the box, then it retracted.  Before our very eyes, Ven started to emerge.


     Flames wrapped around his tiny body as he stood.  His wooden face was burnt harshly, the paint chipping off.  His eyes had been singed completely black.  His tux, which at first had been quite stunning, was now being devoured by the relentless inferno.  He was barely recognizable as the dummy I had just recently escaped.  For the first time ever, I saw what Ven truly was; a monster that had crawled out of the depths of H.ell.


     Ven leapt out of the flames and stalked toward the three of us.  With a wave of his hands, the fire scorching his back went out.  “It takes more then fire to kill me!” Ven screeched as he advanced.  


     Ryan, Jeremy, and I all screamed at the top of our lungs.  “Back to the house.” I blurted out before taking off toward the front door.  Jeremy and Ryan were right behind me and were soon passing me on either side.  Jeremy was the first through the opening and he immediately darted up the stairs.  Ryan, who was right behind him, didn’t hesitate in following.  I, on the other hand, realized that there was no escape from upstairs.  Instead of following my friends, I retreated down the hall, heading towards the kitchen and the open backdoor.


     Right in the middle of my stride, my feet flew out from under me and I crashed onto my back.  Dazed but not injured, I struggled to get back up.  I was hurled down once again as Ven sprung onto my stomach.  Gazing up, I saw the terrible dummy over me, his dark eyes glaring right into my own.  “I have never had a victim give me so much trouble before.” Ven spat down at me, his voice a demonic howl.  “Killing you will be most satisfying.”  Ven raised his right hand up in the air and it started to glow a jet black.  I knew that, if I did nothing, this would be my end.


     Acting on instinct alone, I threw a punch and hit Ven solidly in the stomach.  The wooden doll crumpled on the floor a few feet away and I used the time I had bought to clamber back onto my feet.  Ven jolted up right and clawed upright, the heat of his rage was unparalleled.  And then he launched himself at me, shrieking, “Your soul is mine!”


     Suddenly, the decorative table landed on Ven, crushing him completely.  Splinters flew everywhere as the table, Ven, and the wooden floor exploded into pieces.  My heart racing faster then it ever had before, I could barely comprehend what had just happened before me.  I may be bruised and covered in splinters, but it was over.  It was finished.


     “We got him!” Jeremy cheered as he and Ryan scurried back down the stairs.  


     “I always hated that table.” Ryan stated as he examined their handy work.  Jeremy walked right past me and to what remained of the decorative table.  Lifting it up, he checked to see if Ven was still kicking.  Ryan peeked past me and asked, “Anything?”


     “Nothing of concern.” Jeremy confirmed as he pulled out the disembodied right hand of Ven, the burnt tux still clinging to it.  


     Ryan looked around the room at the rest of the house.  Then he turned to me.  “Sorry that we kind of destroyed your house.  I have a feeling your parents won’t understand.”


     Still in considerable shock, I blandly stated, “Don’t worry.  They don’t notice anything.”  Ryan gave me a skeptical look, but then shrugged, assuming that I knew best.


     My thoughts finally focused and I asked the only important question that came to mind.  “What do we do with the remains of Ven?”


     Jeremy stood up from examining Ven’s arm and gave me a very odd grin.  “Well, I have this one friend with a wood chipper.”


     “Good enough for me.” I muttered, glad that this nightmare was finally over.


     Jeremy started gathering the pieces and cradled them in his arms.  Finally, gathering all he could carry, he started for the door.  “I’ll be back later for the rest.” He told me before stepping through the doorway.  Then he paused.  “Do not touch any of the pieces.”  It was a command…..and I was more then happy to obey.


     As Jeremy disappeared into the night, I turned to Ryan.  “So, we good?”


    “We’re good.” He replied.  We fist-bumped and our friendship was restored.




     I knocked on the door and waited for my host.  It had been two days, two beautiful days, since Ven was vanquished.  I now stood outside Ryan’s house with a bag of food and a grin on my face.  It was just about time for the annual Monster Movie Marathon and, for the first time ever, I was going to watch it.


     Ryan swung the door open and a grin spread across his face.  “Henry!  So glad your parents gave you permission to come!”


    “Same!” I shouted excitedly.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I hadn’t gotten permission and was going behind my parents’ back.  I hurried inside and started setting food down on his small coffee table.  He turned on the tv and set it to the right channel.  There was still ten minutes before the marathon started, so we talked excitedly about our usual nonsense.


     Then there came a knock at the door.  “Who’s that?” I asked.


     “Oh, I hope you don’t mind, but I invited Jeremy.” Ryan told me as he started towards the front doors.


     “Certainly not.” I called after him, and it was true.  Jeremy was surprisingly a good guy and, though completely crazy, I looked forward to hanging with him in the future.  


     Jeremy strolled in, his hands in his coats pockets.  “Greetings, Master Meyer.” He said with a slight bow.


     “Yo.” I replied.


     Before long we were all piled on the couch, the tv blaring and Hollywood monsters attacking random kids.  We were all having a really good time getting scared out of our minds and eating chips with salsa.  You can imagine our annoyance when the tv unexpectedly went dark.  “What just happened?” I asked, deeply irked at the interruption.


     “I don’t know.” Ryan replied as he got up to check the tv.  After a moment he turned towards me and asked, “Could you turn the lamp on.  I can’t see a thing.”


     “Sure.” I replied as I reached out and pulled the cord for the lamp.  It didn’t come on.  “Wha-” I started, but my voice was cut off as a flood of memories washed over me.  The last time the electricity went out like this it ended badly, very badly.


     And then a laugh echoed out of the back room.  It was high pitched, shrill, and cold as ice.  The three of us turned to the darkened space and peered into the void, trying to make out where it was coming from.  Then out stepped a ventriloquist dummy, but it wasn’t Ven.  But it wasn’t alone.  There was another.  And another. 


     The dummy that had first appeared tilted its head slightly as it eyed us.  Then it spoke.  “By destroying one of us, you have defiled our hunting ground.  But we will not let a Terrifier fade away without retribution…not even one of our forsaken.”


    The three dummies started forward, their hands reaching toward us, grasping for their next victims.





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Well....I hope you all enjoyed the chapter.


This story has been interesting to write and challenging.  Life has thrown many a hurtle before me, yet, somehow, here we are.  This has been my first ever story in First Person, and that was an adjustment.  Maybe I'll write in First Person again, but I'm happy to take a break.


I do have some exciting news.  I am currently creating a plot-line for a HTTYD fan-fic.  The plot is pretty far along and I hope to finish it in a week or two (but probably a month).  Then I'll dive into writting it, editing it, and finally posting it.  It will hopefully be pretty good, maybe even Legendary.  It will still be a while before I post anything, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go.


Until then, I must say goodbye.


-Lack Lunason