Shrieks From The Shadows: Once Bitten, Twice Shy- Chapter Three

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Welcome back to this monsterous story!  Glad you decided to keep reading.


The story is coming along quite nicely and things will get deeper in this chapter.


For anyone who needs a refresher of what happened last chapter, here is a summed up version:


Arnold: There's a vampire in town!

Emily: There isn't a vampire.

Arnold: There's a vampire in town!

Arnold's Mom: There isn't a vampire!

Arnold: There's a vampire in town!


Mysterious Figure in the Shadows: .....Well.....


Now let's see what Mark and Arnold have in store for them.


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Once Bitten, Twice Shy- Chapter Three


Grave Danger



     Mark’s eyes fluttered open the next morning. He lay there a second as the memories of the past few days came slowly back to him. He sat up and stretched his arms, looking around the room. As his eyes fell onto the history book, he suddenly remembered the incident the previous night and he jumped to his feet.



     Lifting the blind up, he looked out on the street down below. He didn’t know what he expected to see, but Mark still scanned the bushes and shadows. At last he was satisfied that there was nobody out there and he closed the blind.


     Mark stepped out of his room a few minutes later and descended the stairs, stepping into the Living Room. He grabbed a handful of Candy Corn out of a glass bowl on a table and tossed a few into his mouth as he walked into the Dining Room. He pulled out a chair as his mom walked in with a plate heaped with food. “Good morning, dear.” She said with a smile, but Mark felt like he caught a note of something else in her voice.


     “Good morning.” He responded as he helped himself to his food. His mom left the room and Mark was left alone to his thoughts as he ate.


     He was working on his second scrambled egg as his father walked in with a newspaper in his hand. As he sat down at the table, Mark could see that there was something gloomy in the look on his father’s face. He decided to find out why. “So... What’s going on that’s got you down?”


     “Hm... You could tell, could you?” Mark’s father slid the newspaper across the table as he said, “There’s been another murder. It was Anna Woodstock this time.”


     “The old lady two blocks down?” Mark asked as he lifted the newspaper off the table and read the heading.


     “The same,” Mark’s father agreed sadly.


     Silence fell over the room as Mark read the article. It didn’t give much detail, but it was enough to know that the same person was responsible. Mark placed the newspaper back on the table and stated, “I just hope something is done before long....”




     Mark started back up the stairs after breakfast. He had been thinking about the murder and he wanted to hear Arnold’s opinion on it, even though he knew it would probably be full of vampires, ghosts, or ghouls. He pushed his door open and walked over to his phone. 



     He dialed Arnold up, waited until Arnold answered, then asked, “Hey, Arnold, did you hear about Ms. Anna being murdered last night?”


     “Heard about it?!” Arnold asked indignantly, “Dude, I can see the police investigating her house from my window!”


     “Do you know what happened?”


     “No idea. Well....that’s not true. I asked an officer and they told me the following: the neighbor noticed the window was open and, knowing there was a madman around, he went over to give a warning to Anna. When nobody answered the door, he got spooked and, after a little bit, called the cops. They found Anna lying in her bed with two holes on her neck.”


     “That’s terrifying!” Mark murmured as he sat down on his bed.


     “You’re telling me? I swear it’s a vampire! How else do you explain the bite marks on the neck?!”


     There was the vampire theory again. Mark rolled his eyes. “Umm....Psycho. Pretty sure that’s still on the table.”


     There was a pause on the other end before Arnold continued. “Either way...I’m investigating tonight.”


     Mark found himself truly and completely speechless for a good thirty seconds. He finally recovered and asked, “Did I just hear you right? It sounded like you sa-


     “YES! I said ‘investigate’!” Arnold yells in a whisper.


     “Are you out of your mind?! Let the police deal with this!” Mark shouted back.


     Arnold’ response was frighteningly calm. “Afraid I can’t. If it’s a vampire, they aren’t prepared.”


     “AND YOU ARE?!”


     “Mark, look. As Emily said yesterday, I watch too much TV. In doing so, I’ve picked up a thing or two on monsters. I know all their weaknesses, all their hiding places, and all their special abilities. If anyone can solve this problem, I can. I’m sneaking out tonight around ten. You in?”





     Arnold responded in a chill tone. “You do and I’ll call up your parents and tell them what you did in art class on the twenty-third of last month. That’s sure to get you grounded until Christmas.”


     Mark’s jaw hung open and he shook his head. He couldn’t believe that they had both resorted to blackmail, but it did seem to fit in their character. Mark made up his mind and gave his answer. “I don’t care! You’re not going out if it’s the last thing I do!” He hung up on Arnold and immediately started to dial up Arnold’s mom.




      Mark sat on the chair in his room. He tapped the pencil he was holding onto the table as he watched the glowing numbers on the clock across the room. It changed to 10:00 and Mark stopped tapping the pencil.


     He sighed. By all rights, he should have been asleep hours ago, but he was in too bad of a mood to be tired. Arnold had gone through with his threat and spilled the beans on the incident Mark had caused at school and, just as Arnold had planned, Mark had been grounded. And it was all because he had wanted to make sure his best friend didn’t get himself into danger...or worse.


     Mark laid his head into the palm of his hand and continued to stew in his bad news. The silence stretched on and on and the darkness grew deeper. Mark may have been getting tired, but he was suddenly snapped back into full awareness as his phone rang. Without seeing who it was, Mark grabbed the phone, accepted the call, and put it to his ear. “What?!”


     The voice that answered was instantly recognizable as Arnold’s. He said one simple sentence that filled Mark’s heart with terror. It was simply, “Look out your window.”


     Mark stood up and walked over to the window above his bed and pulled up the blind. The street looked exactly the same as it did the previous night. But, instead of a mysterious figure standing in the shadows, Arnold stood in the shadows of the tree across the road. Arnold must have found a way to go around his mothers grounding to sneak out his house.


     Mark took a calming breath before shrieking into the phone. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET INSIDE NOW!” Mark noticed that Arnold had to move the phone away from his ear.


     Replacing the phone, Arnold calmly responded, “I’m going vampire hunting. Are you in?”


     Mark scowled out the window at his friend, wishing, not for the first time, that he could knock some sense into his empty head. “No way! I’m getting my parents and they’re taking you home!”


     “You can try,” came Arnold’s voice over the phone. “If I see any movement that’s not you, I’m taking off into the night.” Mark was about to throw a new threat in, but Arnold went on. 



     “Just me, all alone, wandering the streets in the middle of the night with some wacko on the loose.” Arnold gave a sorrowful sigh. “What will the newspapers say tomorrow?” Mark was starting to feel a sudden wave of dread as he wondered if Arnold was making an actual threat or not. His decision was sealed with Arnold’s final statement. “Hey! Was that someone in the shadows over there? Gosh, I hope they didn’t notice me.”


     “FINE! FINE! FINE!” Mark caved. “I’ll come with you if you promise me that, if we make it to dawn without seeing anything out of the ordinary, you’ll let the police solve this and won’t sneak out again.”


     “DONE.” Arnold agreed before Mark had the chance to reconsider. “Meet you out here.”


     Mark was pretty much already dressed since he hadn’t bothered to actually get ready to go to bed. He threw on his favorite jacket, which was a dark blue, had a long hood, and kept him quite warm. He also put on a black, wool beanie, and a pair of black, wool gloves.


     Mark sneaked down the stairs, stepping over the second to last since it always creaked. Mark slowly went into the kitchen and got a pair of keys for the house before he went to the closet and opened the door. Picking up his shoes, Mark made his way over to the front door. He put his shoes on, opened the door and stepped into the cold night air.


     Mark turned around and locked the door before he started towards Arnold. The leaves whipped around him as he stepped onto the street. As he walked, he left the safety of the street lamp and slowly was covered with the dark shadows that loomed before him, shrouding the twisted things within.


     Mark finally came before Arnold. Arnold was wearing a camo jacket, the hood pulled up and his hands in his pockets. He wore a belt with a few pouches on it and two flashlights on his sides. Mark looked into Arnold’s eyes and asked, “What’s the plan?”


     A thin grin slowly spread across Arnold’s face. “We go find the lair of this vampire and take it out in its nest.”


     Mark’s shoulders fell. “How are we going to do that?”


     “Well, I have an idea of where to start our search. And, when we find it, we’ll take down this demon with these.” Arnold pulled something out of one of his pouches and held it in a strand of light.


     “Is that garlic?” Mark asked, unimpressed. “Where’d you even get that?”


     “My mom likes cooking with it for some reason or another. She always has some around, so I just took it.” 



     Mark looked up from the garlic. “Please tell me you have a plan if this thing is actually just human.”




     Mark gave another sigh. “Great, just great. I really hope the psycho is allergic to garlic. ” He regained himself and asked, “So... Where do you figure this ‘vampire’ is?”


     The grin that contorted Arnold’s face was one that shook Mark to the bone.




     “The graveyard?” Mark asked in shock as he stared up at the sign above them. It hadn’t been a long walk from Mark’s house to the graveyard, but it was certainly full of unease. He had thought he had seen shadowy figures lurking in every alleyway and behind every tree.


     “Yup. This is where the undead live in movies, so I figured we’d start here.” Arnold grinned as he looked up and down the sidewalk to make sure no one was watching. Content that there were no unwanted witnesses, Arnold stepped towards the twisting gate. The gate was the only entrance to the graveyard besides the bridge on the other side, but it was difficult to get to the bridge. The entire edge of the graveyard had a twelve foot stone wall running around it.


     Arnold knelt down to examine the lock on the gate. It would normally be unlocked during the day, but the grave keeper locked it at night to make sure none of the high school students got any ideas. There had been an incident once.


     Arnold stood up and glanced up the top of the gate. He finally made up his mind and jumped onto it, grabbing the steel bars and hoisting himself up. The gate itself was nearly thirteen feet tall and Arnold had a hard time keeping his grip. He got to the top, transferred to the other side, and slid down. His shoes touched the grass and he peered at Mark on the other side. “You coming?”


     Mark sighed, but there was no turning back. He started rationalizing with himself. Odds were that the murderer would be out on the streets in the neighborhood, not slinking through graveyards. With that in his head, Mark jumped onto the gate and hoisted himself to the top. He soon found himself next to Arnold on the inside.


     Mark looked over the graveyard with unease. There were numerous tombstones sticking out of the ground in seemingly random places. There rose- like teeth out of the ground -three crypts in a row on the left side and, overlooking the whole graveyard, a small hill on the right. On the top of the hill grew a tree that was slim and twisted. Up in the sky, wisps of clouds passed before the moon, driving the graveyard into shadow before it passed and returned it to the moonlight.


     Mark turned to Arnold. “Can I have a flashlight now?” Mark asked as he held out his hand. 



     “Sure. But only use it in emergencies. I don’t fancy giving our location away.”


     Mark considered it for a second before nodding. “Fair enough.” He took the flashlight, holding it tightly in his hand. Mark glanced over the graveyard. “Shall we begin?”


     “We shall.” Arnold said as he took a step deeper inside. Mark was close behind. They passed rows of gravestones as they went. A few of the stones were so worn that the names and dates couldn’t be read. The moonlight shone through the branches of the tree on the hill and the leaves gave an eerie pattern to the whole landscape. Every time the wind blew, the shadows would dance back and forth giving it the appearance of something moving.


     They were making their way towards the crypts when Mark spotted it. It was the silhouette of something darting behind a tombstone. “Did you see that?!” Mark yelled.


     Arnold whipped around, holding his flashlight out but not powering it on. “WHAT?! WHERE?!” Both boys peered into the umbra, trying to pierce it and see what it held. Nothing but silence as the night crept on. They were both starting to calm down, to breathe regularly again.


     And then a nearby bush erupted into chaos. Mark and Arnold screamed as a dark mass shot out of the bush skyward. It took them a second before realizing it was just a flock of ravens. Arnold started to break into nervous chuckles as he calmed down. “That wasn’t too bad. Only a mass of dark, slightly-scary birds.”


     Mark joined his friend in nervous laughter. “Yeah. Nothing supernatural or killer-like about birds.” They both took a calming breath, but their hearts kept racing.


     And then they heard it, the sound of scratching. It sounded like chalk on the sidewalk, but it was deeply menacing. Both Arnold’s and Mark’s eyes widened. “Oh dang.” Arnold muttered as he slowly turned around. He pressed the button on the flashlight and it fell on the closest crypt. At first they saw nothing, but then they made out the dark smear on the roof and Arnold moved the beam of light to see what it was.


     And they saw the figure on the roof. It resembled a man, but he had the look of a wild animal about him. He was on all fours, leaning face down on the roof. His dark hair was so disheveled as to be believable that he hadn’t taken any care of it in years. His eyes were wide and glowing with a wicked light. His pale skin shone in the flashlight’s beam. His most disturbing feature, however, was his smile. It was wide with delight and a slim line of slobber hung on the left side of his mouth. And his smile showed the most frightful feature of all; his two fangs.


     “Ah, Jiminy Cricket!Arnold murmured, his eyes growing wide in terror.


     The vampire, for that is the only thing it could have been, gave out a cold cry into the night, more frightening than anything Mark had ever heard before. The noise ceased and the vampire eyed them for a moment. Then it hunched slightly, like a cat about to pounce, and it sprang from the crypt’s roof at them. “RUN!” Mark shrieked as he turned and bolted back towards the gate. Arnold didn’t need a second opinion and he took off right behind Mark, turning the flashlight off so that they couldn’t be followed as easily.


     Mark glanced behind him and saw the vampire chasing after them, running on all fours like a wild dog. Mark looked back to where he was running and noticed just in time he was running right towards a tombstone as tall as he was. He made a split-second decision and jumped to his left, avoiding the collision. Too stricken with terror to notice what he was doing, he continued running straight on, away from the fence.


     Mark looked back again, but the vampire was gone. There was nothing there, but Mark kept running, kept moving. He turned his head forward again and picked up his pace. He leapt over a tombstone and hit the ground. He was just starting to sprint again when something caught his ankle and he fell, his elbows hitting the wet dirt.


     Mark rolled onto his back and saw the vampire’s pale hand wrapped around his leg. Mark followed the arm with his eyes into the darkness of the shadows. Slowly, the vampires head emerged, his face was twisted with a crazy grin, slobber running down his maw.


     The vampire rose up into a kneel, still gripping Mark’s left leg tightly. Then the vampire shot forward, its mouth open wider than a normal mouth should go, fangs protruding from his lips, his tongue lolling out. Mark raised his right leg and kicked out with his full force. His shoe made solid contact and his attacker was knocked back, losing its grip on his left leg.


     Mark took advantage of the situation and pushed himself onto his feet, charging back towards the gate. Risking a look back, Mark saw the vampire had already recovered and was dodging in out of the darkness. And the eyes of the vampire had lit up in a bright yellow.


     Mark focused ahead and saw Arnold at the gate, already halfway up. “GO, ARNOLD! GO!” Mark shouted.


     “Wha?” Arnold looked over at Mark. In that moment, Arnold slipped on the iron fence and collapsed back down to the ground. Mark came plowing up to his friend, slowing to a stop. They both turned to see the vampire leap out of the shadows and onto a tombstone, its toes wrapped over the top. It then dove off at them.


     Arnold acted on pure instinct, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the garlic. He threw it as hard as he could at the vampire. The vampire leaned back mid-flight to avoid the garlic and flew off course. It tumbled to the ground as the garlic flew harmlessly through the air.


     Mark glared at Arnold. “You just threw all your garlic, didn’t you?!” 



     “Yup.” Arnold simply responded as the vampire pushed himself off the ground and charged at them yet again. Mark raised his flashlight and flicked the switch just as the vampire was about to strike. The beam of light hit directly in the vampire’s eyes and it gave a shriek of agony and stumbled back, clutching its face.


     Arnold turned and vaulted onto the fence pulling himself up in record time. Mark sprang up after him, going more than three-fourths of the way up the fence in that leap alone. Both boys made it to the top at the same time and scrambled to the pavement below.


     They hurried across the street and ran into the shadows of an ally between two houses. Mark leaned forward slightly to see the vampire standing at the gate, watching them. A car rolled by, driving between them and the graveyard. When it had passed, the vampire was gone.


     Mark looked around, breathing hard. He faced Arnold. “We need to get home, now!”


     Arnold panted back, “Once I’m home, I’ll call the police.”  With that, they both turned and ran deeper into the alley, praying they weren’t being followed. 


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Thank you all!


Thank you all for reading this chapter.  In chapter count, you are now over halfway through the story.  So, if you were considering not reading further, there's no point stopping now.  


If you did read this, feel free to leave a reply.  I can't know how to improve if nobody tells me how to.


If you notice any misspellings or odd paragraphs, let me know.  The format that I write on and the format Forum likes are two completely different things.


(Also, I did catch the sudden size change on that one paragraph. I HAVE identified the source of the problem [I think].  Now I just need to solve the problem.)


The next chapter should be posted the 23rd, though, don't be surprised if it's a day or two late.  It should be a fun chapter.


See you around, dear readers!

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  The next chapter can be


The next chapter can be found HERE!