Shrieks From The Shadows: The Terrifier- Chapter 1

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Hello everyone!


Its great to be back with a new story to share with all those who care to read.  I've been wanting to do another scary story since last October's story ended.  I tossed around plot ideas and monsters all year long and I am happy to tell you that the plot has been made clear to me.  This story will be a good one.  It's called:













If you decide not to read this story, oh well.  But for those who dare to read this Halloween tale, you're in for a haunting adventure.


So, with no more introductions needed, I give you the first chapter of this month long saga!




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The Green Death, How To Train Your Dragon: book 1. Cressida Cowell.



Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


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A Hero.....Fights.....FOREVER!

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The Victim



     I was ripped out of my beautiful and peaceful dream by the most accursed sound known to mankind; a clock’s alarm. My eyes snapped open and I bolted upright, the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I slowly calmed down as I remembered that it was Friday morning and that another school day had begun. I quickly got out of bed and started getting ready for the day. As was typical of me, I had forgotten to pack my bag the previous night and had to now search my room for all the random pages of homework that had somehow been scattered to every corner.


     My name is Henry Williams and I am pretty much your average Junior in high school. I have my friends that I am close to, I have to deal with bullies, and I hate homework as much as the next kid. It would be easy to glance right over me in a crowd because there is nothing about me that makes me stand out. I’m short for my age and often enjoy sitting in the back of rooms so I have less of a chance of actually interacting with people. As I said, I am pretty ordinary.


     But enough about my looks and attitude. I had just finished getting dressed for school and slung my bag over my shoulder. Glancing at the clock, I realized that I was running a little behind schedule and that I had better pick up the pace if I was going to get to school on time. I flung open my door and made my way towards the stairs, not paying attention to anything else as I went. That cost me as I stubbed my toe on a small, decorative table that my mom had decided to place against the wall. I had stubbed my toe on that table more times then I could count and, therefore, I despised it. I hopped on my right foot as I held the left one, muttering incoherently to myself the whole while.


     Finally the pain ebbed and I made my way downstairs and towards the kitchen. As I hurried to make myself breakfast I ripped open cabinets and drawers, retrieving plates and silverware as I went. I would have normally been more careful, not wanting to disturb my parents, but they were off on some business trip and had been gone for the past three days. They weren’t scheduled to return for roughly another week. They trusted me enough not to cause any major damage (or, at the very least, they didn’t care if I did) and had decided it was perfectly fine to leave me on my own during their absence. It was a horrible choice on their part.


     Stuffing my face with the remainder of my breakfast and zipping up my green jacket, I hurried out the door and towards the sidewalk. I reached it and took off like a shot for the bus stop. I ran as fast as I could, but, alas, I arrived at the curb a minute too late and saw the bus turning down the next street over. “Well, that stinks.” I stated aloud, as if there was anyone around who could hear me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those nerds who enjoys school and thinks its the best place ever. On the contrary, I realized that if I were not at school then the Principal would certainly call my parents who, in turn, would call me, and I was not planning on getting in trouble with a week left of having the house all to myself. 


     I stood there watching the empty street for a moment or two, just thinking. Finally an idea came to me and I found myself running back to my house as fast as my feet could carry me. Arriving, I made a beeline towards the garage and retrieved my bicycle. My plan was relatively simple. My family lived in a small town and I knew exactly where my school was. If I rode my bike at top speed, I might just make it to school before the bus arrived considering that it had to make stops to pick up a few more stray kids. 


     The next thing I knew, I had taken to the streets of Greenwood. I peddled as fast as I could to make up for lost time and zipped right out of the only small neighborhood in the town and raced down our main street. I hardly noticed the shops as I flew past them in my frenzied state, the cold October breeze slightly stinging my face. I sped right past the grocer, antique shop, restaurant, and the completely random tanning salon. It all meant nothing to me as I focused on my one goal of not being late to school.


     Finally, my eyes spotted Greenwood High and my spirits rose. Then my spirits crashed back down as I saw that the bus had somehow beaten me. The last of the kids were just entering the building as I cruised my bike up and onto the curb and aimed for the bike rack. As I dismounted I nearly tripped and, instead, stumbled a few paces and dropped my bike right onto the concrete, scraping the blue paint off the handlebar. I recovered it and stuffed it into the bike rack before I once more took off running. Or, at least, I meant to. In reality I tripped and landed on the ground. Looking back, I saw that I had somehow defied all logic and my shoelace had apparently gotten caught in the chain while I had been forcing the bike into the rack. It took me nearly two whole minutes to get free and I immediately continued on my way.


     I grabbed the school’s front doors and flung them open, but the hallways before me were already empty. Navigating the hallways, I made my way to my first class; Biology taught by Mr. Smith. I opened the door, hoping that the teacher might somehow be late to his own class. As demonstrated by my morning so far, my luck had run out. Mr. Smith turned to me, his face impossible to read behind his thick, white beard. “You’re late....again.” He said in his melodramatic tone that he always used. I gave what I thought was an innocent grin. To my horror he wasn’t done. “See me after class.”


     That proved it. I was dead.




     Mr. Smith was a little tough on me, but I somehow escaped his lecture with only a warning. It was a strong warning- very strong- but it meant that my parents would not become involved. I then made my way down the crowded hallway as I headed to my locker. I had a busy day before me and I still had many opportunities to get into some form of trouble.


     I was ripped out of my brooding as someone put their arm over my shoulder. I jumped as I realized it was probably Bruce- our school bully. However, as I spun around, I saw the smiling face of my best friend since second grade. “High strung I see?” Ryan asked me as a laugh touched his face. 


     I suddenly calmed down and my entire attitude relaxed a little. “Yeah,” I replied, “had a tough morning.”


     Ryan was roughly my same age, but a good half-foot taller than me. He had long, dark hair and even darker eyes. He wore a long, blue jacket and blue jeans. He often kept to himself and had a tough time warming up to people. However, once he did, he was a very loyal friend. “What happened?” he asked. I could see that he was seriously concerned.


     “I missed the bus and showed up late for class.” I replied as I turned and started back down the hall for my locker. Ryan followed close behind.


     “So...the normal?”


     “Yup.” I confirmed as I turned a corner. “But enough about my morning, what’s new with you?”


     “Not much. I was actually searching for you mostly. My mom said that we could watch the Monster Movie Marathon at my place if your game.”


     I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. The Monster Movie Marathon was a triple feature that would be playing on tv in a week and Ryan and I had been planning to watch it for the past month. It was going to feature the very best monster movies of the past year and it pretty much guaranteed the viewers would have nightmares for weeks. We had never been allowed to watch it before, but this year was going to be different. At least, that’s what we had been hoping.


     “Are you serious? Your mom gave you permission?” I asked in disbelief.


     “Totally. She has only one condition. You have got to get permission from your parents too.”


     I deflated at that. That pretty much meant that I would not be able to go. However, I wasn’t going to let Ryan think that I would hold us back. I did the only thing I could think of at the moment; I lied. “I’ll totally be able to convince my parents to let me come. No problem at all.”


     Ryan smiled once more. “Great. This is going to be awesome. That gives us one week to prepare.”


     We started back down the hallway again without saying a word, navigating through the flow of students, all of whom were busy in their own lives and going on their own way. We had just passed some loud senior girls and I saw my locker through the crowd, but Ryan reached out and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back and against the wall. I looked up at him with what had to be a confused expression. In response, Ryan pointed down the hall. I looked where he was pointing and there, coming down the hall, was the weirdest thing, living or otherwise, in all of Greenwood. 


     Jeremy Dark was slinking down the hallway towards us. Yes, his last name was actually ‘Dark’ and it fit him perfectly. He was the most bizarre student to ever grace the halls of the school. Every single student knew his name and could recognize him in a heartbeat, though he had no friends. Everyone was just glad he was a senior and that he would be leaving at the end of the school year. He dressed in all black and could often be seen muttering to himself. That wasn’t even the worst part of it either. Jeremy would also behave weirdly and say the craziest things you would ever hear. 


     Rumors abounded on why he acted the way he did. Some said it was due to him being locked in a morgue for an entire day. Others implied that it had something to do with him digging up a skeleton from the graveyard of some previous town he had lived in. There was even a small group who thought his actions were the result of him having been duct taped to his basement floor by his younger sister and then left in the darkness for an untold amount of time.


     Whether the rumors were true or not, none of them sounded improbable for Jeremy. There was just no telling with the kid.


     Ryan and I tried to press ourselves against the wall and look inconspicuous as Jeremy slowly strode by. Even so, I caught Jeremy eyeing us as he passed. I looked away as fast as I could, but still heard him mutter something under his breath and I distinctly caught my name amongst the gibberish.


     I watched as Jeremy disappeared into the crowd and I took a step further into the hallway, trying to tell if he was truly gone. “That was close.” Ryan stated dryly as he joined me in watching for Jeremy.


     “Yeah.” Was my only response as I started backing up. I turned and approached my locker once more.




     The bell finally rang and all of the students collected their things and headed outside to catch the bus for home. Ryan and I were among the last to leave the building and we took our time in walking towards the bus. We were comparing notes on the history test we had taken and realized that we’d gotten completely different answers on the final essay question. He had written a stirring piece on The Great Depression, and I had written a very short winded overview about Napoleon. As we talked, I was becoming certain that I had completely misunderstood the question. 


      We were wrapping up our discussion right as we reached the bus, but that’s when my memory clicked and I realized that I was about to leave my bike. I backed away from the bus and Ryan looked after me, deeply confused. “Aren’t you coming?” 


     “Nah,” I said as I walked backwards, “I need to ride my bike home.”


     “Oh. Okay. See you tomorrow then.” Ryan started down the aisle and disappeared from my sight. I crossed to my bike and pulled it free from the rack, peddling away just as the bus pulled out and started on its journey. I waved farewell as it passed me.


     The ride home was much nicer then the race out that morning as I did not have to worry about rushing anywhere. The breeze blowing through my hair was pleasant and I found my mind wandering as I glided along. I hardly noticed as I reached main street and rode down the side walk at a leisurely pace. For the first time all day, I was free and now had an entire weekend to relax. What could possibly go wrong?


     As if in answer, a trash can crashed out of a side ally and landed right in front of my bike, dumping garbage across the entire sidewalk. I screamed as my wheel slammed into the can at full speed and I felt myself getting airborne. The next thing I knew, pain shot up the left side of my body as I returned to earth and began rolling across the ground. Sliding to a stop, I just laid on the ground for a moment, letting my senses catch up to what just happened. Finally the world stopped spinning and I slowly got to my feet and surveyed what was before me.


     My bike lay on its side, one tire still spinning sadly. The paint was slightly chipped and there were scratches here and there, but it was fine overall. The trash can had a new dent in it and its contents were strewn all over the place. It was a complete and total mess. I shook my head as I gazed at it, then I did the right thing and started stuffing the trash back in the can.


     As I cleaned up the mess, I looked into the ally, but nothing was visible that could have caused the garbage can to tip over. I decided nothing had caused the can to tip over besides maybe the wind (though, I admit that would be weird as there was no wind at all). I picked up the can and set it back in the ally before going to gather up the last little pieces of trash. As I was finishing up, something caught my eye.


     There, lying on the ground, was a ventriloquist dummy. It seemed to be made out of wood and had a nice little suit on. I leaned down and picked it up, examining it in the sun light. It was in nearly perfect condition and I couldn’t find a scratch on it. Odd that someone threw out such a nice looking dummy. I placed it back down and stepped a little bit farther away from the building so I could see which shop I was closest to since that was probably the shop that threw out the dummy. 


     The antique shop. That really should not have been a surprise. I looked at the sign in the window, but it said that the store was currently closed. I shrugged as I stepped forward and peeked through the darkened window at what lay inside. There was a whole lot of old junk, some chairs, and some paintings hidden in the back. As I looked on, I finally spotted what I had been looking for. On a shelf to the left sat three little ventriloquist dummies just like the one that was out here. I looked away from the shop and back down at the dummy at my feet. Obviously the owner of the antique shop didn’t like something about this particular dummy and had gotten rid of it. 


     Picking the dummy back up, I decided to take it home with me. I would try to find out if there was anything wrong with the dummy and, if not, I would do the only thing a teenager like me would do; sell the blasted thing on the internet. It seemed like a perfectly good plan to me, so I put the dummy in my back pack, got back on my bike, and started for home.


     It did not take long before my house came into sight from behind some trees and I rode up the driveway. Slipping my bike back into the garage, I made my way to the front door and used my keys to get in. I quickly looked over the layout of the house and saw it was still in the same chaotic disarray in which I had left it. Nodding to myself, I started for the stairs, my shoes clanking off the wooden floor as I went. I climbed up the stairs and headed straight to my room.


     As I entered my room, I pulled my backpack off and leaned it against my desk. When I unzipped it the first thing I saw was the dummy looking up at me. I picked it up and looked around my room, trying to decide where I could keep the dummy for the time being. My eyes fell on the shelf on the right wall of my room and I decided to place the dummy in between some of the books up there. Stepping back, I examined my work and to make sure the dummy looked secure up there. It grinned down at me with its mischievous smile- one that I decided I did not care for in the least. A sudden feeling of dread washed over me as my eyes locked with the dummy’s, but I shrugged it off and turned back to my desk.


     I pulled out my math text and a notebook and set them both on my table, turning them to the appropriate page. As I started to write down the equations, something bugged me. I had a sudden pull in the back of my head and the hairs on my neck stood on end. My head snapped up and I turned back towards the shelf. There, at the top, sat the dummy, just as I had left him, but he was still staring at me. His dark eyes seemed to see through me.


     I knew right then that something was off. I knew that I should rid myself of that grinning dummy. 


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With all our tricks, we're making Halloween.


*Bangs head off table repeatedly*


First off, sorry if there are completely random font size changes throughout the chapter.  I forgot about that being an issue last year.  I tried to fix it and I have a slight idea of what is causing it, but I have yet to figure out how to counter it.  Until then, I guess we'll all have to just pretend to ignore it.


On a different note, I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter.  I enjoyed writing it and I am so looking forward to the rest of the month.  If you liked this chapter, keep your eyes opened for the next one.  I am hoping to release Chapter Two by the 8th.  


If you noticed any misspellings in this chapter or something was just really confusing or unclear, feel free to post it here or PM me.  I certainly know my writing isn't perfect and I am happy to make fixes.


Also, if any of you just can't wait until next week to get more thrills then I invite you to check out my story from last year.  It's called: SHRIEKS FROM THE SHADOWS: Once bitten, twice shy.  (Links in my signature.).  If you haven't read it yet, no fear.  This book doesn't require the other book to have been read.


Well, until next week, I'll say goodbye.


-Lack Lunason

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Haven't got time to read rn, but definitely will later :D


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I'm in the same boat as Flitt, but I will definetly check this out later!





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If course I read this at midnight XD

Dolls... They're one of the creepiest things in existence... O_O


Great chapter! :D


Only found one mistake. You misspelled Jeremy as Jermey the first time you mentioned his name.

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You read this at midnight? Nice!


I agree.  Dolls are terrifying.  I was once in a Bed and Breakfast that, in the guest room I was in, there was this really creepy doll.  I couldn't get to sleep until I had thrown a blanket over the thing.


I'm glad you liked the chapter.  That's a great encouragement.


Thanks for telling me about the misspelling.  I just went back and fixed it.

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About Chapter Two


Greetings everyone!


I would like to apologize for the delay with Chapter Two.  I know I said I had hoped to get it out by the 8th....and it's the 14th.  I have a really good excuse.  Life hit me with a ton of work that could not be delayed and it ate up most of my time.  When I finally got to my free time, I was already too mentally exhausted to write anything good.




Chapter Two is in the works and I am hoping to post it in the next two days.  It is already 75% done and there's only one more scene to write, which I've already got planned.  Then I'll just have to edit it and post it.


There shouldn't be any delays in the future and I'll try getting Chapter Three out soon after Chapter Two.


Until then, I hope you all are having an awesome October and Dreadfall!


-Lack Lunason