The Secret Symbol - Chapter 6: Elementary My Dear

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Sorry for the delay for the in posting this.  But with writer's block and things coming up during the times I wanted to write, here we are.


Anyway.  I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.  More detective-ness in this chapter along with plot points.


There is an easter egg in the text.  The easter egg is a play on words for a reference.


Can you spot it?


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I'll add the title later, as I didn't have time to add it.


         I wake up the next morning to the shoving and pushing of my sisters.

         Groggily, I reply, “What… what… what… I’m up, I’m up.”

         “Jarl,” Asvord whispered.  “Jarl, Jarl!  Wake up.  There is a pack of Speed Stingers attacking the outpost.”

         Thinking it was something important, I stop myself from being surprised by saying, “Oh, it is just that,” and then went back to sleep.

         “Just that?” asked Asvord, surprised, keeping me from laying my head on my pillow.  “Did you not get I said Speed Stingers.  Elsa and I spent all day and all night paralyzed… by the Speed Stingers.  And all you can think about now is sleep?!”

         “Yeah,” added Elsa.  “And I’m hungry.”

         “Oh yeah,” I remembered.  “We didn’t tell you.”

         Irritated, Asvord asked, “Tell us what?”

         As best I could, while being half awake, I caught them up to speed… pun intended… on the events that took place yesterday.

         “Oh, well that make sense,” Asvord answered.

         Elsa spoke up, “Though, it doesn’t explain why they are still wrecking the place as opposed to treating it like their home.”

         That woke me up, “What are they doing?”

         “Come and see this,” Asvord replied.  “…dragon master.”

         My sisters led the way out of my room to the front door of the Clubhouse.  Opening the door, I am greeted by… Speed Stingers running every which way.  They are knocking over things, running through things, wrecking things.

         My shoulders dropped as I shrugged, “Ugg, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

         “Ya think?” Asvord rhetorically asked.

         Elsa responded, “Though it is a good idea to have some security when we are away from our outpost… it is just… we need to train them not to be so reckless.”

         Cazi and Annabeth came over from the direction of their huts, Cazi quipped, “Really it should be, ‘They need to stop being so wreck-ful.’”

         “True,” Asvord agreed.

         Out of the blue, a Speed Stinger flashed by us.  Running after the Speed Stinger is Ali.

         “Wait,” Ali yelled.  “Come back, Icer.”

         Cazi asked, “Who’s Icer?”

         Out of breath, Ali stopped next to us.  Bending over to catch her breath first, she stood up and said, “Icer, my new Speed Stinger.”
         Asvord looked like she is a long-lost Twin, “You are training… a Speed Stinger.”

         “Yeah,” Ali replied.  “I always wanted to train a Speed Stinger.  I did figure they could fly away… but I guess they can run, can’t they.”

         Annabeth nodded her head, “Yes, that is why they are called Speed Stingers.”

         Ali sighed, “But, I won’t be stopping now.”

         I stated, “Because we are going to use them as our Night Terrors, maybe you could be our official Speed Stinger Trainer?  You have as much experience with them as any of us, and you seem like you want to do it-…”

         Ali interrupting, “Yes, yes, yes… I would love to do that.”

         I chuckled at the enthusiasm, “That is great.  We need to reel in these dragons before they wreck the entire island.”

         Elsa suggested, “They may just be celebrating their freedom from their previous chief.”

         “That’s true,” I said as I turned around and then was greeted by Borgar.

         Nearly jumping out of my boots, I said, “Borgar!”  Gathering my thoughts, I then said, pointing at him, “You need to get control of these Speed Stingers, Borgar.  You won’t be able to stay here if things stay out of control.”  After speaking, I then folded my arms.

         The dragon looked down then looked back up at him and nodded his head.  Borgar then ran off.

         Cazi then questioned, “What in the world is that?”

         “What is what?” I echoed.

         Cazi pointed at a small object flying at us at high speed.

         The rest of our friends started to come out of their huts, after they had awakened.

         Ashley came over and said, “It is a Terrible Terror.”

         I unfolded my arms, “Not just any Terrible Terror.”

         Asvord interjected, “You’re right.”

         I continued, “That is our parents’ Terrible Terror, Flash.”

         “I didn’t know they had a Terrible Terror,” Annabeth said.

         “Yeah,” Elsa also said.  “They just got it a day or two right before we left for Mystery.”

         Asvord let Flash land on her arm while she took the message off of its leg and handed it to me.

         Ali asks, “What does it say?”

         Reading it, my heart sunk.  “I know we just got back at Mystery, but we need to go back.”  I then read the message, “Berk was attacked and several houses are damaged or destroyed.  Minor injuries as most everybody was out at the yak races.  You should probably come home and let everybody check in with their families.  And one more thing, we have a mystery of our own and it is my serious then we think.  We need your help.  Dad.”

         I was about to ask if my friends wanted to fly back to Berk, but as soon as I had finished reading the message, everybody ran off to get their dragons.  I followed suit.

         At the Stables, Annabeth asked me as she and I were the last two to leave, “Will the Speed Stingers be alright here?”

         “I think they will be,” I replied.  “I mean I think ships seeing a Speed Stinger ‘infected’ island will steer clear.  But with Borgar and reeling in his new pack, I believe he can do it.  Maybe him being alone will do it.  We’ll see.”

         We all traveled back to Berk.  The trip did take a few hours, but the thought of our home being attacked is enough to make the trip faster.

         Landing where most dragons land now on Berk, we could fully take in the amount of damage done to Berk.  Seeing it from the horizon, it looked bad.  But taking it in close up, you feel grateful there were hardly any injuries.  Now, that you know everyone is safe, you want to retaliate somehow.  Retaliation does not have to be “throwing a punch” back, finding who did this and getting justice done should always be the way to go.

         Everyone went to their own homes, Asvord, Elsa, and I went to ours.  Our house is one of the more fortunate ones.  With our house being further to the east and a middle level, it seems like more of the house above on the top level were affected.  I saw Astrid’s house was destroyed.

         Mother and father emerged from the house and greeted us.

         Asvord is the first to say, “I’m glad everything is alright.  How’s Dagmar?”

         Mother replies, “She was with the Thorvalds at the yak races, but the Thorvalds’ house is scorched by fire, but the building itself is still intact.  All of our dragons are fine, by the way.”

         I asked, “So what is the big mystery back here on Berk that you wanted us to come back for?  Besides the obvious of making sure you guys were alright.”

         Father started, “I just happened to stumble upon it while helping to assess the damage around Berk.  As you can see, they are several houses damaged or destroyed.”

         I interjected, “Who did it?”

         “Oh, yes,” Father answered my side question.  “It was Dagur.  A hit and run method.  He stayed far enough away to not get a good look at the ship, but close enough to demolish nearly half of Berk, though that is a slight exaggeration.”

         Asvord is about to say something, when mother anticpated her question, “Why didn’t we go after Dagur, after all we do have dragons?  But that’s it.  By the time, we could react and fly out there, Dagur’s ship turned tail and ran, basically disappearing into thin air.  Very strange.”

         “Is that the big mystery?” I asked.

         Father said, “This is only half of it.  While going around Berk, I noticed one house in particular that was damaged heavily by fire, yet that is just it.  None of the surrounding houses were set on fire or destroyed.  Nothing was on fire that was even close to the house to set it on fire.  Picking up some things from you, Jarl, I did my own sleuthing and came to the conclusion that it is an act of arson.  Something intentionally set the house on fire to cover up something.  They probably hoped that the fire and all the other buildings being damaged or destroyed by fire or boulders would cover their tracks.”

         Mother suggested, “We can take you to that house now.”

         Our parents’ Nightmares were just around the other side of the house, so my sisters and I mounted our dragons and followed our parents.  They took us to western side of Berk, somewhat near the Thorvald’s house.  The house in question was nearly a stand-alone by itself house on a level higher than the Thorvald’s.  All of the wood is chard with fire scorch marks.

         “Me and your mother searched the house and the surrounding area,” father said, “We didn’t find anything, or anything we thought is important.  We are both sure you can spot something we cannot.”

         Mother added, “That should be, ‘Your mother and I.’”

         Dad sarcastically jumped like someone was behind him, “Where is your mother?”

         “Oh, stop it,” mother grinned but annoyingly slapped dad’s left shoulder with her right hand.

         Dad flinched a little and said, “Eh, potato, tamato.”

         With parents acting like parents, all three of us Asvord, Elsa, and I all rolled our eyes at our parents.  I suggested my sisters catch our parents up to date on our recent findings as well as the new Speed Stingers at our base.

         As I started to look around the area, Asvord and Elsa were not hesitant in mentioning them being stung by the Speed Stingers and me supposedly “leaving them behind”; but I could tell my parents knew I would never do that and interpreted in the usual sister-to-brother exaggeration and dramatization.

         First off, I examined the front door.

         “I just started and I have my first clue,” I thought.  “The doorlatch has been jimmied open.  Someone broke into the house.”

         By entering the house, I still saw the signs of the fire damage.  Leaving the door open for light, I continued to search the premises.

         “The inside seems worse off than the outside,” I thought as I notice darker blacker scorches inside the house.

         Some boards from the ceiling have fallen down and where laying on the floor and furniture.  If the fire did not completely damage the furniture, the falling boards did.

         The person who lives here must live alone.  There is only one bed upstairs.  Though I would go up there myself as the stairs are too brittle.

         But then I thought, “If something else is going on, maybe that’s what they want me to think.”

         The stairs were to the right side of the house, if one has just entered the house.  Seeing the stairs themselves are too brittle, the diagonal support beams are not.  Bending over and grabbing the beam, I crawled up the beam to the upstairs bedroom.  The floorboards for the upstairs, although scorched as well, are in good enough shape for me to walk around.

         The room is more or less a balcony as there are no walls; however, there is a guard rail around the edge of the floor to protect falling.  The shape any of the wood is for this house, the railing would not protect anybody from falling.  Inside the house, itself, it is all open.  No walls to separate rooms.

         There are only the things you would find in a bed room.  Bed… obviously… dresser, and desk.  Walking over to the railing, I looked out over the rest of the house.

         “Is it me or is there just something off about the furniture?” I asked myself.

         Studying for a second, I suggested, “Is it because the furniture isn’t where it is supposed to be?  The furniture for the living room are certain pieces, the pieces for the kitchen are different, and so are the dining place ones are different.  But why are the chairs for the fireplace moved out into the middle of the house?  Why are the chairs for the dining table all knocked over?  Granted a ceiling board fell straight through table, but that wouldn’t necessarily knock all the other chairs down.”

         Noticing there are only three chairs in the dining room, I scanned the rest of the house for the fourth.

         Spotting it finally, I said, “Why is it broken in pieces on the larger bench-chair-couch whatever you want to call it?”

         Sliding down feet first on the beam to my left of the stairs, I walked over to study the rest of the chairs.  Sitting one up, I studied the patterns of the chair and the structure of it too.  Now going over to the broken one on the couch, I compared the two.

         “Find anything?” father asked as mother and my sisters entered the house.

         “More than you think,” I declared.  “Give me a minute.”

         Glancing back and forth between the chair that is together and the chair that is broken, I see what pieces of the broken chair would go where if the chair were put back together.

         “I’ve got it,” I deduced.

         Mother asked, “What do you have?”

         I replied, “A rough educated guess-tamation of what transpired here.”

         Elsa said, “But all that happened here was a fire.  Right?”

         I raised my right pointer finger and said, “Ah,” then lowered it.  “One might see that this is just a house that caught fire, whether arson or not.  But come hither.”

         Asvord folded her arms and asked, “Why do you become more ‘intellectual’ when you piece together a mystery out of basically nothing?”

         I smiled at her, “Elementary, my dear Asvord.”

         My parents scuffled a few chuckles by putting their right hands over their mouths.

         Walking to the front of the door, while open, I engaged the sliding wooden bolt would lock the door.  The bolt nearly came out of its socket.  Why?  Because a brace on the inside was broken.

         Motioning this a couple times, father concluded correctly, “The door lock is busted.  Even the bolt itself seems like it has been ripped off as it doesn’t make it to the hole in the door frame it would fit into.  This house was broken into.”

         “Correct,” I responded.  “You should get the next one, mother.”

         “I should?” she sounded not-so-confident.

         “Yeah,” I spoke.  “Now, look at the furniture… Do see anything odd about it.”

         Letting her look at it for a few moments, I added a hint, “Do not kitchen, dining, and living room furniture look different and have different ‘jobs’ for that room?”

         Walking in a little further into the house, she studied a few more moments and answered, “The placing of the furniture is all messed up.  Whoever lives here keeps a very unorganized furniture layout.”

         “Only you would get that, Svana,” said father.  “Except for Jarl.”

         “Actually,” I countered.  “I did not get this until much later.  Though still my conclusion took about ten minutes.  Mother reached it in just a couple.  She probably didn’t even need my hint, did you mother.”

         “No, actually I didn’t I started thinking what you had said about ten seconds before you did,” mother replied.

         Elsa getting a little impatient in anticipation, “Okay, what is your big conclusion?”

         Stating my conclusion, I began with, “See this broken chair here?”  I pointed at the couch with the pieces on it.  “This chair belongs over with the dining set.  But what is it doing over here?”

         Asvord thought out loud, “Because a ceiling board fell on it like the table?”

         “One might think that,” I continued.  “But where is the ceiling board that broke this chair?  The closest one is the one that broke the table.”

         Asvord nodded her head.

         Still continuing, I said, “While studying the pieces to make sure it is the same type of chair, I noticed the layout of the broken pieces.  If you notice here,” I pointed to the seat of the couch.  “The broken pieces of the chair, if put back together, would be the head of the chair.  If you move to the back of the couch near the backrest, you see the parts of the backrest for the chair.  Where are the legs?  Back here behind the couch.”

         Father made a list out loud, asking a question as though he knew the answer to it, “So, broken door bolt, out of place furniture, and a broken dining chair all have in common?”

         I announced, “Robbery.”

         The both my sisters and mother all three at the same time nodded their head once and raised their right eye brow.  I gave a slight grin, but the girls did not notice they did it at the same time nor did they my smile.

         “Father, you told me that by what you found outside this house, there could be zero possibilities that this house was set on fire by Dagur’s attack.  Correct?” I questioned in reassurance.

         “Yes,” he answered.  “By my measurements of several variables including wind and distance between the next houses, there is absolutely no way that Dagur’s attack set this home on fire.”

         “Your observations actually support my robbery theory,” I declared.  “But there is one more aspect I came to while hypothesizing.  Not only robbery, but fight.  A fight which went throughout this house, except for upstairs.  The factors which support this theory is the out of place furniture, knocked over furniture, and this broken chair.”

         Thinking of one other aspect while explaining my second, I said, “If I were to take this chair,” I grabbed a complete chair by the front two legs and motioned as if I was going to break it over the head of the couch.  “And break it over here, would not it break in the same order these pieces that are broken now and land in the general same places?”

         “Yes,” Asvord replied first.  “But-.”

         “I’m not done,” I interrupted.  “Dad come stand behind the couch.”

         Father followed my lead, he stood where I wanted him to.  I grabbed the chair I was holding and motioned to crack it over his head.  With him being taller than I, I grabbed another chair to step on.

         My right foot went straight through the seat.

         Asvord quipped, “Nice going there Mr. Detective.”

         “Very funny,” I returned, grabbing the last chair.

         Taking it slower this time, I eased up onto the chair and motioned to crack the chair over my father’s head.  Of course, I would not follow through with this.  This experiment is purely for explanation purposes.

         “A chair like this, wouldn’t you think the average viking would fall forward in some way, being dazed, father?” I questioned.

         Father responds with, “That would make sense.”

         Father acted out the fallen affect in slow motion, to make sure he did not actually fall and hurt himself.  I had my father stand back a few steps behind the couch.  So, when my father would “fall” forward, he acted out his head, specifically his right cheek, hitting the top edge of the couch and my father fell backwards… adding some grunting for a dramatic fall.

         Father jested, “Sound effects… no extra charge.”

         Mother nearly deduced my third aspect of what went on here, “So, the attacked fell forward, hitting his head on the couch, fell backwards, possibly going unconscious from the hit?”

         “Dad’s pretty tall, so if a few inches shorter of a man were to fall in nearly the same way, the man would smack his forehead on the couch head and then fall back,” I added the small detail of the forehead to mother’s correct conclusion.

         Elsa excitingly announced as she looked at the top of the couch head, “Hey guys, look.  Blood.”

         We all went over and inspected the area Elsa pointed out.  Indeed, there is in fact a stain of blood on couch head.  The coloring was a very dark red, so the blood has been dried.  This would tell me that the hit on the head happen quite a long time ago.  Explaining this to my family, I continued on to scratch at the wood fibers to see if the blood had seeped any deeper in to the wood.  Scraping a few fibers off the first layer, I see that the stain is only on the top and no deeper.  This also showed a few lighter blood stained fibers of wood underneath.

         “The color and placement of the stain would indicate that the hit did happen quite a long time ago; however, not before the attack, I imagine.  At best, right around there or not before sunup,” I concluded.

         “I knew you would find something,” said Asvord, patting me on the back with her right hand.

         “Thank you,” I said.  “Though that statement didn’t sound very convincing that you totally knew I was going to find something.  A little skeptic, ay?”

         “Well,” Asvord stretched the last syllable out.  “I didn’t really think that there was something else involved.  I jumped at the conclusion that Dagur’s attack did it.  What else could have?  Obviously, your theory could very well have done it.  Well the ‘theory’ itself didn’t womp the person of the head with a chair.  The culprit did it.”

         “Nice catch,” I said.  “I was about to confront you on your theory that the theory did it.”

         Father declared, “Looks like you got a real interesting case on your hands.”

         “Yeah,” I answered.  “But I have a few other things on my plate.”

         “Oh Sher,” Asvord exaggerated the second word and then added a twang to her voice.  “Lock yah don’t enjoy dis.  Don’t da-nine it.  Ain’t like yah to.”

         I laughed, “No, you are right.  I do enjoy this.  But the thing is, what will this small case lead to?  Will it stay small, will it lead to a quick and-or simple solution, or will it connect with a bigger plot?”