Should I watch Race To the Edge?

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Thinking of binge watching it through Christmas Break. I have Netflix and I saw it on there and figured "why not? everyone else is talking about it. plus i get to learn more about dragons so eahiuhwiuhiuhe" 


so.. how's everyone's thoughts on it? I know it's for a very young audience but aren't we all kids on this forum LOL.



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A wild post appeared!!!

Dude. Watch it. You will understand all of our references and honestly, RTTE is growing up with the audience. It might be a kids show but it conveys deep messages that everyone can enjoy. The writing isn't cheesy. It is realistic and natural, I don't feel that it moves along too fast or too slow. Then, do some digging, see if you can find Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk. Netflix seems to have forgotten about those two. You need to see those to understand some of the terms and dragons Species shown in RTTE like the screaming death and dragon root.



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Can't seem to find Riders of berk or Defenders of Berk but I can find RTTE easily. strange.

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A wild post appeared!!!

Yeah, they took it down from Netflix, you would of had to watch it while it was still going on. Youd have time wach it on Hulu or Amazon. Or else, you'd be missing over 5 entire seasons, I think. I'm not sure how many seasons are in Defenders of Berk and Riders of Berk.

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thing is: i dont have hulu or amazon. huwdhiuwh probl e m s.

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A wild post appeared!!!

It is not a dire necessity, you can just look it up I guess,I don't wanna spoil it for you so, if they mention a person, or dragon (say Dagur) just look it up if you wish.

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well i mean that IS one solution. an easier solution to understanding then trying my whole christmas break, wasting it trying to find the two shows. LOL. 

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Have someone get them for you for Christmas! ;)

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Tracking in case someone els wants to find it through me.

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Eh...I think it might be worthwhile. How "aware" of you are plot holes when watching something, and exactly how much do you love the movies?


Basically, it's about as canon to the movies as the games? It gets a bunch of stuff wrong and doesn't always have characters in-character and downright ignores events and character development that occurred in the films. It's littered with plot holes and sequences that don't make any sense and it's idea of character development within the show is to have a character turn around and change one day. They also retcon backstories all over the place, even within their own narrative. And it relies more on plot twists than logic, taking turns that make no sense for the sake of tension or just to surprise you. Setups often feel half-baked at best. If you think about how its economics or politics are supposed to work or now the timeline is supposed to match up with the films, you will break the franchise. Or your brain. Either one. In a lot of ways, it's really not well-written.


With that said, in a lot of ways, it also is well-written. It knows how to make tension, even if it doesn't make sense, and it knows how to catch you up in the moment so you might not even notice it. Heck, I've seen many people who really don't notice how little sense it makes because it's just that good at sucking you in. They do hit on some deep themes, and though they're often undermined by the nonsensical plot, they're also sometimes really solid or at least noteworthy. The characters are legitimately fun, even when their arches don't always flow, and you really do have a sense of their comradery. And there are some legitimately emotional moments. The new dragons introduced in it are cool, of course! And the humor is on point! Joke after joke lands; really comedy gold! The animation is also amazing, really stellar for just a TV show. Overall, just a lot of fun to watch. It's a bit like a bag of perfectly crisp potato chips; not much nutritional substance, but it goes down so very well. I say it's worth the watch for the dragons, the humor, the thrills, and of course, all the in-jokes and discussions on the forum. I personally like the first movie a little too much to be okay with some of the nonsensical writing and character decisions, and I really can't call it a good show or even say I always like it. But cynical as I am, I watch every season, and I'm still entertained enough to find it worth the watch. You just got to think of it as kind of a company-approved fanfiction featuring more of the wider world in the franchise and more of its dragons. Again, a bit like the games.


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A wild post appeared!!!

I was wondering when you'd show up with your well-planned argument explaining differing views. Hello.


I do agree with what you have to say, I usually do not notice the plot holes Because I try my best not to over analyze however, a few set me off. When it was stated that Tuffnut cannot say tears without crying, then, the next episode he says tears without crying, I was the slightest but ticked. Then there is the Johann Conundrum, which, I'd rather not explain further due to spoilers. You know what I mean. That... I almost threw my toothless plushie at the TV screen.

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Honestly, I specifically

Honestly, I specifically didn't read other's comments so it wouldn't be "differing" from anyone's specific view. Just wanted to give an honest opinion and thorough review of the work. If you're going to watch something that's 5 seasons long, you need to know the rabbit hole you're crawling into. XD Especially one of such mixed quality. Got to know what you like and know if that's your cup of tea.

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"Cows live in herds, you unyielding maniac."



I've been watching this show ever since the very morning of the release of Season 1. And let me tell you, it just gets better. Now, I apologize that I can't review it critically, and I'm sorry that I probably put my writing career to shame by overlooking the show's problems. But I just gotta it. Because I h*cking love this show. It gets funnier, it gets more interesting, the new characters they introduce are some of my absolute FAVORITES, and just...the story. It's fun and totally captivating, man. I mean, I'd say watch it for ma bois Viggo and Dagur ALONE, but that's just me. I love them. Sorry, that's beside the point. Anyway.

I guess...if you like dragons, HTTYD, hot villains, and fun shows, then heck yeah!






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Wow, looks like Squiid left one last code in her signature. You have two clues...


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(I knew you'd reply Squiddo. I knew it!)

I bet Squiid can't say anything bad about this show ;P




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Taco cat is...taco cat spelled backwards.

My dear Fox, you know me too well. Hehe.

Actually, my friends and I were just discussing this. The second someone mentions RTTE, I teleport behind them and the theme music starts blaring over unknown speakers. It's disturbing an alarming when Squiid randomly appears through thin air because someone started talking about her show.

Oh yeah...I can say nothing bad about it. I can't. It's my weakness.

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Oh dear..

Did I seriously just read you mentioning tacocat??!! OMG!! That shirt is so cute! I see it everyday! :)

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I think you should watch it,


It's really good!





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Tbh that's a decision only you can make. I could sit here and tell you all the pros and cons, but if you don't feel like watching it, i'm wasting my breath. Do you feel like watching it? Yes? Then just do it lol



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Oh no! You just started my 'Geek Mode'.

      Where to start? R.T.T.E. is SO much better that Defenders or Riders of Berk in my mind. The look of the show is sharper and the stories are so much more AWESOME! The plot twists are sudden and mostly unseen, the bad guys are crazy and pure evil, yet you like them for just how they act.


     The timeline is, I admite, a little weird. I have luckily found a way around it. First off, the Riders and Defenders show take place in a years time. R.T.T.E. is supposed to take place three years after that (four years after the first movie). My advice, ignore this statement, they rounded up. It's really only been two and a half years. The entire R.T.T.E. show takes place in about a years time. Then, in the start of H.T.T.Y.D.2, it's stated that it's been 5 years since the first movie. To have the timeline work, it has got to have been 5 1/2 years.


  You've stated that you have not seen Riders or Defenders of Berk. My advice, invest in the show and just buy it. They are not as good as Race To The Edge, but you won't understand everything in R.T.T.E. if you don't watch those two shows first (and they are only a season each, 40 episodes in all). For example (no true spoilers), Dagur and Heather are HUGE parts in R.T.T.E. but, if you don't watch the Riders and Defenders, these charecters will seem a lot less cool.


     The stories in Riders of Berk are kind of too kid freindly, if you ask me, and the main bad guy is truly not that evil (think of him as an EVIL STOIC.) In Defenders of Berk, the stories are also really kidish, but not bad. But Race To The Edge is so NOT kidish. I mean, people AREN'T getting chopped down left and right, but it still is much more serious action.


      All in all, watch the show. It is an epic addition to the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON saga, full of furious battles, character development, comedy gold, and villains you will remember forever.







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"Cows live in herds, you unyielding maniac."


Don't mind me, just found a part of your comment a wee bit interesting...

You mentioned all the villains are "crazy and evil". Well, one of them WAS for a while (not gonna spoil for anyone though :P even though it's been out for...forever haha), but the one, in particular, I think of was the head antagonist for quite a few seasons and he's not really crazy nor evil. Actually, he's my favorite! 

Viggo, crazy? Nah. In fact, if Hiccup hadn't trained dragons, what he's doing is totally normal and could be considered worthy, if not even the sport of gentlemen. Before Hiccup, Berk would've been all for it. Which brings me to consider...does Viggo really consider himself evil? No, I doubt it. Sure, he's done certain things that were less than admirable and likely stem from some form of greed, but the original root of his purpose would be considered respectable, not really...evil. It's only considered evil by Hiccup, and us of course, because he has a different viewpoint. Which kind of alludes to one of the newer episodes and the talk about changing perspectives...but alas, I've gone on a rabbit trail.

This really isn't addressed to you, directly, this is just me spewing my thoughts because whenever someone talks about villains I go insane. Honestly. I'm so sorry, haha. I just...totally go off whenever villains come up. Whooooooopsie. Anywho, I rather found it interesting you didn't like Riders and Defenders of Berk as much. Honestly, I thought they were great and rather to the same caliber as RTTE! Of course, RTTE has advanced as grown, just like the characters have. Anyways, just interesting late night (for me anyway) thoughts!

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If rainbows were a type food, what would they taste like?

  Spoilers ahead, just to warn you.


     You are right in what you said. The villain you are talking about was once crazy and evil, which is probably where he got his last name, but he isn't any more. He is more just crazy.


  Viggo isn't really crazy, and I get what you mean about him not thinking he is being bad. However, is season 4, he did get a little crazy, and considering he tried to starve out Berk, he is kinda evil.


  Now, to me not liking Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk as much as Race To The Edge. I truely felt like the main villain in Riders of Berk, Alvin, was lacking. He seemed to have all the strength, but no brain power. With all the other villains, we see them win in some form or another from time to time, but Alvin failed almost all the time in every way. What's with that?


     The stories just seemed less In Defenders and Riders that R.T.T.E. For example, my least favorite episode is in Defenders. It's the episode where Astrid and Snotlout switch dragons for a day....and end up learning about eachother. I felt like that plot has been used in so many different things.


      Another thing is that it felt like the world was very closed off. What I mean is that, once you meet the main characters, there are not many others that you meet. In R.T.T.E. we slowly meet Viggo, Viggo's brother (who's name I forgot how to spell), the new villain from season 5 (Who's name I forgot), Mala, and a few others. Plus, in R.T.T.E. we are visiting new islands every other episode, but in Riders and Defenders, we leave Berk only once in a great while (Outcast Island, Change-wing Island, Fireworm Island). Plus, we meet SO many new dragons in R.T.T.E.  We meet four new dragons just in season one.


     Finally, there seems to be an on going story with R.T.T.E. From the first episode, we come across dragon hunter ships (crashed in a ship graveyard). But the dragon hunters don't show up til season two.They are also setting things up for H.T.T.Y.D.2 from the first episode. For example, if you look at the new villain, you will see that he has the symbol of Draco Bloodvest of his cloak.


  None of this is to say I don't like Defenders or Riders, I just like R.T.T.E. more.

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I have a solution!

We bought Riders and Defenders on DVD at Target. Kinda pricey, but worth it, because I watch the whole thing over and over about 3 times a year. I haven't seen them in store lately, but I would seriously recommend purchasing them online somewhere. And yes, I agree that you should watch both before diving in to RTTE. Beware though, Riders and Defenders came off of Cartoon Network, so they are extremely kid oriented, but some are quite enjoyable anyways. And the storylines DO bleed over to RTTE a lot. However, RTTE is Netflix, so very few of the episodes feel like they're for kids. That is a very adult show in some ways, especially the violence. Which is not a bad thing at all, in my opinion. 

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Did somebody say Race to the Edge?!

Race to the Edge is SUPER awesome!! That's were we get the Deathsong originally! And the Snow Wraith! RTTE is SOOOO good. They really thought the plot out well, and wow is there some twists to it! 

I 100% say you guys should watch it!


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