"Server Call Timed Out" Constant Error

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I've been experiencing the "server call timed out" error message before I can even select my viking and play. I've had it for the past few days, and was only able to bypass it once (and I don't even know how I did it.)

I just want to know if there is an answer to why this is happening, a fix for it, or if it is something on my end that I can fix myself. I've tried everything I could find to correct it, and even sent an email to support with details yesterday. No reply yet.

I run the game through Steam, not the website's downloadable version (although I have tried that one, still doesn't work.) I've restarted my PC, restarted Steam, re-installed the game multiple times, cleared my Steam download cache, and checked for new updates. Any idea what's going on?


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The same thing happened to me and my friend got a email back saying it’s a server issue and they are fixing it rn cuz we also get that timed out it may take days to fix I just wanted to let you know your not alone with this cuz we most of us get it


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Thanks for the answer!

Ah, I see. Thank you! I mainly just wanted an answer to what was happening, it's really frustrating.

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Yep, same



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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this issue. I tried reinstalling the game a couple times and at least that brought me as far as the Vikings selection page. Whenever I'd try to switch to my main account, however, the game would give me the server call timed out message, forcing me to start all over again. I've been unsuccessfully trying for about five hours before giving up. I did however manage to by-pass the issue with the mobile version, although that also took me a few tries before finally getting in game.




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Death Star blew up my subject

Yeah this kept on happening since the new update.These server timer callouts are making me impossible to battle


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*Grabs popcorns*

Same thing continues to happen to me... I don't even know what to do right now, it's so stressing.


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Not a bug, jsyk. Looks like there's server problems going on.

Nothing you can do on your end to fix this, I'm afraid.


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yes, it is really annoying.


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Been experiencing it ever since I updated it on my phone (I'm afraid to update the PC version because of it). Hopefully this will get resolved soon. . .


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Death Star blew up my subject

This is getting out of hand!I get server callouts in the middile of racing!And when i accidentally tap on a viking it just loads forever.The server tier callout happened in the middle of a battle!!!!WHY WHY WHY!!!It called out every five minutes!!!!!

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Um... a bit overreacting?

Um... a bit overreacting? Love the spongebob gif though.

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Death Star blew up my subject

Yeah i was just trying to post some of my dumb angry gifs.

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Rebel alliance stole my subject

Go away server timer callouts!


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Update on the situation

Updating, I was just able to get in without an error message first time, I didn't have to do anything but start up the game, so it is possibly fixed now.

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Not for me

I mean still getting server timed out 

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I ment I am still getting server timed out

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Death Star blew up my subject

Yesss!!!its fixed for me now!Thankyou SoD Admins and Devs.Well im still upset about the broken flightmares(but thats another story)

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It's been on and off for me; sometimes it'll work, other times it won't. Restarting the app fizes it most of the time but it still takes forever to load.