Shrieks from the Shadows: It Came from the Cave- Chapter 5

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At long, long, (so many longs), last, here is Chapter Five of my Halloween story!


First off, thank you all for being patient.  Things were going great until last Saturday, when I got busy and lost pretty much all of my free time.  Monday fianlly came, and I got busy with other things and couldn't write.  Wednesday looked promising, but, after going and seeing a movie, I got a major headache, which ain't the best for transfering thoughts into words, and words onto paper.  Tuesday I felt sick, so I couldn't do much on the creative end, and then finally I finished writing the chapter on Wednesday.  And...thus began the editing protion, which took another day and a half or so.


So HERE we are!  I know it isn's October/Halloween anymore, but the spirit of the season shall live on a little longer.  Plus, I think you'll agree that this is a pretty good chapter, and has some cool stuff in it.


But I've delayed long enough.  Please, sit back and enjoy Chapter Five.


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The Scheme



The Scheme


     The car tires jostled as my parents drove me and my friends up the steep hill.  Isabella stared stoically ahead, taking slow, calm breaths as she prepared for what we would find.  Jeremy, on the other hand, gazed out the window, watching the trees pass by, softly illuminated by the dawn’s light.  His fingers drummed on the door, probably a nervous habit.  I couldn’t blame him.  Considering we had just fled down this road from a giant animal mere hours ago, I was quite jumpy myself.


     A shiver ran down my spine as the car leveled off at the top of the hill, and I heard my mom gasp, “Oh, my!”


     Rolling to a stop, we all hurriedly got out of the car and took in the house before us.  Looking about, all I could see was chunks of metal, shards of glass, pieces of shingle, and fragments of lumber.  And that was just the front yard!  The house itself looked mildly okay on the ground floor, though by no means nice, but the upstairs appeared as though a bomb had gone off!  The creature sure did a number on it.


     Peeling my eyes off of the house, I stared at my parents.  Both of them looked quite shocked and disturbed.  My dad was shaking his head, trying to comprehend what he was seeing, and my mom had her hand to her mouth.  Turning to the siblings, I was surprised by their reactions.  Isabella stood there silently, her face unreadable.  Her eyes were the only thing that moved, as they darted about, taking in the extent of the damage.  Next to her stood Jeremy, biting his lip in consideration as he put his hands on his hips.  Finally, he spoke.  “Bummer.”


     “You’re not more upset?” I asked in shock.


     “Nah,” he shrugged.  “It’s just a house, after all.”


     I was surprised with his response, though his positivity was nice.  Still, I couldn’t help but say, “Your parents are gonna be ticked when they see this.”


     “Doubt they’ll even notice,” Jeremy muttered, moving towards the building.


     “Be careful!” my mom called after him.  “I don’t think the house is safe to be in.”


     “Oh, I agree,” Jeremy told her.  “I’m just gonna walk around the parameter and see what I can find.”  


     His head turning all about as he scanned the debris, Jeremy quickly disappeared around the right side of the house.  I glanced over at Isabella, but she had not budged.  Her eyes seemed rather distant, as if she was looking beyond the house and into the future.  I took a moment to consider things, brushing a rebellious strand of hair out of my face, before finally deciding to follow Jeremy.  Hurrying on over, I caught up to him a few seconds later.  


     He was knelt down, picking something up off the ground.  It took me a moment to realize that it was a jar of his black powder.  As he brushed it off, he muttered, “Glad this thing didn’t break.  Wouldn’t want to deal with the consequences of another disaster.”  He quickly stuffed it into his jacket’s pocket before turning to me and asking, “Everything okay?”


     “I’m fine,” I muttered, rubbing my arm as I asked him, “How about you?”


     “Been better,” he admitted, glancing about.  Once again, I saw the hidden aspects of Jermey.  The fun, dramatic, and joking side of him was gone, being replaced by a darker, sadder side.  But he quickly covered it up by making a bad joke.  Gesturing at the chaos, he smirked, “At least I’ve found a place as messed up as my life.”


     I rolled my eyes before saying, “Come on.  Let’s see if there’s anything else you can salvage.”  We walked on, heading on behind the house, watching our step as we went so we wouldn’t step on a nail or something.  I paused mid-step as I noticed an odd, dark lump lying a few feet away.  “Hey.  What’s that?” I asked Jeremy, making my way towards the object.


     “Is that my backpack?” he asked, coming up beside me and squinting at the object.  In fact, it was his backpack, but it was tough to tell.  The thing was shredded and slashed to the point of almost being unrecognizable.  It certainly could never again be used to hold things.  The straps were sliced so much that they were only holding on by a few stubborn threads.  I also was having trouble telling which parts of the bag were the inside, and which were the outside, as the fabric just hung loosely in tatters.  “Dude,” Jeremy gasped, “That creature sure didn’t like that thing!”


     “No joke.  It’s like it had a vendetta against this bag,” I laughed back, turning the backpack upside down to get a better look.  But then something caught in my mind and I couldn’t help but take a moment to examine it.  The fact was, the bag did look like it had been torn up more than it should have, and, glancing at the other garbage around me, nothing seemed quite as damaged.  And anyway, even with how destroyed everything was, what was the bag doing this far out of the house?


     Shifting slightly to face Jeremy, I asked, “You don’t think the bag could have been targeted, do you?”  


     “I don’t see why it would be,” Jeremy shrugged.  “I’ve had that thing for a while, and no monsters have gunned for it.”


     I heard his assurance, but something still bugged me.  I narrowed my eyes as I began checking the backpack.  “Didn’t you have this bag the night you and your sister were attacked in the alley?  And this was in your room when the creature first attacked last night.”


     “I mean, I did have it in the alleyway,” Jeremy admitted, “but the creature threw the bag back at me, remember?”


     “Yeah,” I nodded.


     “And the creature came after us last night, even though I didn’t have the bag,” Jeremy added.  “I just don’t think this ties in with our encounters.”


     As much as I hated to admit it, I said, “I guess you’re right.”  I was just about to throw the backpack onto the ground when something caught my attention.  I had a thin layer of something on my fingers.  “Hello,” I muttered to myself, as I held up my fingers and rubbed them together, the strange substance rubbing off slightly.  Was it…dust?  No, it was too different in consistency to be dust.  But then, what was it?  And where did it come from?


     My attention returned to the backpack, and I started giving it a once over again.  It took almost a full minute, but at long last I found what I was looking for.  There, on the the fabric that would have been the inner-bottom of the bag, was a thin layer of the odd stuff.  Scraping off some of it, I held it up and asked Jermey, “What is this?”


     “Oh, that,” Jeremy muttered, squinting at the substance for a moment.  “I think that’s spores, but dunno for sure.”


     “Spores?” I asked, not understanding.


     “Yeah, from the fungus I’ve been using for my experiment.” he elaborated.


     I stared at him blankly a moment before asking, “Jeremy, where did you get the fungus?”


     “From a cave in the woods,” Jeremy told me in a chill tone of voice.  “Why do you ask?”  He grinned at me innocently as I stared at him a moment, stunned into silence as all the pieces connected in my head.  Jeremy didn’t seem to understand at first, but I saw realization slowly dawning in his eyes.  “Wait a sec,” he said when it all clicked for him.  “You don’t think…”


     “Oh, my gosh!” I gasped, dropping the backpack to the grass and grabbing my head.  “Now everything makes sense!”


     “So the glowing fungus and the creature are tied together.  But why?” Jeremy asked me.


     “I’m not sure, but I think I have an idea,” I admitted.  “Where’s the fungus now?”


     Jeremy’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as he realized where he had put it.  “I left it back at your house.”


     “Are you serious?!” I shouted at him, being momentarily overcome by the desire to strangle him there and then.


     “I didn’t know it was of interest to this thing!” Jeremy defended himself, putting his hands up.


     Just then, Isabella stuck her head around the corner of the house and demanded, “What are you two arguing about?”


     “Don’t worry about that right now,” I told her, hurrying away from the backpack and heading towards my parents.  “We have to go.”


     Isabella looked confused, but Jeremy quickly said, “I’ll fill you in here soon.”  


* * * * * *


     “Where exactly is it?” I asked, shutting the door behind the three of us as we stepped inside my house.  Outside, my parents drove off, heading to work.  


     “I put it on the table over here,” Jeremy told me, gesturing off a bit.


      “Can someone please tell me what exactly is going on?” Isabella demanded, clearly not unamused.


      Jeremy was the one to answer her question.  “We’re pretty sure the fungus is of interest to the creature, thus why it has attacked us two nights in a row, and why it came to the house.”


     Isabella considered the news a second, before finally nodding and saying, “That actually makes some sense.”  Placing her hands on her hips, she asked, “So, what now?”


     “Now we figure out what to do with this information,” Jermey helpfully told her, picking up the glass container, the tarp still draped over it.


     I quickly jumped in.  “I have a suspicion about that fungus, but I need to double check real fast.”  Scanning my dad’s bookshelf, I looked for one that discussed the flora and fauna that could be found in our local cave system.  But, of course, that was the one book that he did not readily have available.  “Rats!” I spat, standing back up and walking towards the siblings.  “I can’t find what I’m looking for.”


     “What exactly did you need?” Isabella asked me.


     “I wanted to see if there was any preexisting data on that fungus of yours.  Perhaps we could learn something about it and better know how to proceed.”


     Isabella’s brows furrowed as she tried to recall something.  “If I remember right, your family’s store has quite the selection of books.  I wanna say I saw one that dealt with plant life while I was doing research for my brother.”


     Snapping my fingers, I realized she was right.  “We do have a few books there that we don’t have here.”  I took a moment to consider things before finally asking, “Would you guys be up to ride on over to the store?  I know we are all kinda peddled out, but, if this can help us understand what’s going on, I think it will be well worth it.”


     “Certainly,” Isabella nodded, right as Jeremy said, “Yup.”


     “If you don’t mind, could you bring the fungus with us?” I asked Jeremy.  “I don’t want to leave it unsupervised.”


     “Understandable,” Jeremy told me, tucking the glass container awkwardly under his arm.


     “Great!  Then let’s get going!” I grinned, heading back towards the front door.  We had left Isabella’s and Jeremy’s bikes outside since they arrived last night.


     Before long, the three of us were biking down the streets, heading to my family’s store.  The sunlight glinted off the red paint of my bike, and I took a moment to appreciate how nice it was to just casually ride a bike, not worrying about being chased by a gigantic creature.  I allowed my bike to glide on down a side road, Jeremy and Isabella close behind.  We turned a corner onto a lively street, and I took in the sights.  Sure, there was some minor damage to suggest the creature had visited this area at least once before, but things were still nice.  A father and son were out tossing a frisbee back and forth, a woman jogged down the street, a white van rumbled around a corn a ways down, and, somewhere in the distance, we could hear a dog barking.


     Altogether, things were nice.


     Then I realized that Isabella and Jeremy were no longer riding near me.  Using the brakes, I came to a stop and looked behind me.  Jeremy was just a few yards back, and I could tell immediately that he was just as confused as me about things.  Then my attention turned to Isabella, and I was surprised by what I saw.  There was an odd look on her face, one that I couldn’t place, and she was rapidly glancing about.  “What is it?  Everything okay?” I finally asked.


     “Uh, yeah,” Isabella replied, though it was less than convincing.  She looked around a moment longer before saying, “I don’t want to go this way.  Let’s find a different way to your family’s shop.”


     Jeremy and I shared a glance, and he just gave a small shrug.  Looking back at Isabella, I said, “Okay.  If you want to.  Follow me.”  I turned my bike and started down an alley between two houses, cutting over a street.  Isabella was quick to follow, and Jeremy took the spot on the end.  I saw him staring up and down the street, trying to figure out what had set off his sister, before I turned and focused on leading my friends onwards.  


     The new route we took was a little longer, but we were still able to reach my family’s store in decent time.  Once there, I threw the door open and we all made our way inside, being greeted by my parents.  I hardly took any notice, however, as my eyes locked onto our book selection and I hurried on over.  I began selecting a few of them, flipping through their pages to make sure they had the information I needed.


     “So, what are you up to?” Jeremy asked, trying to read over my shoulder.


     “I am almost certain of something, but I just gotta make sure,” I said, placing two books down on the floor and turning them to the pages of interest.  “Lemme see that fungus a second.”


     “Sure,” Jeremy said, placing the container down next to me.


     “Hm,” I muttered to myself, lifting the tarp so that I could get a better look at the fungus.  Then I turned a few pages in the book next to me, which covered local flora.  “Yup, yup,” I said, nodding to myself as I turned my attention to a book on the cave system.  


     “You mind filling us in?” Isabella asked me, crossing her arms as she watched.


     “In one second,” I told her, before yelling across the shop, “Dad!  Come here a second, please!”


     He arrived almost instantly.  “What is it?”


     “I’m curious.  Do you know what this is exactly?” I asked, gesturing to what lay inside the glass container.


     My dad knelt down to examine it, shifting occasionally to get a better view of the odd thing.  “Can’t say I do,” he said at last.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that before.”


     “Okay.  Thanks anyways,” I said to my dad, returning to the books.


     “Sorry I couldn’t be of more help,” my dad said back as he began leaving.  “Hope you figure it out.”


     “So…?” Jeremy prodded as I examined a page.


     “Well,” I started, flipping back over to the book’s index.  “From what I can tell…you discovered a new species of fungus, Jeremy.”


     “Did I, now?” Jeremy asked, smiling down at the glass container.


     “I was curious why I didn’t recognize it before, and why the creature seemed to target this in particular.  But it all clicked together when you said you found it in a cave.”  I looked up from the books, locking eyes with Jeremy.  “Tell me exactly where and when you found this cave.”


     “It was just about a week ago, I was out looking about when I found this cave in the middle of no where.”


     “Was it at the edge of the forest, surrounded by rubble?” I jumped in.


     “Um, yeah,” Jeremy shrugged.  “Is that important?”


     “I believe I found that same cave later that day,” I told him, holding up a book and showing him the map of the valley that was on the page.  “It was right around here, right?” I asked, pointing to a small spot near my house.


     “I think so,” Jeremy shrugged.  “I’m not great with directions and stuff.”


     “The point is,” I said, “there are still a lot of caves left unexplored in the mountain.  Nobody knows exactly how expansive the caves are.  So, if I had to guess, this cave leads into one of those areas.  If these caves are unexplored, it could explain why this fungus is undiscovered…and where this creature came from.”


     “So this is some sort of cave creature,” Jeremy said, rubbing his chin.

     “Where else would an animal this size come from?” Isabella sarcastically asked her brother.  “The real question is why it is no longer underground?”


     “I think I can answer that,” I told her.  “When I found the cave in question, there was evidence that a rockslide had just occurred.  Adding to that is the fact that we heard a weird noise that morning.  Remember?” I asked Isabella, referring to the day I ran into her outside of the gas station.


     “Now that you mention it, yeah,” she said, nodding.


     “So,” I continued, “following this logic, evidence points to the fact that the cave was just opened up that morning.  That could also explain why this creature has never surfaced before, as it was sealed underground.”


     “And, following this line of thinking even further, the noise of the rockslide might have lured it to the surface,” Jeremy suggested.


     “But then why is it still here?” Isabella asked.


     “That’s the part I’m not sure about,” I admitted, looking back down at the books.  “Something is just not adding up to me.”


     “What do you mean?” Isabella asked.


     “Well, when I started thinking about things, this creature has been acting kinda oddly,” I told her.  “I mean, it has been causing trouble in this town for the past few days, but, if you really think about it, there hasn’t been anything too serious.”


     “That’s a funny way of talking about a creature that ripped a hole in our ceiling,” Jeremy sarcastically said.


     “It only did that because you had the fungus, though,” I said.  “But let’s consider all it has done when the fungus wasn’t near.  It has caused a fair share of damage, yes, but has anyone actually gotten hurt?”


     Isabella and Jeremy glanced at each other as they considered my question.  Finally, Isabella slowly shook her head and said, “No.”


     “So this thing hasn’t targeted or hurt anyone.  In fact, during this entire time, we haven’t even heard of a pet going missing.”


     Jeremy nodded as he thought about things.  “Am I right in thinking that you believe this creature is actually not as dangerous as it appears?”


     “I mean,” I started, “I would hate to get on its bad side, but I am starting to doubt that this thing is inherently dangerous.  Perhaps it is more confused and agitated than anything?”


     “That would make even more sense if this fungus is somehow tied to it,” Isabella suggested, “as, theoretically, the only source of this stuff would either be us or the cave it came from…assuming that there’s more of the fungus in the cave, that is.”


     “Yeah,” I agreed.  “If this fungus is somehow important to the creature, and it can’t get any, then it only makes sense that it would be losing its mind somewhat.”


     “Whoa,” Jeremy grinned, his eyes shinning with understanding.  “This is really cool.”  His grin faulted as he thought of something.  “So…now what?”


     “What do you mean?” I asked, picking the books up off the floor and standing up.


     “Well, like, we have all this information about the creature.  So what should we do with it?” he asked.


    Opening my mouth, I went to tell him, but then realized I had literally zero idea what to do with this information.  I was so busy putting all the puzzle pieces together that I forget what to do once everything was connected.  It took me a few seconds, but finally I suggested the simplest solution.  “We could…tell the authorities?”




     Slowly I turned to face Isabella, frowning as I considered her answer.  “What?”


     “We don’t get the authorities involved,” Isabella told me simply, her expression unreadable.  


     “Why not?” I demanded.  “How else will we get rid of this thing?”


     “First off, do you really want people knowing that there is a giant creature living under our feet?” Isabella asked.  “You and I may know, or at least have a strong suspicion, that it is relatively peaceful, but I doubt everyone else will be cool with it.”  I went to argue, but Isabella kept going.  “Secondly, we shouldn’t get other people in harm’s way.  It is not currently after anyone else, so we shouldn’t put anyone else in danger.  And lastly,” she went on, “we have everything we need already.  No point overcomplicating things.”


     “I still don’t like the idea of the three of us dealing with this alone,” I told her.  “That seems ludicrous, insane, dimwitted, ridiculous-”


     I was going to list off a bunch more words, but Isabella cut me off.  “I fail to see how this is any of those.  We’ve all had experiences with this thing, so we know what we’re up against.  We have the one thing this creature wants, we know where we want this thing to end up to get rid of it once and for all, and, seeing as this creature apparently loves the dark so much, we have until nightfall to think up a plan.  That gives us hours.”  She said it as if that were a really long time.


     Then, to my surprise, Jeremy jumped in to support Isabella.  “You should trust my sister, Crystal.  She may not be the smartest person around, but she is a brilliant planner.  If anyone could pull this off, it’s her.”


     I sighed, rubbing my forehead as I considered what they were saying.  Finally, shaking my head, I said, “If you truly believe you can think of some safe way for us to get rid of this creature, then you can count me in.”


     “This isn’t the first time I’ve taken a huge risk based on my sister’s planning,” Jeremy told me.  “And, by golly, it won’t be the last.”


     Isabella held up her hand to quiet her brother.  When she spoke, there was a determined air to her voice that I had not heard before.  “Give me some time to think, and then I’ll tell you what I need from you both.”


* * * * * *


     The brisk night air gently blew by, the tree branches dancing behind me.  Besides for the few street lights down the road, only the moonlight lit the area, making it difficult to differentiate between the shapes in the shadows.  Rubbing my hands together and sticking them in my pockets in a futile attempt to keep them warm, I sat astride my bike and glanced about, both hoping and fearing the sight of the creature.


      Normally, if someone suggested I go out into the night and wait for a giant monster to come after me, I would most likely pass.  However, there was one key factor that made me willing to do this.  It was the fact that Isabella had come through with a plan, and it was a rather decent plan at that.  She had demanded to be left alone for the better part of two hours as she had plotted and calculated.  When at last she had returned, she had issued out orders like a commander, and Jeremy and I had been quick to obey.  After we had gathered back at my parent’s shop, we had gone over the plan at least three times, working out the minor details and trying to make it even more efficient and effective.  At last, we had all agreed on the course of action and headed on out to get ready.  Thus, here I was, waiting for something huge to come after me.


     Glancing back and forth again, a patiently awaited the appearance of the beast.  I couldn’t tell how long I’d been waiting now, but it had to have been getting close to an hour.  Shaking my head, I adjusted the strap of the backpack, moving it to a more comfortable position.  Even though Jeremy’s bag was almost completely destroyed, we were banking on the remaining spores inside to lure this creature out.  If the beast had gone after it twice already, why would it not go after it a third time, right?  


     That led me to think about the one step we had taken to protect ourselves from this giant creature, and I instinctively reached up to my head to adjust it.  We had gone and bought some noise cancelling earmuffs in the hope that they would be enough to dim the power of the creature’s crippling screech.  Sure, that thing’s yowls were on another level, completely unparalleled, but we had to try something.  And if these annoying and uncomfortable things would help us not collapse to the ground the second we heard that awful noise, then it was worth the money spent.


     Leaning back, I scanned the area again, simultaneously trying to listen for the creature.  Since it wasn’t here yet, I was keeping one ear uncovered to better search for the beast.  Still, I was finding nothing.  Where was this thing?  It had spontaneously bothered me and my friends the last two nights, but now, right when we actually wanted it around, it wasn’t bothering to show up.  Biting my lip in irritation, I took a breath and tried to force myself to be more patient, but that was becoming more and more difficult by the second.  


     Luckily, I didn’t have to wait much longer, as a sudden snapping noise behind me caused me to turn about and peer into the night.  Somewhere in the tree line that ran next to the road, something was moving.  I removed a small flashlight from my belt—another worth while investment suggested by Isabella—and shined it into the forest.  Sure enough, there was a large shape moving towards me.  The most prominent feature were the two pale, glinting eyes, which seemed to hover high above the ground.  


     Just like that, all the bravery I had felt mere moments before seemed to evaporate.  But it was too late to turn back now.  I had to go through with the plan.


     In one quick movement, I pushed the noise-cancelling earmuffs into place, and threw myself forwards.  And, just as Isabella had planned, the bike began to pick up speed as I started down the small hill.  Though I couldn’t hear a single thing, I knew that the beast was in pursuit.  It was absolutely terrifying, yet it was not quite as bad as the night previous.  That was because, unlike last time, I knew exactly what it wanted, and thus I was in slightly more control of the situation.  After all, it didn’t exactly want to hurt me, as much do whatever it took to get what I had.  


     My bike’s tires span and the houses wizzed by as I lured the beast onwards.  The road finally leveled off, but I already had the speed advantage.  Hunched over the handlebars, I peddled as fast as I could, my eyes locked on the street ahead.  I spotted a sharp right turn up ahead, and easily slid around it, knowing full well the creature would lose some speed as it tried to do the same.


     As I came out of the turn, my eyes narrowed as they locked onto my target.  Up ahead, to my left, sat my house.  Yup.  I was luring it right towards where I lived.  But Isabella and I had agreed that it was the wisest course of action.  Unfortunately, it was as I was approaching that I noticed my parents’ car in the driveway.  But it was too late now, so I made another sharp turn into my driveway and rode right past the vehicle.  Even with the earmuffs on, I heard the creature smash into the car, and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the flashing lights as the car alarm went off.


     Still, I went on, going right around the corner of the house, and frantically peddling into the backyard.  Up ahead, I spotted the dark, looming mass of the forest.  Somewhere back there, deep on the other side, was the cave from which the creature had first emerged.  And I had to take it back.  However, there was no way that my bike was going to make it through that forest, so there was only one alternative…


     Leaping off of my bike, I abandoned it at the edge of my back yard, and sprinted into the forest.  Yanking the flashlight off of my belt again, I switched it on and used the beam to guide me as I ran between the tall trees.  A tree branch landed within a yard of me, confirming that the creature was still very much pursuing me, but I did my best to ignore it and run on.  Isabella and I had used a map to designate the easiest path to get from my house to the cave, and I had walked it twice since then as we had set up, but it was still really difficult to maneuver in the middle of the night.


     I kept on running, however, refusing to give up.  As I sprinted, I was showered by dirt that the creature had apparently flung.  I made it a few more yards before a small tree toppled over next to me, whacking me with its top few branches, which were luckily thin enough not to be too much of a hindrance.  By this point, I was over halfway to the cave, and really happy that my luck had held out so far.  Apparently, Isabella had also been right about the trees being obstacles to the cave creature.  


     Up ahead, I spotted a downed tree, which served as the three-fourths marker on my mad dash.  I ran towards it, and went to leap over.  I was just in the middle of my jump when something snagged me from behind, stopping me in the air, and leaving me to dangle.  It didn’t take a super genius to realize that the beast had grabbed ahold of the backpack.


     My eyes wide and feet flailing wildly, I desperately tried to get free of the backpack, but then I noticed I was moving.  Up and up I went, as the creature rose to its full hight.  The flashlight tumbled out of my hand, and I watched it spiral through the air until it at last bounced off the ground, which seemed an awfully long ways down.  I was nearly overcome by the desire to hurl as I considered how awful it would be if the creature just dropped me.  But then a new thought hit me…  What was the creature going to do?  It had the bag, but what would it do to me when it tried to get to the spores inside?  And how would it react when it discovered that, once again, the fungus wasn’t there?


     Heart pounding in terror, I could only hang there in dread.  But then something happened.  I was absolutely and completely blinded.  The creature jerked back as it too was blinded, shaking its head, and me by extension, as it tried to get away from the light.  Raising my hand up, I tried to shield my eyes, while, at the same time, see what was going on.  


     And then I spotted the figure.  I recognized Isabella immediately, grinning widely as I saw her standing roughly thirty feet off.  In one hand she had her flashlight, in the other…the fungus in the container.


     Though I could not see the creature, I felt it hesitate a moment as it too spotted the glowing fungus.  Then it lowered its head ever so slightly and, to my surprise, dropped me.  Screaming and flailing my arms like crazy, I fell towards the forest floor.  The second I landed, I felt the wind knocked out of my lungs.  Gasping for breath, I struggled to pull myself away from the creature and to a safer location.  But that’s when the creature let out one of its shrieks, and my head rang.  


     Lucky for me, the earmuffs did their job, but the experience still wasn’t fun.  The best way I can describe it, the screech felt more like being punched than the usual hit by a truck.  The second it ended, I looked up, shocked as I watched the creature leap towards Isabella, who turned  and ran out of view.


     As Isabella’s beam of light disappeared into the distance, I struggled to push myself up to my feet.  There was no way I was going to not help my friend.  Trying to regain my breath, I planted my feet underneath me and, with a groan, stood up straight.  The fall had been intense, but nothing seemed broken or too badly damaged.  Definitely wasn’t fun though, and I was going to be sore in the morning.  Ignoring the pain, I tried to move forwards.  The first few steps were slow, but I began moving faster and faster.  I stopped just long enough to retrieve my flashlight, then I was running through the woods, following the destruction the creature left in its wake.  


     Soon, I saw the edge of the tree line, the giant form of the mountain looming up above me.  And there it was, across the open ground;  The cave.  I slid to a stop, watching in shock as the creature’s tail slipped inside, whipping side to side as it disappeared into the depths.  And, in the far distance of the cave, I saw the glow of Isabella’s flashlight.


     Everything was going exactly to plan.


     “GET READY!” I shouted, removing the earmuffs as my eyes locked on the opening of the cave, waiting for Isabella to emerge.


     “JUST TELL ME WHEN!” came Jeremy’s voice from above.  He sat up on top of the cave’s mouth, a box of matches in one hand and a fuse in another.  Isabella had decided that the best way to keep this creature out of from the town was to seal it away once more.  Luckily enough, Jeremy still had that gun powder—a surprising and concerning amount, actually—and he was more than willing to use it.  All we needed was for Isabella to sneak out, and then we would spring our trap.


     My eyes scanned the mouth of the cave, searching for movement, but all I could see was darkness.  The seconds seemed to run longer and longer, until, after what felt like an hour, I asked Jeremy, “Where is she?!”


     “She’ll be out any moment now!” he yelled back, but I could hear the hesitation in his voice.


     I went back to watching the entrance, but I was growing more and more anxious.  She should have been back out by now, right?  What was taking her?  Could the creature have caught her?  I waited a few more moments before finally shouting up, “I’m going after her!”


     “Don’t do that!” he demanded, leaning dangerously far over the lip of the cave.  “Stick to the plan!”


     But it was too late.  I had already started running towards the shadowy opening.  The second I passed the threshold, I pointed my flashlight about, lighting up the walls as I began my search.  Stumbling over the small rocks on the floor, I tried to move as fast as I could, hoping that I would find Isabella on her way hurrying out.  But, as far as I could tell, there wasn’t anyone else around.  


     Finally, I heard something, but it was coming from a ways up ahead.  I realized immediately that it was the creature, as the thunderous popping and crashing could herald nothing else.  Thinking quickly, I returned the earmuffs to their place, and began advancing a little slower.  The mixture of silence that my earmuffs provided, and the poor lighting of the cave, made me tense as I waited for the giant creature to leap out of the darkness and charge.  But there was nothing before me, save the stone tunnel, which stretched on for who knew how long.


     I turned a sharp corner, and had to stop dead in my tracks.  Just a foot to my right was a large, dark chasm.  It descended into the depths of the mountain, and I dared not shine my light within, not willing to see just exactly how far that drop went…or what might be contained within.  Ever so carefully, I made my way around the edge of the opening, the path still being mildly wide, if not as much as I would have preferred, and kept going.  


     Roughly a hundred yards further, I came across another sharp turn, this time on my left.  Taking it slowly, I peeked around the side, and was shocked by what I saw.  There, across the room at the far wall, was the creature.  Frantically, I shielded my flashlight.  I couldn’t turn it off, because then I’d be stuck in the dark with this thing, but I was able to shield the light some, using both my hand and my jacket.  It still lit things up, but it was not quite as bad.


     Trying to stay as stealthy as I could, I peered around the corner and watched the creature.  It had its back to me, and it seemed rather preoccupied with whatever it was doing.  Its tail swung through the air, just like a cat might, and, from where I was, I could perfectly see its long, spider-like legs.  They were absolutely grotesque, and I involuntarily shuddered.  Worst of all, the creature appeared to be eating something.


     My mind instantly went to the most horrible possibility, but then I noticed something else.  Something peculiar about the cave.  There was a very, very faint glow from up ahead.  That’s when I spotted the fungus, and there was a lot of it.  The glowing fungus had grown in patches all over the far wall, like some sort of beautiful curtain or tapestry, and, were it not for the giant creature right in front of me, I would have considered it pretty.


      So this must have been where Jermey found his sample, I quickly thought as I watched the creature.  It was gulping the stuff down with a ravenous hunger, as if it had not eaten anything since it had first left the cave.  Chunks of the fungus rained down in front of it as the creature hurriedly consumed.  My eyes were intently locked on the scene before me, and it took me a moment to remember that I had come down here for another reason.  


     Peeling my eyes away from the beast, I scanned the cave, trying to find my friend.  She clearly was not by the creature, so I looked at the walls, hoping that I would spot her.  I didn’t really want to use my flashlight, as I didn’t want to tip the creature off to my presence, but I had no alternative.  I wouldn’t be able to see Isabella without it.  Using the light, I scanned the walls around me, trying to shine it t into every small crevice and alcove.  The creature barely seemed to notice, too focused on satisfying its hunger.  Still, to my dismay, I couldn’t find anything.  There was no sign of anyone else down here except for me.


     And then I froze.  My eyes were wide, and my breathing shallow, as I realized the truth.  There was something behind me.  It was more like I sensed it then I actually felt it.  There was no shadow to tip me off, and there hadn’t been any changes to my surroundings.  But, somehow, I knew there was something right behind me.  


     Trying not to move, I waited to see what would happen next.  I shuddered as something brushed past my hair, and it took all of my strength not to jump up and run as it came to rest on my shoulder.  Whatever it was, it tightened its hold, and began to shake me.  It was at that exact moment that I decided holding still would do little to help my odds of surviving, and I yanked myself away from the thing.  I took three steps before turning about and shining my flashlight right in the eyes of the thing.


     My fear seemed to evaporate immediately as I realized that it was not a cave creature, but just Isabella.  She looked perfectly fine, save for her shielding her eyes from the bright light.  I ran forward and threw my arms around her, very much relieved that she was okay.  “I’m so happy you aren’t dead!” I practically cried.  “I was so worried.”


     Isabella pulled out of my hug and tried to say something, but I couldn’t hear her.  That’s when I remembered that I still had my earmuffs on.  That’s probably why she grabbed me, because I wouldn’t have been able to hear her coming up behind me.  


     Isabella tried to say something again, motioning with her hands for extra emphasis, but I didn’t catch it.  I gestured at the earmuffs, and said, “I can’t hear you.”  Isabella opened her mouth to say something else, but then she froze.  Her eyes slowly glided upwards, and I realized that she was looking at something behind me.  I realized what was happening right as a hot blast of air came down on me.  The cave creature was right behind me.


     “Nope,” I muttered, taking off as fast as I could, running back up the cave.  Isabella was right next to me on my left, sprinting as fast as she could across the rocky terrain.  Sure, we thought the cave creature was not actually super aggressive, but we weren’t gonna chance it.  Using the flashlight to guide our way, Isabella and I ran away from the creature, hoping beyond hope that we would somehow be able to outrun it.


     We rounded a corner and continued towards the exit, not even bothering to take in our surroundings.  That’s partly why it took me by surprise when I saw the cave creature scurrying beside us.  But it was not running like one would have expected.  It was crawling across the cave wall, just like a giant cockroach or some other giant bug.  


     The creature clawed its way right past us, its bulk mere inches from me, and it was obvious that it was just about to cut us off.  I was so shocked by what I was seeing, that, in a moment of pure reaction, I hurled myself away from the creature.  The next thing I knew, I had slammed into Isabella, knocking us both off our feet.  


     Everything seemed to slow down around me as I tried to process what was happening.  My fingers clung to the flashlight, and I could just see the creature crawling off of the wall to come after us.  With us falling backwards, we didn’t stand much of a chance anymore.  But then something weird happened.  We kept falling!


     Where there should have been the cold stone floor, there was nothing but open air.  Rock seemed to rise up around me, as if to ingulf Isabella and myself.  That’s when I realized what had happened.  We had fallen into the chasm that I had passed by earlier.  In our mad dash, we hadn’t realized that we were passing it.


     But now it was too late…


     We were falling into the depths of the mountain.


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So, first things first, I wanna take a moment to point out that this chapter was over 7,000 words long.  So, that might have been partly why it took literally forever to release this chapter.


Secondly, I mentioned it is passing when I released the last chapter, but I wanna bring it up again.  The whole scene with Crystal, Isabella, and Jeremy at the destroyed house was originally supposed to be how the last chapter ended.  However, I felt like it would have been tonally off, so I pushed it to the start of this chapter.  I think it fits WAY better here!


Also, I do want to make a request to you, my dear readers.  In this chapter, I tried to explain what was going on with the creature and how everything tied together.  However, I am uncertain if I actually did it well.  So, please, if you have any questions, ask them.  I can answer them in the comments below (assuming I know the answer, that is), and I might even go back and add a scenetence or two explaining it if I think the question is major enough.  I really want to make sure that this all makes sense, as it is rather key to the plot.


Additionally, I want to point out that this is the first Shrieks from the Shadows story to break 5 chapters!  I've always tried to keep them to five chapters, as that has seemed like the perfect amount of introduction, suspecense and build-up, and solid conclusion.  However, when plotting things out this year, I decided this story deserved a little extra.


Lastly, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  I'd love to hear them.  Chapter Six will be the last chapter, so this is your last chance to make predicitons for what you think will happen.  And I'll go ahead and tell you that the next chapter will be one wild ride.  I've been looking forward to writing it since before I even posted the first chapter.


That's gonna have to be it for now.  I literally only have the title written for Chapter Six, so I got a lot of work cut out for me.  Plus, this next chapter isn't going to be a small piece.  So I better get to work here soon.  I'll try to get it done by this time next week, but who even knows anymore?  I'll just do my best though.


-Lack Lunason


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Pouncer dive-bombed me at high-speed...

Whoa, your getting better and better at this! Nice work!


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Thanks!  I really appreciate the positive feedback!  Hopefully the final chapter does not disappoint.

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Gas and Spark toasted my subject...then Treecutter ate it..


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Well, it has been a week since I last posted a chapter.  Unfortunately, Chapter 6 is still not ready, but I am here with an update.


So, as of right now, Chapter Six is 11 pages, and 5,204 words long, so it is well under way.  However, I still have a lot I need to add to it.  Basically, I had some build up I still needed to write, and I am currently in the process of writing the epic climax.  I figure I'll be done with that in roughly a thousand words.  After which, I still will have roughly three-thousand words to bring the story to its finale.  


So, the point of my ramblings is that we are getting close to it being done.  We are on the verge of the conclusion.  But it is still not quite ready.  I'm doing my best, but it is difficult.  I do not expect it to take another week, but it will still be a few more days.  I hope to get a good amount of writing here later tonight, so that should help move things along.


Again, I am really grateful for all of your patience.  I feel bad about making you all wait like this.  I really wanted to avoid this inconvience.  


Until next time, I hope you all are doing well, and I look forward to revealing the last chapter in the not too distant future.


-Lack Lunason

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Another Update for Chapter 6


Great news, everyone!  Chapter 6 has compelted its rough draft!  At long last, and with no small amount of freaking out, the final chapter is competley written!


Now, I still need to give it a read over to edit it and work out any bugs, so there's that.  I wouldn't expect the chapter to come out for another two days, at least, as this is the longest chapter by far!  Like, as it stands in the document right now, it is 26 pages!  No joke.  


So, the final chapter IS on the way...but it still isn't here quite yet.


Thank you for your continued patience, and I look forward to presenting the chapter shortly.


-Lack Lunason