Shrieks from the Shadows: It Came from the Cave- Chapter 1

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WELCOME BACK!  And happy first day of October!


For all of you who don't know, I'm Lack Lunason, and each year I post a Halloween-themed short story over the month of October.  This will be my fourth year doing it (links to the three past stories are in my Signature).


I have really been looking forward to this story, and have been plotting it out for the majority of the year.  So, that being said, I am expecting good things from it.


A quick heads up before we start.  I will do my best to consistently post these chapters throughout the month, as I don't want to leave you all in suspense for too long.  However, this year is slightly different from previous years because I actually got a job as a Scare Actor at a local attraction.  That means that, for three days a week, I work long hours, and have little time for writing/posting.  That being said, I have already taken steps to counteract this, and to make sure that you guys won't be left waiting.  But I can pretty much gurentee that this year will run a little wilder than previous years.


Okay!  Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I think it is time that I post my first chapter.  Please remember...




If you do, I'll have to grab my chainsaw and hocky mask.  You have been warned.


Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the first chapter of...



It Came from the Cave




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The Bright Valley


The Bright Valley


     Like rolling thunder, the sound came, echoing off the walls of the room and reverberating through the air.  The noise was so powerful that it instantly woke me up and made me bolt upright, nearly falling out of my bed in fright.  My heart pounding from the sudden jolt, I staggered towards the far wall, shaking my head as I went in a futile attempt to wave off the tiredness.  At last I reached my goal, which was the small window that sat above my desk, grabbed the blinds, and pulled them back.  


     I immediately regretted that decision as the dazzling light of dawn shone directly into my eyes, blinding me momentarily and sending me stumbling backwards.  “Ow, ow, ow!” I muttered, frantically rubbing my eyelids.  It took a few seconds, but at last I recovered and returned to the window, this time being more careful as I drew back the cover.  Brushing my long, blond hair out of my eye line, I searched for the source of the ruckus.  


     To my dismay, there appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary out back, though it was pretty difficult to tell.  Tall trees grew less than thirty feet from my window, making up a very old and very dense forest.  Behind them, not more than half a mile, rose a giant mountain.  Or, at least, a giant mountain for our area.  It probably would have looked ridiculously puny next to Mount Kilimanjaro, or Mount Rainer, or literally any of the one’s with cool names.  But I digress.  There was no apparent source for the loud noise, at least from my vantage point.


     “Probably just a tree falling,” I decided as I covered the window again, throwing my room back into the dimmest of light.  “Or perhaps a rockslide.”  I crossed my room once more and sat down on the edge of my bed, reaching for the alarm clock that rested nearby.  “Oh, nah!” I grumbled as I saw what time it was.  It was 6:15—exactly fifteen minutes before my alarm was set.  I sat there for a long moment, complaining in my head about my luck.  But there was no point wasting any more time.  It made little to no sense to try and go back to sleep, so the next best choice was to use the extra time I had to be productive.


     The next few minutes were spent preparing for the day ahead.  I was going to no doubt have a busy morning, but the afternoon was hopefully going to be rather pleasant.  Just me, myself, and I, dealing with a pile of homework.  What could be more fun?  I glared at the stack of books on my desk before grabbing a jacket and heading towards my bedroom door.


     I was half way down the stairs, throwing on my cyan colored jacket, when the sweet smell of breakfast hit me.  A grin spreading across my face, I wasted no time reaching the bottom of the staircase and stepping into the kitchen.  “Good morning!” I beamed at my mom, heading straight for the table.  “Are those pancakes I smell?”


     “Good morning, Crystal,” my mom grinned back.  “And yes that is.  I saw we had the batter and thought, ‘why not?’”  That pretty much summed up my mom, right there.  Always well intentioned, not afraid to work for what she wanted, and completely lacking any impulse control whatsoever.  That probably explained why we lived pretty much in the middle of nowhere.


     Just then, my dad entered the room, fully dressed for the entire day and a cup of coffee in his hand.  “Good morning,” he said to me, raising his cup slightly in greeting and giving a smile.  


     “Good morning,” I replied in the same tone.  That’s when a thought hit me and I asked, “By any chance, did you guys hear that weird noise?  It happened ‘bout twenty minutes ago.”

     “You know, I did,” my mom said, turning towards me, my dad nodding as he leaned against the counter.


     “Any idea what it was?” I asked, receiving a plate of pancakes from my mom.


     My dad frowned as he considered it, a crease appearing on his forehead.  “I haven’t heard anything quite like it before.  Went off for a long moment there, though that could be attributed to the sound bouncing off the mountains.”  He finished with a small shrug.


     Taking a bite of food, I considered what he said.  After a moment, I asked, “Do you think we should look into it?  I mean, just in case it is something we should be concerned about.”


     “We can do that later,” my dad said, taking a sip of his coffee.  “We can’t be late for work.”


     I frowned, but accepted the answer.  He was right after all.  My parents actually owned and ran a small business, and it was surprisingly popular with tourists.  There was a cave system that weaved all underneath the mountain, and my parents would take people for tours.  They would only last an hour or so, but the tourists didn’t seem to mind much.  We also ran the gift shop stationed literally right outside the cave’s entrance.  After all, if that strategy worked for theme parks, why could it not work for a tourist trap?  All of this to say that, if my parents weren’t there to run the shop, no one was.


     With that on my mind, I hurried to finish eating.  I took my last bite just as my parents got done with their preparations.  Grabbing the car keys, my dad turned towards me and asked, “Do you want a lift?”


     “I’ll bike today, if that’s cool.”


     “Totally.  Just don’t be late,” he replied, heading towards the door.  One moment later, both of my parents were hopping into the car and heading off to work.  It took less than two minutes after that for me to throw on my tennis shoes and head into the garage.  And there sat my bright red bike.  It was kind of ugly in all its rusty glory, but it worked, so whatever.  


     I soon found myself biking down the street, the cold October wind whipping by me as I passed house after house.  Even though I’d only lived here for a little over fifteen years—which also just so happened to be my entire life—I knew every street and every building with pinpoint accuracy.  Though, considering how small the town of Westview is, that may not be as impressive as it first sounds.  The town itself is tucked in a valley between three mountains, with almost nothing for miles on the other side.  The only real business this town has comes from tourism, which is centered on the cave system and the rich history of the area.  


     There are two perks to living in such a small community; The first of which is that everyone knows everyone.  Unless you are purposely avoiding those around you, it is impossible to go the day without getting into some long conversation with someone…even if you don’t really want to.  The other perk is that crime is pretty much nonexistent.  Besides for the occasional shoplifting by a visitor, there has been almost zero incidents in the past few years.  The only places that have even taken the time to set up security are the Town Hall and the gas station, and the gas station has only bothered to set up a few cameras just in case.


     The tires of my bike bounced as I reached a small bridge at the edge of town, and, immediately upon arriving on the other side, I turned into the parking lot of my family’s business.  ‘Echoing Cave’s Tours and Gift Shop’ was its name, and it looked just as back country as the name felt.  It was a large, wooden building with glass doors, and an ugly green roof.  


     Walking my bike around to the side and leaving it, I entered the building through the employee entrance.  The first thing I noticed upon getting inside was the old, familiar smell of the place.  For lack of a better explanation, it had a very earthy odor to it, though it was a good scent.  I walked around the counter and entered the aisles of the gift shop, the overly bright lights above illuminating everything.  Finally I located my dad in the far back corner, where he was making sure the products were all arranged in an eye pleasing fashion.  He turned and smiled when he spotted me.  “Could you help sweep the floors up front real quick?  The broom is over near the bobble-heads.”


     “Sure,” I nodded, hurrying towards where he was pointing.  That was one of the annoying things of having a family owned business.  If you did not get a task done, nobody got them done.  And there was so much that required our attention.  I was busy cleaning, organizing, and compiling all morning, though, by this point, I was pretty much used to it.  My parents told me it would help establish a good work ethic and build character, but I wasn’t so sure.  


     My mom was busy getting ready for her early afternoon cave tours when I finally finished stacking files in the back.  I shook my hands and stretched my back as I stepped out of the employee room, tired from the work.  Who knew there would be so much paperwork involved with leading people into a giant hole?  I paused for a moment, my eyes rolling over the shelves, trying to locate my dad.  I couldn’t spot him, so I began wandering about, hoping to stumble into him.


     My luck hit right when I turned the corner of our book aisle.  Turns out I did stumble into someone…it just wasn’t my dad.  


     “My bad!  I’m so sorry,” I apologized to the customer, regaining my balance as quickly as I could.  


     “No problem.  Goes right along with my day.”  The boy brushed his messy, brown hair out of his face and turned toward me.  


     Unfortunately, I barely noticed what he had just said as I stared on in stunned silence.  Something became blindingly obvious as I took him in.  He looked like a train wreck.  The boy appeared to be a little older than me, but from the dark circles under his eyes, to the way he slouched ever so slightly, it was tough to put an exact age on him.  He also appeared to be run down and just generally uninterested.  I was so distracted by his appearance that I didn’t realize at first that he had asked me something.  “Pardon me, what did you say?”


     “Who dragged you here?” he asked again, gesturing at our surroundings.  When he saw that I was frowning, he added, “You know, sense I doubt anyone under thirty comes here willingly.”


     “Actually,” I started, my tone a little more snippy than I was used to using, “my parents own this place.  I work here.”


     “I’m so sorry.”  It was immediately apparent that he wasn’t apologizing for his rude statement, but he instead was sorry on my behalf.  I started backing up, hoping to escape this conversation, but he asked me something else.   “Quick question.  What’s the cave like?”


     “It’s…a cave…” I replied, not sure what sort of answer he was expecting.


    “I mean, yeah,” he nodded, shrugging slightly.  “But what’s it like?  My mom is under the impression that it is some life-changing experience.  What should I expect?”


     I opened my mouth to respond, but paused.  In truth, I’d never been in the cave system, save one time.  It may sound weird considering that my parents run a business centered around a caves, but there is a reason.  When I was young, roughly five or six, my parents had taken me down into a caves to check things out.  Unfortunately, though the act was done in love, the occasional darkness and claustrophobic atmosphere had really gotten to me.  I’d been so frightened, I’ve never ventured back inside.


     However, considering this annoying kid didn’t need any of those details, I just nodded and generically said, “It’s wonderful.”


     “Great,” he muttered, clearly still not enthusiastic.


     Suddenly, from the other side of the shop, a loud voice yelled, “Vincent!  Get over here!”


     “Sorry,” he said, shaking his head.  “I’ve got to go.”  As he turned to hurry off, he said one last thing over his shoulder, but this time he sounded sincere.  “Hope you have a good day.”


     I stood there a moment after he disappeared, my face doubtlessly a mixture of confusion and disbelief.  By far, that was one of the weirdest customers I had dealt with in a while.  I shook my head and wandered off, returning to the search for my dad.


     Roughly an hour after that, I was free to leave the shop.  The afternoons were never as busy, and I had some homework, so my parents allowed my early departure.  Soon enough, I was biking down the road, heading straight home.  Though the sun shown brightly, it could not loosen the hold of the cold air.  I quickly pulled my jacket closer as I rounded a corner and began biking up a steeper hill.


     That’s when I spotted a figure out of the corner of my eye exiting the gas station.  A smile unconsciously came to my face and I decided to steer on over to them.  My bike gave an ominous wobble as I quickly turned into the parking lot and rolled toward the person.  “Hey, Isabella!” I grinned, coming to a sudden stop right next to her.  She was loading grocery bags into a small carriage on her bike, but she quickly looked up and grinned.  Isabella, though being a few inches shorter than me, was older by a couple months.  I wasn’t sure what her exact age was, but she was definitely sixteen.  She wore a deep black jacket with a long hood, and long black pants.  Her hair and her eyes seemed to match her wardrobe as they were the same exact shade of dark black.  But her smile was bright enough to compensate.


     “Good to see you, Crystal.  What’s new with you?” she asked, pausing from what she was doing.


     I shrugged as I considered my reply.  “Not much, to be honest.  Kinda been a boring day so far.”  I then turned the question on her.  “Anything interesting happen to you recently?”


     “Nothing whatsoever,” she muttered, giving a small shrug.


     “How’s your family?  Are they doing well?” I asked.  I was always curious about her family, but that was mainly due to how little I knew about them.  Isabella and her family had moved to Westview only a month or so ago, and I hadn’t met any of the others yet.  I wasn’t even sure what it was they did for a living.


     “Oh, you wouldn’t believe it,” she grumbled, shaking her head.  She paused to brush some of her short, neatly trimmed hair out of her face before elaborating.  “My brother started one of his online college projects today, a science experiment no less, but he didn’t even have all the material he needed.  He almost destroyed the entire project in the first half hour like the complete lunatic he is.  That’s actually why I’m here,” she added, gesturing at the bags.  “I had to pick up the supplies he forgot.”


     “I’m so sorry to hear that,” I said sincerely.  “Do you think he’ll be able to recover and complete everything on time?”


     “With my brother, there’s no telling,” she sighed, rolling her eyes.  “He’s the type who can beat the slimmest of odds, then immediately follow it up by repeatedly failing to make toast.”  A thought seemed to hit her and she turned towards her bike.  “I really shouldn’t keep him waiting.  It was nice talking to you though.”


     “Same,” I smiled, getting back on my bike.  But then I remembered something and asked, “Oh, by the way, did you hear that weird sound this morning?”  She frowned as she tried to understand, so I added, “It happened around six-ish.  It was kinda like thunder.”


     “Oh…yeah…” she slowly nodded as everything clicked in her head.  “Yeah, I heard that too.  Any idea what that was?”


     “No clue,” I admitted, shaking my head.


     “Well, if you figure it out, please let me know.  I would love to find out.”


     “Oh, of course,” I reassured her as I stepped on the pedal of my bike and began moving.  “I’ll catch you later.”


     “Bye!” she called after me, steering her bike in a different direction.


    But barely had I heard the words before I was rounding a corner and soaring down another lane.  I kept going, waving at the few people who were out and about, until I finally reached the street we lived on.  There was a line of houses on each side, and ours was the third down on the right.  Leaning to the side, I rolled up into our driveway and slowed to a stop, dismounting as soon as I could.  I was just about to put my bike up when I paused.


     My eyes drifted to the side of the garage and, abandoning my bike, I slowly strode over.  Peeking around the corner, I stared off into our backyard…and into the forest that lay not far beyond.  It was as I stood there that I began to wonder once more what I had heard that morning.  It could very well have been nothing more than a tree or a rockslide, but there was a tiny little prickle in my mind that said otherwise.  The sound had carried a peculiar element that bugged me.  I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it had been that seemed off, but I knew there was something.


     Glancing back behind me to where my bike sat, I hesitated for only a second, and then I gave in to my curiosity.  Slowly I faced the forest and began trekking back behind our house and towards the line of trees.  They stood over me, proud and strong, and appearing as friendly as ever.  I knew well enough what types of animals were contained within the landscape, and none of them frightened me in the slightest.  They were barely even worth concern besides maybe the occasional bear, but one had not been sighted in the area for over a year and a half.  Anyway, it was not like the bears had any real interest in people.  It was with this rationale that I fully convinced myself to enter the forest.


     Sticks crunched under my shoes as I made my way onwards.  The environment was bright and lively, and I might even go far as to say it was welcoming.  Waves of sunshine shown down through the branches, and the ground had plenty of plants growing.  There were even a few patches of mushrooms here and there.  I paid it all little mind as I went, however.  I was searching for one specific thing after all, and I did not want to waste my time taking in the normal sights.  However, no matter where I looked, I could not find anything that obviously made the noise.  Oh, sure, there were fallen trees a plenty, but they were all clearly old, or just too small to be of significance.  I was looking for something big, fresh, and chaotic.  Something that was begging for attention.  Not finding any, I shrugged and kept moving.


     As I walked, I suddenly realized that the trees were thinning and that the dirt beneath me was being quickly replaced with rocks.  Before I knew it, I was stepping free of the trees and into a wide clearing.  Roughly a hundred yards in front of me was the stone face of the mountain, running upwards at a steep, but not unmanageable, angle.  The rock ran in both directions for a long ways, snaking its way far into the distance and seemingly dancing back and forth with the trees.  


     Unfortunately, I barely noticed the pretty details as my eyes fell on a completely stunning sight.


     Directly across from me was a wide cave opening, its depth shrouded in deep umbra.  Piles of rock and stone were stacked up before it, as if they were dropped at random from the sky.  And that’s when I realized that they were.  At least, sort of.  As I glanced upwards, I saw that the side of the mountain was badly damaged for at least thirty yards.  There had to have been a rock slide, and, judging from the look of the boulders, it had been quite recent.


     Without doubt, I had found the culprit of the strange sound.


     Slowly approaching to a safe but reasonable position, I stood on my toes to try to get a better look inside the cave.  Even though it was wide and tall—easily fifteen feet across and twenty high—the midday sun did little to illuminate the passage within.  


     “Hm?” I breathed, discontent with how little I could see.  Then my eyes drifted down to the small rocks I was standing on and I knelt down to get a better look.  “Oh, wow!” I said in astonishment, picking one up.  “That must have been one extreme rockslide.”  The small rock seemed to crumble in my hands.  And, on a second look, I realized there was a lot of dust on it and on the ground, as if the chunks of stone had been beaten to bits.  Whatever happened, it was fierce to say the least.  


     I spread my fingers and let the pieces slip through.  Then I gazed back up at my discovery, my eyes darting all about as I took it in.  “Well…” I started, “Guess that solves that mystery.”  


     Giving a shrug, I stuck my hands in my pockets and began wandering away, my curiosity currently satisfied.  Just as I was reentering the tree line, I turned to take one last look back.  The dark opening sat silently, the mysteries of its depths remaining unknown for the present.  But today was not the day to explore.  Today was the day to go home, do homework, and tell my parents about the cave upon their return.  They would no doubt be better at judging the right course of action.


     With this in mind, I slipped away into the trees, leaving my discovery behind.


     Little did I realize then what dwelled in the depths of that cavern, and what dark secrets would soon be revealed.

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I hope you enjoyed


I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!  I know, I know.  You guys are probably wondering where all the action is.  I just didn't feel like dishing out the machine guns in chapter one was the best move.  Gotta save that stuff for the end.  ;)


Chpater two is already written and pretty much ready to go...but I'm gonna make you guys wait for that.  In the meantime, I might recommend that you go back and read my previous three stories.  While they are not exactly important to this one, I think you all will find it refreashing.  (Especailly last years story.  Like, go check that one out.)


Now, I gotta run.  But please feel free to leave a comment.  I'll reply when I get the chance (unless like I forget, like the oblivious person I can be.  In which case, my apologies).  Seriously though, I'd love to read your thoughts and opinions.


Lastly, I will post Chapter two anywhere between the eighth through the eleventh.  I'll plan it out, and hurl it somewhere between those two dates.


Until next time, have a great day!


-Lack Lunason

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Thanks.  And a lot of time and practice.  (Also, having almost zero social life helps).  ;)

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AYE! I like it!


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Emma (forgot her full name, probably left this account in the dust).

And tons more, I mostly abandoned most of them to be left in the ruins.


How many stars do I have?: Two plantium stars.




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Hello there!


Thanks!  That's great to hear!

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Wow nice

Wow nice



Under construction



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                                                                               Done by VicZarSky                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



UserName: AnnabethChaseAHalfBlood ( I might change it soon tho)

Age: Unknow( not really iu am just not going to tell you)

Main Dragon I Ride: Woolly Howl:

Where i am most of the time: Mudraker Island, Wilderness, training Grounds

UDT: 4000000

Gender: Female

Trophes Count: 3300 

Hogwart house: RavenClaw

Greek Parent: Athena, or apollo and maybe Posidian hehe ( can you really have one?)

Thing i do: Read, Play Games,Draw,listen to music, Sing ( sometimes) play ukalele, Hang OutSide,Play with dogs,

What i can do Flexibalty wise: Back Walkover, Font filp tear drop backbend, font hangspring, all of my splits,



And thats all for now!!




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               Thats all for now thanks for coming now let these owls show you the way out.                     



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That is amazing! I love how people can write with such talent and my own writings are worse than a two year olds x') I'll definitely be waiting for chapter two :D


"The most misleading assumptions are the ones you don't even know you're making".

~ Douglas Adams

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About Me:

This part will probably grow over time, and is always under construction.


In Game:

IGN: LittleLiky

Dragon count: 36

Titan count: 2

Player since: 13th April 2021

Clan: Ethereal Aura

First dragon: Tanami, Sand Wraith

Latest addition: Seastar, Windwalker

Favourite Dragons: Deadly Nadder, Deathsong, Sand Wraith, Triple Stryke, Furies, Seastormer, Dramillion, Dreadstrider, Fire Terror

Favourite Minigame: Dragon Tactics, closely follwed by Thunder Run

Became UDT: December 9th 2021


You'll usually find me battling or racing.

If you spot me in game, come say hi!



Things I Am a Fan Of: HTTYD of course, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars


Hogwarts House: Gryffindor surprisingly, Hufflepuff was close

Patronus: White Mare, breed of horse


Where You Can Find Me:


Discord: ALiky#0478

Flight Rising


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First off, thank you.  Secondly, I'm sure your own writing is perfectly fine.  Just remember, the more practice, the better.  Have you posted any of your stories on the forum?  


I'm glad to hear that.  I hopefully will have chapter two posted in the next few days.

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Pouncer dive-bombed me at high-speed...

Well said Lack!