Shrieks From The Shadows: Once Bitten, Twice Shy- Chapter 4

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Welcome back readers.  Tonight's installment is the longest chapter yet and should throw the story into more confusion.  

A vampire may be lurking in Trevorston, but we aren't at the end of this tale yet.

Hold on tight as the Crazy Train takes off!


(Again, Please DO NOT DIRECTLY REPLY TO THE STORY!  You guys have been good so far, don't ruin it now.)







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House Call



     Emily slowly stirred the spaghetti in her bowl. She scowled and bit her lip as she watched her brother sitting next to her. There was obviously something wrong going on with him, but she couldn’t tell what it was. That irked her....deeply. Emily glanced over at Mark, but he had the same dead look on his face as Arnold. She finally could bear it no longer and asked, “So.... What’s up with you two?”


     “Wh-What do you mean?” Mark stammered as his gaze slowly turned on her. His eyes were wide open and it was obvious he had not slept the previous night. He gave a crazed chuckle as he turned his head back to Arnold. Arnold was staring with wide eyes at the wall and seemed to be muttering to himself. He jumped as Mark asked, “Do you know what your sister is talking about?”


     “Nope.” He answered back as he raised a fork full of spaghetti towards his face. But it missed his lips and he dumped its contents onto the floor, much to Frankenstein’s delight.


     The door to the kitchen swung open and Arnold’s mom walked into the room and placed a newspaper on the table. She had a wide grin on her face and she seemed happy, too happy to notice the two boy’s crossed eyes. “There’s some good news today. Nobody was attacked last night!” She threw her hands up in the air in joy. “The police think it has something to do with an anonymous tip about someone lurking in the graveyard.”


     “Did they find anyone?” Arnold asked quickly, snapping out of his daze.


     Arnold’s mom shook her head. “The article doesn’t mention anything. However, if the police did find something, I suspect they would keep it secret. They don’t want to tip off whoever is responsible.”


     “That makes sense.” Mark nodded.


     “Well, hopefully this nightmare comes to an end soon. I can’t stand being afraid to step outside, let alone have you guys go through this. I hope you aren’t being traumatized or anything.”

Arnold tipped his head back and let off a strange laugh. “Of course not! Of course not!” Emily eyed him cautiously as if he were a stray dog. Arnold payed no attention to his sister as he faced Mark.


     “Can I talk to you privately really quick?”


     “Sure...” Mark replied as he got up from the table and followed Arnold up the stairs. 



     Arnold’s mom watched them go, noticed their rugged hair and zombie-like walk, then glanced down at the table. “I hope they’re okay. I know they aren’t taking being grounded well, but they look like they were beaten with a stick. And they hardly ate anything. Hmm...”


     Emily rubbed her chin. “You know, Mom, you’re right. Something’s up.”


     Just as she said that, Arnold and Mark were beginning to discuss the events of the previous night. Arnold closed the door to his room and started off in a very serious tone. “Look, we both know what we saw last night. It. Was. A. Vampire!”


     Mark slumped into a chair and placed his head in his hands. He was still having trouble comprehending what had happened. “You seem to be right. And I almost joined the dead because of that creep.”


     “And that’s why we have to sneak out again tonight.” Arnold declared as he pounded his fist into his hand.


     “What?” Mark dryly asked, not believing his ears.


     “You heard me. We’re the only ones in this town who actually know what’s going on. Trevorston is now home to a demon from the Netherworld! We have to hunt it down and stop it!”

Mark sat up straight in the chair. “I have a million reasons why that’s a bad idea.” Mark replied


    “But the one good reason to go after him far outweighs them.”


      Arnold slightly tilted his head to the side. “What’s that one reason?”


      “He saw our faces. This isn’t a big town and he’s probably going to come after us. We need to stop him before he ends us.”


     “In that case, let’s get some rest this afternoon since I doubt he’ll attack us during the day. Then, tonight, we’ll sneak out and meet up on Hummingbird Lane at ten. Don’t be late.” Arnold gave a smile and pulled Mark to his feet.


     Little did they realize that someone was listening in.....




     Mark closed the door to his house behind him and locked it. He turned and started making his way towards his room. He knew it was going to be a long night and he was not looking forward to it. Odds were that they would find a vampire who would try to kill them by stabbing their necks with its fangs and draining their blood. He nodded to himself as he decided that this would be the worst night of his life to date. 



     He was heading up the stairs as his dad called from the other room. “How was your time with Arnold?”


     “Fine.” He simply responded while still climbing the stairs. He had been awake for a full twenty-four hours and his eyes were barely open.


     But his dad went on talking. “Your aunt called. She said she won’t be visiting us on the 23rd. She heard about what’s been going on here and decided not to come.”


     “Okay, Dad!” Mark called down, trying to end the conversation. He hadn’t seen his aunt since he was a toddler and there weren’t many, if any, pictures of her around. Mark thought that there might be some photos of her in a box buried somewhere in the garage. To be perfectly honest, Mark didn’t really care if she came or not.


     “I told her it was a wise idea. Then we got into an argument because she thinks we need to leave town, but I told her we were completely fine.”


     “Good for you.” Mark replied with a noticeable amount of sarcasm as he threw his fist in the air.

Mark’s dad paused for a moment before yelling from the other room, “I’m warning you, you keep that attitude up and you’ll increase your grounding!”


     “Whatever!” Mark hollered back as he reached his door.


     “That’s it! You just added another week!” Mark’s dad called out.


     Mark shut the door behind him, walked to the bed, and collapsed onto it. He would not have cared if his dad had added a decade to his grounding. The odds were that he wasn’t going to survive the night, so what did it really matter? With that cheery thought, Mark dropped off to an uneasy sleep.




     The dim glow put out by the streetlight wasn’t enough to illuminate the person in the shadows. It was Mark. He looked up at the road sign, which read Hummingbird Lane. Mark pulled the hood of his jacket up and took a glance at his watch. Arnold was late.


     Mark leaned forward slightly to get a better view down the street, trying to see if anyone was coming, but alas, there was nobody. Mark sighed and leaned back into the shadows. It was bad enough sneaking out with a friend and going into a town where there was a known vampire, it was something much worse to sneak out alone into a town where there was a known vampire so as to wait alone for a friend, who may have gotten caught by his parents and be might be stuck at home that very moment. 



     Mark leaned back out and peered into the darkness. He squinted as he saw movement and realized that Arnold had finally decided to show up. Arnold hurried along as fast as he could and made no obvious effort to be unseen.


     Arnold ran up to the street sign and looked around. Mark shook his head as he was only two feet behind Arnold, but his jacket helped to keep him concealed within the shadows. Mark reached out and grabbed Arnold’s shoulder. Arnold gave a quick cry as he whipped around, but he grew quiet as Mark stepped out of the dark and into the streetlight.


     Arnold grabbed his chest and gave a calming breath. “You gave me a scare there. How long have you been there?”


     “Long enough,” Mark simply stated. “We heading back to the graveyard tonight?”


     Arnold shook his head. “Not tonight. The police probably scared the vampire off when they searched the graveyard earlier today. We’re going to have to go find its new hiding place. That’s why we’re heading to the second best place to find monsters.”


     “Let me guess,” Mark slowly asked, “the sewers?”


     “That is an option, but I’m not really eager to search there, so we are not going there yet. We are instead going up to the old abandoned house on the hill. I hear it’s full of bats, broken floors, and probably a fungus or mold with poisonous spores.”


     “Sounds like a logical place to start.....if we’re looking to die.”


     Arnold gave a shrug. “We kind of are.”


     A silence fell over them as the seriousness of the last statement set in. Mark was the one to break the silence. “So, I take it you brought more garlic.”


     “Not tonight. The garlic didn’t have a big enough spread for how quick this creature is, so I decided to bring this.” He pulled a small vile from his pocket and held it up. Mark noticed it was full of a clear liquid. Arnold gave a grin. “I give you...holy water!”


     Mark bit his lip as he glanced up from the vile to Arnold’s beaming face. He pulled his gloved hand out of his pocket and pointed at the vile. “Did you steal that from Church?”


     “NO!” Arnold argued, pulling the vile back, “I just borrowed it...without asking.”


     “Sounds a lot like stealing to me.” Mark persisted.

     “Are we going to the abandoned house or not?!” Arnold challenged. 



     “Let’s get this over with.” Mark replied with a shrug. He turned and started walking down the street with Arnold close behind. In their hurry to move on, they missed the thin figure following them, moving with the stealth that they so deeply lacked.




     The old, metal gate stood before Mark and Arnold, but they weren’t paying it much mind. They both gazed over the top of the gate, across the bare hill covered in thick grasses, and up at the desolate house at the top. It seemed to generate a sense of evil and despair all on its own. The paint was falling off and the windows were cracked open slightly. The wooden roof was deeply aged and there were holes in some places. The front porch had a beam lying across it as if a tree had fallen directly on top of it.


     “Well...this looks unwelcoming. Why couldn’t the vampire pick a better place to haunt?” Mark asked as he straightened the glove on his hand.


     “You’re right. But you have to admit this looks like the perfect place to find a vampire.” Arnold replied. He started moving towards the gate, then had a thought hit him. He turned to face Mark. “To be completely accurate, vampires don’t haunt anything. Only ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, and other undead phantasms can haunt stuff. The proper term is prowl, or maybe lurk.”


     Mark raised an eyebrow. “Do you think that’s honestly important right now?! Just get moving!”


     “Okay! Okay!” Arnold said defensively as he raised his arms in submission. He turned back to the gate and approached it. Reaching out, he grabbed the bolt and, with no small effort, unlocked it. With a creek, the gate slowly swung open. Both boys stepped forward and passed through the gate, completely ignoring the small sign that read ‘Condemned’.


     “Here.” Arnold whispered as he passed Mark a flashlight. “You’ll be needing this.”


     “Thanks.” Mark says with a nod. They moved silently up the hill to the front porch. Mark took the first step onto the stairs and they gave a loud groan of protest. He climbed up onto the porch and moved to the door, stepping over a hole in the boards. Mark grabbed the door handle and gave it an experimental turn. It swung open.


     “Unlocked? That isn’t a good sign.” Arnold whispered as he crept up behind Mark. They walked across the threshold and clicked on the flashlights. The beams showed that there was a staircase directly in front of them and, on each side of it, hallways ran parallel to the stairs, doors leading into different rooms.


     “Split up?” Mark asked as he looked at the expanse they were going to cover. 



     “No way in heck!” Arnold shot back. “We stick together. I’ve seen enough monster movies to know that if we were to split up, we would just get picked off.” Arnold looked around, calculating their options. “Let’s start downstairs and work our way up. You know, like on one of those cop shows.”


     “Sounds fair enough to me.” Mark simply replied as he shut the door behind them. With that, they silently headed down the left hallway and opened the first door. A small kitchen sat before them. There were cabinets lining the left wall and an old pot on an ancient looking stove. In the center of the room sat a small table with five chairs around it. Otherwise, there wasn’t anything of interest as everything seemed like it hadn’t been touched in a long time.


     They moved on into the next room, but it was completely empty. With that, they crossed to the other hallway and started on it. The first room was a living room with a couch and a small chair. An organ sat against the wall right next to a small mat. But, again, there were no signs of anyone, living or undead.


     “Guess we head upstairs now.” Mark says with a shrug as he started heading back towards the entrance. They came to the base of the stairs and began their climb. Each stair cried out under their weight and created an incredibly loud echo that bounced through the entire house. The boys reached the top and looked left and right. A hallway ran down either way and more doors ran off of them.


     “Let’s start with the left side and work our way to the right,” Arnold suggests.


     “Okay.” Mark replied as he took the lead again. They made their way slowly towards the end of the hall. Both of them eyed the doors suspiciously, as if expecting it to burst open and a twisted figure to leap forth. They finally reached the end and Mark grabbed the handle.


     Suddenly, they heard a noise that made the hairs on the back of their necks stand up. It was the sound of a door creaking open. “Where’s that coming from?” Arnold asked, panic entering his voice.


     “I think that it’s the front door.” Mark gasped. They both hurried as fast as they could down the hall, but their legs suddenly felt like they were made of lead. They turned at the top of the stairs and looked down at the front door. It sat wide open, but no one was visible.


     “Maybe it was the wind.” Arnold tried to reason as he gripped the flashlight for dear life.


     “No. I shut that door behind us.” Mark whispered. He took a breath to gain his courage, then said, “C’mon. If someone left, we might see them running across the yard.” He leapt down the stairs and made it to the door. Arnold was a little slower, but he followed his friend to the first floor.


     “Anything?” Arnold asked. 



     “Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Mark replied as he peered across the moonlit grounds. There was silence for a moment as the gazed out the door.


     The voice that spoke next made both boys jump.


     “What are you two doing?!”


     Mark and Arnold whipped around, their flashlights illuminating the room and revealing the figure standing in the left hallway.


     “EMILY?!” Arnold shouts, “What are you doing here?! You’re endangering everyone!”


     Emily brushed a strand of her brown hair out of her face before crossing her arms and leaning against the staircase’s banister. “I overheard you earlier today, plotting out this escapade. I figured someone should make sure you guys weren’t doing anything stupid.” She pushed herself off of the banister, looked down at the dust on her shirt, and gave a grimace. “Looks like you are.”


     “NOBODY ASKED YOU!” Arnold snapped back while advancing on his younger sibling.


     Mark glanced over his shoulder nervously, fearing that they might be overheard. “Could you guys keep it down? Remember, we found the door unlocked.” Arnold and Emily were both too caught up in one of their huge argument to pay any attention to what Mark had said. Mark’s fingers curled up in rage and he lost it. “GUYS! BE QUIET!”


     Emily stopped going at it with Arnold and turned on Mark. With an incredible amount of sass, she asked, “What?


     “We can’t make too much noise.” Mark took a gander up the stairs as he went on. “There may be...someone here.”


     “You mean the psycho?” Emily inquired as she placed her hands on her hips.


     Arnold glanced at Mark and shook his head slightly, signaling Mark to not bring up the vampire. Arnold then took over the conversation. “Yeah... The psycho. Why don’t you head home and, once Mark and I are done here, we’ll go home too. Sound good?”


     Emily’s head whipped back to Arnold, her ponytail flailing through the air. “Are you seriously suggesting that your younger sister go home alone, in the middle of the night, with a mad man on the loose?”


     “Well, we can’t leave this place yet.” Arnold countered.


     Mark threw out an idea, though he didn’t really like it. “How about she stays here with us? I know it’s not the safest, but nowhere is safe in this situation.” 



     Arnold growled softly in the back of his throat. “I guess she can stay...”


     Emily glared from Arnold to Mark, then back to Arnold. “I’m not staying here! We need to get home!”


     “Then have fun walking home alone.” Arnold muttered as he waved his hand over his shoulder and he started up the stairs again.


     Emily’s face bunched up in pure rage as Mark followed Arnold up the stairs. She tried to find a counter argument, but there wasn’t anything coming to her. Finally she was forced to either stay in one place and wait for who knew how long or follow after her brother and his weirdo friend and nag them about anything and everything. It was a relatively easy choice for her so she started up the stairs after them.


      All three reached the landing and glanced down the hallways on both sides. Arnold scratched his chin as he thought over it. “We could either start down the left hallway again like we were before somebody interrupted us,” He glared at Emily, “or we could try the other side first. I vote that we go down the left hallway again. What about you Mark?”


     “HEY!” Emily cried out.


     Mark closed his eyes, knowing that another argument was impending. That would mean that if the vampire was in the building, it would definitely be tipped off about their presence and that really frustrated him. Their entire night, or lives for that matter, could be ruined because of a feud between siblings.


     He was just about to go off on them when he heard the faintest of sounds. His eyes snapped open and he raised his hand for silence. Arnold caught the movement and asked in a whisper, “What is it?”


     “I heard something.” Mark slowly stated, trying to pick up the sound again. And he heard it, coming from somewhere down the right hall. It was faint, but it sounded like scratching. Mark motioned with his hand and said, “Follow me.”


     They made their way down the right hallway, trying to be as quiet as humanly possible. Mark was listening intently and was able to catch the sound every few seconds. He paused in front of the third door on their right. “It’s coming from in here.”


     “What is? I hear nothing.” Emily stated almost as if that sealed the deal that there was nothing to be heard.


     Mark ignored her as he turned the handle and pulled the door open. Arnold’s flashlight revealed thin, wooden stairs going up into the attic. Without a second thought, Mark went up. He reached the top and shined the beam from the flashlight around the attic. 



     It was a huge room comprised of only wood. Boxes littered the floor and there were old paintings against the wall. He closed his eyes again and listened as Emily and Arnold climbed up. He heard the sound again, closer. He opened his eyes and walked forward a couple yards.


     Emily ducked under a spider-web as she moved towards some of the paintings. “Eww, gross! This place is creepy as heck. All it needs is a ventriloquist dummy to be a completely horrifying.”


     “Or a vampire.” Arnold muttered under his breath.


     Mark ignored them both as he approached where he heard the sound. He came to a stop and listened once more. He couldn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, but he still waited. He turned his head to the side and held his breath.


     And he heard it again; but not from in front of him, or even behind, but from above.


     A small sprinkle of dust fell from above him and Mark raised his head straight up, his hand, though shaking, bringing the flashlight up as well. And there it was; a figure pressed up against the roof, nails digging into the wood. With zero warning, the figure dropped down towards Mark.


     Mark dove out of the way, tumbling across the floor as the person landed right where he had been standing. Mark pushed himself up and shrieked, “OVER HERE!” He aimed the light directly at the mysterious person and got a good look at it.


     It was a woman. Her raven black hair was trimmed to hang barely above her shoulders and her pale skin glowed in the light. She wore slender, dark clothes and a black, hooded jacket. She could be perceived as middle aged, but there was no telling since she was a vampire. And then she hissed like a cat at Mark and he saw her fangs.


     She leapt at Mark and he scrambled out of the way again. He rolled to his feet and started running back towards the stairs. Arnold grabbed Emily’s arm and pulled her towards the exit. “WHAT’S GOING ON?!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.


     “JUST GO!” Arnold yelled back as he literally threw her down the stairs. He ran after his sister as Mark ducked under a swipe from the vampire and careened down the stairs after them, clearing all the steps in one go.


     Emily, Arnold, and Mark took off down the hallway. They heard the vampire land on the floor behind them and give an animal cry. In their fear, the three kids ran right past the stairs and started towards the other hallway.


     The vampire sprang up onto the wall, then dove off of it and landed in front of them. As she turned to face them, Arnold pulled the small vile out of his pocket and popped the lid off. He swung his hand through the air and some of the contents of the vile gushed out. A few drops were lucky enough to land on the vampire’s hand and it gave a shriek of pain.


     Arnold took advantage of the situation and pulled his sister down the stairs and towards the door. Mark was about to follow, but the vampire tripped and fell in his path. Mark slid to a stop, watching Arnold and Emily escape outside. Then the vampire looked up at him, staring into his eyes.


     Mark turned and ran towards the closest door, smashing it open. The vampire regained its footing and chased after him into the room. Mark hardly had time to notice that there were bookshelves going up to the ceiling and that a small piano sat in the center of the room. All he noticed was the glass door on the other side and the balcony. He rushed towards it.


     He jumped over an old chair and half slid, half rolled over an old table. The vampire leapt up onto the bookcases and hung there sideways, looking like a mutilated spider. It crawled on all fours across the bookcases as it chased after Mark.


     Mark was almost at the door when he heard the thunderous crack. Giving a quick glance, he saw that the vampire was too much weight for the final bookshelf which was falling forwards- right at him. The vampire fell off the bookcase and hit the ground with a thump, but Mark hardly noticed, he knew he had to outpace the bookshelf.


     He dove forward and hit the door, the glass shattering and flying around him. He hit the wooden balcony and bounced towards the railing. As he slammed into it the ancient wood splintered apart and Mark fell over the side.


     Pain shot up Mark’s arm and he screamed. He looked up to see his arm had caught between two of the railing supports and it had stopped him from falling down. He glanced at the ground below and noticed a rose bush. “Great.” He muttered.


    Mark reached up with his other hand and grabbed one of the supports. And then he saw the shadowy woman walking towards him. She came to a stop when she realized he was stuck and lowered her gaze to stare at him for a moment. Then she knelt down and reached out a hand.


     Mark knew that if she got her hands on him, he was done for. In a flash, he lifted himself up with his good arm, popped his other hand free, and let go of the supports. The vampire lunged forward as he fell the eight feet into the bush.


     Mark got to his feet and started running towards the gate. He took one final look at the old house, but the vampire was gone. Arnold and Mark ran through the gate and caught up with Emily. As they continued running, Emily freaked out and yelled, “Somebody explain what just happened!” 


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  Well, that was the fourth


Well, that was the fourth chapter.  I hoped you all liked it.




The final chapter will be posted on Halloween itself (it's like I planned that or something).


See you then, my dear readers.


(let me know if you see spelling errors.)

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    Link to the FINAL chapter



Link to the FINAL chapter found HERE!