The Secret Symbol - Chapter 39: "Tactical Regroup"

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I'm getting a lot of ideas of how I want to end this story, I just need to narrow it down so I can finish this story.


Several surprises, twists, and "didn't see that coming" planned.


Hope you enjoy this chapter!


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Subject need I dont. Remember I cant how this subject used to be

The Secret Symbol


Chapter 39


"Tactical Regroup"


         The earth and rock around us started crumbling a part.

         “What about all this treasure?” Dawn asked.

         Having a sinking feeling, I quickly inspected the treasure in this room.  I did not have to do much as the debris falling from the ceiling solved it for me.  The bigger golden nuggets as well as the gems and jewelry became scratched, broken, or bent to show what they really are.  The scratches revealed ordinary rocks for the “gold” nuggets, the so called “diamonds” and “rubies” broke as if they were decorative bulbs, and the jewelry became bent in ways that it should not have been had they been real medal.

         I replied, “It’s all fake.”

         “How can you be so sure?” questioned Cazi.

         I replied, “Look at what the debris is doing to this room.  Some of it may be real, but I’m not so sure.  Only for the fact that Vixxen was harping on taking the treasure for herself.  She just left a whole boat load of gold and stuff in here.  Why would she leave it, if it was not for the fact that she knew this stuff was fake?”

         “Makes a good point,” stated Dawn.

         Asvord the suggested, “If it is all the same to you guys, I would much rather have this conversation topside.  Because if we stay, we’ll become like this ‘treasure’ in here… and we are not fake.”

         “But where exactly do we go from here?” wondered Lilah.

         I said, “When in doubt, don’t look about.  Look up.”

         Everyone had an odd look on because of my remark, except Asvord.  Asvord knows I think that way, it is just finally I am able to use it in an important setting.

         What at first looks like a normal ceiling, the lighting is actually playing tricks on the eyes and there is a small vertical shaft going up.  Getting the bright idea to use my grappling hook again, I pointed it straight up.  Thanks to Garth’s impressive use of compressed air, the hook launched straight up and did not have slack in the line until the hook hit the top.  Releasing it from my gauntlet, I allowed everyone to go first before I did.

         Dawn, Cazi, Lilah, Asvord, and then myself.  With the line being Gronckle Iron as well as the hook is made out of this material and embeds itself in stone or rock, it is not budging.  It can also withstand tremendous pressure and weight placed upon it.  Just as I began climbing up on the rope, I made sure I had more bow secured on my belt.  I had already given Asvord’s sword back to her when she climbed up onto the line.  Jumping up and grapping the line, the floor beneath me began to crumble and crack.  All five of us on the line and it is still holding.  Titan is on my shoulders as I make the climb.

         The hook embedded into the ceiling of the small shaft only a few seconds after a launched it.  The compressed air will launch small projectiles extremely far in a short amount of time, but even now, it was extremely quick when it hit the ceiling.  Climbing through the small shaft, about five feet wide, the shaft is only forty feet high including the twenty feet height of the throne room.

         Back to our right from the same direction which Vixxen came, there is a small shaft continuing in that direction.  This must be how fresh air is able to enter these tunnels.  All the tunnels under this whole island, at least the ones we have been in, all felt like they had some fresh air flowing in.  The air has to be funneled in somehow.  So, in most cases, these shafts would be man-made.  Also, at least in the adventures my sisters and I have heard of our parents, air ducts and shafts like this served as escape routes if anything had gone wrong.  What my friends and I are in currently, I think it is safe to categorize this situation as something gone wrong.

         Now we are in a dead sprint.  The duct opened up enough to where we could stand up and run two-by-two.  The ceiling, walls, and floor are as flat as could be; which further signifies me that these are in fact escape routes.  As we continued to run inclines came our way.  Sweat started to come down our faces and form on our arms.  Annabeth’s cat lays across my shoulders and has a firm grip on my tunic to not let go.  The rumbles could be heard as well as the noise of solid stone and rock cracking, thankfully they sounded distant.  The ground, however, continued to vibrate.

         Lilah declared as we ran, “If I did not know better, I would say that this island was… is a volcano and it is erupting.”

         “I have to agree with you on that,” I replied.

         But even that did not matter at the moment for we need to get out of here first.  The vibrations make it a bit disorienting to run in a straight line, but distractions such as they are, pale in comparison for the desire to just get out of this place.  About ten minutes of running up an incline, with occasional plateaus, we came to a dead end; or so we thought.

         The area is lighted not by torches of fire but by the sun itself.

         “Climb,” I declared.

         Boosting each other up one at a time, we made our way through another small shaft.  This time, it is now a mixture of dirt, rock, and stone, more of the latter two than the first.  What each of us did to climb out is what is called the Spider Climb.  The shaft is small enough that all of us can spread out our legs and touch both sides of the shaft, with our knees slightly bent.  The motion is reaching up with both of your arms, pushing down, bring your legs up, and “locking” them into place.  Repeating the process several times, before long, we found ourselves sprawled out on a grassy area topside trying to catch our breath.

         Once we got accustomed to the outside again, which did not take more than a couple of minutes, we could hear distant fire blasts.  When we looked in the direction of the town square where we said we would meet the rest of our friends, we saw dragon blasts exploding as some type of fire fight is going on.  Now, more running.  Thankfully, the shaft let out only a quarter of a mile away from the town’s square.

         We entered a forest and as we continued, the fire fight became louder and louder.  When we exited the forest, we are greeted by none other than Vixxen.  However, she is on her Snow Wraith and locked in a dogfight with my friends.  But, it did not take much to also notice that my friends are not just fighting Vixxen.

         Yelling out my Thunderdrum call, Fredrick quickly flew down to me.  As soon as I called for my dragon, the rest of the group with me did the same.

         Flying up above the action, I got a better picture of the situation.

         I thought to myself, taking note of the battle, “Vixxen locked in battle with Ali and Hyrith…  Okay…  The rest of my friends trying to defend their position against… against Vixxen’s Armada?”

         I could not quite believe she had so many ships, then again, this is Vixxen and this was the big payoff for her.  The only reason she would bring a whole armada’s worth of ships is to ensure her escape knowing we would bring as much as we could too.  For a bad guy, or gal in this case, I have never seen anyone so determined in all my life.  And that is saying something for the adventures I have been on.

         Vixxen still had not yet seen me and the girls, so I seized the opportunity.  While Vixxen turned back again to the south to dodge a spine attack from Meen to Vixxen’s left, I came up from below and behind with Fredrick and then gave the nudge command to shoot Fredrick’s quick, hitting blast.  This completely took Vixxen and her dragon by surprise, knocking them both back down to the ground.  Vixxen and her dragon landed feet first, but slid several feet backwards before her dragon dug in to stop the momentum.

         When Vixxen looked up to see what had happened, I declared, “Hello there.”

         I continued, “I think I am actually starting to get under your skin, because man, you should see the look on her face…”

         Again, here comes a hornet’s nest.

         Vixxen got her dragon in the air, then faced me and Fredrick down.  Both dragons hovering, Vixxen just held up her hand to signal her armada to cease firing.  And they did.  This gave my friends the opportunity to regroup behind me and take a defensive position in the sky.

         Vixxen’s face with from irritated to not phased, “Oh, dear Jarl, I do hope you remember our forth coming meeting at my island… I wouldn’t want you and your friends to do anything foolish, I don’t think you would either.  You are clearly manned and outnumbered, even with your dragons.  As soon as either one of us move, my armada will open fire.  I hope you are prepared for that.  If you and your friends are able to escape, more power to you.  But if you continue to fight me here, you will lose.”

         Vixxen continued to monologue about how I have no chance, but I said back to my sister who is on my right, “Get everyone else out of here and head back to Mystery.”

         “What are you going to do?” she asked, concerned.

         “Just do what I say, please,” I said.

         Asvord was about to probably protest something, but I barely even nudged Fredrick to fly forward and he started out like he was shot out of a catapult.  Vixxen flew forward as well and ducted under me.  I maneuvered Fredrick to barrel roll half way and loop back under to chase Vixxen.  My sole focus now is Vixxen.

         Vixxen’s Snow Wraith is extremely fast and got out to an early lead.  As always, Fredrick soon matched speed with the Snow Wraith, it is just we are several dragon lengths behind.  Vixxen flew out over the center of the island and we both can clearly see that the island is indeed an erupting volcano in its early stages.

         Vixxen arched her dragon towards the standing spire of the mountainous part of the volcano.  I instead circle to the left as Vixxen circled to the right around the volcano.  When we both completed our circles, we are heading straight for each other.  Vixxen did not back down, neither did I.  Both dragons wanted to fly directly into each other.  One moment before I was going to have Fredrick shoot, Vixxen’s Snow Wraith opened fire with a barrage of three shots.  Fredrick instinctively barrel rolled three complete times.  Vixxen flew on by and Fredrick and I had to catch back up.


         The volcano head just exploded and sent a shockwave out.  The shockwave is low enough that it did not affect either of our dragons, but the now falling debris is something to contend for.  I lost track of Vixxen and had to turn my attention to navigating the maze of falling rocks, boulders, and huge chunks of dirt trying to knock me out of the sky.

         As Fredrick flew through and myself guiding him, out of nowhere, a bright blast of light shot in front of me.  Then behind me… and then hit Fredrick.  This nearly knock me off my dragon, but I recovered.  However, Fredrick is completely dazed and disoriented.  After a few attempts to snap him out of it, Fredrick and I jerked to the left and quickly found ourselves out of harms way.

         “Cazi!” I declared seeing Sparklebolt carrying Fredrick from the side.  “What are you doing?”

         “Saving your butt, now come on,” Cazi demanded.

         “No,” I talked back.  “I have to get Vixxen.  I’ll do whatever it takes.”

         By now, Fredrick is aware of what is going on and could now fly on his own.  But just as I finished my sentence Asvord flew up on Spiker to my right side.

         “But at the cost of your own dragon?” Asvord questioned.

         Taking the moment to realize what I am doing, I looked at my dragon.  On the left side of his cheek and an area on his left wing, I saw what looked like frostbite.  A Snow Wraith’s blast must be so supercooled that on contact, it will render any living thing unable to use that extremity.  The frost bite did not look bad.  Although, Fredrick being a Thunderdrum and living better in warm oceans and temperatures, it is probably worse than it actually looks.

         Feeling sorry for putting my dragon through that, I looked off towards the northwest and saw Vixxen on her Snow Wraith looking at us.  When she saw I am no longer pursing her, she flew back in the direction of her home island… off in victory.

         “Look, Jarl,” Asvord said, leaning forward on Spiker to make sure she has my attention.  “I get you want to go after Vixxen after all she’s done.  I get that you want her to pay.  But after everything we have gone through, there is several things you have taught me even if you did not know it.  First off, this does not feel like the right time.  The numbers are stacked against us and the current battle is on Vixxen’s terms.  You’ve always fought the battles to victory that were on your terms.  Second, are you willing to put your dragon through more harm when you are clearly not ready.  Not to mention, the rest of us are not ready no matter how badly we want the same as you.”

         Asvord paused as I looked down at Fredrick, he looked up at me.

         Asvord finished, “I know this might be a bad time, but… is this what Annabeth would have wanted?”

         At the mention of Annabeth, my heart dropped and so did my shoulders.  I started to breathe a little heavier and started to just think about what I am doing.

         My sister added one more thing, “If you want to honor her memory, you do what she fell in love with about you.  You do the right thing, you are not selfish, and you protect your own while putting yourself second before your friends and then their dragons and Fredrick.”

         I sighed, “You’re… You are right, Asvord.  I don’t know why I am doing this.  Or what I am doing.”

         “Well,” Cazi said bring us back on subject.  “Let’s figure out what you did later, we have bigger problems on our hands.”

         “What?” I asked.

         Cazi answered, “When you left without a word to fulfill your anger, you left the rest of us to completely fend off a whole armada.  Dawn and Lilah had immediately sprang into action to help the others, but as soon as you darted off, the armada opened fire.  We barely had enough time to dive down into cover.  Jarl, your friends our pinned down on the beaches and will soon be overrun by Vixxen’s vikings.  Asvord and I were the only two that could go after you because we were still in the back.”

         Asvord continued Cazi’s thought as Cazi took a breath, “Even though us three are no match for an armada, we are able to with a Thunderdrum’s and Skirll’s firepower to punch a hole in the armada’s position.  The hole will serve as our friend’s exit hole, we just need execute the plan before our friends are captured.  They can hold off any ground troops, however, they will be overrun if we do not get back there.”

         “Well then come on,” I stated with a different tone, one of realization and reclaimed purpose.

         I did also realize that Titan is still on my shoulders.  While Fredrick followed Sparklebolt and Spiker, I reached up to grab Titan, rubbed his head a few times, and then set him inside my right saddlebag where he would be safe.  Well, safer.  He would be in a more secure place than just on my shoulders.

         When the three of us flew back over the town square and down towards the beaches, we saw the armada.

         “What the yak?!” I exclaimed.  “Those are a ton of ships.”

         The number of ships had to at least equal Dagur’s Armada, if not add ten or twenty more.  A slew of arrows as well as catapult projectiles were flying towards the beaches and up to the town square.  A few rogue boulders were launched out enough that they crashed into some of the buildings.

         “Look,” I said pointing at their right flank.  “Because they sailed in from the north, their right flank is not as strong as their left.  And also, because Vixxen no doubt gave someone orders to let us escape.”

         “Let us escape?” repeated Cazi.  “If she wants us to escape, she is certainly making us work for it.”

         “Guys,” I called out as we flew over the right flank and banked into a wide left turn.  “With our combined fire power, we can knock several of those ships back.  Stay in tight formation.  When your two dragons fire, I’ll have Fredrick spread your electric charged fire across in a wide spread.  After that, lay down as much cover fire as you can, taking out as many ships as you can.”

         Looping back around, we had our dragons do just that.  The initial blast caused the one ship to capsize over sideways and two, one in front and one in back to instantly become ablaze.  Cazi, Asvord, and I just supplanted all of the right flank from even firing which caused the whole front lines of the ships to stop firing because they are disoriented.

         Our friends saw their opportunity and mounted an all-out “tactical regroup” also known as a retreat.  Just as everyone was able to get into the sky, Vixxen’s armada regrouped and started to overrun Cazi, Asvord, and I.  But it did not matter as we all were able to escape.

         After that, I went back into a daze and did not pay attention all the way back to mystery.

         All I could think about is Annabeth and how to prepare for our next move against Vixxen.  The idea that kept rolling around in my head is to stage a practice assault on Icestorm Island and use Dagmar and her Snoggletog Wraith to act as Vixxen and her Snow Wraith.

         When we go knocking at the door of the hornet queen’s hive, I need to know that my friends and I are ready.  I cannot bear another repeat of today.