Shrieks from the Shadows: It Came from the Cave- Chapter 3

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Hello everyone!  Welcome back for chapter three!


Today's chapter should be a fun one, as I really enjoyed writing it.  If I remember right, it is the longerst one so far, and I think you'll say it is worth it.  Also, while one does not have to read my previous Halloween stories, I think those that have may appreciate some aspects of this chapter more.  (Also, just gonna take a moment to advertise for myself.  Links to previous stories are in my signature).  


There's more I wanna say, but I'll save it until the end.  So let's delay no longer and dive right into this new chapter, shall we?



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     My breath rapid, my heart thundering, I cowered in terror beneath my dining room table.  As the fright held fast to me, I lost all track of time.  All I could think about was whatever had just attacked Isabella and Jeremy.  There was something out there, something dangerous, but I had no idea what.  I couldn’t even think straight as my mind replayed the encounter over and over.


     And then came a voice, and it pulled me from my shock.


     “It’s okay, Crystal.  Everything is fine now.”


     I looked up to see Jeremy kneeling a few feet away, his eyes peering out from behind his long hair and under the table.  He held out his hand as he said, “It’s safe to come out.”


     “How can you be sure?” I whispered, my eyes wide.


     “The police have arrived, and they seem to be not dying,” he explained, motioning towards the window.  Now that he mentioned it, I noticed the blue light shining through the window and lighting up the walls.  It reassured me enough to climb out from under the table and slowly walk towards the window.  Outside, I saw a cop car sitting in a neighbor’s driveway, and two officers walking about, their flashlights out and scanning the area.  But there was nothing to be seen.  Whatever it was, it was gone.


     Eventually, I turned about and faced my friends.  Both of them looked quite shaken up, but no worse for wear.  Jeremy occasionally rubbed his back from where his backpack had hit him, and Isabella’s hair was disheveled, but still looked better than anything I could ever achieve.  Finally, I put forth the question that, though I didn’t really want the answer, I knew I needed to ask.  “What happened?  What attacked you?”


     Isabella and Jeremy shared a look, both of them seeming to not know what to say, but then Jeremy took the lead.  “I…  I’m not sure,” he admitted with a shrug.  “There we were, walking down that alley, and then everything went crazy.  It wasn’t well lit back there, so we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at first.  And then something moved.  Something big.”  He gestured with his hands, trying to get across the scale of the attacker, but he quickly gave up when he realized it was futile.  “I didn’t get a good look at it, but it was definitely large.  And long.  Right, sis?” Jermey turned to his sister to see what she could add.


     “Yeah,” she nodded.  “It attacked before I could get a good look, but I’d guess it was elephant sized.  I think it had a good number of legs too.  Definitely more than four, that’s for sure.  And there was something off about the legs, but I don’t know what.”


     “And then what happened?” I asked, almost frantic for the details.


     “Well,” Jeremy said, rubbing his chin.  I went to run, and it grabbed me.  Or, at least, it tried.  It only succeeded in grabbing my backpack.  But then it just lifted me clean off the ground, as if I was a toy or something, and began waving me all about.  Definitely not a fun experience.”  He paused, seemingly reflecting on the situation, before going on.  “Next thing I knew, I had slipped out of my backpack and was flying down the alley.  Then something hit me in the back, I fell down, scrambled to my feet, and started running with you two.  And then…” he gave a shrug again, frowning as he did so, “Well, that’s the end of the interesting details.”


     “Is that everything you guys remember?” I couldn’t help asking.  “Neither of you saw anything else?”


     Jeremy shook his head as Isabella said, “I was a little too busy trying to get out of there to take notes.”


     I subconsciously rubbed my temples as I asked, “So what was that popping noise that I heard?  And that crashing metal?  Oh, and where did that thing go after it was done with you two?”


     The siblings stared at me blankly for a moment, as if surprised with my interrogation.  Jeremy was the first one to respond.  “Look, I’d love to help, but there’s nothing else we can really provide.  That’s all we know.”


     Opening my mouth, I was about to say something else, but the slamming of a car door cut me off.  Looking out the widow, I realized that there was a car in my driveway and two figures had gotten out of it and were looking across the street at the police cars.  “Oh, look,” I said, pointing out the window, “My parents are home.”


     “And that’s our cue,” Isabella announced, snapping her fingers and striding towards the back of the house, Jeremy close behind.


     “Wait, what?” I couldn’t help but ask, quickly following them.


      “I believe I speak for my brother when I say we’d prefer to silently leave and sneak on home over discussing this entire situation again with your parents, and then with the authorities,” Isabella explained.  “It will be much better if we can just slip away into the night.”


     “Translation: we would rather take our chances than deal with drama,” Jeremy explained, unlocking a back window and sliding it open.


     “But what about that…that thing?!  It’s still out there!” I practically yelled, shocked at their actions.


     “The authorities are here.  And anyway, it has been, like, twenty minutes,” Jeremy said, sticking one leg through the opening and beginning to climb out.


     “It’s actually been fifteen minutes,” Isabella corrected her brother.


     “Oh, like anyone cares,” Jeremy shot back, glaring at his sibling from outside.


     I looked from one sibling to the other in shock.  Were they actually going to do something so foolish as wander home at night with that thing on the loose?  “Please,” I begged, “At least let my parents drive you home.”


     “Thanks for the offer, but nah,” Jeremy said, politely grinning at me as he gestured for his sister to follow him out the window.


     Opening my mouth, I went to protest further, but Isabella cut me off.  “Look, we appreciate the concern, but we’re good.”  She looked towards the front door as there came a clicking noise, heralding my parents unlocking the door.  Isabella hurriedly climbed through the window and looked at me from the other side.  “Catch you tomorrow,” she said, giving a brief smile before she shut the window.


     The siblings darted off just as the front door opened and my parents walked in.  


* * * * * *


     Of course, I told my parents about what had occurred, and everything I saw and heard.  And, of course, they believed me.  But then the question arose of what actually attacked my friends, and that is where things got weird.  Since I had not actually seen it, I had to give my parents my friends’ accounts, but that amounted to nothing.  After all, what they had told me was so random and odd that it was almost impossible to make any sense of things.  An elephant sized creature with multiple legs antagonized, though did not harm, two teenagers in an alleyway, in a small town, at roughly eight at night.


     It was an odd tale to say the least, and would do little to help anyone understand what truly was going on.  


     So I decided to investigate the situation some more.


     The next morning I went through my normal routine.  I rode my bike to my family’s store, I helped them open, took care of a few tasks, and got done in the early afternoon.  However, when I got on my bike and began journeying back into town, I was not heading on home.  I instead headed into the clump of houses and began riding up and down the streets, trying to piece together the situation with the chaos that this thing left behind.  It really was not a difficult task, as, whatever this creature was, it left its marks.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones that were harassed the previous night, as there was new damage splattered about.  Unfortunately, no one had a confrontation with this animal, but there was still plenty to catch my attention.


     Two more cars had been badly damaged.  In fact, one was no longer even drivable, as the front was horribly crushed.  A house had its side all torn up and a window smashed in, though it looked more like passing mischief than an actual attack.  But the thing that truly caught my attention was how much ground had been torn up.  Multiple yards had been ripped to pieces, with dirt flung over twenty feet into the street.  A few trees had their bark ripped up badly and their roots exposed, though it was impossible to guess why.  Lastly, there were numerous gardens, both big and small, that had been completely obliterated, their crops half gone and the other half destroyed.


     My bike slowed to a stop as I found yet another ruined tree, this one shredded to the point where it was almost split right down the middle.  “What in the world?” I muttered absentmindedly as I tried to figure out what exactly this creature was up to.  Did it have a problem with plants or something?  I left my bike at the curb as I walked to the tree to get a better look.


     I walked in a circle around the tree, trying to examine it from all sides.  Branches littered the ground, their ends broken and mangled.  The sides of the tree were no better, as this creature went to town on it.  Though the tree was still standing, it was painfully obvious it would not survive its wounds long.  I was just about to continue on my way when one more detail caught my attention.  There was a long gash running down the length of the wood.  Leaning in for a closer look, I squinted as I tried to figure out what I was looking at.  Could it be…a claw mark?  No.  But, if not a claw, then what?


     “Checking out the damage?” a voice said behind me, making me jump.  I really needed to pay better attention to my surroundings.


     Turning about, I saw the older gentleman who had spoken.  It was Mr. Roy, who lived on the property I was currently trespassing on.  I knew he didn’t mind though, as he was a relatively friendly person.


     “Yeah,” I nodded, answering his question.  “I’m trying to figure out what’s happening.”


     “I saw it, you know?” he said calmly.  My heart seemed to miss a beat as I realizing I might be about to get some answers.  But then he immediately shattered my hopes by adding, “Well, I only caught a glance, but still.”


     I waited for a moment, eager to hear what he was going to say.  However, he apparently wasn’t going to go on without my prodding.  So I asked, “What did you see?  What was it like?”


     “Mind you, I only saw it briefly through my window,” he warned before going on.  “It was big.  Really, really big.  And thin too, like a canoe.  Didn’t see its head, but I know I caught the glint of bright, red eyes!  And I’m sure I saw wings!”


     “Wings?” I asked, surprised.  I wasn’t expecting for this animal to have wings.


     “Oh, certainly,” he nodded.  “They were pressed to its body, but I could tell because of how they glinted in the moonlight.”


     “What time did this happen?” I couldn’t help but ask.  I wanted to know where this fell compared to the attack me and my friends experienced.


     “Roughly four in the morning.  Coulda been five.  I wasn’t really paying attention.”  He scratched his long beard as he considered.


     Once again, I waited for him to go on, but he just stood there silently, becoming distracted by a small bug floating on the wind.  “Well…” I said, not sure how to proceed.  “If that’s everything you can tell me, I’ll be heading on out.”


     “Be safe,” Roy told me.  “Whatever this thing is, it ain’t friendly.”


      “Uh…thanks?”  Giving a fake smile, I grabbed my bike and began riding away.  Just because Roy was nice didn’t mean he was fun to be around, or all there in the head.  Anyways, I had more important stuff to take care of.


     Now that I had done a pretty thorough sweep of the town, there was only one place I wanted to check out before heading home.  Isabella and Jeremy had told me a lot of what happened, but I wanted to check in with them.  I mean, it is important to make sure they are doing okay after their traumatic creature encounter, but I also wanted to see if they had come to any new realizations in the hours that had passed.  Perhaps they had remembered an important detail that they had neglected to tell me last night.


     As I biked out of town and began up a secluded side road, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should have called first.  I had never been to Isabella’s house before.  Actually, had it not been for the fact that I have lived in Westview for so long, I would not have actually known where they lived.  Isabella had never given me the address.  But I knew it was the old house on the mountainside.  It was secluded into the forest a ways, and it was all uphill, which made things fun.  The house had actually been left unsold for two years before Isabella’s family moved in.  


     The sun was just slipping behind the mountains as I reached level ground and the house came into view.  The first thing I realized was that it was bigger than I was expecting, though it had been a long time since I had even been up this way to see it.  It was two stories tall, with a dark, slanting roof.  Widows stuck out of the roof at random, the roof creating sharp points to accommodate them.  The lower level looked a lot less awkward, with its squarish shape and generic windows.  It also had a large front porch with wooden columns.  The entire house looked dark in color, though I was not sure if that was due to the paint or because of the thick shadows that lay across it.


     Shrugging, I dismounted my bike and made my way towards the front door.  “Looks cozy enough,” I muttered.  The stairs leading up to the porch gave an ominous creek as I stepped on them, but they held.  Still, I was slightly relieved when I got to the door and gave a quick knock.  Nobody answered at first, but, after a second round of knocks, I heard the locks being undone and the door drifted open.  However, the figure that stood before me was not Isabella.


     “Ah, if it isn’t Madam Crystal,” Jeremy said with a small bow.  “So good to see you.  Please, do come in.”  He motioned for me to step inside, and he closed the door behind me.


     Glancing around, I realized that the house seemed pretty quiet.  “Is Isabella here?” I asked politely.


     “Unfortunately not,” Jeremy replied, shaking his head.  “She had to make yet another errand for my experiment.  Just when I thought things were going well too…”  He trailed off, seemingly distracted by the thought of his work.  Then he snapped to and added, “My sister should be back here soon.  Probably in the next ten to fifteen, if I had to guess.  She likes being efficient.”  He muttered the last bit softer than the rest, and there seemed to be a little bit or resentment in his tone.


     “Oh, okay,” I said, pretending not to have heard the last bit.  “Well, mind if I wait here then?”


     “Not at all.  Please make yourself at home.”  Jeremy gestured to a doorway next to me.  “You’ll find the Living Room right through there.”  He suddenly clapped his hands and began making his way towards a flight of stairs on the opposite side of the room.  “Now, I don’t want to seem like a bad host, but my project requires my attention, so please forgive me, as I must return to my studies.”


     “No problem at all.  Totally get that,” I replied chilly.  School had a way of being a pain.  As Jeremy made his way upstairs, I began walking into the Living Room.  It was a wide area, with two wooden chairs set up, and a display cabinet pressed against the wall.  But there was something that bugged me about the room.  It was the lack of activity.  “Um, Jermey!” I called from where I stood.  “Where are your parents?”


     There was a thumping sound as Jeremy took a few steps down the flight of stairs so that he could more easily converse.  “Oh, them,” he mumbled.  “Yeah, they aren’t here right now either.”


     “When do you think they’ll get back?” I asked, curious if I might finally meet Isabella’s entire family.


     Jeremy rubbed his neck awkwardly before finally saying, “Look, I’m gonna be honest.  I dunno.  Our parents aren’t really ever around.  They don’t really care about us that much.”


      My heart dropped into my stomach, and I stood there for a moment, saddened by what Jeremy had told me.  But what upset me more was the look on his face.  Even though I had not known Jeremy for more than a day, I could tell immediately that a change had just occurred.  There had been a mischievous glint in his eyes and a strong note in his voice, but it seemed to have flickered and died the second he had mentioned his parents.  It left behind just an empty shell, and, for the first time, I felt like I was seeing the true Jeremy.  It made my heart ache.


     “I’m so, so sorry to hear that.  They shouldn’t be like that.  You two are great people, and fun to hang with,” I told him sincerely.


     “Yeah, well, there’s a lot of things in life that shouldn’t be the way they are.  But we can’t change that, can we?”  He gave a weak smile, but it was clearly heavy on his face.  Then he turned and began walking up the stairs again.  When he spoke again, the dramatic tone had returned.  “Anyways, on that cheery note, I’ll leave you to wait for my sister.  And I…  I journey off to the realm of boredom!”  He reached the second story and stepped into a room, disappearing from sight.


     I stepped into the Living Room, sitting in one of the chairs to wait.  The silence that surrounded me seemed to quickly get heavier and heavier.  I glanced around the room, trying to find anything to distract me from my boredom, but I abandoned that almost immediately when I noticed a set of three ventriloquist dummies staring at me from inside the display cabinet.  I hurriedly looked away, focusing on the plain wall across from me, but I could still feel those unwavering eyes watching me.  I shifted uncomfortably, trying to ignore my unease.  They were just lifeless dummies, after all.  Nothing to get bothered by.  Still, the thought of them, mixed with the empty vibe the room was putting off, was enough for me to break.


     Before I even knew it, I was on my feet and heading out of the room.  I made a sharp turn, climbed up the stairs to the second story, and knocked on the door Jeremy had gone through.  “Hey.  Mind if I come in?”


     “Yeah.  The door’s unlocked,” he told me from the other side, and I quickly entered.


     The room I entered seemed to be some sort of office or work room.  It certainly was not Jeremy’s room, as there was nothing homey about it.  In fact, the room was quite a mess.  The wall to my left had a long map across it, and there were a few other maps stuck around it and rolled up on the floor.  But they weren’t the only things on the floor, as there were a few stacks of papers, and an assortment of books.  Against the right wall was a small table were Jeremy was currently working.  At his feet sat his black backpack, which was braced against the wooden table.  The top of the desk was an almost ridiculous array of different materials.  There were papers, a computer, books, viles and jugs, and even something stuffed under a dark tarp.


     Slowly striding through the room, I tried to take everything in.  The feeling of the room was less of a cluttered teenager, but an eccentric wizard.  Maybe that’s not the best way of describing it, but nothing seems as fitting.  Even though I couldn’t take more than three steps in a straight line for fear of tripping over something, everything seemed to have its organized place.


     “My apologies that my Study is in such a state,” Jermey said over his shoulder.  “I focus more on convince than neatness.”


     “Hey, if it works,” I replied with a shrug.  It would have been more convincing if I had not immediately tripped over his backpack.  As I regained my balance, I remembered that, the last I saw of the bag, it had been left in the street after the creature attacked.  I casually said, “Glad to see that you got your bag back.”


     “Yeah, same,” Jeremy grinned over at me.  “Though the cops had found it.  I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to censored it back.”  He threw in a wink before going back to whatever it was he was doing.


     “You really stole it back?  Wow!” I muttered, mildly impressed.  


     Jeremy opened his mouth and started to reply, but I accidentally tuned him out as something caught my eye.  Underneath the tarp, just through a small opening in the folds of the fabric, there was a soft glow.  It was barely even noticeable, but it was there.  Without really even thinking, I reached out and lifted the tarp slightly, trying to get a better look at whatever was underneath.  My curiosity only grew as I took in what was there.  There was a small glass container, roughly three feet long, three high, and two wide.  Inside was a good layer of dirt, and, right in the middle, was some sort of plant.  It looked suspiciously like a fungus of some kind.  And it was faintly glowing.


     “What is this?” I couldn’t help but ask, my eyes fixed on the strange object.


     “It’s my science experiment we’ve been telling you about,” Jeremy explained, rubbing his neck as he told me.  “My college professor wanted us to collect some local flora and keep it alive.  I stumbled across this and thought, Why not?  Might as well be extra.”


     “It’s…beautiful,” I couldn’t help but say.  The way it softly lit up the immediate area, showering it in a soft blue glow, was breathtaking.  I had never seen anything like it.  Still starstruck with what was before me, I asked, “Is it difficult keeping it alive?”


     “You have no idea,” he grumbled, and I could have sworn I heard an eye roll.  “This thing seems to be trying to hurl itself off into the afterlife.  That’s why I’ve needed all this help.  If it perishes, so does my grades.”


     “Well, that sounds stressful,” I said.


      “You have no idea,” he muttered.  He scooted forwards and reached out.  “Now, as fun as this all is, that censored doesn’t like light much, so I’m going to have to cover it again.”  He threw the tarp back over it, and I seemed to snap to as the odd sight vanished underneath the fabric.


     The glowing fungus gone for the moment, I began looking at the rest of the objects on the table.  An old, thick book caught my attention next and I leaned closer, reading the elaborately swirling letters carefully placed on the cover.  “Rare and Resilient Plants: A Guide to Their Properties and Potentials?”


     “My professor made us get it as reference.  It has been of mild use so far, though I hate its smell,” Jeremy said, making a quick note on a piece of paper.


     “It, uh, definitely looks as though it has had better days,” I told him, opening the book to the first page and immediately noting the mildew therein.


     “It was previously owned,” Jeremy explained hurriedly.


     Closing the book, I turned to the textbook that was lying next to it.  Picking it up, I took a moment to take in the cover and the back of the book.  By all rights, it looked like the most nondescript and uninteresting history book I had ever seen.  It also appeared too concise for a college class, as I doubted it would take very long to read the mildly sized book.  Holding the book out, I asked, “Is…this for one of your classes?”


     Jeremy glanced up to see what I was talking about and said, “Nah.  I borrowed that from a friend.  I think it was about a year ago, but not sure.  Anyways, I only wanted to read one section, but I forgot to return it to him.”


      I hoped that Jeremy was telling the truth, as I found a good number of doodles as I flipped through it.  There was also an odd mark on one of the pages in the Napoleon chapter, as if something had been spilled.  Shaking my head, I returned the book to its spot and began moving down the table again.  


     My eyes fell onto a small jar and I wasted no time in lifting it up off the table and getting a closer look.  The glass walls were as clear as could be, with not even a smudge in sight.  This allowed me to get a great look at the peculiar substance inside.  There was a sand-like substance filling the container almost to the top, but it was a dark black color.  I tipped the jar ever so slightly and watched as the black grains shifted and rolled.  It was actually kind of hypnotic.


     I was just about to tip the jar again when Jeremy looked up, gave a quick yelp, and took the jar from my hand.  “Please, don’t touch that,” he said, placing the jar back down.


     “Why?  What is it?” I asked, now worried that I had just messed with something dangerous.


     Of course I was right.


     “That’s gun powder, and not a small amount either,” Jeremy told me politely, but making his point very clear.


     My mind seemed to clog up as I realized how many different ways the situation could have gone South.  After all, I am rather accident prone, and explosives would only take things to the extreme.  Then the gears in my head seemed to slam to a sudden stop as a thought hit me.  “Why do you have gun power?” I asked, rather certain that, if I shouldn’t be in possession of explosives, Jeremy absolutely shouldn’t.


     But Jeremy only shrugged as he said, “College chemistry course.  You have no idea what sorts of insanity they put us through.”


     “Your professor teaches you how to make explosives?  Man, I must have really missed out,” I muttered, thinking back to the time I took, and nearly flunked, a chemistry course.


      “Most don’t, but the course I’m taking does.  I’m actually rather gifted in chemistry, so I got to get into a fun class,” Jeremy boasted, a wide grin on his face.  “The only problem I have with it is that the course is not named ‘Alchemy’.  That’s way better than boring old ‘Chemistry’.  Like, we really need that changed.”


     It looked as though Jeremy was about to say something else, but we were both distracted as we heard the front door shut and the pounding of feet coming up the stairs.  Jeremy grinned and shouted, “Sister!” as Isabella came into view.  “You have a visitor!”  He threw his arms up and pointed at me.


     Isabella looked first at her brother, then at me, then back at her brother again.  Her expression was unreadable, and there was a long moment of silence.  At last, Isabella looked back up at me and said, “I’m surprised to see you here, Crystal, but happy.”  She then looked back down at where her brother sat, his grin still very wide and his eyes shining.  “As for you, Jeremy, I thought you had told me to stay out of your study.  Something about important stuff needing to be left alone.  I would have assumed that you meant that for everybody, and not just your sister.”


     Jeremy squinted at Isabella, as if trying to comprehend what she had just told him.  Then the light returned to his eyes and he quickly explained.  “No, that just applies to you, as you destroy everything that I care about.”


     Isabella marched into the room and smacked Jeremy over the back of the head.  Jeremy tenderly rubbed his head as Isabella turned to me and asked, “Is there anything I can help you with, or is this a social visit?”


     “Actually,” I said, remembering the real reason I had ridden up to the house, “I did have something I wanted to discuss.  I’ve been all over town today, and I’m trying to piece together what exactly has been going on as of late.  Nobody has given me a clear answer, and details seem mixed.  I was hoping that, now that the stress of the moment is over, you and your brother could once again go over the situation that occurred last night.”


     “Oh, certainly,” Isabella quickly agreed.  “I’d be happy to.  But I do have a question though.  What exactly are people saying?  Do they have any suspicions?”


      “Less suspicions, and more theories,” I told her.


      “Hypothesis,” Jeremy corrected from where he was at the table.


      “What?” I asked, as Isabella muttered, “Here we go.”


      “The correct term is hypothesis.  Scientifically speaking, a theory holds a lot more weight behind it than a hypothesis.  I’m guessing off of your context that you think these people are basing their thoughts on groundless speculations.  Therefore, it be hypothesis.”  He waved his hands through the air dramatically, before immediately going back to ignoring our conversation and returning to his notes.”


      “Oooookay then,” I said, not sure how to respond.  I began telling Isabella all about what the people were saying, and what I was seeing in town.  Isabella listened intently, nodding along and interjecting questions every once in a while.  It took me roughly half an hour, but I finally wrapped up my findings and asked, “So, that’s why I’m curious to rehear your encounter.  Perhaps we can figure out what’s really going on.”


     Isabella slowly shook her head as she thought back to the previous night.  “I don’t have much to add.  It was dark, and we only got a few quick glances at it.  But it was definitely big, and it-”


     Whatever she was about to say was cut off by a banging noise from outside.  It was as if a tree limb had fallen down and crashed to the ground.  All three of us jumped as we heard it, and we glanced at the widow at the far end of the room.  However, the blinds blocked us from seeing out.  We all waited a moment, straining to hear the sound again, but it didn’t come.


     Jeremy, of course, was the first to recover.  “Alrighty then,” he shrugged before returning to his work.


      “As I was saying,” Isabella started again, “I really don’t have anything else to tell you.  We never got a good look at the creature.  Whatever it was-”


     Unfortunately, Isabella was cut off again as another banging noise echoed from outside.  This time it sounded closer, as if it were just a couple dozen yards away.  


     “What in the world?” I asked, frowning as I tried to figure out what I had heard.


      “Keep talking.  I’ll take a peek,” Jeremy told us in an exasperated tone as he got up from his chair and made his way to the window.


     Isabella cleared her throat and began talking again.  “Whatever we dealt with, I had never seen anything like it before.  The size of the thing had to have at least-”  But she was cut off for a third time as Jeremy gave a short yelp, threw the blinds shut, and backed away from the window.  Isabella glared over at her brother and demanded, “What now?!”


     “There’s something outside!” Jeremy told her in the loudest whisper I had ever heard.  He glanced from his sister to me, then back to the widow.  “The thing…it’s here.”


     “Are you sure?” I asked in disbelief.  Jeremy only nodded in response as he backed up towards his desk.  Even though the thought of the creature terrified me, I couldn’t let the opportunity to see it pass.  Ever so carefully, I crept towards the window, hoping that what I would find would be worth it.  I reached out, my hand shaking ever so slightly, and I took hold of the blinds.  Then I pulled them back ever so slightly and peered out the window.


      The stars in the night sky were perfectly visible as they hovered over the silhouettes of the mountains.  I barely took notice however, as I glanced left and right, but saw nothing but the thick forest that surrounded the house.  There was no sign of any living creature.  


     And then something moved.  


     A long, thick something rose from the shadows below and glided by the window.  My mouth agape, I stared at the thing, my eyes trying to comprehend what I was seeing.  It was like an anaconda in its shape, but it was way too long.  There wasn’t enough moonlight to make out any specific details, but there seemed to be swells and bumps on the creature.  As the thing moved past, I suddenly saw something that made me catch my breath.  The end of the creature came into view, and I saw that there was a strange appendage at the tip.  Could it be…a stinger?  The curved shape would definitely indicate that, but it couldn’t be.  The stinger would be way too large for the body?  Unless…


     That’s when I noticed a blindingly obvious detail that I had somehow missed.  The stinger, and the entire back portion of this thing, was completely off the ground.  Only then did my mind truly wrap around the vastness of the situation.  I wasn’t looking at the creature’s body.  I was looking at its tail.  But that couldn’t be right, could it?  If that were true, the tail would be at least ten feet long!  How big was this thing?!


    I staggered back from the window, too shocked to speak.  My eyes had to be deceiving me, certainly.  I turned towards Jeremy and Isabella, but they were just as silent as me.


      And then came the thumping.  It was rapid and thunderous.  And it was coming from above us.


     The ceiling gave an ominous creak and all three of us realized the same thing at the same time.  The creature had climbed onto the roof!  The pounding noises, undoubtedly this thing’s footsteps, came to a sudden stop directly above us.  Jeremy, Isabella, and I all held our breath, waiting to see what would happen.  Our eyes ran over the ceiling, trying to guess what this thing was up to.


     The air around us seemed to tremble as the creature let loose its roar.  Once again, that terrible sound was forced inside my brain, and I found myself collapsed to the ground, my hands over my ears.  Next to me lie Isabella, her hands also clasped over her ears.  


     It came as a great relief when the sound was cut off, but my ears still rang horribly.  I tried to push myself up, my arms wobbly with fright.  However, I hadn’t even gotten to my knees when I was knocked back down as the entire house shook.


     The creature had begun its attack!

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Thank you for reading


So, what did you think of the chapter?  Do you like how things are going?  What do you think will happen next.


Chapter four is still in the writing process, though it is almost done.  Being honest, I ran into some minor speed bumps last week that delayed me, but I feel confident that I will be able to get the next chapter done in time.  


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Hey!  Just a quick update.  Chapter 4 is written, but I will be unable to post today.  It still needs some last minute adjustments, and I don't have time for that right now.  Hopefully by tomorrow, but, if not, definitely by Sunday.


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