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i say to myself today: ok i have a lot of free time, maybe i can play a little sod. IT TAKES 5 HOURS TO LOAD, AS USUALL!

and then when i am in the gane this weird glitch happene

I just....i can't ok? This game makes me so mad i just want to throw my comeputer outside the window. Its like you made a rage game accidentally -_-. And so with this glitch, i totally went berserk.


-having troble with uplaoding the file -__- will try to upladed soon






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   Its OK calm down.  Try

   Its OK calm down.  Try this.  Next time you log on try taking a look at your internet connection, it might be slow.  By connecting to a different station your computer may load faster.  If you don't see any change, then there might be something wrong with the modem, (the small box internet comes though) at this point you might want to talk with your Dad, he might know whats up.  Also, make sure that all your other tabs have been closed off, so the computer will only focuse on one program.  Hope this helps!:):):)


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