Shrieks from the Shadows: The Terrifier- Chapter 4

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I finally have chapter four ready to go!  It took me sitting down, ignoring my responsibilities, and writing for a couple hours, but it got done.  I really like the Chapter and I'm certain you all will too.  


Well....I'd talk more before the chapter, but I should just get to it.


Please enjoy.







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Chapter Four


The Herald of Doom


      Jeremy made his way through the small crowd, arms outstretched before him, waving randomly through the air as if he were a blind man.  Holding my breath, I watched in terror as Jeremy made his way right towards me.  Each step he took brought him closer and closer to where I stood.  The crowd split before Jeremy as if they were the Red Sea and he, Moses.  Finally he stopped right before me.  He lowered his gaze to where I stood, eyed me for a moment, then suddenly thrust his finger in my face and declared in a loud voice, “YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL!”


     Gulping, I tried to swallow my fears, but I just couldn’t.  Jeremy leaned forward and said in a slightly lower tone of voice, but no less dramatic, “Meet me at the park across from school immediately after classes end.”  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryan lean back slightly and snicker.  Jeremy turned on him.  “You too.  A faint trace of evil lingers on you.”  


      “What!” Ryan yelled in shock, but Jeremy was already gliding away.  The crowd, having witnessed all the weirdness they were currently going to get, broke apart.  Ryan watched until Jeremy slipped around a corner before he turned to glare at me, as if this was all my fault.  Glaring right back, I adjusted my backpack’s straps and started for my next class.


      My day had just become a whole lot more complicated.




     Upon exiting the school building, I was met by a cloudy and dull looking day.  It matched my mood.  At first I was unsure of whether or not I should go to the park and meet Jeremy, but then decided that because I had nothing else of importance planned, there was no harm in briefly meeting.  I walked right past the school buses, all ready to pick up their lot of kids, and strolled across the narrow street to the small park that lay on the other side.  No one was there yet, so I crossed over to the small play ground on the far side and took a seat in a swing, rocking back and forth as I waited for Jeremy.


      A second person arrived and headed directly towards me.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t Jeremy but Ryan.  He was not looking pleased.  “I wasn’t going to show up, but then I saw you heading over and thought I’d join you for whatever Jeremy has planned.” Ryan muttered without looking me in the eye.


      “Great.” I replied shortly and simply.  We both just starred at our shoes, neither one wanting to actually talk.  The situation grew even more strained with every passing minute that we waited for Jeremy to arrive.  After what had to be ten minutes, I broke the silence with one simple question.  “Where the heck is Jeremy?!”  


     “He probably got distracted by the ‘dark aura’ of his shadow or something.” Ryan chuckled to himself.


     “Yeah,” I laughed along, “That sounds like Jeremy.”


     “Actually, shadows have the same aura as the person they are attached to.” A new voice stated from behind me.  Spinning around in my seat, I saw a figure emerging from the trees.  It was Jeremy.  “That is, of course, not true if the shadow has been cursed or if the shadow is not truly a shadow to begin with.”


     I sat there, stunned, as Jeremy continued to approach.  Ryan, on the other hand, was just plain annoyed to be in suspense so long.  “What took you?  We’ve been waiting for a while now.”


     “My apologies.  As I was leaving school, I heard the distant, yet very distinct, sound of an ice cream truck.  It took me at least eight minutes to track it down and order a cone.”  Jeremy raised his hand up and I noticed for the first time the half-devoured ice cream cone in his hand.  “So, shall we begin our meeting?”


     “Sure.” Ryan consented.


     “Let’s get this over with.” I mumbled loud enough for the two others to hear.


     “Great!” Jeremy grinned with a smile.  He turned to me, his expression turning serious.  “As I stated early this day, I sense that you have been in the presence of a source of great evil.  What do you know of this?  Has there been something new introduced to your uneventful, bland life that could meet this description?”


     Without any hesitation I gave him my answer.  “Nope.”


      Barely had the words rolled off my tongue before Ryan stepped forward slightly and stated, “He discovered a ventriloquist dummy that is actually alive.”


     Jeremy’s eyes went wide and he seemed to franticly turn to Ryan.  “Explain.”  It wasn’t a question, but a demand.


     Ryan delved into the story.  He got a few minor facts incorrect, but I didn’t feel like correcting him.  It took less than five minutes for Ryan to detail the situation and, once he was done, Jeremy looked deep in thought.  He stroked the non-existent hair on his chin and started pacing back and forth across the play ground.  I was starting to get concerned with the troubled look on his face.  “Is there a problem?” I asked and, for the first time, I was actually feeling worried.


     Jeremy paused in his pacing, looking up and into my eyes.  His face was lined with worry.  “Never have I heard of such a thing as this, but it certainly can only mean something bad.”  Something changed on his face as a realization entered his head.  He suddenly advanced upon me.  “Quick, tell me your side of the story.”


     Before I knew it, I was recounting my story, starting from the very beginning.  Jeremy listened carefully and did not interrupt, he only nodded occasionally.  I finally brought my tale to its conclusion and Jeremy stared at me for a moment, a look of deep concentration on his face.  At last, he spoke.  “There is only one thing to do.  You must get rid of Ven as soon as possible.”  


     I was taken aback by this answer and I found myself getting annoyed.  Did he really expect me to heed his advice?  This was Jeremy after all; the kid with no friends.  He was a walking disaster zone.  Everything he said was completely crazy and made absolutely no sense.  There was no way on this earth that I was going to just unquestionably do what he said.  “No.” I bluntly stated slightly more harshly then I had intended.  


     “It’s the only way.” Jeremy assured me, a crazy look in his eyes (though that was nothing new).


     “I agree with Jeremy on this one.” Ryan stated as he began to advance on me too.  My best friend since forever was siding with the crazy kid.  Now I wasn’t just annoyed, I was hurt too.


     Getting to my feet, I spat out, “I don’t need to take orders from you two!  And I’m done here!”  I picked up my school bag, threw it over my shoulder, and hurried away from the two boys.  Neither one tried to pursue me.  I turned a corner and left them and their warnings behind me. 


     But I knew that was not going to be the last time I had to deal with those two.




     The next two days passed with no incidents.  Ryan and I hadn’t spoken to each other since the park.  We both knew we were annoyed with each other and neither wanted to be the first one to bring it up.  I did notice him and Jeremy watching me in the hallways at school.  They were spending a lot of time together recently and I often noticed them huddled together and whispering.  I knew that they were probably scheming up some kind of convoluted plan, but I honestly didn’t care at the moment.  There was no reason for them to dislike Ven.  He had been perfectly fine and was a huge help to me.  Sure, he was kind of creepy and I often found myself being surprised by him, but he was still a perfectly fine roommate.  Though I still had no idea what I was going to do with Ven when my parents returned on the weekend.


     I was deep in thought, mulling over the situation with Ven, Ryan, and Jeremy, when there came a knock from the front door.  I rose from the couch and hurriedly crossed the room.  I opened the door and the Wednesday afternoon sunshine blinded me momentarily.  When I had recovered, I realized who the two people standing on my porch were.  It was Ryan and Jeremy.  I went to shut the door in their faces.


     In one quick movement, Ryan stuck his foot in the doorway and stopped the door to prevent it from shutting.  I looked down at his foot indignantly, then up to Ryan.  “We need to talk.” He simply stated.


     I realized that, if I wanted to get back to my day, I would have to listen to them (at least until I could figure some way to get Ryan’s foot back outside).  “What do you want to talk about?”


     Jeremy stepped forward, a determined look on his face.  “The dummy is evil and we can prove it.”


     “Is that so?” I asked as I leaned against the doorframe in what I hoped was a nonchalant way.


     Ryan reached behind him, pulled off his backpack, and removed his computer from within.  “Jeremy and I have been doing research and, while exploring the weird side of the internet that our parents warned us about, we came across something very interesting.”  Ryan began pulling up the web page and, while he was, Jeremy took over the discussion.


     “This isn’t the first case of odd happenings like this.  There have apparently been a few situations where toys have come to life….and they all end badly.  You see, in the small community of those who believe in such things, these toys have been given a name; The Terrifiers.”


     Ryan finally got the page up and running.  He turned his screen around and showed me the article from which they had gotten their information off of.  “Terrifiers are toys who seek out a human host.  Once they find one, they feed off their hosts fear, gaining power from it.  And once they gain enough power…they drain the life force from the person and move on to a new location to start the process all over again.  That’s how they survive.”


     Jeremy dove in and added, “That’s why Ven is being your servant.  He wants to remain by you and slowly gain power from you.  If he tried to scare you all at once, you would probably have just thrown him away and that would have been that.  You must get rid of him now!”


     I raised my eyebrows as I took in what they told me.  Did they really expect me to believe all this?  I laughed.  “Dude, I know Ven well enough.  He is not some evil monster.  And he certainly is not terrifying.”


     Ryan’s eyes went big.  He took a step back, removing his foot from the doorway, as he pointed behind me.  “If he’s not evil, what is he doing?!”


     Spinning around, I saw Ven standing in the hallway.  In his hand was the biggest knife we had from the butcher’s block in the kitchen.  It was easily was half the size of Ven.  I won’t say I was terrified, but I was definitely concerned.  “Um….Ven, what are you doing?”


     Ven’s smile seemed to widen.  His weird little voice split the air.  “Do you want me to make sandwiches for you and your friends?”


     Turning back to Jeremy and Ryan, I could tell that they were both confused by the statement.  Without a second thought, I said, “Nope.  They’re just now leaving.”  I swung the door shut on on Ryan and Jeremy.  


     Jeremy got one last sentence in as the wood thudded into place.  “We’ll be back.”




     I was lounging on the couch, watching some tv, and just relaxing for the evening.  The sun had already gone down and I was starting to get tired.  Yawning, I gave a stretch and reclined slightly.  I was still annoyed at Jeremy and Ryan for all that they had done recently, but I was hoping that I could drown my discontentment out with my show.


     “May I join you?” came the familiar voice of Ven.


     “Sure.  Why not?” I muttered.  I heard the clanking of Ven’s wooden feet on the floor as he hurried over and jumped up onto the couch.  We both watched the television program for a little bit, neither saying a word.  Then Ven spoke.  “You seem off.  Is everything okay?”


     I really didn’t want to talk about it, but I realized that maybe getting it off my chest would make me feel better.  “You’re right.  I am off.”  I told him about my recent friend troubles.  Ven sat their quietly the entire time I spoke.  


     Once I was done, Ven gave a big shake of his head and muttered, “It’s ludicrous.  They actually think I’m a Terrifier.”


     “Yeah.” I agreed.  But something stuck in my mind.  It didn’t hit me at first, but, when it did, my eyes went wide.  He said that it was ludicrous that they believed that he was a Terrifier, but he did not seem foreign to the idea of Terrifiers.  I slowly turned to Ven.  “Are Terrifiers real?”  


     Ven’s head slowly rotated towards me and, in a soft tone, he said “They are.”  I felt my skin crawl and blood run cold at that simple statement.  Ven continued.  “Terrible creatures they are.  They lull their victims into a false sense of security and then terrify them over a long period of time, all the while sucking fear out of their victim and increasing in power.  In the end…they suck the life force out of their victims.”  Ven spoke calmly enough, but there was a tone in his voice that I did not care for at all.  I found myself edging away from Ven.  


     Ven continued in even more of a hushed voice.  “Funny thing about Terrifiers; they often make their kills look like accidents or murders to cover their trail.  Personally, I’m fond of knives.”


     I let out a short burst of nervous laughter.  Then his last sentence clicked in my brain.  “…..What?” I squeaked out.


     But I already knew what Ven had said.  I pushed myself back from Ven, nearly falling off the couch as I did so.  My heart raced as Ven reached between the couch cushions and withdrew the huge knife I had seen him holding earlier in the day.  


     The blade gleamed in the light of the overhead bulbs as Ven held it before him.

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Well, I hope you all enjoyed the chapter.  It was tons of fun for me, especially writting Jeremy.


If you noticed any grammatical errors or anything like that, please let me know so that I can go back and fix it.


Okay, believe it or not, I actually STILL plan on releasing the final chapter tomorrow.  Yes, I know, with my crazy, inconsistent posting that may seem impossible....but I'm going to try.


(And half of chapter five is already written, so I should be able to finish it tonight.)


Expect the final chapter to be posted some time in the late afternoon.  I really think I can do it.  HOWEVER....if it is not posted tomorrow, then know it probably won't be posted until the 4th of November.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work.