Show off Your In- Game Best friends! :D

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Lookie here, I just made a pic of me and my friend a few days a go, now i wanna see you and your best friend In a great picture Here is mine and Rose of misery's pic

Good friend


                                            What is Up Dude its been forever

sweet waves by dragon drawer!

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Oh LOL Hulk # Im always angry/Below is DarknessDarknessImage result for Gifs of Marvel Avengers Simba By Astrid =)

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^^ this post looks like fun

^^ this post looks like fun :D say hi to rose for me if you see her :P

this is a recent pic of me, my friend flar, and our new friend ril hanging out in our stinger herd

ugh it is blurry :P

and here are some older pics that I still have and remember ^^

me, terrarose(aka rose), and pro :P on our three headed monster