Shrieks From The Shadows: Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Chapter Two

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The time has come for the second chapter of this chilling tale.


I hope you enjoy finding out what nightmare awaits the small town of Trevorston and the inhabitants.


Please DO NOT directly reply to the story, thank you.








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Chapter Two: In The Shadows


In The Shadows



     Hours slowly slipped by as the friends played round after round. Arnold’s mom had returned home from work and had started making dinner. Emily still hadn’t left her room, but that wasn’t really a bad thing.


     Mark was enjoying playing ‘Dark Planet Settlers’ with Arnold, but he was getting tired of Arnold’s almost continuous talk about the murders and how he thought it had to deal with vampires. But who could blame Arnold? Monsters were in Arnold’s blood. Arnold had pretty much watched every monster movie ever made and he knew all the creature’s strengths and weaknesses. He was practically a walking dictionary of monster lore.


     Arnold began going over his theory on where the vampire suddenly came from....again. “You see, Mark, about two-hundred years ago there were a ton of vampires in this area. Then the pilgrims arrived here and started this huge hunt to exterminate the vampires. So these few vampires found good hiding places and went into some kind of supernatural hibernation. Now, one of those vampires has awoken and is feeding on those who have taken residence in his old homeland.”


     “That’s a lame theory.” Mark paused, his eyes going wide. He had been thinking that, but was pretty sure he didn’t say it. He looked up from the game and saw Emily leaning against the doorway. She may have been only thirteen, but she had the attitude of a dozen sixteen-year-old, male, football players. Her dark brown hair hung in a braid over her left shoulder. Her brown eyes were alight with the pleasure one can only find in mocking someone else’s entire existence.


     Arnold got to his feet and straightened to his full height, which wasn’t that impressive. “Okay! If you’re so smart, why don’t you tell me what’s really going on.”


     Emily pushed herself off the doorframe and strode forward. “There’s a simple explanation. All of this craziness is being caused by just some random psycho who has entered town to strike fear into people.”


     Arnold leaned forward, his face inches away from his sister’s. “Then how do you explain the marks on the necks of victims? It has to be a vampire! All legends come from some small grain of truth, and why can’t a piece of truth reside in Trevorston? I tell you, there’s something supernatural going on here.”


     Emily slowly nodded her head in disbelief and considered her brother for a moment. She reached out and placed her hand on Arnolds shoulder. Sometimes its scary how stupid you are.” Then she turned and walked off, muttering, “Somebody has been watching too many scary movies.” 


     Arnold grabbed the doorknob and slammed the door shut. “Somebody hasn’t watched enough.” Arnold spun around from the door and walked back towards Mark. He suddenly stopped as he saw the screen of the TV. Mark had taken advantage of the situation to rack up some extra points. Arnold’s cold glare slowly turned from the TV to Mark. Mark gave a small smile.




     It wasn’t long after that when Arnold’s mother called them all down for dinner. Mark and Arnold got up and walked down the stairs to the dining room and took their seats at the circular, wooden table. Mark sat directly across from Emily and Arnold sat directly across from where his mom would sit.


     The door from the kitchen was pushed open and Arnold’s mom walked in and placed bowls in front of them. Mark leaned forward and peered into the bowls to what they were having; soup. He wasn’t a huge fan of soup, but he didn’t care what he ate at the moment.


     Arnold’s mom took a seat, they said a prayer, then they grabbed their spoons and prepared to eat. Right before Mark brought his first spoonful to his mouth, Arnold spoke up and Mark paused. Arnold wasn’t addressing him though. “So, Mom, I’ve been thinking about this murder mystery an-


     Arnold’s mom cut him off quickly and decisively. “Arnold, I don’t want that brought up, especially at dinner!” Mark could see that she was only worried about what was going on. It must have been horrifying to imagine some dark, shadowy stranger slipping into your house in the middle of the night and killing your children.


     Arnold, however, was too distracted to notice and went on. “But, Mom!”


   “ARNOLD!” She snapped at him, standing up and leaning across the table towards him. She suddenly caught herself, took a breath and then walked away, back into the kitchen. There was a silence that hung over the table. Emily turned and glared at Arnold. Arnold glanced from his sister and then to Mark. “Well....she seems grumpy today.”


     Mark shook his head as he put a spoonful of the soup in his mouth. He immediately spat it out into his napkin. Emily turned her stern glare from Arnold to Mark. Mark gave an apologetic smile. “Sorry, the soup was scorching hot.” Emily only responded by putting a spoonful of the soup into her mouth without a reaction.


     Mark glanced at the kitchen door before he took the bowl and lowered it under the table for Frankenstein to eat. After how the events had unfolded, Mark wasn’t really hungry any more. 




     The car rolled to a stop and Mark hopped out. He turned around and waved goodbye to Arnold’s mom, who had taken the time to drive him home, but she got out of the car. She accompanied him to the door of his house, looking around to make sure nobody was watching. Mark unlocked the door and walked inside. Seeing that Arnold’s mom was still on the porch, Mark asked, “You coming in?”


     Arnold’s mom turned suddenly to Mark, as if she was coming out of a trance. “Oh... No. I have to get back home.” She grinned and walked back to her car. Mark slowly shut the door as the car rolled down the road.


     Mark shrugged and walked further into his house. “I’M HOME!” He called out.


     “Hey, Champ!” Mark’s father, Jack, said as he passed through the room, a hammer in his hand and a baseball cap on his head. He had obviously been working on one of the many projects that constantly plagued him. “How’s your day been?” Jack asked as he paused by the door to the garage.


     “Just fine. I have a ton of homework this weekend, though.” Mark walked up the stairs and went into his room. It was around the same size as Arnold’s room, but his room was painted a dark shade of blue. His bed sat under the window against the right wall. His table sat against the opposite wall and was overflowing with papers and books.


     Mark walked over to the table, threw his bag down, and pulled a book out. He brushed his hair out of his face as he saw it was his history book. He sighed; he had to read four chapters by Monday. He plopped the book on the table, opened it to the twenty-sixth chapter, and started reading.


     He was reading something about Napoleon and his army getting caught in a huge snowstorm in the mountains when he realized that he wasn’t understanding it at all. He kept going though, trying to pick up what he could. But...he just...couldn’t....focus....




     Mark’s eyes flickered open and he saw that he had fallen asleep with his head on the history book. He sat up and shook his head to clear it from the clouds of grogginess. He frowned as he noticed he had drooled on the book.


     He got up from his desk and stretched his back, his spine popping. He glanced at the clock and saw it was 1:19 a.m. He rubbed his head slowly as he came to the decision to wait until tomorrow to finish the chapter. 


     Knowing he’d regret it in the morning, Mark left his homework for the coming day and stumbled over to his bed. He was too tired to change and just plopped down onto his bed. He took a breath and closed his eyes. But there was something keeping him up; an unease.


     He sat up in his bed and looked around, but there was nothing out of the ordinary in his messy room. He closed his eyes and listened for any odd sounds, any creaking floorboards or squeak of a doorknob twisting. But there was no sound out of place. Mark opened his eyes and paused, trying to find the source of his nervousness.


     And then he slowly turned to the window. He crawled over to it and lifted the blind, peering down at the road being softly illuminated by the streetlight. There were only a few moths fluttering around and the leaves sweeping down the street. The trees across the road swayed back and forth as the wind pulled and pushed on their branches. But there was nothing out of the ordinary.


     He was just about to shut the blinds when he saw the slightest of movements. He squinted his eyes and spotted something in the shadows of the tree directly across the road. As he stared, he made out the thing. It was a person, dressed in all black, a hood throwing their face into darkness. Even though he couldn’t make out any of the person’s features, he could tell one thing about them; they were staring back up at him.


     Mark dropped the blinds and collapsed onto his back. His heart raced as he imagined the horrifying possibilities of the intent of the person. He didn’t fall asleep for a good while after that. 


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I hope you all liked this chapter.  The next chapter will be more exciting and should deepen the plot.

Speaking of the next chapter, it should be out by the 15th or 16th. 


If you saw any misspellings or weird sentences in this chapter, please let me know.

(I am not sure about you guys, but there's a font change in one place.  I can't figure out how to fix it so, until I do, please ignore it.)


Thanks again for reading!



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