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I understand that banning certain words from the chat is necessary for everyone's safety but it's getting to be UNBEARABLE! I haven't used the chat in ages and I made the mistake of using it to ask about a possible bug. I've been banned for an entire day over absolutly nothing!

I asked if daily Thawfest quests were not working. Some other player said they had I same issue. So I typed 


"I hope it's fixed soon."

I was told I couldn't say that.

"I hope they fix it."

I couldn't say that either apparently. 

So I tried again. 

"I hope it gets solved."

Also not allowed. 


So I typed =( 


And got banned from the chat. 




You really ougtta think about fixing the chat because no one uses it anyone. And I can see why. If that's the case, why even bother having one? I'm starting to regret supporting a game that bans players over innocent words. 


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Here's a tip:  Never type symbols or numbers.  A "=(" will get someone chatbanned every time.  Only letters and a few basic punctuation marks are allowed:

  • !
  • .
  • ?
  • ,
  • '
  • ;
  • :

I think those are the only non-letters that won't give someone an instant 24-hour chatban.

About the chat, it's really not fair to say "no one uses it anymore" (at least, I assume that's what you attempted to say), because I use it quite frequently, and see a lot of usage from other players, too.

Likely, what was disallowed in all your messages was the word "hope", since it's a name.


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I believe OP was trying to convey that people get banned from chat so often and don't get to use it (I personally only see people chat at all when we're about to go into battle)

also, another thing to add to your list: don't type big words, since apparently you get chat banned for using large vocabulary (I've actually gotten chat banned yesterday and waiting for it to be lifted currently, all because I said "frustration")





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