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I've been playing School of Dragons on my iPhone (since that's the only way for me to play the game currently), 

and ever since the Dreadfall (Halloween) update I keep on having the same issue which prevents me from playing at all. 

Whenever I try to do a quest for Dreadfall I keep on getting the same problem; 


Progress Sync Failed,

Your progress failed to sync with our server. Please try again. 


I can press 'yes' again and again but nothing will happen, I have tried to reinstall the game, nothing happens. 

I have checked my network and phone from which there are no problems.

This error happens with the Dreadfall quests, Loki's Maze of Mayhem and sometimes out of the blue. 

It prevents me from playing the game to its fullest with this update, It's a bummer since I want to earn the new hybrid dragon and play the game. 

Please fix this!

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I’ve been having the same problem, but it’s only started today for me 

I play on my IPad and whenever I do anything related to the new dreadful update (it’s happened to me so far at the end of the maze when you get the reward and on Astrids quest where you have to transport the Scuttleclaw eggs) I get the sync error come up..

i hope it gets fixed soon


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Same here

Starting yesterday with Fishleg's request for 8 white pumpkins. His quest was the first one to have the Your Data Failed to Sync With the Server error, which then crashes the game. Eventually it spread to all quests, Dreadfall and story alike, and the problem persists on both my IOS phone and my PC. I can fish, farm, and play tactics, but quests are right out. 

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I have found that if you

I have found that if you switch from MMO to Single Player (or vise versa) and try it again it SOMETIMES works to get around the failed server sync

the only problem is, if you did the maze or a race or anything that required being completed and it fails sync, it'll log you out once you say No to try again and you'll have to switch you MMO status and do the whole thing over again

The quests will be ok up until the point that it failed to sync so if fishlegs didnt get his pumpkins you'll just need to try and hand them over again






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