show your nightfury OCs off here

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Hi i see nightfury ocs everywhere and id like to make a gathering area for all of them

plz show your backstory if you have one



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My Night Fury OC is Panther.

My Night Fury OC is Panther. His backstory is in my signature.



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My night fury OC is Midnight. She is in my signature.


     ♦Clan:Zeal Predators(Elder)

      ♦Main Dragon:Ivy (Deadly Nadder)

     Dragon:Swiftswim (Thunder Drum)

       ♦Dragon:Midnight (Night Fury)♦    

Midnight's Backstory
I found Midnight in the forests, she was barely alive.
It looked like her parents had abandoned her and
I couldn't just leave her there so I brought her home with me.
We got to know each other and she started to trust me.
When I introduced her to my other dragons
it didn't go that well....but now they are all friends =).
Ever since then Midnight has been very hostile towards other
night furies. She is very protective towards me and I over her.

~Amazing Drawing by AlaZka~

~Super Cute Ivy Bouncie(Nadder) by Rae~

~Amazing Midnight Banner by ♥XxMidnightxX~

~Flapping Midnight(Night Fury) by me~

~Super Adorable Midnight(Night Fury) Bouncie by Wildfire78~

~Night Fury base by ~

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Astrum i met astrum when he


i met astrum when he was a hatchling i found him at raven piont he looked lost and had his left tail fin torn wit had signs of a smokebreath bite mark and he was ingured and very sickly so i couldent realease him when he was full grown hiccup gave him a fake fin like toothless's only this one was black and like the one hiccup gave toothless for snoggletog meaning he dosent need a saddle,he admires toothless

(kelcyk123 had the stars under the wings first)



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My night fury oc ate the signature

Mines in signature :P