The Shenanigans of Quihnn and Rainridge

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This is the thread where I dump screenshots of the shenanigans of Quihnn the Castaway and her Raincutter, Rainridge. Occasional appearances by my other two vikings will be made if I get good or interesting screenshots while playing them. Expect some weirdness.


As with any screeenshot thread, this one will be quite image heavy. Slow internet users be warned.



Rainridge's egg, and the dragon herself. Because I bought and hatched Rainridge's egg instead of picking one of the typical starters, the game went and considered her as my chosen starter...which I was not expecting. I'm 100% fine with it, though.



Toothless...I don't think screaming at the rock will help, buddy.



I SWEAR I didn't chop down all those trees! They were like that when I got here!



She lift



And then, she suddenly took a liking to Gobber.






Waiting for dat nip to grow



Teenage Rainridge! She big.



Long dragon is long.



Receiving instructions from Snotlout on the art of Fireball Frenzy.



Getting ready to glide....



A successful failure!



Whatever...we'll just climb, then.



It's her favorite resident on Berk!

...And a very lost looking Smokebreath and it's rider, apparently.



I was so happy when I saw Raincutters could help out in the lab.



Because why not. FIRE.



And that concludes the first post. Next time, Rainridge is an adult, and I cannot make my mind up on her colours!


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Oh I forgot the absolute BEST

Oh I forgot the absolute BEST one and I can't edit the first post...



Poor Cloudjumper is probably bugged by other dragons on a daily basis...and Rainridge isn't making the situation any better. He sighs, resigned to his fate with this annoying Raincutter.

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Wibberly Wobberly Timey Wimey Suff



 Image result for tarand war dragons

Comet and Treacle after an early morning flight. Made by the amazing Zikta.

My name in war dragons is CometsHoney and I am leader of HiveQueen. If you play feel free to message me :D (I have made an ingame SoD chat for us, so I can add you to it if you want :D)

Image result for hogwarts is my home

Comet (my first dragon) and Treaclerockett - made by Lovlytigerss.

Image result for arnold j rimmer quotes

Image result for happy dragon gif

All FW banners made by some of the oldest memebers (from about 3 years ago). Miss you all <3  

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Amethyst my Vesupa. Made by Bavelly.

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Oh. That's a rare main dragon. Nice.



Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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Queen of the Winter Wind (Gif) by WhispertheWolfie


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Strike Class

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Ivywine: female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

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Icebones: male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill


Draughoul: male Skrillknapper (Icebones and Scourge's son)


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Boulder Class


*Icevein: male Groncicle

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Northbright: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

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Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Shivershy: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)


Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Jordbringer: female Titan Wing Gronckle

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Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

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Silhouette: female Sentinel

Monolith: male Titan Wing Sentinel

Comrade: male Elder Sentinel

Crimson Goregutters

Dayspring: female Crimson Goregutter (Daybreaker's mother)

Elkhart (in-game name Elkheart): male Titan Wing Crimson Goregutter


*Endeavor: male Hushboggle

*Duskrustle: female Titan Wing Hushboggle


Hollowfiend: male Humbanger

Minemuncher: female Titan Wing Humbanger


Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Stonefist: male Thunderpede

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

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Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw


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Owleye: male Titan Wing Stormcutter


Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Sprucewing: female Titan Wing Timberjack

Grim Gnashers

Cindertooth: female Grim Gnasher

Vultureclaw: male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher


Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Scensoredhimmer: male Deathly Galeslash (Brightclaw's son)

Skeletreat: female Bonestormer (Windrider's daughter)


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Rubblewriggler: male Titan Wing Cavern Crasher


Wyrmsbane: male Slitherwing

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Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper


Professor: male Flightmare

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Hideous Zipplejacks

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Set & Match: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback


Fortitude: male Buffalord

Horrorcow: female Titan Wing Buffalord


*Mosaic: female Titan Wing Chimeragon

*Stormfuse: male Chimeragon


*Tundra and Taiga: female Zipplewraith (Avalanche's daughter)

*Shiver and Shake: male Titan Wing Zipplewraith


Bandit: male Armorwing

Merrigold: female Golden Dragon

Faith: female Changewing

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Honey: female Sweet Death

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath


Candycrusher: female Dreadstrider (Professor's daughter)

Trophy & Laurel: female Ghastly Zapplejack (Oakthorn and Double & Trouble's daughter)


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Stoker Class

Monstrous Nightmares

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Terrible Terrors

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Cyclone: male Typhoomerang


Bobbletail: male Abomibumble (Stonemaw and Firegale's son)


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Bullheart: male Rumblehorn

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Echo: female Mudraker


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Tidal Class


Seacry: female Thunderdrum

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Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith


Sparky: male Shockjaw

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Riptide: male Scauldron

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Splashwing: female Sliquifier

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Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown


gif, snow, and toothless image

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Silhouette, you bring those cupcakes back!



Oh dear, I haven't touched this in weeks...

Well, consider a picture of Silhouette tripping Gruffnut as an offering for not working on this sig

Made by ShiroKageFox



Proud member of the School of Dragons Fanfiction Club!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my siggy! ^w^

Let's start off nice and simple. Up ahead is art made by talented artists! (And myself)

Silhouette my Skrill by the amazing ScarfyWings! :D

Silhouette and Frisk walking in the spooky dark night... Made by TosiLohi!


Silvertalon the Thunderthief by the amazing Wutend Bonfire!

Swifter the Icecrusher by chameishida!

Legend the Uktena by Canus8!

Bea the Gribtuk by Bavelly!

Moonwish the Night Fury by NeverendingSilver!

Dreamless by the talented Okamisusi!

Svarlsæta by ZestyDragonWing!

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Rainridge, the chameleon

Ah, yes. Adulthood. The time when dragons can finally take to the sky.

It is also the time when I am completely indecisive about what my dragon's colours should be, as Rainridge will so kindly demonstrate.



So I decided that I overdo the blue for my dragons, and wanted to go with something a little different. I like brown, so why not? First thing I tried: brown, red brown gradients, creamy spots. While taking some time to smell the flowers, it seemed a little....bland. So I tried something else.



Ah yes, getting closer! Blue gradients and brown spots seemed to do the trick, and looked quite nice in various sorts of weird light.

And yet, I still felt the need to experiment...



Trying for a more unified look, I went with brown and indigo spots and gradients. Looked awesome in certain light conditions, like a blacklight was being shone on Rainridge.



Wanting to give blue a go again, Rainridge turned a redder shade of brown with light blue spots and gradients. Only problem was it seemed like the spots would be hard to distinguish...nonetheless this colour scheme stuck around the longest.



Finally, I decided that purple and brown suited her best. Going with a lighter brown and a more purple-y purple, so she shall stay. Hopefully.




Seconds later, Rainridge tore through the spiderwebs, gleefully ruining the decoration.



Do you smell smoke? Oh, it's just your nostrils....right?






And a cameo by Hullbreaker, the Rumblehorn who was rescued from Dragon Hunters, proudly showing off his purple and gold colour scheme. What a regal beast.



Next time - Dreadfall shenanigans in Loki's maze! Will Quihnn get stuck? Will Rainridge pass out from boredom? Find out in the next post!

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Dreadfall Shenanigans ensue!

Any self-respecting person HAS to go through Loki's Maze when Dreafall hits - why wouldn't you? It's a fun little thing to get into the spirit of the season!



Rainridge feels a little apprehensive about all this, looking back to Quihnn to ask if she REALLY sure about this.



There it is. Loki's Maze. Luckily for Rainridge, she's too big to fit, so she has to send Quihnn in alone. Yet she's still apprehensive for Quihnn's sake. Quihnn herself isn't too phased.



Most avoidable jumpscare ever.



Oh my, is that a Whispering Death?



It certainly is! And he doesn't seem too pleased with Quihnn. Or maybe he's just playing his part.



Terrible Terrors! Everywhere! How adorable!



Mysterious floating platforms. Ominous and cool.



I want jars of whatever the floor is made of. SO PRETTY.



This just plain looked pretty, and the lighting certainly helps.



Finding the right path!



At last, victory is at-






Okay...nothing's gonna pop out this time, right?



Well, something DID pop out! The prize, at least.



Ruff 'n Tuff's Make-You-Broke store. Didn't really get anything from there.



At last, the adventure is over, and dragon and rider unite once again. Rainridge is pleased, and Quihnn shows off her neat mask.



The duo then decided to fly into the night with the bats. Much cooler.



It was an interesting Dreadfall ater all.


BONUS: Someone's really gorgeous Eruptodon that was spotted in Berk:



The body colours really made the red pop on this beauty.


Next time: Even more shenanigans!

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Some more nonsense

Got a few more screens I want to get out of the way, because we're gonna have some guest appearances from my other two vikings, Sharq Byte and Sonorah!



Flying to the cave, gonna get dat Iceland Spar!






N E C K at work again, getting the nails from inside Gobber's smithy



And then we encountered...technical difficulties.



This Shockjaw looking like some kind of creeper












After a battle, we found a gorgeous Singetail...and a normal-looking Zippleback that was somehow using the Titan textures. I assumed it was just a glitch.



One day.



Feels like the jungle. Feels like home.



Found another Raincutter! And a really pretty one, too!



Neck hug!


Dragon gossip


Next time - guest appearances by two more wikings and their dragons!

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Actually, you can get a normal-colored Hideous Zippleback with warpaint. You just have to make them normal-colored yourself. You make the body green, the pattern red and the belly pale yellow, and viola! ;)

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Nah, what I meant was the

Nah, what I meant was the Titan-specific textures - this Zippleback had the white dots on the back of the wings that I believe only the Titan Zippleback has. Plus, as with the Titan, the textures were much clearer - normal Zippleback has some slightly blurry textures in some areas. I've seen something similar happen with a normal looking Thunderdrum having Titan textures. Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of that. It confused the heck out of me, though.


EDIT: The unmistakable wing dots found on Titan Zipplebacks can be seen here. Same dragon as in the previous screens:



My guess is either the model itself glitched out, or it was just the textures glitching out.

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I don't have time to make a full post, but I do have time to show this...weird glitch I encountered in the racing lobby today:



I am scared now.

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Be afraid.


Be very afraid.

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Nah. It's probably just the twins pulling a fast one. .................................................................................





..............OR IS IT? DUN DUN DUN!!! 

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Your distress only amuses them.


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Guest appearances!

So now that it's the weekend, I have time to assemble this post, because dang there is quite a bit I have to post. So let the screenshots commence!


Sharq Byte, Ripsurge and Co.



I'm sure you've seen that GIF in my signature of a Shockjaw and a viking wearing atrocious blinking shutter shades. This is him. His name is Ripsurge, and I've recently decided the Shockjaw Hero skin suits him very well.



This one was just too nice to pass up.



Ripsurge! Where's your rider?






Going up!



...And coming down!



The Flightmare nest has some really beautiful crystals in it.



Soaring above Mudraker Island.



Ripsurge is a really photogenic dragon.



Here is Sky-strike, the Skrill who was found as a lost hatchling crying for her parents, who seemed to have suddenly up and disappeared - it was presumed Dragon Hunters got them. Ripsurge essentially became her adoptive father as she quickly ended up developing a liking towards him - those tendrils on the bottom of his jaw that emitted electricity played a pretty big role in that.


(Side not, her name lacks the hyphen - the forums keep plopping a censor in the middle of her name.)



Sometimes, she forgets she's not a tidal class dragon and gladly hops into water, seemingly not caring that it disables her electrical abilities. You can thank Ripsurge for that.



FLAP. Frames like this really make me appreciate some of the animations the dragons have. Especially the Skrill ones.



A speedy dive!









Sky-strike has spontaneously decided she does NOT like spiders. Especially giant ones. Next spider she sees is getting fried.



Here's another member of the crew, Riptide the Windwalker. Still need to fully figure out her backstory, but she's crept into my heart and solidified her place among Sharq Byte's mains. She's quite the proficient racer - and she knows it. I really love the sleek, elegant yet crocodilian look of Windwalkers.



Met another Windwalker! They're a curiously rare sight.



Blue and orange Windwalkers, making a mess with their breath.



Another look at that gorgeous face.



Preparing for battle! She actually won first place in this one. Windwalkers are nothing to sneeze at!



Love this shot. There's something rather poetic about it.



Found a baby Raincutter!



Sonorah and Snaggletooth: The desert duo




Sonorah was formerly called Sharktooth Scrappy, and had a Skrill who acted as a stand-in for a fan dragon. I ended up ditching the concept, and moving a few story elements over to Sharq Byte and Ripsurge. She was (and still is) the viking for collecting various dragons on (aiming for collecting them all on her one day), bu didn't have a story concept anymore. Then one day I sat with the Sand Wraith she had, pondering this weird lizard thing. Never felt it was much of a tidal class...the armor themed after it didn't help much, either. After changing it's colour to a reddish brown, I started viewing them in a much more desert-y context - deserts bordering on a coastline, especially, but also canyons and those gorgeous arched rock formations in deserts. It's then that Sharktooth Scrappy was renamed Sonorah, given a desert theme, and Snaggletooth the Sand Wraith became her main. It gave me more of an appreciation for Sandies as they are - and I am a sucker for deserts anyway. Sonorah will likely end up being loosely based on the Tuareg people, thanks to the Sand Wraith armor reminding me of them.



Snaggletooth's red colouration stands out nicely against the blue-green of the water.



Another interesting looking Eruptodon! I love seeing pretty Eruptodons like this <3



Highs and lows bugged out on me, with the arrow pointing into the ground at Sven's farm entrance. Suddenly, when I was randomly flying about nearby, the quest triggered the found-the-compass event. Took this screenshot in the hopes that it could help people find the spot, should they struggle.



Titan Island's interior makes for some nice shots. The glow from the lava REALLY made Snag's red stand out.



Naturally, the giant spiderwebs HAD to be investigated!


Other nonsense



The missing textures glitch...REALLY made these decorations look weird. (Please fix all the missing textures and such in the next big patch Devs, it wrecks what could be nice screenshots D:)



Sonorah hatched a Fireworm Queen egg. Toothless seems enthusiastic about baby Hearth.



Hearth as a glowy teen! I was spinning her around on the spot and that black and red Nadder decided to play Jump-Over-The-Long-Tail with me. It was hilarious.



Ferntail the Scuttleclaw, perching like a boss.



Sometimes, you just gotta admire the weird names people give their dragons. I am very concerned about what's going on with Beca the Typhoomerang's face, however.



Next time - Rainridge does weird stuff, and shows what a spaz she actually is.

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Lovable Tidal Class dragons

Thanks for showcasing these wonderful dragons. I'm reminded of how much I liked the original Shockjaw. As flawed as this game's model of it is, you showed that it's still kind of nice, especially with the scale details of the Hero Skin. But oh how I wish the Shockjaw and Sand Wraith had stubby legs and more rounded bellies.


Windwalkers are indeed quite skilled fighters when they work up the courage for it. In the books it was able to shoot fire or electrcity, Which would continue the trend among your dragons. And I for one can appreciate that comparison with Toothless; to me it illustrates how much  l o n g e r  and far-reaching the story of the book series is than the movie franchise.


I remember seeing those wreaths (with their textures) but I can't figure out which quest they were for. Was it "The Raging Storm" or something else? What kind of celebration was it?


Gorge II

Level 50

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Brightslime is all grown up (& reached level 50)


Battle High Scores:

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 2. Globstract   -  1203!

3. Streamglide - 1122

4. Sparkflare   -  1070

5. Brightslime  -   980

6. Flingshot     -    900

7. Grimpinch   -    895

8. Bulkshield   -    859

Expansions completed:

      Battle quest    Rtdi icon    Tsol icon 2          



 Sparkflare                        Streamglide

Female titan wing Nightmare                 Male Windwalker           

Level 50                                         Level 50

 Found July 18, 2013                    Rescued July 23, 2016

      Cheerful, ferocious in battle,               Caring & comforting, dragon rescuer,

distracted, excitable, reckless                        brave, stealthy, nimble     



Globstract                                  Flingshot 

Female Death Song                           Male Singetail    

Level 50                                         Level 50

Adopted Nov 11, 2016                   Bonded Feb 12, 2017 

      Reclusive, disobedient,                       Sociable, co-operative, curious,

showy, artistic, cheeky                              lively, protective of me




Persistent & focused; mature; outgoing; confident; short-tempered



 Bulkshield                        Brightslime

    Male Rumblehorn                     Female Flame Whipper

Level 50                                        Level 50

  Hatched Jan 1, 2015                  Adopted June 11, 2017

Friendly, stubborn & determined,             Adventurous, likeable, observant,

      moody, tough, heroic                        has quick reflexes, poisonous



Headvord                          Grimpinch

   Male Sentinel                            Male Deathgripper

Level 50                                         Level 49!

Befriended Oct 10, 2018              Befriended Aug 30, 2019

Dignified, benevolent, tenacious                Dangerous, touchy, submissive 


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I must admit, over time I've

I must admit, over time I've really come to like the SoD Shockjaw - it looks sleek, but still has that lovely pronounced jaw...considering all my top favorite dragons, I seem to have a thing for big jaws. A really big thing for them.


Honestly, I love Windwalkers so much, Kinda wish they got more spotlight in the fandom...but ah well, I guess them being a rare sight makes it all the more exciting to see one! There should absolutely be a Windwalker appreciation thread sometime, though.


It was the quest where you get things together for an after-storm party. You gotta go choose a flower and then Phlegma prepares the decorations along with getting food for Astrid to prepare (oh dear...). Since SoD is having ongoing texture issues, it barfs out these melted-marshmallow looking things instead.

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Ah, Tidal Class galore! Beautiful dragons you have here, RaxForax! And oh, yes, the Shockjaw Hero Skin is one of my favorite Hero Skins! And lol, a Skrill who likes water! XD True Tidal Class trainer, Sharq Byte is.


Yeah, I was very disappointed in the Sand Wraith armor for the very reason you mentioned - it looked more like something from the desert than the seashore. I always thought a sand beach ambusher was such a unique niche, one rarely explored in fantasy and yet an entire echosystem in the real world, that it breaks my heart to see the franchise try to steer this dragon further and further from its original, unique habitat, especially when it already has a desert-dwelling subspecies called the Desert Wraith (which I wish they'd add to the game. We have the Slithersong and Death Song in the same game; no reason not to have a Sand Wraith and Desert Wraith together.) I've been using my so-called "Sand Wraith Armor" as Moldruffle armor, since it's the only true desert dragon in the game. Poor guy never gets any attention for desert OCs.


Not that you can't have a desert Sand Wraith if you want. If people can have Night Fury OCs, you can knock yourself out with a desert Sand Wraith OC. Or even pretend Snaggletooth is a Desert Wraith if it pleases you. (Thor knows I have an in-game Woolly Howl standing in for a Snoggletog Wraith. And an in-game Groncicle standing in for a Frozen Groncicle. And an in-game Changewing standing in for a Melting Wing. And an in-game Snaptrapper standing in for a Leafy Snaptrapper. ...Man, Rise of Berk has made a lot of subspecies.)


(Oh, and did you know there's a Snaggletooth character in HTTYD? According to Rise of Berk, one of the Windstrikers from the second movie is named Snaggletooth. Irony, I guess. You and someone at Ludia must be on the same wavelength dragon-name-wise.) XD

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I find the Shockjaw hero skin

I find the Shockjaw hero skin so nice that it kinda makes non-skinned Shockjaws look kinda bland to me. XD

Blame Ripsurge, Scensoredtrike is aaaaalways trying to imitate her adoptive father. She even tries to adopt his laid-back personality, although sometimes her belligrent Skrill nature gets the better of her on a bad day.


I must admit, I'm the opposite - I really really love the Sand Wraith armor in spite of it not being beach-fitting (they could have gone WILD with that one though, I'd love to see beach-themed wear in this game - it would be perfect for Sharq Byte), since I do quite like deserts. Although on actually having the Desert Wraith in the game...I think I'd rather see a Desert Wraith-based skin, since the dragon itself seems a lot more like a Sand Wraith with a different coat of paint to me. I was already rather iffy on the Slithersong's release, it felt like another Death Song but with a new paint job and some minor physical differences to me. As for the Moldruffle, I'd love to get one one day to serve as Sonorah's secondary. I still like the Moldy despite the flack it often gets. Besides, it's a Theropod-looking dragon. I have a weakness for those.


Haha, good point. I could still skirt along with canon by having Snaggletooth originally come from a more mediterranean coast, which would keep her in a coastal area bordering desert habitat or somewhere similar ot Lybia's coastline, therefore not removing her too far from the Sand Wraith's original habitat. Might poke the Desert Wraith idea a bit...although right now I prefer her as an actual Sand Wraith.


And yeah, RoB made a lot of subspecies...often quite interesting ones. I wish we had skins to make our dragons look like some of these, but have the more interesting ones implemented as actual dragons, perhaps - as in, not the minor edit types.


Honestly? I blame the Sand Wraith's adorable overbite for the name Snaggletooth XD

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This dragon has a will of her own.

Farming happens. Rainridge going nuts also happens.



The twins let the racing sheep loose, and Quihnn and Rainridge had to help gather them up. It is then that a giant, mutant sheep was discovered. The duo are just a few steps away and you can already see how freakishly big it is.



This one has to be worth a whole lotta points.



Ah, a more normal sheep. Much better.



Raincutter pride!



Gathering all those sheep was an exhausting affair, so Rainridge took a well deserved nap. where shenanigans started. After harvesting some stuff, Rainridge will begin spazzing as if she's collecting stuff. Repeatedly. Hence...this.



She then began running into the wall like a loon.



Perching on the roof, looking rather intimidating.



Later, she decided keeping the sheep company was in order...



...and she would not be moved from inside the pen.



In the end, the sheep accepted her after all.



Truly a silly dragon, this one.



With some farming done, it was time for some relaxation. Nothing quite like getting your feet wet!



Clearly, this was a bad decision.



Flying around in the sunset at The Lookout, looking quite majestic.



It was a pretty good day after all.



How adorable can Rainridge be? Very adorable.



Happiness is....warm feets. No, Rainridge, Quihnn will not be joining you in there.


Next time - probably some quests!

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That was the funniest one so far.

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For all the bugs this game

For all the bugs this game has, sometimes it just bugs out in delightful ways like this.

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I once told someone that SOD could win a best glitching game award if that existed. When the person told me that was mean I quickly explained that by best glitching I wasn't talking about the game breaking bugs but instead all the little harmless temporary ones that just make you laugh. Sure. A game breaking one does come by occasionally but the harmless ones are funny as heck and they're much more common.

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My dragon is a zombie! AAAAAH!

So on a whim I decided to purchase the Raincutter warpaint for Rainridge. It's the closest thing to a Hero Skin for Raincutters at the moment, though I am slightly worried the hero skin bits will go away if they ever get around to making the Raincutter Titan (as seems to be the case with Titans and warpaint at the moment. Unless stuff glitches).


I did, however, discover a few drawbacks....

(hint hint devs, if you guys aren't too busy one day maybe look into this a tweak a few things. This Raincutter fan would greatly appreciate it.)



...Rainridge, it appears, is undead!



In light conditions like this, the skin looks great. Really pretty and I am a sucker for the various colours.



But then you get closer. Seems you can see the seams! Stitched together like Frankenstein's Monster sans mismatching parts.



At certain angles, she looks SUPER bumpy.



Her neck seam is veeery visible. And this shot is creepy.



In the end, I think she looks best as a plain old brown and purple Raincutter. Although I am will to reconsider...



So...warpaint? Yay or Nay? Help me decide!

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I absolutly love this! So much fun ^-^



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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Nay. I'm sure that under the warpaint heroskin is going to disappear as soon as they make a raincutter titan. I wouldn't get too attached to it if I were you.

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Sort of a bummer

Yeah, this is what I was thinking, so I don't want to get too attached to it (as nice as the colours are). Otherwise I'll have to ask how one can come close to replicating the colours.

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As a fellow fan of the Raincutter Hero Skin color, my own Raincutter Rainshed comes pretty close in her normal coloration. If you like, perhaps I can take a screenshot of her color palette for you. You can see if you can replicate it, maybe, if you really want these colors.

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Thanks for your help in the

Thanks for your help in the other thread! I'll be using them for another Raincutter on my other vikings....for some reason, no matter how much I fiddle with her colours or think up a different colour scheme, I always return to brown and purple for Rainridge. Maybe it's just the way she ought to be.

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Sky-strike's Big Day Out

(Oh geez, I haven't updated in a bit. Life kept me busy folks!)


I decided I wanted to focus on leveling Sky-strike up through quests so that she is caught up to her dad leve-wise. These are some tidbits from her adventures!



Venturing into the caves beneath Berk after Hiccup shared concerns about them. What will we find?



....Spiders. And loads of them. Sky-strike was not a fan.






At least the spaciousness of the caves took her mind off the creepy crawlies.



Dad said to ALWAYS test the waters. Seems good!



Since the waters seemed good, it was time to see what could be fished up.



Sky-strike took a fly-around in the caves with the bats. She thinks they're pretty alright.



The worrisome Whispering Death eggs, which meant a new stable member was coming!



Something something Narwhal..bacon...don't feed them at midnight? I dunno how it went.



Sky's dark colours blended a little with the ngiht air at Snotlout's Sentry Station. All that was needed was some stormy weather, and she'd be right at home.



Talk about stormy's a good thing she's a Skrill!



Upsetting things: All the missing textures. Not so upsetting things: Skrills DO have lab animations, as this stranger demonstrated.



Big ole wild Scauldron bandit, snagging some fish from Mulch.



Itty bitty Scauldrons!



Sky-strike pulls a Rainridge and spazzes out onto the roof.



Flying over Berk after a hard day's questing, admiring the Dreadfall decorations one more time before they're gone.


BONUS: Just because I like Raincutters so much, here's two interesting ones I found!



Such a rare sight, they are.


Next time: More stuff I need to post and catch up on.

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Misc Shenanigans

Hoo boy...haven't done one fo these in ages. I've got a backlog to catch up to!

It's basically gonna be random screens of Quihnn, Rainridge, and the other Vikings and their dragons. But as always - shenanigans will ensue.



Rainridge has an admirer. For all the hate Raincutters get on these forums, I occasionally get the odd player that comes up to 'Ridge to check her out. This player in particular called her a "cool dragon". Clearly, these are the folks with good taste.



Y'all are probably sick of these types of screenshots....but I just love how Rainridge looks in flight. I honestly find Raincutters to be beautiful dragons.



How To Crash Your Dragon, a.k.a. Dear Devs, the Raincutter is still missing its dive animation, so diving while firing causes it to turn into a horrible contortionist. Rainridge's Snoggletog wish is to finally have a proper dive animation to prevent this. Please, make Raincutters everywhere happy this Snoggletog. Grant them a diving animation.



Spotted this nifty blue Sand Wraith, so we had to stop to admire its colour. Then, something funny happened...



...its rider began a game of "Jump over the Raincutter's Neck!"

A curious Thunderdrum looks on before scooting off.



the Sand Wraith looks slightly concerned, but Rainridge enjoys the attention.



This went on for a good 5 minutes until everyone involved got bored. But I love little interactions like this.


Sharq Byte's Turn!


I said stuff it, and decided Ripsurge is better in blue. It's how he was fromt he start, anyway.



When the Ocena farm bundle went on sale, naturally I had to get it on Sharq Byte, since she's a Tidal class trainer and all.

Ripsurge approves.



Afterwards, some goofing off in the geothermal caverns was in order.



Later, Riptide was taken out to take part in a battle, and...oh my....


Well now, look who we found! :]


Nest time - Rainridge gets a makeover, and Khestrel and Galestride make a landing!

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Playing Catch-up

Part 2, because I STILL have a backlog.


So...Rainridge's brown and purple were BEAUTIFUL. And yet....something was still amiss. So after wasting hundreds of gems on being indecisive and trying different colour schemes, I finally settled on the perfect colour scheme:



Red-brown, with bright blue gradients and spots. I finally feel completely content with her colours, as I haven't changed or fiddled with her colour scheme since.



Serious showing off in the Hatchery's upper levels.



"Who is she..."






Turns out I just can't resist Stormcutters. So, Sonorah's name got changed to Khestrel, and her dragon is a Stormcutter named Galestride. Here the two are on their first outing after Galestride hit adulthood.



Galsestride carefully inspects the Stormcutter armor set, making sure nothing is out of place and that it is all up to standard.



*Peek* "Gotta be sneaky. Super sneaky."



ALWAYS admire pretty Windwalkers!



Lurking about the upper ledges of the Hatchery are now mandatory for looking cool and mysterious.



A Shockjaw joins in on the lurking, wondering just what these two creepers are looking at down there. Stop being creepy, ya creepers.


Next time - finally some quests, maybe?